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September 12, Part 2

Nanoethics, Vol. 7, #2, 2013
Nursing Philosophy, Vol. 14, #4, 2013
Philosophical Studies, Vol. 165, #3, 2013
Politics, Vol. 33, #3, 2013
Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society, Vol. 113, issue 1, part 1, 2013
Social Policy and Society, Vol. 12, #4, 2013
Southern Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 51, #3, 2013

Nanoethics, Vol. 7, #2, 2013
Ulrich Krohs, Helmut Pulte, Gregor Schiemann.
Lars Albinus. Can Science Cope with More Than One World? A Cross-Reading of Habermas, Popper, and Searle.
James Blachowicz. The Constraint Interpretation of Physical Emergence.Eduardo Castro. Defending the Indispensability Argument: Atoms, Infinity and the Continuum.
Alexander Gebharter. Solving the Flagpole Problem.
Phyllis Illari, Jon Williamson. In Defence of Activities.
Nicholaos Jones. Don’t Blame the Idealizations.Aki Lehtinen. On the Impossibility of Amalgamating Evidence.
Nicola Mößner. Photographic Evidence and the Problem of Theory-Ladenness.
Gerhard Müller-Strahl. Metaphysik des Mechanismus im teleologischen Idealismus.Francisco José Soler Gil, Manuel Alfonseca. Fine Tuning Explained? Multiverses and Cellular Automata.
Mark Zelcer. Against Mathematical Explanation.DiscussionsValeriano Iranzo, Ignacio Martínez de Lejarza. On Ratio Measures of Confirmation.
Emma Ruttkamp-Bloem. Re-enchanting Realism in Debate with Kyle Stanford.
Julie Zahle, Finn Collin. ENPOSS 2012: The First Conference of the European Network for the Philosophy of the Social Sciences (Copenhagen, September 21–23, 2012).
Frank Zenker, Holger Andreas. Perspectives on Structuralism, Munich, Germany, 16–18 February 2012.
Book Reviews
James A. Shapiro: Evolution. A View from the 21st Century AND Gerhard Schurz: Evolution in Natur und Kultur Spektrum. Reviews by Daniel S. Brooks.    
Richard Dietz and Sebastiano Moruzzi (Eds.): Cuts and Clouds. Vagueness, its Nature, and its Logic. Review by Tania Eden.
Hans-Ulrich Lessing, Rudolf A. Makkreel and Riccardo Pozzo (Eds.): Recent Contributions to Dilthey’s Philosophy of the Human Sciences. Review by Lars Hanisch.
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Nursing Philosophy, Vol. 14, #4, 2013
Issue Information

