Monday, October 21, 2013

October 21, 2013

Anaylsis, Vol. 73, #4, 2013
Foundations of Chemistry, Vol. 15, #3, 2013
International Security, Vol. 38, #2, 2013
Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics, Vol. 26, #5, 2013
Journal of Economic Literature, Vol 51, #3, 2013
Journal of the History of Philosophy, Vol. 51, #4, 2013
Journal of Medical Ethics, Vol. 39, #11, 2014
Journal of Political Philosophy, Vol. 21, #4, 2013
Journal of Religious Ethics, Vol. 41, #4, 2013
Law & Social Inquiry, Vol. 38, #4, 2013
Midwest Studies in Philosophy, Vol. 37, 2013
Philosophy, Psychiatry, & Psychology, Vol. 20, #2, 2013
Politics & Policy, Vol. 41, #5, 2013
Theoria, Vol. 60, #136, 2013

Anaylsis, Vol. 73, #4, 2013
Alex Oliver and Timothy Smiley. Zilch.
Hanna Pickard. Irrational blame.
Jessica Brown.
Infallibilism, evidence and pragmatics.
Berit Brogaard and Kristian Marlow. Is the relativity of simultaneity a temporal illusion?
Frederique de Vignemont. The mark of bodily ownership.
Jonathan Webber. Liar!
William Roche and Elliott Sober. Explanatoriness is evidentially irrelevant, or inference to the best explanation meets Bayesian confirmation theory.
Massimo Renzo. Democratic authority and the duty to fight unjust wars.
Janine Reinert. Ontological omniscience in Lewisian modal realism.
Alexander R. Pruss. Null probability, dominance and rotation.
Fraser MacBride. For keeping truth in truthmaking.
Berry Groisman, Na'ama Hallakoun, and Lev Vaidman. The measure of existence of a quantum world and the Sleeping Beauty Problem.
Book Symposium : Writing the Book of the World
Theodore Sider. Writing the Book of the World.
Gabriele Contessa. Does Your Metaphysics Need Structure?
Trenton Merricks. Three Comments on Writing the Book of the World.
Jonathan Schaffer. Metaphysical Semantics Meets Multiple Realizability.
Theodore Sider. Symposium on Writing the Book of the World.
Recent Work
Elise M. Crull Philosophy of Physics.
Critical Notices
Alan C. Love. Experiments, Intuitions and Images of Philosophy and Science.
David J. Garren. Foundations of Freedom.
David Yates. Mind and Cosmos.
Book Reviews
Allan Hazlett. Knowledge Ascriptions by Jessica Brown and Mikkel Gerken.
Jesper Kallestrup. Scepticism and Reliable Belief by José Zalabardo.
Dimitris Platchias. Consciousness and the Prospects of Physicalism by Derk Pereboom.
Debbie Roberts. Constructivism in Practical Philosophy by James Lenman and Yonatan Shemmer.
Luke Brunning. From Enlightenment to Receptivity: Rethinking our Values by Michael Slote.
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Foundations of Chemistry, Vol. 15, #3, 2013
Special issue: Philosophical aspects and implications of the quantum theory of atoms in molecules (QTAIM) (Part 1 of 2)
Eric Scerri. Editorial 45.
Chérif F. Matta. Special issue: Philosophical aspects and implications of the quantum theory of atoms in molecules (QTAIM)
Original Papers
Richard F. W. Bader, Chérif F. Matta. Atoms in molecules as non-overlapping, bounded, space-filling open quantum systems.
Mark E. Eberhart, Travis E. Jones. The two faces of chemistry: can they be reconciled?
Shant Shahbazian. Beyond the orthodox QTAIM: motivations, current status, prospects and challenges.
N. Sukumar. The atom in a molecule as a mereological construct in chemistry.
Hinne Hettema. Austere quantum mechanics as a reductive basis for chemistry.
Brief Communication
Shant Shahbazian. Comment on “Austere quantum mechanics as a reductive basis for chemistry.
Original Paper
Hinne Hettema. QTAIM as a research programme: a reply to Shahbazian.
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International Security, Vol. 38, #2, 2013
Making Sense of Cyber Security
Lucas Kello. The Meaning of the Cyber Revolution: Perils to Theory and Statecraft.
Erik Gartzke. The Myth of Cyberwar: Bringing War in Cyberspace Back Down to Earth.
David A. Lake. Legitimating Power: The Domestic Politics of U.S. International Hierarchy.
Oil, Conflict, and U.S. Interests
Charles L. Glaser. How Oil Influences U.S. National Security.
Jeff D. Colgan. Fueling the Fire: Pathways from Oil to War.
