Tuesday, November 19, 2013

November 19, 2013

British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, Vol. 64, #4, 2013
CPS: Comparative Political Studies, Vol. 46, #12, 2013
Episteme: a journal of individual and social epistemology, Vol. 10, #4, 2013
Global Environmental Politics, Vol. 13, #4, 2013
International Journal for the Study of Skepticism, Vol. 3, #4, 2013
Law and Philosophy, Vol. 32, #6, 2013
Logos and Episteme: International Journal of Epistemology
Mind, Vol. 122, #486, 2013
Noûs, Vol. 47, #4, 2013
Philosophical Studies, Vol. 166, #3, 2013
Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, Vol. 87, #3, 2013
Ratio Juris, Vol. 26, #4, 2013
Syntax, Vol. 16, #4, 2013

British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, Vol. 64, #4, 2013
Michael Rescorla. Against Structuralist Theories of Computational Implementation.
Alastair Wilson. Objective Probability in Everettian Quantum Mechanics.
Darrell P. Rowbotto. Popper’s Measure of Corroboration and P(h|b).
Raphael van Riel. Identity, Asymmetry, and the Relevance of Meanings for Models of Reduction.
Adrian Currie Convergence as Evidence.
William Goodwin. Sustaining a Controversy: The Non-classical Ion Debate.
Jonathan Tallant. Pretense, Mathematics, and Cognitive Neuroscience.
Ittay Nissan-Rozen. Jeffrey Conditionalization, the Principal Principle, the Desire as Belief Thesis, and Adams’s Thesis.
Charles H. Pence and Grant Ramsey. A New Foundation for the Propensity Interpretation of Fitness.
Elliott O. Wagner and Michael Franke reviews BRIAN SKYRMS Signals: Evolution, Learning, and Information.
John Dupré reviews ELLIOTT SOBER Did Darwin Write The Origin Backwards? Philosophical Essays on Darwin’s Theory.
Anjan Chakravartty reviews STEPHEN MUMFORD and RANI LILL ANJUM Getting Causes from Powers.
Heather Douglas reviews PHILIP KITCHER Science in a Democratic Society.
Nigel Sabbarton-Leary reviews JOSEPH KEIM CAMPBELL, MICHAEL O’ROURKE AND MATTHEW H. SLATER (eds) Carving Nature at Its Joints: Natural Kinds in Metaphysics and Science.
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CPS: Comparative Political Studies, Vol. 46, #12, 2013
Carles Boix, Michael Miller, and Sebastian Rosato. A Complete Data Set of Political Regimes, 1800–2007.
Andrew Roberts, Jason Seawright, and Jennifer Cyr. Do Electoral Laws Affect Women’s Representation?
Samuel Handlin. Social Protection and the Politicization of Class Cleavages During Latin America’s Left Turn.
Besir Ceka. The Perils of Political Competition: Explaining Participation and Trust in Political Parties in Eastern Europe.
Martin Ardanaz and Carlos Scartascini. Inequality and Personal Income Taxation: The Origins and Effects of Legislative Malapportionment.
Eva Anduiza, Aina Gallego, and Jordi Muñoz. Turning a Blind Eye: Experimental Evidence of Partisan Bias in Attitudes Toward Corruption.
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Episteme: a journal of individual and social epistemology, Vol. 10, #4, 2013
Robin McKenna. ‘Knowledge’ Ascriptions, Social Roles And Semantics. 
Michaelis Michael. Facing Inconsistency: Theories And Our Relations To Them.
Clayton Littlejohn. A Note Concerning Justification And Access. 
Special Symposium: Choosing The Future Of Science: The Social Organization Of Scientific Inquiry
Guest Editors: Michael Weisberg, Kyle Stanford And Kevin Zollman
Carole J. Lee. The Limited Effectiveness Of Prestige As An Intervention On The Health Of Medical Journal Publications. 
