Thursday, April 25, 2013

April 25, 2013

Applied Linguistics, Vol. 34, #2, 2013
Comparative Political Studies, Vol. 46, #5, 2013
Dialectica, Vol. 67, #1, 2013
Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 113, #3, 2013
Journal of Political Economy, Vol. 121, #2, 2013
Journal of the History of Ideas, Vol. 74, #2, 2013
Journal of the History of Philosophy, Vol. 51, #2, 2013
Law and Philosophy, Vol. 32, #2-3, 2013
Mind, Vol. 121, #484, 2012
Neuroethics, Vol. 6, #2, 2013
Nous, Vol. 47, #2, 2013
Pacific Philosophical Quarterly, Vol. 94, #2, 2013
Philosophical Forum, Vol. 44, #2, 2013
Philosophical Studies, Vol. 164, #1, 2013
Political Studies Review, Vol. 11, #2, 2013
Studies in American Political Development, Vol. 27, #1, 2013

Applied Linguistics, Vol. 34, #2, 2013

Chris Candlin. Not so much a Memorial as an Inspiration.  Leo van Lier: Champion of the Ecology of Language Learning.
María De Los Ángeles Gómez González. A Reappraisal of Lexical Cohesion in Conversational Discourse.
Catherine A. Stafford. What’s On Your Mind? How Private Speech Mediates Cognition During Initial Non-Primary Language Learning.
Winnie Cheng and Phoenix W. Y. Lam. Western Perceptions of Hong Kong Ten Years On: A Corpus-driven Critical Discourse Study.
Hansun Zhang Waring. Doing Being Playful in the Second Language Classroom.
Christopher J. Hall. Cognitive Contributions to Plurilithic Views of English and Other Languages.
Tae-IL Pae. Skill-based L2 Anxieties Revisited: Their Intra-relations and the Inter-relations with General Foreign Language Anxiety.
Notes on Contributors
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Comparative Political Studies, Vol. 46, #5, 2013
Richard Nadeau, Michael S. Lewis-Beck, and Eric Belanger.  Economics and elections revisited.
Evan S. Lieberman and Gwyneth H. McClendon.  The ethnicity-policy preference link in sub-Saharan Africa.
Cheol-Sung Lee.  Welfare states and social trust.
Arjan H. Schakel.  Congruence between regional and national elections.
Book Reviews
D.E. Cunningham.  Barriers to Peace in Civil War.  Review by Neil Narang.
P. Oxhorn.  Sustaining Civil Society: Economic Change, Democracy, and the Social Construction of Citizenship in Latin America.  Review by Maria-Therese Gustafsson.
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Dialectica, Vol. 67, #1, 2013
Michael Baumgartner. Rendering Interventionism and Non-Reductive Physicalism Compatible.
Jan Almng. The Causal Self-Referential Theory of Perception Revisited
R. D. Ingthorsson. Properties: Qualities, Powers, or Both?
Hanoch Ben-Yami. Higher-Level Plurals versus Articulated Reference, and an Elaboration of Salva Veritate.
Jared Bates. “Damming the Swamping Problem, Reliably.”
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Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 113, #3, 2013
Denise Linda Parris and Jon Welty Peachey.  A systematic literature review of servant leadership theory in organizational contexts.
Emmanuel Chauvet.  Value, a way out of uncertainties: A physical model for ethics and freedoms.
Janet L. Kottke and Kathie L. Pelletier.  Measuring and differentiating perceptions of supervisor and top leader ethics.
Gavin Price and Andries Johannes van der Walt.  Changes in attitudes towards business ethics held by former South African business management students.
Clinton Free, Vaughan S. Radcliffe, and Brent White.  Crisis, committees, and consultants: The rise of value-for-money auditing in the federal public sector in Canada.
Paul T.M. Ingenbleek and Machiel J. Reinders.  The development of a market for sustainable coffee in the Netherlands: Rethinking the contribution of fair trade.