Campbell Craig, Benjamin H. Friedman, Brendan Rittenhouse Green, Justin Logan, Stephen G. Brooks, G. John Ikenberry, William C. Wohlforth. Debating American Engagement: The Future of U.S. Grand Strategy.
Alex J. Bellamy, Robert A. Pape. Reconsidering the Cases of Humanitarian Intervention.
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Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics, Vol. 26, #5, 2013
Editorial Notes
Jeffrey Burkhardt. Changes, Challenges and Opportunities.
Lisa Kretz. Hope in Environmental Philosophy.
Agnes A. van der Schot, Clive Phillips. Publication Bias in Animal Welfare Scientific Literature.
Steven P. McCulloch. A Critique of FAWC’s Five Freedoms as a Framework for the Analysis of Animal Welfare.
T. J. Kasperbauer. Nussbaum and the Capacities of Animals.
David Clowney. Biophilia as an Environmental Virtue.
Marianne Benard, Tjard de Cock Buning. Exploring the Potential of Dutch Pig Farmers and Urban-Citizens to Learn Through Frame Reflection.
Review Paper
Maria A. Martin, Pablo Martínez de Anguita. Analysis of the “European Charter on General Principles for Protection of the Environment and Sustainable Development” The Council of Europe Document CO-DBP.
Book Review
Sarah Werner. Tovar Cerulli : The Mindful Carnivore: A Vegetarian’s Hunt for Sustenance.
Douglas Seale. Marc Bekoff and Jessica Pierce: Wild Justice: The Moral Lives of Animals.
Douglas Seale. Erratum to: Marc Bekoff and Jessica Pierce: Wild Justice: The Moral Lives of Animals.
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Journal of Economic Literature, Vol 51, #3, 2013
Joshua Graff Zivin and Matthew Neidell. Environment, Health, and Human Capital.
Siqi Zheng and Matthew E. Kahn. Understanding China's Urban Pollution Dynamics.      
Clifford Winston. On the Performance of the U.S. Transportation System: Caution Ahead.
Edward Glaeser.  A Review of Enrico Moretti's The New Geography of Jobs.
Forum: How Should We Model Climate Change?
Nicholas Stern. The Structure of Economic Modeling of the Potential Impacts of Climate Change: Grafting Gross Underestimation of Risk onto Already Narrow Science Models.
Robert S. Pindyck. Climate Change Policy: What Do the Models Tell Us?
Martin L. Weitzman. Tail-Hedge Discounting and the Social Cost of Carbon.        
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Journal of the History of Philosophy, Vol. 51, #4, 2013
Franco V. Trivigno. Childish Nonsense? The Value of Interpretation in Plato’s Protagoras.
Jorge Mittelmann. Neoplatonic Sailors and Peripatetic Ships: Aristotle, Alexander, and Philoponus.
Alexander Douglas. Spinoza and the Dutch Cartesians on Philosophy and Theology.
Andrew F. Roche. Transcendental Idealism: A Proposal.
David Wollenberg. Nietzsche, Spinoza, and the Moral Affects.
Denis McManus. Ontological Pluralism and the Being and Time Project.
Book Reviews
Jong Hwan Lee. Philosophos: Plato’s Missing Dialogue by Mary Louise Gill.
Dan Herrick. Priority in Aristotle’s Metaphysics by Michail Peramatzis.
Taneli Kukkonen. The Arabic, Hebrew and Latin Reception of Avicenna’s Metaphysics ed. by Dag Nikolaus Hasse, Amos Bertolacci.
Adam Wood. William of Ockham on Metaphysics: The Science of Being and God by Jenny E. Pelletier.
John Sellars. Agostino Nifo ed. by Leen Spruit.
Shane Duarte. Matter and Form in Early Modern Science and Philosophy ed. by Gideon Manning.
Matthew McAndrew. The Scope of Autonomy: Kant and the Morality of Freedom by Katerini Deligiorgi.
Iain Hampsher-Monk. The Science of Sensibility: Reading Burke’s Philosophical Enquiry ed. by Koen Vermeir, Michael Funk Deckard.
Jacob Rump. Meaning, Truth, and Reference in Historical Representation by Frank Ankersmit.
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Journal of Medical Ethics, Vol. 39, #11, 2014
The concise argument
Kenneth Boyd. The making of medical ethics.
Symposium: Institute of Medical Ethics
Edward Shotter, Margaret Lloyd, Roger Higgs, Kenneth Boyd. Paper: Fifty years of medical ethics: from the London Medical Group to the Institute of Medical Ethics.
Alastair V Campbell, Raanan Gillon, Julian Savulescu, John Harris, Soren Holm, H Martyn Evans, David Greaves, Jane Macnaughton, Deborah Kirklin, Sue Eckstein. Paper: The Journal of Medical Ethics and Medical Humanities: offsprings of the London Medical Group.
