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dialectica, Vol. 67, #2, 2013
International Political Science Review, Vol. 34, #4, 2013
Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 115, #2, 2013
Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 115, #3, 2013
Journal of Ethics, Vol. 17, #3, 2013
Journal of Logic and Computation, Vol. 23, #4, 2013
Transactions of the Charles S. Peirce Society, Vol. 49, #1, 2013

dialectica, Vol. 67, #2, 2013
Original Articles
Neil Mehta. How to Explain the Explanatory Gap.
David Liebesman. Converse and Identity.
Simon D. Feldman and Allan Hazlett. Authenticity and Self-Knowledge.
The Analysis of Possibility and the Extent of Possibility.John Divers. The Analysis of Possibility and the Extent of Possibility.
Reach's Puzzle and Mention.Richard Gaskin and Daniel J. Hill. Reach's Puzzle and Mention.
Daniel Cohnitz and Jaan Kangilaski. Understanding a Sentence Does Not Entail Knowing its Truth-Conditions: Why the Epistemological Determination Argument Fails.
Book Reviews
Lenny Clapp reviews Asking Questions: Using Meaningful Structures to Imply Ignorance – By Robert Fiengo.
Cordula Brand reviews Mental Representation and Self-Consciousness. From Basic Self-Representation to Self-Related Cognition – By Gottfried Vosgerau.
Stephen Wright reviews Epistemological Disjunctivism – By Duncan Pritchard.
Mauro Rossi reviews Ethical Naturalism. Current Debates – Edited by Susana Nuccetelli and Gary Seay.
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International Political Science Review, Vol. 34, #4, 2013
Patty Zakaria. Is corruption an enemy of civil society? The case of Central and Eastern Europe.
Yong-Soo Eun. The power of human beliefs over the state’s behaviour in world politics: An in-depth and comparative case study.
Tim Wegenast. Opening Pandora’s box? Inclusive institutions and the onset of internal conflict in oil-rich countries.
Dana Zartner. The (un)common law: Legal tradition and the diverging policies of the USA and Australia toward international human rights law.
Philipp Harfst. Changing the rules of the game: Determinants of successful electoral system change in Central and Eastern Europe.
Manuela Lavinas Picq. Critics at the edge? Decolonizing methodologies in International Relations.
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Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 115, #2, 2013
Original Papers
Luc Fransen. The Embeddedness of Responsible Business Practice: Exploring the Interaction Between National-Institutional Environments and Corporate Social Responsibility
Connie R. Bateman, Sean Valentine, Terri Rittenburg. Ethical Decision Making in a Peer-to-Peer File Sharing Situation: The Role of Moral Absolutes and Social Consensus.
Original Papers
Barbara Orser, Catherine Elliott, Joanne Leck. Entrepreneurial Feminists: Perspectives About Opportunity Recognition and Governance.
Barjinder Singh, T. T. Selvarajan. Is it Spillover or Compensation? Effects of Community and Organizational Diversity Climates on Race Differentiated Employee Intent to Stay.
Ahmet Ekici, Sule Onsel. How Ethical Behavior of Firms is Influenced by the Legal and Political Environments: A Bayesian Causal Map Analysis Based on Stages of Development.
Victor Oltra, Jaime Bonache, Chris Brewster. A New Framework for Understanding Inequalities Between Expatriates and Host Country Nationals.
Mark Harcourt, Maureen Hannay, Helen Lam. Distributive Justice, Employment-at-Will and Just-Cause Dismissal.
Jana L. Craft. Living in the Gray: Lessons on Ethics from Prison.
Michael Willoughby Small. Business Practice, Ethics and the Philosophy of Morals in the Rome of Marcus Tullius Cicero.
Sanjay Putrevu, Krist Swimberghek. The Influence of Religiosity on Consumer Ethical Judgments and Responses Toward Sexual Appeals.
Shanthy Rachagan, Kalaithasan Kuppusamy. Encouraging Whistle Blowing to Improve Corporate Governance? A Malaysian Initiative.
Nuttaneeya Ann Torugsa, Wayne O’Donohue, Rob Hecker. Proactive CSR: An Empirical Analysis of the Role of its Economic, Social and Environmental Dimensions on the Association between Capabilities and Performance.
William J. Graham, William H. Cooper. Taking Credit.
Erratum to: Alex C. Michalos. A Fiduciary Model of Political Ethics and Protocol for Dealing with Constituent Requests.
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Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 115, #3, 2013

Paul D. Longenecker. The Positive Impact of Individual Core Values.
Original Papers
S. Duane Hansen, Bradley J. Alge, Michael E. Brown. Ethical Leadership: Assessing the Value of a Multifoci Social Exchange Perspective.
Donna D. Bobek, Amy M. Hageman, Charles F. Kelliher. Analyzing the Role of Social Norms in Tax Compliance Behavior.
Gordon Liu, Teck-Yong Eng, Wai-Wai Ko. Strategic Direction of Corporate Community Involvement.
