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March 19, 2013

Acta Anayltica, Vol. 28, #1, 2013
Analytic Philosophy, Vol. 54, #1, 2013
Ethics, Vol. 123, #2, 2013
Health Economics, Policy, and Law, Vol. 8, #2, 2013
International Journal of the Classical Tradition, Vol. 19, #3, 2013 
Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 112, #4, 2013
Journal of Social Issues, Vol. 69, #1, 2013
Journal for the Theory of Social Behaviour, Vol. 43, #1, 2013
Pacific Philosophical Quarterly, Vol. 94, #1, 2013
Philosophia, Vol. 40, #4, 2012
Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, Vol. 86, #2, 2013
Philosophy Compass, Vol. 8, #4, 2013
Politics & Policy, Vol. 41, #1, 2013
Public Policy Research, Vol. 19, #4, 2013
Royal Institute of Philosophy Supplement, Vol. 71, 2012
Utilitas, Vol. 25, #1, 2013

Acta Anayltica, Vol. 28, #1, 2013
Toni Ronnow-Rasmussen.  Fitting-attitude analyses: The dual-reason analysis revisited.
Eugene Mills.  Early abortion and personal ontology.
Molly Gardner and Justin Weinberg.  How lives measure up.
Michael De.  Empirical negation.
Andrew Schumann.  On two squares of opposition: The Lesniewski’s style formalization of synthetic propositions.
Jan Willem Wieland.  Infinite regress arguments.
Michael D. Ashfield.  Against the minimalistic reading epistemic contextualism: A reply to Wolfgang Freitag.
Wolfgang Freitag.  In defence of a minimal conception of epistemic contextualism: A reply to M.D. Ashfield’s response.
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Analytic Philosophy, Vol. 54, #1, 2013
Susanne Bobzien.  Higher-order vagueness and borderline nestings: a persistent confusion.
Derek A. McDougall.  The role of Philosophical Investigations 258: What is ‘the private language argument’?
Thomas W. Polger.  Physicalism and Moorean supervenience.
Book Symposium: Descartes and the Puzzle of Sensory Representation by Raffaella de Rosa.
Rafaella de Rosa.  Descartes and the puzzle of sensory representation: prĂ©cis.
Tom Vinci.  Rafaella de Rosa’s Descartes and the Puzzle of Sensory Representation.
Alan Nelson.  The structure of Cartesian Sensations.
Raffaella de Rosa.  Replies to Vinci and Nelson.
Critical Notice
Fred D’Agostino.  The orders of public reason.
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Ethics, Vol. 123, #2, 2013
Special Issue: Symposium of Rights and the Direction of Duties
Leif Wenar.  The nature of claim-rights.
Hillel Steiner.  Directed duties and inalienable rights.
Matthew H. Kramer.  Some doubts about alternatives to the interest theory of rights.
Tim Hayward.  On prepositional duties.
Berislav Marusic.  Promising against the evidence.
Review Essay
Michael Huemer.  Transitivity, comparative value, and the methods of ethics.
Book Reviews
Fritz Allhoff.  Terrorism, Ticking Time-Bombs, and Torture: A Philosophical Analysis.  Review by Philip Devine.
Elizabeth Brake.  Minimizing Marriage: Marriage, Mortality, and the Law.  Review by Peter Brian Barry.
Patricia S. Churchland.  Braintrust: What Neuroscience Tells Us about Morality.  Review by John Mikhail.
David DeGrazia.  Creation Ethics: Reproduction, Genetics, and Quality of Life.  Review by Christopher Kaczor.
M.V. Dougherty.  Moral Dilemmas in Medieval Thought: From Gratian to Aquinas.  Review by Michael Barnwell.
David Enoch.  Taking Mortality Seriously: A Defense of Robust Realism.  Review by Richard Joyce.
Daniel M. Hausman.  Preference, Value, Choice, and Welfare.  Review by Donald W. Bruckner.
Deborah Hellman.  When Is Discrimination Wrong?  Review by Stephen Kershnar.
Serene Khader.  Adaptive Preferences and Women’s Empowerment.  Review by Diana Tietjens Meyers.
Matthew J. Kisner.  Spinoza on Human Freedom: Reason, Autonomy, and the Good Life.  Review by Jon Miller.
Larry May.  Global Justice and Due Process.  Review by Cristina Lafont.
Christine Overall.  Why Have Children?  The Ethical Debate.  Review by Elizabeth Brake.