Wing May Kong, Bryan Vernon. Paper: Harnessing the LMG legacy: the IME's vision for the future.
Brian Hurwitz. Paper: Medical humanities: lineage, excursionary sketch and rationale.
Clinical ethics
Andrew Carson-Stevens, Myfanwy M Davies, Rhiain Jones, Aiman D Pawan Chik, Iain J Robbé, Alison N Fiander. Paper: Framing patient consent for student involvement in pelvic examination: a dual model of autonomy.
Jan Schildmann, Bert Molewijk, Lazare Benaroyo, Reidun Forde, Gerald Neitzke. Paper: Evaluation of clinical ethics support services and its normativity.
Law, ethics and medicine
Gerard Niveau, Sandra Burkhardt, Sarah Chiesa. Paper: Medical confidentiality and the competent patient.
Monique Lanoix. Paper: The ethics of imperfect cures: models of service delivery and patient vulnerability.
Public health ethics
Rebecca C H Brown. Paper: Moral responsibility for (un)healthy behaviour.
Research ethics
Seema Shah, Reidar K Lie. Paper: Aiming at a moving target: research ethics in the context of evolving standards of care and prevention.
Remy L Brim, Franklin G Miller. Paper: The potential benefit of the placebo effect in sham-controlled trials: implications for risk-benefit assessments and informed consent.
Michelle McLean. Conscientious objection by Muslim students startling.
Nicholas Agar. We must not create beings with moral standing superior to our own.
Brief reports
Leila Cristina Soares, Jorge Luiz Alves Brollo. Family planning in Brazil: why not tubal sterilisation during childbirth?
Carrie-Anne Marie Hains, Nicholas J Hulbert-Williams. Attitudes toward euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide: a study of the multivariate effects of healthcare training, patient characteristics, religion and locus of control.
A A Khobragade, K B Thakkar, G V Billa, S B Patel, B N Vallish, S Kosale. Animals in medical training and research: transforming perceptions in medical schools, India.
Ethics briefing
Sophie Brannan, Eleanor Chrispin, Martin Davies, Veronica English, Rebecca Mussell, Julian C Sheather. Ethics briefings.
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Journal of Political Philosophy, Vol. 21, #4, 2013
Original Articles
Avia Pasternak. Limiting States' Corporate Responsibility.
Samuel Arnold. Right-wing Rawlsianism: A Critique.
Daniel Silvermint. Resistance and Well-being.
Thomas Fossen. Taking Stances, Contesting Commitments: Political Legitimacy and the Pragmatic Turn.
David V. Axelsen. The State Made Me Do It: How Anti-cosmopolitanism is Created by the State.
Shmuel Nili. Rawlzickian Global Politics.
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Journal of Religious Ethics, Vol. 41, #4, 2013
Jung H. Lee. The Rhetoric Of Context: Comparative Religious Ethics and the Limits of Virtue.
Stephen S. Bush. Horribly Wrong: Moral Disgust and Killing.
John J. Anderson. The Rhetoric of Homosexual Practice: A Critique of the Identity/Act Distinction in Protestant Ordination Policies.
Michael Sohn. Emmanuel Levinas and the New Science of Judaism.
Molly Farneth. Gender and the Ethical Given: Human and Divine Law in Hegel's Reading of the Antigone.
Sheryl Overmyer. Saint Thomas Aquinas's Pagan Virtues? Putting the Question to Jennifer Herdt's Putting On Virtue.
James J. S. Foster. “Patching up Virtue”: Overcoming the Emersonian/Augustinian Divide in Jennifer Herdt's Putting On Virtue .
Darlene Fozard Weaver. Double Agents: Persons and Moral Change in Jennifer Herdt's Putting On Virtue.
Jennifer A. Herdt. Redeeming the Acquired Virtues.
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Law & Social Inquiry, Vol. 38, #4, 2013
Amy Farrell, Liana Pennington and Shea Cronin. Juror Perceptions of the Legitimacy of Legal Authorities and Decision Making in Criminal Cases.
Diana Kapiszewski and Matthew M. Taylor. Compliance: Conceptualizing, Measuring, and Explaining Adherence to Judicial Rulings.
Sachin S. Pandya and Peter Siegelman. Underclaiming and Overclaiming.
Lauren C. Porter. Trying Something Old: The Impact of Shame Sanctioning on Drunk Driving and Alcohol-Related Traffic Safety.
Brenda Cossman. Anxiety Governance.
Rose Corrigan. The New Trial by Ordeal: Rape Kits, Police Practices, and the Unintended Effects of Policy Innovation.
