Thursday, June 20, 2013

June 20, 2013

European Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 21, #2, 2013
Metascience, Vol. 22, #2, 2013
Philosophy & Public Affairs, Vol. 41, #2, 2013
Politics & Gender, Vol. 9, #2, 2013

European Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 21, #2, 2013
Editorial. Joseph K. Schear.
Paul Formosa. Is Kant a Moral Cosntructivist or a Moral Realist?
Elizabeth Schechter. Two Unities of Consciousness.
Mattia Riccardi. Nietzsche's Sensualism.
Matthew I. Burch. The Existential Sources of Phenomenology: Heidegger on Formal Indication.
Gerhard Øverland. 602 and One Dead: On Contribution to Global Poverty and Liability to Defensive Force.
Lionel Shapiro. Intentional Relations andt eh Sideways-on View: On McDowell's Critique of Sellars.
Allen Coates. The Enkratic Requirement.
Review Article
Robert Pippin. Le Gand Imagier of George Wilson.
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Metascience, Vol. 22, #2, 2013
Book Symposiums
Nick Huggett, George E. Smith, David Marshall Miller, William Harper. On Newton’s method.
Mark Balaguer, Elaine Landry, Sorin Bangu, Christopher Pincock. Structures, fictions, and the explanatory epistemology of mathematics in science.
Survey Review
Andreas Hüttemann. New work in metaphysics of science.
Essay Review
Kerry McKenzie. How (and how not) to object to objects: developments in structural realism.
Book Reviews
Looking for a realist metaphysics of science, reviews by Cristian Soto.
Perhaps essentialism is not so essential: at least not for natural kinds, reviews by Miles MacLeod.
Metaphysics as a constraint on science, reviews by Alexander Reutlinger.
Survey Review
Michail Peramatzis. Science and metaphysics in Aristotle’s philosophy.
Essay Reviews
Andrea Falcon. Aristotle’s theory of science and his biological writings.
Patricia Fara. Isaac Newton and the left eye of history.
Eric Schliesser. The methodological dimension of the Newtonian revolution.
Book Reviews
Michael Futch. Life and organism in Leibniz’s philosophy.
Matthew H. Haber. Species problems.
Chris Zarpentine. Nothing makes sense except in light of evolution.
Jonathan Birch. Explaining the human syndrome.
Costas Mannouris. Almost all loved him (a lot).
Nils Güttler. Depicting evolution: The visual material of Darwin’s works.
Irina Podgorny. Paleobiology as an evolutionary discipline.
Martin Rudwick. Deciphering the prehistoric past.
Doogab Yi. Looking for quantum in life.
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Ben Bradley, Fred Feldman, and Jens Johansson (eds.), The Oxford Handbook of the Philosophy of Death. Reviewed by Mark Alfino.
Gerard Casey, Libertarian Anarchy: Against the State. Reviewed by Julie L. Rose.
Todd May, Friendship in an Age of Economics: Resisting the Forces of Neoliberalism. Reviewed by Diane Jeske.
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Philosophy & Public Affairs, Vol. 41, #2, 2013
Michael Blake. Immigration, Jurisdiction, and Exclusion.
Nicholas Vrousalis. Exploitation, Vulnerability, and Social Domination.
Lea Ypi. What’s wrong with Colonialism.
Notes on Contributors
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Politics & Gender, Vol. 9, #2, 2012
Research Articles
Sarah Childs. Negotiating Gendered Institutions: Women's Parliamentary Friendships.
Jude Browne. The Default Model: Gender Equality, Fatherhood, and Structural Constraint .
Janet Elise Johnson, Þorgerður Einarsdóttir and Gyða Margrét Pétursdóttir. A Feminist Theory of Corruption: Lessons from Iceland A Feminist Theory of Corruption: Lessons from Iceland.
Critical Perspectives on Gender and Politics : Teaching Gender and Politics: Views from the Field   
Amy L. Atchison. Introduction.
Marsha Lyle-Gonga. A Critical Analysis of Gender Mainstreaming.
Erin C. Cassese and Angela L. Bos. A Hidden Curriculum? Examining the Gender Content in Introductory-Level Political Science Textbooks A Hidden Curriculum? Examining the Gender Content in Introductory-Level Political Science Textbooks.
Leanne Doherty. Gender Mainstreaming in Political Science Experiential Learning Programs Amy L. Atchison. The Practical Process of Gender Mainstreaming in the Political Science Curriculum
Melissa Matthes. Conclusion and Rejoinders.
Book Reviews   
American Marriage. A Political Institution. By Priscilla Yamin. Review by Jyl Josephson.
How Women Represent Women: Political Parties, Gender, and Representation in the State Legislatures. By Tracy L. Osborn. Review by Sue Thomas.
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