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Health Economics, Policy, and Law, Vol. 8, #2, 2013
Koonal K. Shah, Richard Cookson, Anthony J. Culyer, and Peter Littlejohns.  NICE’s social value judgments about equity in health and health care.
Sheena Asthana, Alex Gibson, and Joyce Halliday.  The medicalization of health inequalities and the English NHS: the role of resource allocation.
Frank Mueller-Langer.  Neglected infectious diseases: are push and pull incentives mechanisms suitable for promoting drug development research?
Brian Turner and Edward Shinnick.  Community rating in the absence of risk equalization: Lessons from the Irish private health insurance market.
Michael R. Richards and Lorens A. Helmchen.  Adverse selection and moral hazard in the provision of clinical trial ancillary care.
Special Section
Adam Oliver.  Reflecting on the UK government’s health and social care act 2012: introduction.
Rudolf Klein. 
Calum Paton.  Never say never again: re-forming and deforming the NHS.
Julian LeGrand and Zack Cooper.  Framing health reform.
John Appleby.  Reflection on reviews of ‘never again’?
Nicholas Timmins.  Response on reviews of ‘never again’?
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International Journal of the Classical Tradition, Vol. 19, #3, 2013 
Francisco Javier Gonzalez Garcia and Pedro Lopez Barja de Quiroga.  Neocon Greece: V.D. Hanson’s war on History.
Nikolai Endres.  Horses and heroes: Plato’s Phaedrus and Mary Renault’s The Charioteer.
Review Paper
Robert C. Bartlett and Susan D. Collins.  Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics, Translated, with an Interpretive Essay, Notes, and Glossary.  Review by C.C.W. Taylor.
Review Article
John Considine.  Towards a life of Bonaventura Vulcanius.
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International Journal of the Classical Tradition, Vol. 19, #3, 2013 
Francisco Javier Gonzalez Garcia and Pedro Lopez Barja de Quiroga.  Neocon Greece: V.D. Hanson’s war on History.
Nikolai Endres.  Horses and heroes: Plato’s Phaedrus and Mary Renault’s The Charioteer.
Review Paper
Robert C. Bartlett and Susan D. Collins.  Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics, Translated, with an Interpretive Essay, Notes, and Glossary.  Review by C.C.W. Taylor.
Review Article
John Considine.  Towards a life of Bonaventura Vulcanius.
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Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 112, #4, 2013
Ian A. Smith.  On explaining individual and corporate culpability in the global climate change era.
Scott R. Paeth.  The responsibility to lie and the obligation to report.
Johannes Brinkmann.  Combining risk and responsibility perspectives: First steps.
James J. Angel and Douglas McCabe.  Fairness in financial markets: The case of high frequency trading.
Kelly Richmond Pope and Chih-Chen Lee.  Could the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010 be helpful in reforming corporate America?  An investigation on financial bounties and whistle-blowing behaviors in the private sector.
James Weber and David M. Wasieleski.  Corporate ethics and compliance programs: A report, analysis, and critique.
George Lan, Chike Okechuku, He Zhang, and Jianan Cao.  Impact of job satisfaction and personal values on the work orientation of Chinese accounting practitioners. 
Thomas A. Klein and Gene R. Laczniak.  Implications of Caritas in Veritate for marketing and business ethics.
Geert Demuijnck and Hubert Ngnodjom.  Responsibility and informal CSR in formal Cameroonian SMEs.
K. Kathy Dhanda.  Case study in the evolution of sustainability: Baxter International Inc.
Maria Cecilia C. de Arruda and Luiza Granado.  Small-sized suppliers entering large markets: An ethical initiative of the Caras do Brasil program.
Marco Tavanti.  Before microfinance: The social value of microsavings in Vincentian poverty reduction.
Thomas C. Berry and Joan C. Junkus.  Socially responsible investing: An investor perspective.
Robert Strand.  The chief officer of corporate responsibility: A study of its presence in top management teams.
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Journal of Social Issues, Vol. 69, #1, 2013
Social Psychological Perspectives on Processes Among Perpetrator Groups
Rezarta Bilali.  National narrative and social psychological influences in Turks’ denial of the mass killings of Armenians as genocide.
Colin Wayne Leach, Fouad Bou Zeineddine, and Sabina Cehajic-Clancy.  Moral immemorial: The rarity of self-criticism for previous generations’ genocide or mass violence.
Miroslaw Kofta and Patrycja Slawuta.  Thou shall not kill… your brother: Victim-perpetrator cultural closeness and moral disapproval of Polish atrocities against Jews after the Holocaust.
