Thursday, September 26, 2013

September 26, 2013

American Philosophical Quarterly, Vol. 50, #4, 2013
Australasian Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 91, #3, 2013
British Journal for the History of Philosophy, Vol. 21, #5, 2013
British Journal of Aesthetics, Vol. 53, #3, 2013
CPS: Comparative Political Studies, Vol. 46, #10, 2013
Foundations of Science, Vol. 18, #3, 2013
Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 116, #2, 2013
Journal of Philosophical Logic, Vol. 42, #5, 2013
Kennedy Institute of Ethics Journal, Vol. 23, #3, 2013
Logic Journal of the IGPL, Vol. 21, #5, 2013
Metaphysica, Vol. 14, #2, 2013
Meteorite, Spring, 2013 (Undergraduate publication of the University of Michigan)
Philosophers’ Imprint, Vol. 13, #18, 2013
Philosophy & Public Affairs, Vol 41, #3, 2013
Philosophical Studies, Vol. 166, #1, 2013

American Philosophical Quarterly, Vol. 50, #4, 2013
Robert Schroer. Reductionism in Personal Identity and the Phenomenological Sense of Being a Temporally Extended Self.
Daniel Howard-Snyder. Propositional Faith: What It Is and What It Is Not.
Laurence BonJour. What Is It Like to Be a Human (Instead of a Bat)?
Damian Cox. Judging Character.
Klaas Kraay. Can God Satisfice?
Nathan Ballantyne and Joshua C. Thurow. Moral Intuitionism Defeated?
Steffen Borge. Talking to Infants: A Gricean Perspective.
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Australasian Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 91, #3, 2013
Original Articles
Billy Dunaway, Anna Edmonds & David Manley. The Folk Probably do Think What you Think They Think.
Alexis Burgess. Metalinguistic Descriptivism for Millians.
Fredrik Haraldsen. What Russell Couldn't Describe.
Daniel Cohnitz & Jussi Haukioja. Meta-Externalism vs Meta-Internalism in The Study of Reference.
Paul Silva Jr. How to be Conservative: a Partial Defence of Epistemic Conservatism.
John Turri. Liberal Thinking.
Jennifer Wang. From Combinatorialism to Primitivism.
Robert Mark Simpson. Un-Ringing the Bell: Mcgowan on Oppressive Speech and The Asymmetric Pliability of Conversations.
Hagit Benbaji. How is Recalcitrant Emotion Possible?
Angela Mendelovici & David Bourget. Cognitive Phenomenology, edited by Tim Bayne and Michelle Montague.
Book Reviews
John Heil. Tropes: Properties, Objects, and Mental Causation, by Douglas Ehring.
Michael J. Almeida. A Frightening Love: Recasting the Problem of Evil by Gleeson Andrew.
Sam Cowling. God and Necessity by Brian Leftow.
Daniel Brown. British Idealism: A History, by Mander W. J.
Janna Thompson. Ethics for a Broken World: Imagining Philosophy after Catastrophe, by Tim Mulgan.
Philip Goff. Phenomenal Consciousness: Understanding the Relation Between Experience and Neural Processes in the Brain, by Dimitris Platchias.
Michael Morris. Wittgenstein's Early Philosophy, edited by Zalabardo, José L.
Julian Dodd. Musical Understandings and Other Essays on the Philosophy of Music, by Stephen Davies.
B. J. C. Madison. A Priori, by Edwin Mares.
Alastair Wilson. Mind, Meaning, and Reality: Essays in Philosophy, by Mellor, D. H.
Robert Anderson. Molinism: The Contemporary Debate, edited by Ken Perszyk.
Ward E. Jones. Seeing Fictions in Film: The Epistemology of Movies, by George M. Wilson.
Greg O’Hair. A review of “Smith, Nicholas J. J., Logic: The Laws of Truth.
Adrian Walsh. Global Justice and Territory by Nine, Cara.
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British Journal for the History of Philosophy, Vol. 21, #5, 2013
Joachim Aufderheide. An Inconsistency in the Philebus?
Caleb Cohoe. There must be a First: Why Thomas Aquinas Rejects Infinite, Essentially Ordered, Causal Series.
Andreas Blank. Henry More on Spirits, Light, and Immaterial Extension.
Matthew Walker. Reconciling the Stoic and the Sceptic: Hume on Philosophy as a Way of Life and the Plurality of Happy Lives.
Alex Englander. Herder's ‘Expressivist’ Metaphysics and the Origins of German Idealism.
Stephen P. Schwartz. Mill and Kripke on Proper Names and Natural Kind Terms.