Suzanne Campin, Jo Barraket, Belinda Luke. micro-Business Community Responsibility in Australia: Approaches, Motivations and Barriers.
Amelia Bilbao-Terol, Mar Arenas-Parra. Selection of Socially Responsible Portfolios Using Hedonic Prices.
Yuh-Jia Chen, Thomas Li-Ping Tang. The Bright and Dark Sides of Religiosity Among University Students: Do Gender, College Major, and Income Matter?.
Benjamin M. Cole, Preeta M. Banerjee. Morally Contentious Technology-Field Intersections: The Case of Biotechnology in the United States.
Peter E. Mudrack, E. Sharon Mason. Ethical Judgments: What Do We Know, Where Do We Go?
Francis T. Hannafey, Lawrence A. Vitulano. Ethics and Executive Coaching: An Agency Theory Approach.
Bert Scholtens, Riikka Sievänen. Drivers of Socially Responsible Investing: A Case Study of Four Nordic Countries.
Stephen Wood, Johan Braeken, Karen Niven. Discrimination and Well-Being in Organizations: Testing the Differential Power and Organizational Justice Theories of Workplace Aggression.
Jack McCann, Roger A. Holt. Perceived Leadership Integrity in the Manufacturing Industry.
Book Review
J. M. H. Fritz, Professional Civility: Communicative Virtue at Work. Review by Annette M. Holba.
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Journal of Ethics, Vol. 17, #3, 2013
Original Papers
Alfred R. Mele. Moral Responsibility, Manipulation, and Minutelings.
Alfred R. Mele. Manipulation, Moral Responsibility, and Bullet Biting.
Ishtiyaque Haji. Historicism, Non-historicism, or a Mix?
Markus E. Schlosser. Conscious Will, Reason-Responsiveness, and Moral Responsibility.
D. Justin Coates. In Defense of Love Internalism.
Regina A. Rini. Making Psychology Normatively Significant.
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Journal of Logic and Computation, Vol. 23, #4, 2013
Special Issue: Computability in Europe 2009 : Guest Editors: Klaus Ambos-Spies, Arnold Beckmann, Erzsébet Csuhaj-Varjú and Benedikt Löwe.
Klaus Ambos-Spies, Arnold Beckmann, Erzsébet Csuhaj-Varjú, and Benedikt Löwe. Computability in Europe 2009.
Original Articles
Thomas Anberrée. First-order universality for real programs.
Manuel Bodirsky, Miki Hermann, and Florian Richoux. Complexity of existential positive first-order logic.
Luca Bortolussi and Alberto Policriti. (Hybrid) automata and (stochastic) programs: The hybrid automata lattice of a stochastic program.
Robert Brijder and Hendrik Blockeel. On the inference of non-confluent NLC graph grammars.
Guénola Drillon, Alessandra Carbone, and Gilles Fischer. Combinatorics of chromosomal rearrangements based on synteny blocks and synteny packs.
Martín Escardó. Algorithmic solution of higher type equations.
Benedek Nagy. On a hierarchy of 5′ → 3′ sensing Watson–Crick finite automata languages.
Ian Pratt-Hartmann and Ivo Düntsch. Functions definable by numerical set-expressions.
Thomas Zerjatke and Monika Sturm. Solving a PSPACE-complete problem by gene assembly.
Marius Zimand. Generating Kolmogorov random strings from sources with limited independence.
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Paul Horwich, Wittgenstein's Metaphilosophy. Reviewed by Arthur W. Collins.
Wilfried Sieg, Hilbert's Programs and Beyond. Reviewed by Stewart Shapiro.
Robert L. Wicks, European Aesthetics: A Critical Introduction from Kant to Derrida. Reviewed by Nick Wiltsher
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Transactions of the Charles S. Peirce Society, Vol. 49, #1, 2013
J.M.C. Chevalier. Peirce’s First Critique of the First Critique: A Leibnizian False Start.
Symposium on Insurrectionist Ethics
Lee A. McBride III. Introduction.
Lee A. McBride III. Insurrectionist Ethics and Thoreau.
John Kaag. Transgressing the Silence: Lydia Maria Child and the Philosophy of Subversion.
Jacoby Adeshei Carter. The Insurrectionist Challenge to Pragmatism and Maria W. Stewart’s Feminist Insurrectionist Ethics.
Kristie Dotson. Querying Leonard Harris’ Insurrectionist Standard
Leonard Harris. Walker: Naturalism and Liberation.
Practice, Judgement, and the Challenge of Moral and Political Disagreement: A Pragmatist Account by Roberto Frega. Rreview by Torjus Midtgarden.
Loyalty to Loyalty: Josiah Royce and the Genuine Moral Life by Matthew Foust. Review Claudio Viale.
Charles Sanders Peirce and a Religious Metaphysics of Nature by Leon Niemoczynski, and: God and the World of Signs: Trinity, Evolution, and the Metaphysical Semiotics of C. S. Peirce by Andrew Robinson. Reviews by Greg Moses.
Unmodern Philosophy and Modern Philosophy by John Dewey. Review by Charles A. Hobbs.
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