Monday, April 1, 2013

April 1, 2013

Analysis, Vol. 73, #2, 2013
Biology & Philosophy, Vol. 28, #3, 2013
British Journal for the History of Philosophy, Vol. 21, #2, 2013 
Critical Philosophy of Race, Vol. 1, #1, 2013   NEW JOURNAL!
Developing World Ethics, Vol. 13, #1, 2013
Dialogue, Vol. 51, #3, 2012
Foundations of Physics, Vo. 43, #5, 2013
Journal of Business Ethcis, Vol. 113, #1, 2013
Journal of Legal Studies, Vol. 41, #2; 2012
Journal of Logic and Computation, Vol. 23, #2, 2013
Journal of Philosophical Logic, Vol. 42, #2, 2013

Analysis, Vol. 73, #2, 2013
Colin Howson.  Exhuming the no-miracles argument.
Jose Luis Bermudez.  Immunity to error through misidentification and past-tense memory judgments.
Jessica A. Brown.  Knowing-how: linguistics and cognitive science.
J. McKenzie Alexander.  On the redress of grievances.
David M. Cornell.  Monism and statespace: a reply to Sider.
Jennifer Lackey.  Lies and deception: an unhappy divorce.
Roberto Loss.  Indeterminate actuality and the open future.
Mengyao Yan.  When does epistemic closure fail?
Matti Eklund.  Williams on the normative silence of indeterminacy.
Carl Gillett.  What you are and the evolution of organs, souls, and superorganisms: A reply to Blatti.
Lloyd Reinhardt.  Reality deflated and minimalized.
David Widerker and Stewart Goetz.  Fischer against the dilemma defence: the defence prevails.
Serena Olsaretti.  Coercion and libertarianism: A reply to Gordon Barnes.
Book Symposium
David J. Charlmers.  Summary of The Character of Consciousness.
Benj Hellie.  Against egalitarianism.
Christopher Peacocke.  Phenomenal content, space, and the subject of consciousness.
Susanna Siegel.  Are there edenic grounds of perceptual intentionality?
David J. Chalmers.  The contents of consciousness: Reply to Hellie, Peacocke, and Siegel.
Recent Work
Jonathan Tallant.  Time.
Critical Notices
Charlotte Werndll.  Do microbes question standard thinking in the philosophy of biology?
Michael Garnett.  Fischer-style compatibilism.
Book Reviews
Kelly James Clark and Michael Rea.  Reason, Metaphysics, and Mind: New Essays on the Philosophy of Alvin Plantinga.  Review by David Efird.
Michael Brady.  New Waves in Metaethics.  Cory D. Wright and Nikolaj J.L.L. Pedersen.  New Waves in Truth.  Review by Fritz J. McDonald.
Stephen Mumford and Rani Lill Anjum.  Getting Causes from Powers.  Review by Jennifer McKitrick.
T.M. Wilkinson.  Ethics and the Acquisition of Organs.  Review by Don Marquis.
Robert Audi.  Democratic Authority and the Separation of Church and State.  Review by Richard Child.
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Biology & Philosophy, Vol. 28, #3, 2013