Derek Sellman. The demise of the pathway may have been greatly exaggerated.
Original Articles
Catherine Green. Philosophic reflections on the meaning of touch in nurse–patient interactions.
Martin Lipscomb. Some may beg to differ: individual beliefs and group political claims.
Christine A. Anderson and Ann L. Whall. Nursing opinion leadership: a preliminary model derived from philosophic theories of rational belief.
Thomas Foth. Understanding ‘caring’ through biopolitics: the case of nurses under the Nazi regime.
Caroline Bradbury-Jones and Julie Taylor. Domestic abuse as a transgressive practice: understanding nurses' responses through the lens of abjection.
Acknowledgement to Reviewers
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Philosophical Studies, Vol. 165, #3, 2013
With Book Symposium on Eric Schwitzgebel's Perplexities of Consciousness
Original Papers
Auke J. K. Pols. Choosing your poison and the time of a killing.
Andrew C. Khoury. Synchronic and diachronic responsibility.
Hannah Tierney. A maneuver around the modified manipulation argument.
Elia Zardini. Luminosity and determinacy.
Christopher Woodard. Classifying theories of welfare.
John Brunero. Reasons as explanations.
Martin Montminy. Explaining dubious assertions.
Miguel Hoeltje. Lepore and Ludwig on ‘explicit meaning theories.’
Stephen A. Butterfill. Interacting mindreaders.
Helen Yetter-Chappell, Richard Yetter Chappell. Mind-body meets metaethics: a moral concept strategy.
Ellen Fridland. Problems with intellectualism.
Coleen Macnamara. “Screw you!” & “thank you.”
Brandon Warmke. Two arguments against the punishment-forbearance account of forgiveness.
Daniel F. Hartner. Conceptual analysis as armchair psychology: in defense of methodological naturalism.
Anthony Everett. Disquotationalism, reference, and object dependence.
Endre Begby. Semantic minimalism and the “miracle of communication.”
Steven Swartzer. Appetitive besires and the fuss about fit.
Barak Krakauer. What are impossible worlds?
Sebastian Watzl. Silencing the experience of change.
Daniel Halliday. Holism about value: some help for invariabilists.
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Politics, Vol. 33, #3, 2013
Research Articles
Peter Allen. Gendered Candidate Emergence in Britain: Why are More Women Councillors Not Becoming MPs?
Karen Celis, Floor Eelbode and Bram Wauters. Visible Ethnic Minorities in Local Political Parties: A Case Study of Two Belgian Cities (Antwerp and Ghent).
Mikael Persson, Maria Solevid and Richard Öhrvall. Voter Turnout and Political Equality: Testing the ‘Law of Dispersion’ in a Swedish Natural Experiment.
Sergiu Gherghina. One-Shot Party Primaries: The Case of the Romanian Social Democrats.
Matteo Bonotti.Politics without the Vernacular: Liberal Culturalism and the Language Policy of the European Union.
Learning and Teaching in International Studies
Cristina Leston-Bandeira. Methods Teaching through a Discipline Research-Oriented Approach.
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Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society, Vol. 113, issue 1, part 1, 2013
The Presidential Address
I—‘Actual Instead.’
Sarah Broadie.
Original articles
II—Resemblance Nominalism, Conjunctions and Truthmakers.
Gonzalo Rodriguez-Pereyra.
III—The Epistemic Role of Intentions.
Johannes Roessler.
IV—Sharing Thoughts About Oneself.
Guy Longworth.
V—Aesthetics in Science: A Kantian Proposal.
Angela Breitenbach.
VI—Agency and Two-Way Powers.
Maria Alvarez.
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Social Policy and Society, Vol. 12, #4, 2013
Dimitris Ballas, Danny Dorling, Tomoki Nakaya, Helena Tunstall and Kazumasa Hanaoka. Income Inequalities in Japan and the UK: A Comparative Study of Two Island Economies.
Goretti Horgan and Julia S. O'Connor. Abortion and Citizenship Rights in a Devolved Region of the UK.
David Robinson and Aimee Walshaw. Security of Tenure in Social Housing in England.
Connie Smith. Preventing Unsuitable Individuals from Working with Children: Vetting and Barring Policy and Devolution.
Andrew Defty. Can You Tell What It Is Yet? Public Attitudes Towards ‘the Big Society.’
Mary Larkin and Alisoun Milne. Carers and Empowerment in the UK: A Critical Reflection.
Eric O. Udjo. The Relationship between the Child Support Grant and Teenage Fertility in Post-Apartheid South Africa.
Anthony Marcus and Ric Curtis. Implementing Policy for Invisible Populations: Social Work and Social Policy in a Federal Anti-Trafficking Taskforce in the United States.
Louise Hoyle. ‘I mean, obviously you're using your discretion’: Nurses Use of Discretion in Policy Implementation.
Suellen Murray. Compassion and Compliance: Releasing Records to Care-Leavers under Privacy and Freedom of Information Legislation.
Jonathan Bradshaw and Michihiko Tokoro. Child benefit Packages in the United Kingdom and Japan.
Abigail Davis, Donald Hirsch, Rie Iwanaga, Masami Iwata, Junko Shigekawa, Yuka Uzuki and Atsuhiro Yamada. Comparing the Minimum Income Standard in the UK and Japan: Methodology and Outcome.
Yosr Abid and Cathal O'Donoghue. Irish Citizens’ Attitudes to Pension Reform and Redistribution.
Elaine Batty. Learning and Soft Outcomes: Evidence from Intensive Intervention Projects.
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Southern Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 51, #3, 2013
Original Articles
Francesca di Poppa. Spinoza on Causation and Power.
Julie Ponesse. Navigating the Unknown: Towards a Positive Conception of Anonymity.
Henry Somers-Hall. Deleuze's Use of Kant's Argument from Incongruent Counterparts.
Natalja Deng. On Explaining Why Time Seems to Pass.
Sam Baron. Tensed Supervenience: A No-Go for Presentism.
Jessy E. G. Jordan. Thick Ethical Concepts in the Philosophy and Literature of Iris Murdoch.
SJP Announcements
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