David Mitchell. How the Free Spirit Became Free: Sickness and Romanticism in Nietzsche's 1886 Prefaces.
Adam Buben. Heidegger's Reception of Kierkegaard: The Existential Philosophy of Death.
Pierfrancesco Basile. The Idealist Hydra.
Book Reviews
Cecilia Muratori. ‘Il primo filosofo tedesco’. Il misticismo di Jakob Böhme nell'interpretazione hegeliana. Review by Francesco Tomasoni.
Andrea Christofidou. Self, Reason, and Freedom: A New Light on Descartes's Metaphysics. Review by Thomas M. Lennon.
Thomas E. Hill, Jr. Virtue, Rules, and Justice: Kantian Aspirations. Review by Owen Ware.
Benjamin Rutter. Hegel on the Modern Arts. Review by Stephen Houlgate.
John McCumber. Time and Philosophy: A History of Continental Thought. review by Henry Somers-Hall.
Books Received
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British Journal of Aesthetics, Vol. 53, #3, 2013
Rafael De Clercq. The Metaphysics of Art Restoration.
Diarmuid Costello. Kant and the Problem of Strong Non-Perceptual Art.
Hanne Appelqvist. Wittgenstein and the Limits of Musical Grammar.
Anil Gomes. Iris Murdoch on Art, Ethics, and Attention.
Manuel García-Carpintero. Norms of Fiction-Making.
Maximilian de Gaynesford. Geoffrey Hill and Performative Utterance.
Book Reviews
Jessica Milner Davis. Pictorial Irony, Parody, and Pastiche: Comic Interpictoriality in the Arts of the 19th and 20th Centuries.
Anne Sheppard. The Origins of Aesthetic Thought in Ancient Greece: Matter, Sensation, and Experience.
Carl Matheson. Who’s Afraid of Conceptual Art?
Nico Brömßer. Philosophical Perspectives on Depiction.
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CPS: Comparative Political Studies, Vol. 46, #10, 2013

Benjamin Barber IV, Pablo Beramendi,and Erik Wibbels. “The Behavioral Foundations of Social Politics: Evidence from Surveys and a Laboratory Democracy.”
Elizabeth J. Zechmeister and Daniel Zizumbo-Colunga. The Varying Political Toll of Concerns About Corruption in Good Versus Bad Economic Times.
Dan Breznitz and Darius Ornston. The Revolutionary Power of Peripheral Agencies: Explaining Radical Policy Innovation in Finland and Israel.
Thomas M. Meyer and Markus Wagner. Mainstream or Niche? Vote-Seeking Incentives and the Programmatic Strategies of Political Parties.
Devorah Manekin. Violence Against Civilians in the Second Intifada: The Moderating Effect of Armed Group Structure on Opportunistic Violence.
Methodology Forum
Dan Slater and Daniel Ziblatt. The Enduring Indispensability of the Controlled Comparison.
Book Reviews
Regimes of Ethnicity and Nationhood in Germany, Russia, and Turkey, by S. Akturk. Review by Yoav H. Duman.
The Rise of Ethnic Politics in Latin America, by R. L. Madrid. Review by Javier Crespan.
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Foundations of Science, Vol. 18, #3, 2013
Special issue: The Concepts of Space and Time in Newton and Leibniz, Guest editors: Maarten Van Dyck and Karin Verelst
Original Paper
Maarten Van Dyck, Karin Verelst. “Whatever Is Neither Everywhere Nor Anywhere Does Not Exist”: The Concepts of Space and Time in Newton and Leibniz.
Andrew Janiak. Metaphysics and Natural Philosophy in Descartes and Newton.
Edward Slowik. Newton’s Neo-Platonic Ontology of Space.
Eric Schliesser. Newtonian Emanation, Spinozism, Measurement and the Baconian Origins of the Laws of Nature.
Ori Belkind. Leibniz and Newton on Space.
Richard T. W. Arthur. Leibniz’s Theory of Space.
Pierre Kerszberg. Deduction Versus Discourse: Newton and the Cosmic Phenomena.
Aurea Anguera de Sojo, Juan Ares, Juan A. Lara, David Lizcano. Turing and the Serendipitous Discovery of the Modern Computer.
Elaine Maria Paiva de Andrade, Jean Faber, Luiz Pinguelli Rosa. A Spontaneous Physics Philosophy on the Concept of Ether Throughout the History of Science: Birth, Death and Revival.
Paul Humphreys. Data Analysis: Models or Techniques?
Johannes Lenhard. Coal to Diamonds.