Jonathan Michael Kaplan.  “Relevant similarity” and the causes of biological evolution: Selection, fitness, and statistically abstractive explanations.
Daniel M. Kraemer.  Statistical theories of functions and the problem of epidemic disease.
Monika Piotrowska.  From humanized mice to human disease: Guiding extrapolation from model to target.
Grant Ramsey.  Culture in humans and other animals.
Richard Moore.  Imitation and conventional communication.
Matteo Colombo.  Leges sine moribus vanae: does language make moral thinking possible?
Daniel F. Hartner.  Two faces of representation: On the neuroscience of folk psychology.
Brian R. Glenney.  Philosophical problems, cluster concepts, and the many lives of Molyneux’s question.
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British Journal for the History of Philosophy, Vol. 21, #2, 2013  (UM Does not subscribe)
Kara Richardson.  Avicenna’s conception of the efficient cause.
Geoffrey Gorham.  The theological foundation of Hobbesian physics: A defence of corporeal god.
Gregory M. Reihman.  Malebranche and Chinese philosophy: A reconsideration.
Christopher Johns.  Leibniz, Pudendorf, and the possibility of moral self-governance.
Jake Quilty-Dunn.  Was Reid a direct realist?
Samuel C. Rickless.  Hume’s theory of pity and malice.
Sacha Golob.  Heidegger on Kant, time, and the ‘form’ of intentionality.
Gloria Ruth Frost.  Thomas Bradwardine on god and the foundations of modality.
Mark Textor.  Bolzano on the source of necessity: A reply to Rusnock.
Review Article
Sydney Penner.  ‘The pope and prince of all the metaphysicians’: Some recent works on Suarez.
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Critical Philosophy of Race, Vol. 1, #1, 2013   NEW JOURNAL!
Special Issue: Critical Philosophy of Race Beyond the Black/White Binary
Critical Commentary
Charles W. Mills.  Retrieving Rawls for racial justice?  A critique of Tommie Shelby.
Kathryn T. Gines.   Introduction: Critical philosophy of race beyond the black/white binary.
Jose Medina.  Color  blindness, meta-ignorance, and the racial imagination.
R.R. Sundstrom.  Sheltering xenophobia.
Kyoo Lee.  Why Asian female stereotypes matter to all: Beyond black and white, east and west.
Namita Goswami.  The (m)other of all posts: Postcolonial melancholia in the age of global warming.
Linda Martin Alcoff.  Afterword: The black/white binary and antiblack racism.
Book Reviews
David Boonin.  Should Race Matter?  Unusual Answers to the Usual Questions.  Review by Chike Jeffers.
Andrew S. Curran.  The Anatomy of Blackness: Science and Slavery in an Age of Enlightenment.  Review by Tyler Griffith.
Iris Wigger and Sabine Ritter.  Racism and Modernity: Festschrift for Wulf D. Hundt.  Review by Susanne Lettow.
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Developing World Ethics, Vol. 13, #1, 2013
Sassy Molyneux, Dorcas Kamuya, Philister Adhiambo Madiega, Tracey Chantler, Vibian Angwenyi, and P. Wenzel Geissler.  Field workers at the interface.
Dorcas M. Kamuya, Sally J. Theobald, Patrick K. Munywoki, Dorothy Koech, Wenzel P. Geissler, and Sassy C. Molyneux.  Evolving friendships and shifting ethical dilemmas: Fieldworkers’ experiences in a short-term community based study in Kenya.
Dorcas M. Kamuya, Sally J. Theobald, Patrick K. Munywoki, Dorothy Koech, Wenzel P. Geissler, and Sassy C. Molyneux.  Engaging communities to strengthen research ethics in low-income settings: Selection and perceptions of members of a network of representatives in coastal Kenya.
Philister Adhiambo Madiega, Gemma Jones, Ruth Jane Prince, and Paul Wenzel Geissler.  ‘She’s my sister-in-law, my visitor, my friend’ – Challenges of staff identity in home follow-up in an HIV trial in Western Kenya.
Tracey Chantler, Faith Otewa, Peter Onyango, Ben Okoth, Frank Odhiambo, Michael Parker, and Paul Wenzel Geissler.  Ethical challenges that arise at the community interface of health research: Village reporters’ experiences in Western Kenya.
Vibian Angwenyi, Dorcas Kamuya, Dorothy Mwachiro, Vicki Marsh, Patricia Njuguna, and Sassy Molyneux.  Working with community health workers as ‘volunteers’ in a vaccine trial: Practical and ethical experiences and implications.
Caroline Gikonyo, Dorcas Kamuya, Bibi Mbete, Patricia Njuguna, Ally Olotu, Philip Bejon, Vicki Marsh, and Sassy Molyneux.  Feedback of research findings for vaccine trials: Experiences from two malaria vaccine trials involving healthy children on the Kenyan coast.
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Dialogue, Vol. 51, #3, 2012
Aude Bandini.  Le mythe fondateur de l’empirisme: le donne epistemologique.
Dwayne Moore.  Physical-effect epiphenomenalism and common underlying causes.
Richard J. Brook.  Berkeley and proof in geometry.
Xavier Landes and Morten Ebbe Juul Nielsen.  Intra-family inequality and justice.
Andrew D.H. Stumpf.  Harmonizing Leibniz’s ontology.
Book Symposium
Robert Nadeau.  Introduction.
Maurice Lagueux.  Presentation de Rationality and Explanation in Economics.
Peter Dietsch.  Probing the scope of the minimalism of Lagueux’s rationality.
Don Ross.  Getting economics exactly backwards.
Philippe Mongin.  Une conception neo-popperienne de l’explication en sciences sociales et ses difficulties internes.
Maurice Lagueux.  Reply to my reviewers.
Book Reviews
L.W. Sumner.  Assisted Death: A Study in Law and Ethics.  Review by Michael da Silva.
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Foundations of Physics, Vo. 43, #5, 2013
Gerard ‘t Hooft.  Duality between a deterministic cellular automaton and a bosonic quantum field theory in 1+1 dimensions.
M.D. Pollock.  On the entropy of Schwarzschild space-time.
Enrico Santamato and Francesco de Martini.  Derivation of the dirac equation by conformal differential geometry.
Carlos Alexandre Brasil, L.A. de Castro, and R.D.J. Napolitano.  How much time does a measurement take?
Matthew A. Graydon.  Quatemionic quantum dynamics on complex Hilbert spaces.
Alon Drory.  Special relativity cannot be derived from Galilean mechanics alone.
Antonio di Lorenzo.  Reassessment of Leggett inequality.
Alexander Afriat.  Weyl’s gauge argument.
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Journal of Business Ethcis, Vol. 113, #1, 2013
Jia Fei Jin, Michael T. Ford, and Chih Chieh Chen.  Asymmetric differences in work-family spillover in North America and China: results from two heterogeneous samples.
E. Gunter Schumacher and David M. Wasieleski.  Institutionalizing ethical innovation in organizations: An integrated causal model of moral innovation decision processes.
Ellen R. Auster and R. Edward Freeman.  Values and poetic organizations: Beyond value fit toward values through conversation.
David J. Prottas.  Relationships among employee perception of their manager’s behavioral integrity, moral distress, and employee attitudes and well-being.
Rafi M.M. I. Chowdhury and Mario Fernando. The role of spiritual well-being and materialism in determining consumers’ ethical beliefs: An empirical study with Australian consumers.
Chaudhary Imran Sarwar.  Future of ethically effective leadership.
Liang-Hung Lin, Yu-Ling Ho, Wei-Hsin Eugenia Lin.  Confucian and Taoist work values: An exploratory study of the Chinese transformational leadership behavior.
Daewook Kim and Myung-Il Choi.  A comparison of young publics’ evaluations of corporate social responsibility practices in multinational corporations in the United States and South Korea.
Al-Karim Samnani.  The early stages of workplace bullying and how it becomes prolonged: The role of culture in predicting target responses.
Stefan Thau, Christian Troster, Karl Aquino, Madan Pillutla, and David de Cremer.  Satisfying individual desires or moral standards?  Preferential treatment and group members’ self-worth, affect, and behavior.
Steven Daskal.  Saving for retirement without harming others.
David P. Boyd, Jay A. Halfond, Peder C. Johnson, and Timm L. Kainen.  A family affair: A case of altruism or aggrandizement?
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Journal of Legal Studies, Vol. 41, #2; 2012
Zev J. Eigen and Yair Listokin.  Do lawyers really believe their own hype, and should they?  A natural experiment.
Keith N. Hylton.  The economics of necessity.
Gerrit De Geest.  Who should be immune from tort liability?
Conference: The Law and Economics of Race
Nicola Persico.  Evidence of discrimination.
David S. Abrams, Marianne Bertrand, and Sendhil Mullainathan.  Do judges vary in their treatment of race?
Candace Hamilton Hester, Chris Meyer, and Steven Raphael.  The evolution of gender employment rate differentials within racial groups in the United States.
Thomas J. Miles.  Racial disparities in wiretap applications before federal judges.
Betsey Stevenson and Justin Wolfers.  Subjective and objective indicators of racial progress.
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Journal of Logic and Computation, Vol. 23, #2, 2013
Natalia Criado, Estefania Argente, and Vicente Botti.  Thomas: An agent platform for supporting normative multi-agent systems.
Mehdi Dastani, John-Jules Ch. Meyer, and Davide Grossi.  A logic for normative multi-agent programs.
Farnaz Derakhshan, Trevor Bench-Capon, and Peter McBurney.  Dynamic assignment of roles, rights and responsibilities in normative multi-agent systems.
Ho-Pun Lam and Guido Governatori.  Towards a model of UAVs navigation in urban canyon through defeasible logic.
Fabio Yoshimitsu Okuyama, Rafael H. Bordini, and Antonio Carlos da Rocha Costa.  Situated normative infrastructures: The normative object approach.
Luigi Sauro and Serena Villata.  Dependency in cooperative Boolean games.