Justin P. Bruner. Policing Epistemic Communities. 
Alexandra Bradner. Rethinking Epistemic Incentives: How Patient-Centered, Open Source Drug Discovery Generates More Valuable Knowledge Sooner. 
Patrick Grim, Daniel J. Singer, Steven Fisher, Aaron Bramson, William J. Berger, Christopher Reade, Carissa Flocken And Adam Sales. Scientific Networks On Data Landscapes: Question Difficulty, Epistemic Success, And Convergence. 
Michael Dickson. Theory From Chaos. 
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Global Environmental Politics, Vol. 13, #4, 2013
Special Forum on Rio 20
Maria Ivanova. The Contested Legacy of Rio + 20.
Steven Bernstein. Rio+20: Sustainable Development in a Time of Multilateral Decline.
Research Articles
Christian Downie. Three Ways to Understand State Actors in International Negotiations: Climate Change in the Clinton Years (1993–2000).
Graciela Kincaid, J. Timmons Roberts. No Talk, Some Walk: Obama Administration First-Term Rhetoric on Climate Change and US International Climate Budget Commitments.
Jon Birger Skjærseth, Guri Bang, Miranda A. Schreurs. Explaining Growing Climate Policy Differences Between the European Union and the United States.
Joshua Ozymy, Denis Rey. Wild Spaces or Polluted Places: Contentious Policies, Consensus Institutions, and Environmental Performance in Industrialized Democracies.
Mattias Wahlström, Magnus Wennerhag, Christopher Rootes. Framing “The Climate Issue”: Patterns of Participation and Prognostic Frames among Climate Summit Protesters.
Henry Boer. Governing Ecosystem Carbon.
Kemi Fuentes-George. Neoliberalism, Environmental Justice, and the Convention on Biological Diversity: How Problematizing the Commodification of Nature Affects Regime Effectiveness.
Book Reviews
Raul Pacheco-Vega. Adapting Institutions: Governance, Complexity and Social-Ecological Resilience ed. by Emily Boyd and Carl Folke.
Saskia van Wees. Building International Climate Cooperation: Lessons for the Weapons and Trade Regimes for Achieving International Climate Goals by Ruth Greenspan Bell et al.
Owen Temby. Integrating Climate, Energy, and Air Pollution Policies by Gary Bryner and Robert J. Duffy.
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International Journal for the Study of Skepticism, Vol. 3, #4, 2013
Hamid Vahid.Skepticism, A Priori Skepticism, and the Possibility of Error.
Daniel M. Johnson.Skepticism and Circular Arguments.
Peter Murphy. The Defect in Effective Skeptical Scenarios.
Tad Brennan. Casey Perin’s The Demands of Reason.
Stefan Sienkiewicz. New Essays on Ancient Pyrrhonism. Edited by Diego E. Machuca.
Benjamin Hill.Renaissance Scepticisms. Edited by Gianni Paganini and José R. Maia Neto.
Michael W. Hickson. Skepticism in the Modern Age: Building on the Work of Richard Popkin. Edited by José R. Maia Neto, Gianni Paganini, and John Christian Laursen.
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Law and Philosophy, Vol. 32, #6, 2013
Original Paper
Andrew Sepielli. The Law’s ‘Majestic Equality’.
Robert Mark Simpson. Dignity, Harm, and Hate Speech.
Vincent Chiao. Punishment and Permissibility in the Criminal Law.
Kristen Rundle. Form and Agency in Raz’s Legal Positivism.
Peter Rijpkema. The Rule of Law Beyond Thick and Thin.
Book Review
Ernest J. Weinrib. Corrective Justice.Review by Scott Hershovitz.
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Logos and Episteme: International Journal of Epistemology
Patrick Bondy. How To Understand And Solve The Lottery Paradox.
William A. Brant. Levelling The Analysis Of Knowledge Via Methodological Scepticism.