BaoChun Zhao and ShanShan Xu.  Does consumer unethical behavior relate to birthplace?  Evidence from China.
Eric Brown.  Vulnerability and the basis of business ethics: From fiduciary duties to professionalism.
Jon Burchell and Joanne Cook.  Sleeping with the enemy?  Strategic transformations in business-NGO relationships through stakeholder dialogue.
Susan M. Hart.  The crash of cougar flight 491: A case study of offshore safety and corporate social responsibility.
Joanna Crossman and Hiroko Noma.  Sunao as character: Its implications for trust and intercultural communication within subsidiaries of Japanese multinationals in Australia.
Book Review
Denis Collins.  Essentials of Business Ethics – Creating an Organization of High Integrity and Superior Performance.  Review by Long-Fei Chen.
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Journal of Political Economy, Vol. 121, #2, 2013
Francisco J. Buera and Yongseok Shin. Financial Frictions and the Persistence of History: A Quantitative Exploration.
Natalia Ramondo and Andrés Rodríguez-Clare. Trade, Multinational Production, and the Gains from Openness.
Ethan Bueno de Mesquita. Rebel Tactics.
Timothy J. Kehoe and Kim J. Ruhl. How Important Is the New Goods Margin in International Trade?
Bruce Wydick, Paul Glewwe, and Laine Rutledge. Does International Child Sponsorship Work? A Six-Country Study of Impacts on Adult Life Outcomes.
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Journal of the History of Ideas, Vol. 74, #2, 2013
Gideon Manning.  The history of “hylomorphism.”
Michael Printy.  The determination of man: Johann Joachim Spalding and the Protestant Enlightenment.
Dan Edelstein, Robert Morrissey, and Glenn Roe.  To quote or not to quote: Citation strategies in the Encyclopedie.
Leigh Jenco.  Revisiting Asian values.
Scott Spector.  Forum: Ideas and the city introduction.
Meike G. Werner.  Modern Jena as a model of cultural regeneration in Wilhelmine Germany.
Mary Gluck.  The Budapest coffee house and the making of “Jewish modernity” at the Fin de Siecle.
Emily J. Levine.  The other Weimar: The Warburg Circle as Hamburg School.
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Journal of the History of Philosophy, Vol. 51, #2, 2013
Current Scholarship (1781-1801)
Peter Thielke.  Recent work on Early German Idealism.
Blake Hestir.  Aristotle’s conception of truth: An alternative view.
Thomas M. Lennon.  Descartes’s supposed libertarianism: Letter to Mesland or Memorandum concerning Petau?
Keith Allen.  Locke and sensitive knowledge.
Desmond Hogan.  Metaphysical motives of Kant’s analytic-synthetic distinction.
Book Reviews
John M. Cooper.  Pursuits of Wisdom: Six Ways of Life in Ancient Philosophy from Socrates to Plotinus.  Review by Christopher Edelman.
Thomas M. Tuozzo.  Plato’s Charmides: Positive Elenchus in a “Socratic” Dialogue.  Review by Gerald A. Press.
Boethius.  On Aristotle, On Interpretation, 1-3On Aristotle, On Interpretation, 4-6.  Review by Edward Buckner.
Gyula Klima and Alexander W. Hall.  Categories, and What Is Beyond.  Review by Jenny Pelletier.
Eileen C. Sweeney.  Anselm of Canterbury and the Desire for the Word.  Review by Toivo J. Holopainen.
Kurt Flasch.  Meister Eckhardt.  Die Geburt der “Deutschen Mystik” aus dem Geist der arabischen Philosophie.  Review by Daniel O’Connell.
Lorenzo Valla.  Dialectical Disputations, Volume 1: Book 1.  Dialectical Disputations, Volume 2: Books II-III.  Review by Alan R. Perreiah.
Susan James.  Spinoza on Philosophy, Religion, and Politics.  Review by Eugene Marshall.