Journal of Philosophical Logic, Vol. 42, #2, 2013
Toby Meadows.  Truth, dependence and supervaluation: Living with the ghost.
Paul Hovda.  Tensed mereology.
Mathieu Beirlaen, Christian Straber, and Joke Meheus.  An inconsistency-adaptive deontic logic for normative conflicts.
Mark Jago.  The content of deduction.
Andrew Bacon.  Non-classical metatheory for non-classical logics.
Joop Leo.  Relational complexes.
Ian Pratt-Hartmann.  The syllogistic with unity.
Carl Wagner.  Is conditioning really incompatible with Holism?
Sven Ove Hansson.  Blockage contraction.

Lee Braver, Groundless Grounds: A Study of Wittgenstein and Heidegger. Reviewed by Gary E. Aylesworth.
Dina Emundts, Erfahren und Erkennen: Hegels Theorie der Wirklichkeit, Klostermann. Reviewed by Brady Bowman.
Cécile Fabre, Cosmopolitan War. Reviewed by Uwe Steinhoff.
Beth Lord (ed.), Spinoza Beyond Philosophy. Reviewed by Moira Gatens.
Sally Sedgwick, Hegel's Critique of Kant: From Dichotomy to Identity. Reviewed by Katerina Deligiorgi
Michael Weisberg, Simulation and Similarity: Using Models to Understand the World. Reviewed by Eric Winsberg.
Roslyn Weiss, Philosophers in the Republic: Plato's Two Paradigms. Reviewed by Allan Silverman.
José L. Zalabardo, Scepticism and Reliable Belief. Reviewed by Tim Black.

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