Keith Hawkins. Enforcing Regulation: Robert Kagan's Contribution—And Some Questions.
Jeffrey Adam Sachs. “Native Courts” and the Limits of the Law in Colonial Sudan: Ambiguity as Strategy.
Shiri Regev-Messalem. Claiming Citizenship: The Political Dimension of Welfare Fraud.
Sarah A. Seo. Antinomies and the Automobile: A New Approach to Criminal Justice Histories.
Boğaç A. Ergene. Islamic Law in Action: A Historical Discussion.
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Midwest Studies in Philosophy, Vol. 37, 2013
Special Issue: The New Atheism and Its Critics
The New Atheism and Its Critics
A. W. Moore. Varieties of Sense-Making.
Michael Ruse. Making Room for Faith: Does Science Exclude Religion?
David Shatz. So What Else Is Neo? Theism and Epistemic Recalcitrance.
Gary Gutting. Religious Agnosticism.
Kenneth A. Taylor. How to Vanquish the Lingering Shadow of the Long-Dead God.
Andrew Winer. Limited Belief.
Richard Fumerton. Epistemic Toleration and the New Atheism.
Jonathan L. Kvanvig. Affective Theism and People of Faith.
Gregg Ten Elshof. Discreditable Origins and the Significance of Natural Theology.
Massimo Pigliucci. New Atheism and the Scientistic Turn in the Atheism Movement.
Edward Feser. The New Atheists and the Cosmological Argument.
Alister E. McGrath. Evidence, Theory, and Interpretation: The “New Atheism” and the Philosophy of Science.
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Jody Azzouni, Semantic Perception: How the Illusion of a Common Language Arises and Persists. Reviewed by Mahrad Almotahari.
M. F. Burnyeat, Explorations in Ancient and Modern Philosophy, Volumes 1-2. Reviewed by Rachel Barney.
Julie Dickson and Pavlos Eleftheriadis (eds.), Philosophical Foundations of European Union Law. Reviewed by Jonathan White.
James Stacey Taylor, Death, Posthumous Harm, and Bioethics. Reviewed by Robert S. Olick.
Timothy Williamson,Modal Logic as Metaphysics. Reviewed by Takashi Yagisawa.
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Philosophy, Psychiatry, & Psychology, Vol. 20, #2, 2013
Feature Article
Panagiotis Oulis. Toward a Unified Methodological Framework for the Science and Practice of Integrative Psychiatry.
Gloria Ayob. Getting the Personal Perspective into View.
Peter Zachar. Why the One and the Many Will Not Go Away.
Panagiotis Oulis. On the Personal, the One and the Many.
Feature Article
Somogy Varga. From Melancholia to Depression: Ideas on a Possible Continuity.
Jennifer Radden. Shared Descriptions: What Can Be Concluded?
Louis A. Sass, Elizabeth Pienkos. Madness and Melancholia.
Somogy Varga. The Elephant in the Room.
Feature Article
Jennifer K. Walter, Lainie Friedman Ross. Relational Autonomy as the Key to Effective Behavioral Change.
Jodi Halpern. Empowering Patients is Good Medical Care.
Scott Y. H. Kim. Autonomy and the Relational Self.
Jennifer K. Walter, Lainie Friedman Ross. A Non-Paternalistic Conception of Relational Autonomy Still Needs Others.
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Politics & Policy, Vol. 41, #5, 2013
Original Articles
Olena Hankivsky. Gender Mainstreaming: A Five-Country Examination.
Hiba Khodr and Isabella Ruble. Energy Policies and Domestic Politics in the MENA Region in the Aftermath of the Arab Upheavals: The Cases of Lebanon, Libya, and KSA.
Uriel Abulof. Nuclear Diversion Theory and Legitimacy Crisis: The Case of Iran.
Lloyd Gruber. Trade, Growth, Poverty, and Politics: Toward a Unified Theory.
Meagan Musgrave. The Illinois Underground Storage Tank Fund: Tanks for Nothing.
Bryan J. Dettrey. Relative Losses and Economic Voting: Sociotropic Considerations or “Keeping up with the Joneses?”
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Theoria, Vol. 60, #136, 2013
Special Issue on Race
Erwin, Kira; Maré, Gerhard.Theorising Race: Imagining Possibilities.
Banton, Michael. The Naming of Social Categories.
Soudien, Crain. 'Race' and Its Contemporary Confusions: Towards a Re-statement.
Erasmus, Zimitri. Throwing the Genes: A Renewed Biological Imaginary of 'Race', Place and Identification.
Grønfeldt Winther, Rasmus; Michael Kaplan, Jonathan. Ontologies and Politics of Biogenomic 'Race'.
Book Review
Hilmer, Jeffrey D. Sharing Democracy.
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