Joshua Parens.  Maimonides and Spinoza: Their Conflicting Views of Human Nature.  Review by Yehuda Halper.
Sophie Roux.  L’Essai de logique de Mariotte.  Archeologie des idees d’un savant ordinaire.  Review by Ursula Goldenbaum.
Susan Meld Shell.  Kant and the Limits of Autonomy.  Review by Eric Entrican Wilson.
Richard Capobianco.  Engaging Heidegger.  Review by Reginald Lilly.
Iain D. Thomson.  Heidegger, Art, and Postmodernity.  Review by Irene McMullin.
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Law and Philosophy, Vol. 32, #2-3, 2013
Larry Alexander.  Can self-defense justify punishment?
Kimberly Kessler Ferzan.  Rethinking The Ends of Harm.
Vera Bergelson.  The duty to protect the victim – or the duty to suffer punishment?
Alec Walen.  Wrongdoing without motives: Why Victor Tadros is wrong about wrongdoing and motivation.
Victor Tadros.  Responses.
Book Reviews
Christopher J. Peters.  A Matter of Dispute: Morality, Democracy, and Law.  Review by Brian H. Bix.
Michael J. Zimmerman.  The Immortality of Punishment.  Review by Michelle Madden Dempsey.
James Allan.  The Vantage of Law: Its Role in Thinking about Law, Judging and Bills of Rights.  Review by Christopher J. Peters.
David Boonin.  Should Race Matter? Unusual Answers to the Usual Questions.  Review by Stephen Kershnar.
Andrei Marmor.  Philosophy of Law.  Review by Robin Kar.
Jack M. Balkin.  Living Originalism.  Review by David A. Strauss.
Jeremy Waldron.  The Harm in Hate Speech.  Review by L.W. Sumner.
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Mind, Vol. 121, #484, 2012

Elizabeth Barnes. Emergence and Fundamentality.
Mark Jago. The Truthmaker Non-Maximalist’s Dilemma.
E. J. Lowe. What is the Source of Our Knowledge of Modal Truths?
Jody Azzouni. Taking the Easy Road Out of Dodge.
Otávio Bueno.  An Easy Road to Nominalism.
Mary Leng. Taking it Easy: A Response to Colyvan.
David Liggins. Weaseling and the Content of Science.
Stephen Yablo. Explanation, Extrapolation, and Existence.
Mark Colyvan. Road Work Ahead: Heavy Machinery on the Easy Road.
Book Reviews
Disability and Disadvantage, by Kimberley Brownlee and Adam Cureton (eds). Review by Rebecca L. Walker.
Narrative, Emotion, and Insight, by Noël Carroll and John Gibson (eds). Review by Daniel D. Hutto.
Argument and Persuasion in Descartes’ Meditations, by David Cunning. Review by Alan Nelson.
Taking Morality Seriously: A Defense of Robust Realism, by David Enoch. Review by Terence Cuneo.
The Disordered Mind: An Introduction to Philosophy of Mind and Mental Illness, by George Graham. Review by Somogy Varga.
Williamson on Knowledge, by Patrick Greenough and Duncan Pritchard (eds). Review by Luca Moretti.
Reliable Reasoning, by Gilbert Harman and Sanjeev Kulkarni. Review by Jon Williamson.
Yuck! The Nature and Moral Significance of Disgust, by Daniel Kelly. Review by Joshua Gert.
Mind in a Physical World, by Jaegwon Kim. Review by Paul Noordhof.
Spinoza on Human Freedom, by Matthew Kisner. Review by Eugene Marshall.
Work and Object: Explorations in the Metaphysics of Art, by Peter Lamarque. Review by Julian Dodd.
Cinema, Philosophy, Bergman: On Film as Philosophy, by Paisley Livingston. Review by Katherine Thomson-Jones.
Getting Causes from Powers, by Stephen Mumford and Rani Lill Anjum. Review by Luke Glynn.