Domenico Napoletani, Marco Panza, Daniele C. Struppa. Processes Rather than Descriptions?
Domenico Napoletani, Marco Panza, Daniele C. Struppa. Artificial Diamonds are Still Diamonds.
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Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 116, #2, 2013
Original Article
Ralph W. Jackson, Charles M. Wood, James J. Zboja. The Dissolution of Ethical Decision-Making in Organizations: A Comprehensive Review and Model.
David B. Whiteside, Laurie J. Barclay. Echoes of Silence: Employee Silence as a Mediator Between Overall Justice and Employee Outcomes.
Katri Karjalainen, Claire Moxham. Focus on Fairtrade: Propositions for Integrating Fairtrade and Supply Chain Management Research.
David McPherson. Vocational Virtue Ethics: Prospects for a Virtue Ethic Approach to Business.
Ren Li. Media Corruption: A Chinese Characteristic
Helen L. Brown-Liburd, Jeffrey Cohen, Greg Trompeter. Effects of Earnings Forecasts and Heightened Professional Skepticism on the Outcomes of Client–Auditor Negotiation.
Wei Zhou, Selwyn Piramuthu. Technology Regulation Policy for Business Ethics: An Example of RFID in Supply Chain Management.
Matthew Walker, Aubrey Kent. The Roles of Credibility and Social Consciousness in the Corporate Philanthropy-Consumer Behavior Relationship.
Cynthia E. Clark, Harry J. Van Buren. Compound Conflicts of Interest in the US Proxy System.
Zenon Arthur S. Udani, Caterina F. Lorenzo-Molo. When Servant Becomes Leader: The Corazon C. Aquino Success Story as a Beacon for Business Leaders.
Lee Shepski. Going the (Ethical) Distance.
David Palmer, Trevor Hedberg. The Ethics of Marketing to Vulnerable Populations.
Tommi P. Auvinen, Anna-Maija Lämsä, Teppo Sintonen. Leadership Manipulation and Ethics in Storytelling.
Ali Iftikhar Choudhary, Syed Azeem Akhtar, Arshad Zaheer. Impact of Transformational and Servant Leadership on Organizational Performance: A Comparative Analysis.
Tu Yidong, Lu Xinxin. How Ethical Leadership Influence Employees’ Innovative Work Behavior: A Perspective of Intrinsic Motivation.
Yi Dong Tu, Xin Xin Lu. Erratum to: How Ethical Leadership Influence Employees’ Innovative Work Behavior: A Perspective of Intrinsic Motivation.
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Journal of Philosophical Logic, Vol. 42, #5, 2013
Original Papers
Cezary Cieśliński, Rafal Urbaniak. Gödelizing the Yablo Sequence.
J. P. Studd. The Iterative Conception of Set.
Landon Rabern, Brian Rabern, Matthew Macauley. Dangerous Reference Graphs and Semantic Paradoxes.
Eunsuk Yang. R and Relevance Principle Revisited.
Jiji Zhang, Wai-Yin Lam, Rafael De Clercq. A Peculiarity in Pearl’s Logic of Interventionist Counterfactuals.
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Kennedy Institute of Ethics Journal, Vol. 23, #3, 2013
Original Articles
Dennis Plaisted. An Undignified Side of Death with Dignity Legislation.
Patrick McCruden. The Affordable Care Act and Community Benefit: A Mandate Catholic Health Care Can (Partly) Embrace.
D. Robert MacDougall. Physicians’ Strikes and the Competing Bases of Physicians’ Moral Obligations.
Kevin E. Hodges, Daniel P. Sulmasy. Moral Status, Justice, and the Common Morality: Challenges for the Principlist Account of Moral Change.
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Logic Journal of the IGPL, Vol. 21, #5, 2013
Chrysafis Hartonas. Reasoning about types of action and agent capabilities.
Peter Verdee. A proof procedure for adaptive logics.
Tapani Hyttinen, Kaisa Kangas, and Jouko Väänänen. On second-order characterizability.
Willem Conradie, Wilmari Morton, and Clint J. van Alten. An algebraic look at filtrations in modal logic.
Zoltán Molnár. Epsilon-invariant substitutions and indefinite descriptions.
D. S. Bridges, J. E. Dent, and M. N. McKubre-Jordens. Two direct proofs that LLPO implies the detachable fan theorem.
Manuel António Martins and George Voutsadakis. Malinowski modalization, modalization through fibring and the Leibniz hierarchy. 
Livio Robaldo. Conservativity: a necessary property for the maximization of witness sets.