Caroline Alexandra Mathieu. The Confrontation Between Qualitative And Quantitative Researchers: A Different Article, A Daring Publication.
Peter Murphy. Another Blow To Knowledge From Knowledge.
Anguel S. Stefanov. Zeno’s Paradoxes Revisited.
Jimmy Alfonso Licon. Dissecting The Suicide Machine Argument: Insights From The Hales –Licon Debate.
Clayton Littlejohn. Are Epistemic Reasons Ever Reasons To Promote?
Nicolás Lo Guercio. Reply To Palmira.
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Mind, Vol. 122, #486, 2013
Jane Heal. Social Anti-Individualism, Co-Cognitivism, and Second Person Authority.
Christoph Hoerl. ‘A Succession of Feelings, in and of Itself, is Not a Feeling of Succession’.
Fiona Hughes. A Passivity Prior to Passive and Active: Merleau-Ponty’s Re-reading of the Freudian Unconscious and Looking at Lascaux.
Matthew Tugby. Platonic Dispositionalism.
Torin Alter. Social Externalism and the Knowledge Argument.
Derek Ball. Consciousness and Conceptual Mastery.
Book Reviews
Dan Demetriou. The Honor Code: How Moral Revolutions Happen, by Kwame Anthony Appiah.
Manuel García-Carpintero. Pursuing Meaning, by Emma Borg.
Ward E. Jones. The Philosophy of Motion Pictures, by Noël Carroll.
John Bishop. Evidence and Religious Belief, by Kelly James Clark and Raymond J. VanArragon (eds).
Peter A. French. Morality and War: Can War be Just in the Twenty-first Century?, by David Fisher.
Kareem Khalifa. Social Epistemology, by Adrian Haddock, Alan Millar, and Duncan Pritchard (eds).
Christopher Gauker. Understanding Counterfactuals, Understanding Causation: Issues in Philosophy and Psychology, edited by Christoph Hoerl, Teresa McCormack, and Sarah R. Beck.
Stewart Goetz. Laws, Mind, and Free Will, by Steven Horst.
Darrel Moellendorf. Fairness in Practice: A Social Contract for a Global Economy, by Aaron James.
Paul Katsafanas. Beyond Selflessness: Reading Nietzsche’s ‘Genealogy’, by Christopher Janaway.
Krista Lawlor. New Essays on Singular Thought, by Robin Jeshion (ed.).
Geoffrey Lloyd. The Human Condition, by John Kekes.
Jenefer Robinson. Savoring Disgust: The Foul and Fair in Aesthetics, by Carolyn Korsmeyer.
Catarina Dutilh Novaes. The Adventure of Reason, by Paolo Mancosu.
Randolph Clarke. Understanding Human Agency, by Erasmus Mayr.
Neil Levy. Conversation and Responsibility, by Michael McKenna.
Colin McGinn. Mind and Cosmos: Why the Materialist Neo-Darwinian Conception of Nature is Almost Certainly False, by Thomas Nagel.
Bruno Niederbacher. Theories of Cognition in the Later Middle Ages, by Robert Pasnau.
Peter Pagin. Philosophy of Language, by Scott Soames.
Stephan Leuenberger. Re-Emergence: Locating Conscious Properties in a Material World, by Gerald Vision.
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Neil Gascoigne and Tim Thornton, Tacit Knowledge. Reviewed by Esther L. Meek.
Sophie Gibb, E. J. Lowe, and R. D. Ingthorsson (eds.), Mental Causation and Ontology. Reviewed by Sara Bernstein.
Alexander Gröschner, Colin Koopman, and Mike Sandbothe (eds.), Richard Rorty: From Pragmatist Philosophy to Cultural Politics. Reviewed by Chauncey Maher.
Aaron P. Johnson, Religion and Identity in Porphyry of Tyre: The Limits of Hellenism in Late Antiquity. Reviewed by Jaclyn Maxwell.