Are Liberty and Equality Compatible? by Jan Narveson and James P. Sterba. Review by Nils Holtug.
Mental Actions, by Lucy O’Brien and Matthew Soteriou (eds). Review by Erasmus Mayr.
Consciousness and the Prospects of Physicalism, by Derk Pereboom. Review by Torin Alter.
Spheres of Reason, edited by Simon Robertson. Review by Timothy Chan.
Hobbes on Resistance: Defying the Leviathan, by Susanne Sreedhar. Review by Michael Lebuffe.
The Early Modern Subject: Self-Consciousness and Personal Identity from Descartes to Hume, by Udo Thiel. Review by Angela M. Coventry.
The Philosophy of Wine: A Case of Truth, Beauty and Intoxication, by Cain Todd. Review by Louise Richardson.
Books Received
2013 Joint Session of the Aristotelian Society and the Mind AssociationUniversity of Exeter 12–14 July 2013
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Herman Cappelen, Philosophy Without Intuitions. Reviewed by Anna-Sara Malmgren.
Fabrice Correia and Benjamin Schnieder (eds.), Metaphysical Grounding: Understanding the Structure of Reality. Reviewed by Michael J. Raven.
Jeff Spinner-Halev, Enduring Injustice. Reviewed by Catherine Lu.
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Neuroethics, Vol. 6, #2, 2013
John Jung Park.  Prototypes, exemplars, and theoretical and applied ethics.
Jennifer A. Chandler.  Autonomy and the unintended legal consequences of emerging neurotherapies.
Michele Farisco.  The ethical plan.
Jukka Varelius.  Pascal’s wager and deciding about the life-sustaining treatment of patients in persistent vegetative state.
Matthew L. Baum.  The monoamine oxidase A (MAOA) genetic predisposition to impulsive violence: Is it relevant to criminal trials?
Marcus Arvan.  Bad news for conservatives?  Moral judgments and the dark triad personality traits: A correlational study.
Robyn Bluhm.  New research, old problems: Methodological and ethical issues in fMRI research examining sex/gender differences in emotion processing.
Cayce J. Hook and Martha J. Farah.  Neuroscience for educators: What are they seeking, and what are they finding?
Gerald Walther.  Ethics in neuroscience curricula: A survey of Australia, Canada, Germany, the UK, and the US.
Eric C. Odgaard.  Conservatives can relax: A(n ethical) reanalysis of “Bad News.”
Cordelia Fine.  Is there neurosexism in functional neuroimaging investigations of sex differences?
James Giordano.  Unpacking neuroscience and neurotechnology – instructions not included: Neuroethics required.
Tyler D. Bancroft.  Ethical aspects of computational neuroscience.
Review Paper
Jayne Lucke and Brad Partridge.  Towards a smart population: A public health framework for cognitive enhancement.
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Nous, Vol. 47, #2, 2013
Luke Robinson.  A dispositional account of conflicts of obligation.
Matti Eklund.  Carnap’s metaontology.
Delia Graff Fara.  Specifying desires.
Douglas Lavin.  Must there be basic action?*
Tyler Doggett.  Saving the few.
Jonathan Livengood.  Actual causation and simple voting scenarios.
Friederike Moltmann.  Tropes, bare demonstratives, and apparent statements of identity.
Blake Myers-Schulz and Eric Schwitzgebel.  Knowing that P without believing that P.
Aidan McGlynn.  Believing things unknown.
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Pacific Philosophical Quarterly, Vol. 94, #2, 2013
William M. Ramsey.  Bigotry and religious belief.
Neil Sinhababu.  Distinguishing belief and imagination.
Adam Cureton.  From self-respect to respect for others.
Darrell P. Rowbottom.  Group level interpretations of probability: New directions.
Gwen Bradford.  The value of achievements.
Kristie Miller.  Properties in a contingentist’s domain.
Jon Cogburn and Jeffrey W. Roland.  Safety and the true-true problem.