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Metaphysica, Vol. 14, #2, 2013
Original Articles
Geert Keil. Introduction: Vagueness and Ontology.
Matti Eklund. Metaphysical Vagueness and Metaphysical Indeterminacy.
Marc Andree Weber. Interrelations and Dissimilarities Between Distinct Approaches to Ontic Vagueness.
Dan López de Sa. Vagueness as Semantic Indecision: Metaphysical Vagueness vs Indeterminate Reference.
Thomas Sattig. Vague Objects and the Problem of the Many.
Mark Sainsbury. Lessons for Vagueness from Scrambled Sorites.
Harold W. Noonan. In Defence of the Sensible Theory of Indeterminacy.
Pablo Cobreros, Paul Egré, David Ripley, Robert van Rooij. Identity, Leibniz's Law and Non-transitive Reasoning.
E. J. Lowe. Ontological Vagueness, Existence Monism and Metaphysical Realism.
Peter Simons. Vague Kinds and Biological Nominalism.
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Curtis Franks, The Autonomy of Mathematical Knowledge: Hilbert's Program Revisited. Reviewed by Allen Hazen.
William P. Kabasenche, Michael O'Rourke, and Matthew H. Slater (eds.), Reference and Referring. Reviewed by Brendan Balcerak Jackson
Uriah Kriegel (ed.), Phenomenal Intentionality. Reviewed by Alex Byrne.
Alexandre Lefebvre, Human Rights as a Way of Life: On Bergson's Political Philosophy. Reviewed by Michael R. Kelly.
A. G. Long, Conversation and Self-Sufficiency in Plato. Reviewed by Frisbee C. C. Sheffield.
Zdravko Radman (ed.), The Hand, an Organ of the Mind: What the Manual Tells the Mental. Reviewed by István Aranyosi.
Tadeusz Wieslaw Zawidzki, Mindshaping: A New Framework for Understanding Human Social Cognition. Reviewed by Bryce Huebner.
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Meteorite, Spring, 2013 (Undergraduate publication of the University of Michigan)
Michael Garatoni (Trinity University). Meaning and Triviality: Brogaard and Smith on the Meaning of Life.
Alexander Meehan. Rescuing Habermas’ Knowledge Constitutive Interests.
Emily Adlam (Oxford University). Poincaré’s Philosophy and the Development of Special Relativity.
Walker Page (Wheaton College). The Knowability Paradox: Solutions and Solution.
Alexander Agnello. What Functional Reductionism Means for Normative Epistemology.
Oxford Studies in Philosophy of Law, Vol. 2, 2013 (not available online)
Stephen Perry. Political Authority and Political Obligation.
Barbara Baum Levenbook. How to Hold the Social Fact Thesis: A Reply to Greenberg and Toh.
Matthew H. Kramer. John Austin on Punishment.
Bruno Celano. Publicity and the Rule of Law.
R.A. Duff. Relational Reasons and the Criminal Law.
C.L. Ten. Fairness and the Justifying Aim of Punishment.
Hanoch Sheinman. The Embedding Social Context of Promises and Contracts.
Luis Duarte d’Almeida. Legal Sex.
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Philosophers’ Imprint, Vol. 13, #18, 2013
David Alexander, "The Problem of Respecting Higher-Order Doubt."
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Philosophy & Public Affairs, Vol 41, #3, Summer 2013
Original Articles
FREDERICK NEUHOUSER. Rousseau's Critique of Economic Inequality.
SERENA OLSARETTI. Children as Public Goods?
CHARLES R. BEITZ. Human Dignity in the Theory of Human Rights: Nothing But a Phrase?
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Philosophical Studies, Vol. 166, #1, 2013
Original Articles
Todd Ganson. Are color experiences representational?
Ásta Kristjana Sveinsdóttir. Knowledge of essence: the conferralist story
Tyler Hildebrand. Tooley’s account of the necessary connection between law and regularity.
Charlie Kurth. What do our critical practices say about the nature of morality?
Gary Ostertag. The ‘Gödel’ effect.
Dylan Murray, Justin Sytsma, Jonathan Livengood. God knows (but does God believe?).
Eric Yang. Thinking animals, disagreement, and skepticism.
Rachel McKinnon, John Turri. Irksome assertions.
Barry Maguire. Defending David Lewis’s modal reduction.
Joshua Spencer. What time travelers cannot not do (but are responsible for anyway).
Michael Bergmann. Externalist justification and the role of seemings.
Kai Draper. The evidential relevance of self-locating information.
Ruth Weintraub. Induction and inference to the best explanation.
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