Irene McMullin, Time and the Shared World: Heidegger on Social Relations. Reviewed by Scott Campbell.
Felix Ó Murchadha, The Time of Revolution: Kairos and Chronos in Heidegger. Reviewed by Christopher Yates.
Jessica Wiskus, The Rhythm of Thought: Art, Literature, and Music after Merleau-Ponty. Reviewed by John Carvalh.
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Noûs, Vol. 47, #4, 2013
Edward S. Hinchman. Assertion, Sincerity, and Knowledge.
Agustín Rayo. A Plea for Semantic Localism.
Neil Sinhababu. The Desire-Belief Account of Intention Explains Everything.
Rafael De Clercq. Locke's Principle is an Applicable Criterion of Identity.
Elijah Chudnoff. Awareness of Abstract Objects.
Nicoletta Orlandi. Embedded Seeing: Vision in the Natural World.
Paul Audi. How to Rule Out Disjunctive Properties.
Maria Lasonen-Aarnio. Disagreement and Evidential Attenuation.
Critical Study
John Bengson. Presentation and Content A Critical Study of Susanna Siegel. The Contents of Visual Experience.
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Philosophical Studies, Vol. 166, #3, 2013
Original Articles
Anna Farennikova. Seeing absence.
Andrea C. Westlund. Deference as a normative power.
Alicia Finch. Against libertarianism.
Elizabeth Barnes. Metaphysically indeterminate existence.
Christoph Lumer. The volitive and the executive function of intentions.
Edward S. Hinchman. Rational requirements and ‘rational’ akrasia.
Nadine Elzein. Pereboom’s Frankfurt case and derivative culpability.
John Martin Fischer, Garrett Pendergraft. Does the consequence argument beg the question?
Ernest Sosa. Précis of Knowing Full Well.
David Henderson, Terry Horgan. Risk sensitive animal knowledge.
Jack Lyons. Sosa on reflective knowledge and Knowing Full Well.
Pascal Engel. Sosa on the normativity of belief.
Ernest Sosa. Responses to four critics.
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Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, Vol. 87, #3, 2013
Robert Audi. Testimony As A Social Foundation Of Knowledge.
Mikkel Gerken. Internalism And Externalism In The Epistemology Of Testimony.
Tatjana Von Solodkoff And Richard Woodward. Noneism, Ontology, And Fundamentality.
Oliver Rashbrook. An Appearance Of Succession Requires A Succession Of Appearances.
Gunnar Björnsson And Karl Persson. A Unified Empirical Account Of Responsibility Judgments.
Justin A Capes. Mitigating Soft Compatibilism.
Ryan Preston-Roedder. Faith In Humanity.
Jonathan Tallant. Quantitative Parsimony And The Metaphysics Of Time: Motivating Presentism.
Book Symposium : Writing the Book of the World
Theodore Sider. Précis of Writing the Book of the World.
Eli Hirsch. The Metaphysically Best Language.
Cian Dorr. Reading Writing the Book of the World.
Kit Fine. Fundamental Truth and Fundamental Terms.
Theodore Sider. Replies to Dorr, Fine, and Hirsch.
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Ratio Juris, Vol. 26, #4, 2013
Francis J. Beckwith. Justificatory Liberalism and Same-Sex Marriage.
Roger Cotterrell. The Role of the Jurist: Reflections around Radbruch.
Andrew Koppelman. Darwall, Habermas, and the Fluidity of Respect.
Bert Van Roermund. Rules as Icons: Wittgenstein's Paradox and the Law.
In Memoriam
Peter Koller. Ronald Dworkin: In Memoriam (1931–2013).
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Syntax, Vol. 16, #4, 2013
Original Articles
Tomohiro Fujii. Interpreting Thematic Relations Cyclically.
Christina Sevdali. Ancient Greek Infinitives and Phases.
Michelle L. Sheehan. Some Implications of a Copy Theory of Labeling.
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