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Philosophical Forum, Vol. 44, #2, 2013
Aret Karademir.  Heidegger and Nazism: On the relation between German conservatism, Heidegger, and the national socialist ideology.
Stefan Rummens.  On the possibility of a Wittgensteinian account of moral certainty.
Yingying Tang and Lei Zhong.  Toward a demystification of egalitarianism.
Timothy Hinton.  Equality, self-ownership, and individual sovereignty.
William James Earle.  Can’t buy me love.
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Philosophical Studies, Vol. 164, #1, 2013
M.B. Willard.  Game called on account of fog: Metametaphysics and epistemic dismissivism.
Olla Solomyak.  Actuality and the amodal perspective.
Paolo Santorio.  Descriptions as variables.
Josh Parsons.  Command and consequence.
C.S.I. Jenkins.  Justification magnets.
Magdalena Balcerak Jackson and Brendan Balcerak Jackson.  Reasoning as a source of justification.
Adam Elga.  The puzzle of the unmarked clock and the new rational reflection principle.
Kyla Ebels-Duggan.  Dealing with the past: Responsibility and personal history.
Ruth Chang.  Grounding practical normativity: Going hybrid.
Patrick Todd.  Defending (a modified version of) the zygote argument.
Charlie Pelling.  Testimony, testimonial belief, and safety.
Boyd Millar.  Colour constancy and Fregean representationalism.
Roberto Horacio de Sa Pereira.  What is nonconceptuialism in Kant’s philosophy?
Marc Lange.  Grounding, scientific explanation, and Humean laws.
Edison Barrios.  Meaning shift and the purity of “I.”
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Political Studies Review, Vol. 11, #2, 2013
Symposium on Relevance and Impact in Political Science
Matthew Flinders. The Tyranny of Relevance and the Art of Translation.
Peter John. Political Science, Impact and Evidence.
Gerry Stoker. Designing Politics: A Neglected Justification for Political Science.
Rosie Campbell and Sarah Childs. The Impact Imperative: Here Come the Women :-) .
Lee Savage. A View from the Foothills: Public Engagement among Early Career Researchers.
Jeffrey C. Isaac. Political Science and Publicity.
Thom Brooks. In Defence of Political Theory: Impact and Opportunities.
Ronald Rogowski. Shooting (or Ignoring) the Messenger.
Matthew Flinders and Peter John. The Future of Political Science.
Book ReviewsS : Political Theory only! There are several, several and more reviews, I have only highlighted the Political Theory.
Sovereign Justice: Global Justice in a World of Nations – Edited by Diogo P. Aurelio, Gabriele De Angelis and Regina Queiroz. Review by Jan-Erik Lane.
Perfecting Justice in Rawls, Habermas and Honneth: A Deconstructive Perspective – By Miriam Bankovsky. Review by Gemma Bird.
Virtue and Politics: Alasdair MacIntyre's Revolutionary Aristotelianism – Edited by Paul Blackledge and Kelvin Knight. Review by Chidella Upendra.
Social Injustice: Essays in Political Philosophy – By Vittorio Bufacchi. Review by Erik De Bom.
Understanding Public Policy: Theories and Issues – By Paul Cairney. Review by Moses Kibe Kihiko.
The Origins of Free Peoples – By Jason Caro. Review by Beniamino F. Cislaghi.
Christian Anarchism: A Political Commentary on the Gospel – By Alexandre Christoyannopoulos. Review by Daniel Duggan.
Debates on Democratization – Edited by Larry Diamond, Marc F. Plattner and Philip J. Costopoulos. Review by Michael T. Rogers.
The Dream in Islam: From Qur'anic Tradition to Jihadist Inspiration – By Iain R. Edgar. Review by Mehmet Karabela.
The Marx Dictionary – By Ian Fraser and Lawrence Wilde. Review by Paul Blackledge.
The Politics of Eloquence: David Hume's Polite Rhetoric – By Marc Hanvelt. Review by David Randall.