Roland Imhoff, Michael J.A. Wohl, and Hans-Peter Erb.  When the past is far from dead: How ongoing consequences of genocides committed by the ingroup impact collective guilt.
Clinical Perspectives on Healing Among Victim Groups
Suzanne Kaplan.  Child survivors of the 1994 Rwandan genocide and trauma-related affect.
Laurie Anne Pearlman.  Restoring self in community: Collective approaches to psychological trauma after genocide.
Social Psychological Perspectives on Processes Among Victim Groups
Yechiel Klar, Noa Schori-Eyal, and Yonat Klar.  The “never again” state of Israel: The emergence of the holocaust as a core feature of Israeli identity and its four incongruent voices.
Johanna Ray Vollhardt.  “Crime against humanity” or “crime against Jews”?  Acknowledgement in construals of the holocaust and its importance for intergroup relations.
Practical Implications for Intervention and Prevention
Michal Bilewicz and Manana Jaworska.  Reconciliation through the righteous: The narratives of heroic helpers as a fulfillment of emotional needs in Polish-Jewish intergroup contact.
Ervin Staub.  A world without genocide: Prevention, reconciliation, and the creation of peaceful societies.
Peter Glick and Elizabeth Levy Paluck.  The aftermath of genocide: History as a proximal cause.
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Journal for the Theory of Social Behaviour, Vol. 43, #1, 2013
Charles R. Varela.  The romantic realism of Michel Foucault the Scientific Temptation.
Genevieve Coudin.  The breakdown of the hegemonic representation of madness in Africa.
Sadiya Akram.  Fully unconscious and prone to habit: The characteristics of agency in the structure and agency dialectic.
Dr. Athanasia Chalari.  The causal impact of resistance: Mediating between resistance and internal conversation about resistance.
Mauricio Salgado and Nigel Gilbert.  Emergence and communication in computational sociology.
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Pacific Philosophical Quarterly, Vol. 94, #1, 2013
Douglas Edwards.  The eligibility of ethical naturalism.
Kristoffer Ahlstrom-Vij.  In defense of veritistic value monism.
Nathan Hanna.  Two claims about desert.
Martni Montminy.  Why assertion and practical reasoning must be governed by the same epistemic norm.
Paul Silva Jr.  Ordinary objects and series-style answers to the special composition question.
Michael Blome-Tillmann.  Contextualism and the knowledge norms.
Robin McKenna.  Epistemic contextualism: A normative approach.
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Philosophia, Vol. 40, #4, 2012
Michael Walzer.  The ethics of warfare in the Jewish tradition.
Elliot N. Dorff.  War and peace: A methodology to formulate a contemporary Jewish approach.
Nicholas Maxwell.  Arguing for wisdom in the university: An intellectual autobiography.
Nicholas Maxwell.  In praise of natural philosophy: A revolution for thought and life.
Robert Farneti and Alessandro Ferrara.  What is a minor philosophy?  A conversation on thinking from the periphery in a global world.
Rik Peels.  The new view on ignorance undefeated.
Michael Baumgartner.  The logical form of interventionism.
Jiri Benovsky.  The causal efficiency of the passage of time.
T. Ryan Byerly.  It seems like there aren’t any seemings.
Sean Crawford.  De Re and De Dicto explanation of action.
Tyron Goldschmidt.  Metaphysical Nihilism and necessary being.
Clayton Littlejohn.  Does ‘ought’ still imply ‘can’?
Moti Mizrahi.  Does ‘ought’ imply ‘can’ from an epistemic point of view?
Katarzyna Paprzycka.  Ginet on the problem of action externalization.
Huiming Ren.  The distinction between knowledge –that and knowledge-how.
Neil Sinclair.  Expressivism and the value of truth.
Book Review
Scott Soames.  What Is Meaning?  Review by Kirk Ludwig.  What role should propositions have in the theory of meaning?
Nicholas Philipson.  Adam Smith: An Enlightened Life.  Review by Gary Jason.
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Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, Vol. 86, #2, 2013
Jessica Brown.  Experimental philosophy, contextualism and SSI.
Storrs McCall.  Does the brain lead the mind?
Joseph Shieber.  Toward a truly social epistemology: Babbage, the division of mental labor, and the possibility of socially distributed warrant.
Thor Grunbaum.  Seeing what I am doing.
Stephen Puryear.  Leibniz on the metaphysics of color.
Matthew Noah Smith.  Political obligation and the self.
Christoph Hoerl.  Husserl, the absolute flow, and temporal experience.