The Philosophy of Sartre – By Anthony Hatzimoysis. Review by Christian Gilliam.
Anarchism and Political Modernity – By Nathan Jun. Review by Mara-Daria Cojocaru.
The Wars of the Romans: A Critical Edition and Translation of ‘De armis Romanis’ – Edited by Benedict Kingsbury and Benjamin Straumann. Review by Clifford Angell Bates Jr.
Beyond Anarchy: The Complex and Chaotic Dynamics of International Politics – By Dylan Kissane. Review by Tom Hashimoto.
The Ethics of Capital Punishment: A Philosophical Investigation of Evil and Its Consequences – By Matthew H. Kramer. Review by Eric M. Rovie.
Capital and Affects: The Politics of the Language Economy – By Christian Marazzi. Review by Andy Knott.
Herbert Marcuse: An Aesthetics of Liberation – By Malcolm Miles. Review by Diana Boros.
Ethics for a Broken World: Imagining Philosophy after Catastrophe – By Tim Mulgan. Review by Justin Moss.
Medieval Political Philosophy: A Sourcebook – Edited by Joshua Parens and Joseph C. Macfarland. Review by James G. Mellon.
Before and After 9/11: A Philosophical Examination of Globalization, Terror and History – By Tom Rockmore. Review by Daniel E. Westlake.
Badiou's Deleuze – By Jon Roffe. Review by Lukas Verburgt.
Marx and Alienation: Essays on Hegelian Themes – By Sean Sayers. Review by Paul Blackledge.
Capitalism: Its Origins and Evolution as a System of Governance – By Bruce R. Scott. Review by John Lowe.
Federalism: A Normative Theory and Its Practical Relevance – By Kyle Scott. Review by Erik De Bom.
The Real World of Democratic Theory – By Ian Shapiro. Review by Sylvester Odion Akhaine.
Friendship and the Political: Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, Schmitt – By Graham M. Smith; On Civic Friendship: Including Women in the State – By Sibyl A. Schwarzenbach. Review by Preston King.
Jewish Memory and the Cosmopolitan Order – By Natan Sznaider. Review by Magdalena Zolkos.
Pluralism and Liberal Politics – By Robert B. Talisse. Review by Edward Hall.
Moralism: A Study of a Vice – By Craig Taylor . Review by Edward Hall.
Karl Marx – By Paul Thomas. Review by Paul Blackledge.
The Politics of Misrecognition – Edited by Simon Thompson and Majid Yar. Review by Chandran Komath.
Neo-liberal Ideology: History, Concepts and Policies – By Rachel S. Turner. Review by Evangelia Sembou.
Essays on Neuroscience and Political Theory: Thinking the Body Politic – Edited by F. Vander Valk. Review by Jason Edwards.
Health Justice – By Sridhar Venkatapuram. Review by Simon Wigley.
The Problem with Work: Feminism, Marxism, Antiwork Politics, and Postwork Imaginaries – By Kathi Weeks. Review by Ben Trott.
On Rawls, Development and Global Justice: The Freedom of Peoples – By Huw Lloyd Williams. Review by Erik De Bom.
The Defetishized Society: New Economic Democracy as a Libertarian Alternative to Capitalism – By Chris Wyatt. Review by Peter Lavenia.
The Politics of Belonging: Intersectional Contestations – By Nira Yuval-Davis. Review by Gillian Hutchison Perry.
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Studies in American Political Development, Vol. 27, #1, 2013
Research Articles

Sarah Binder and Mark Spindel. Monetary Politics: Origins of the Federal Reserve.
Michael Javen Fortner. The Carceral State and the Crucible of Black Politics: An Urban History of the Rockefeller Drug Laws.
Johann N. Neem. Developing Freedom: Thomas Jefferson, the State, and Human Capability.
Brian M. Conley. The Politics of Party Renewal: The “Service Party” and the Origins of the Post-Goldwater Republican Right.
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