Special Symposium
Brendan Balcerak Jackson.  Metaphysics, verbal disputes, and the limits of clarity.
Eli Hirsch.  Charity to charity.
Book Symposium: Making Sense of Freedom and Responsibility
Dana Kay Nelkin.  Precis of making sense of freedom and responsibility.
Randolph Clarke.  Abilities.
Laura W. Ekstrom.  Rational abilities and responsibility.
Gary Watson.  Asymmetry and rational ability.
Dana Kay Nelkin.  Replies to critics.
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Philosophy Compass, Vol. 8, #4, 2013
History of Philosophy
Marcy P. Lascano.  Anne Conway: Bodies in the spiritual world.
Keith Allen.  Cudworth on mind, body, and plastic nature.
Logic and Language
Andreas Stokke.  Lying, deceiving, and misleading.
Daniel P. Nolan.  Impossible worlds.
Naturalistic Philosophy
Matthew C. Jordan.  “Theism, naturalism, and meta-ethics.”
Philosophy of Religion
Craig Duncan.  Religion and secular utility: Happiness, truth, and pragmatic arguments for theistic belief.
Michael Tilley.  Kierkegaard and recent continental philosophy of religion.
Teaching and Learning Goals
Amir Dastmalchian.  Teaching and learning guide for: The epistemology of religious diversity in contemporary philosophy of religion.
Philosophy of Science
Sharon Crasnow.  Feminist philosophy of science: Values and objectivity.
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Politics & Policy, Vol. 41, #1, 2013
Liza Ireni-Saban.  Give me children or else I die: The politics and policy of cross-border reproductive care.
Taeko Hiroi and Sawa Omori.  Causes and triggers of coups d’etat: An event history analysis.
Guadalupe Correa-Cabrera.  Security, migration, and the economy in the Texas-Tamaulipas border region: The “real” effects of Mexico’s drug war.
Jennifer Byrne and Gregory C. Dixon.  Reevaulating American attitudes toward immigrants in the twenty-first century: The role of a multicreedal national identity.
Abdulai Kuyini Mohammed.  Civic engagement in public policy making: Fad or reality in Ghana?
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Public Policy Research, Vol. 19, #4, 2013
Jon Cruddas and Liam Byrne.  The condition of Britain: A new politics of society for the centre-left.
Bonnie Honig.  Juncture interview: Bonnie Honig.
James Plunkett.  Statecraft without statism: Governing for shared prosperity in an age of austerity.
Sigmar Gabriel.  Europe needs a new social balance.
David Muir and David Axelrod.  Obama campaign: an insider’s view.
Curtice on Politics
John Curtice.  Time for labour to establish economic credibility.
Tina Miller.  Shifting out of neutral on parental leave: Making fathers’ involvement explicit.
Angus Burgin.  The Great Persuasion: Reinventing Free Markets Since the Depression.  Rodney Barker.
Dieter Helm.  The Carbon Crunch: How We’re Getting Climate Change Wrong – and How to Fix It.  Review by Catherine Mitchell.
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Royal Institute of Philosophy Supplement, Vol. 71, 2012
Anthony O’Hear.  On sculpture.
Matthew Kieran.  For the love of art: Artistic values and appreciative virtue.
Peter Kivy.  Authorial intention and the pure musical parameters.
Jerrold Levinson.  Popular song as moral microcosm: Life lessons from jazz standards.
Anthony Savile.  Is there still life in Still Life?
Paisley Livingston.  On cinematic genius: Ontology and appreciation.
Martin Warner.  The poetic image.
John Hyman.  Depiction.
M.W. Rowe.  The problem of perfect flakes.
Robert Grant.  Music, metaphor, and society: Some thoughts on Scruton.
Aaron Ridley.  Brilliant performances.
Andy Hamilton.  Artistic truth.
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Utilitas, Vol. 25, #1, 2013
Jukka Makinen and Marja-Liisa Kakkuri-Knuuttila.  The defence of utilitarianism in early Rawls: a study of methodological development.
Scott M. James.  When helping the victim matters more than helping a victim.
Christopher Macleod.  Mill, intuitions, and normativity.
Jesper Ryberg.  Retributivism and resources.
Gerald Lang.  Should utilitarianism be scalar?
Jason Tyndal.  Culture and diversity in John Stuart Mill’s civic nation.
Review Essay
Kok-Chor Tan.  Justice, Institutions, and Luck: The Site, Ground, and Scope of Equality.  Review by Daniel Halliday.
Kok-Chor Tan.  A reply to Halliday.
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