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March 11, 2013

Environmental and Resource Economics, Vol. 54, #3, 2013
Environmental Ethics, Vol. 34, #1, 2013
Erkenntnis, Vol. 78, #1, 2013
International Political Science Review, Vol. 34, #1, 2013
International Political Science Review, Vol. 34, #2, 2013
Journal for General Philosophy of Science, Vol. 43, #2, 2013
Journal of Logic, Language and Information, Vol. 22, #1, 2013
Law & Society Review, Vol. 47, #1, 2013
Metaphysica, Vol. 14, #1, 2013
Monist, Vol. 96, #1, 2013
Motivation and Emotion, Vol. 37, #1, 2013
Oxford Studies in Early Modern Philosophy, Vol. 7, 2013
Oxford Studies in Metaethics, Vol. 7, 2013
Oxford Studies in Metaphysics, Vol. 7, 2013
Public Choice, Vol. 155, #1-2, 2013
Ratio, Vol. 26, #1 2013
Ratio Juris, Vol. 26, #1, 2013
Signs, Vol. 38, #4, 2013

Environmental and Resource Economics, Vol. 54, #3, 2013
Sam Meng, Mahinda Siriwardana, and Judith McNeill.  The environmental and economic impact of the carbon tax in Australia.
Mohammed Hussen Alemu and Morten Raun Morkbak, Soren Boye Olsen, and Carsten Lynge Jensen.  Attending to the reasons for attribute non-attendance in choice experiments.
Natina Yaduma, Mika Kortelainen, and Ada Wossink.  Estimating mortality and economic costs of particulate air pollution in developing countries: The case of Nigeria.
Spyros Arvanitis and Marius Ley.  Factors determining the adoption of energy-saving technologies in Swiss firms: An analysis based on micro data.
Bram Edens.  Depletion: Bridging the gap between theory and practice.
Encarna Esteban and Ariel Dinar.  Cooperative management of groundwater resources in the presence of environmental externalities.
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Environmental Ethics, Vol. 34, #1, 2013
Daniel Simberloff.  Nature, natives, nativism, and management: Worldviews underlying controversies in invasion biology.
Ricardo Rozzi.  Biocultural ethics: Recovering the vital links between the inhabitants, their habits, and habitats.
Christian Diehm.  Biophilia and biodiversity: Environmental ethics in the work of Stephen R. Kellert.
Eric Katz.  Further adventures in the case against restoration.
Book Reviews
Ralph R. Acampora.  Metamorphoses of the Zoo: Animal Encounters after Noah.  Review by Ronnie Hawkins.
Stacy Alaimo.  Bodily Natures: Science, Environment, and the Material Self.  Review by Serpil Oppermann.
Frederick L. Kirschenmann.  Cultivating an Ecological Conscience: Essays from a Farmer Philosopher.  Review by Li An Phoa.
Michael S. Hogue.  The Tangled Bank: Toward an Ecotheological Ethics of Responsible Participation.  Review by David K. Goodwin.
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Erkenntnis, Vol. 78, #1, 2013
The first four articles belong to the "Book Symposium on Anjan Chakravartty's Knowing the Unobservable: A Metaphysics for Scientific Realism"
Steven French.  Semi-realism, sociability, and structure.
Michel Ghins.  Semirealism, concrete structures, and theory change.
Stathis Psillos.  Semirealism or neo-aristotelianism?
Anjan Chakravartty. Realism in the desert and in the jungle: Reply to French, Ghins, and Psillos.
Tim Kraft.  Sceptical scenarios are not error-possibilities.
Stefan Dragulinescu.  A challenge for Lowe and Ellis’ differentiation of kinds as substantive universals.
Jonathan Birch.  On the ‘simulation argument’ and selective skepticism.
James Blackmon.  Searle’s wall.
Patrick Dieveney.  Anything and everything.
Amy Kind.  The heterogeneity of the imagination.
Sungho Choi.  Can opposing dispositions be co-instantiated?
Allard Tamminga.  Deontic logic for strategic games.
Jake Chandler.  Acceptance, aggregation, and scoring rules.
Harold W. Noonan.  Presentism and eternalism.
T. Ryan Byerly.  Explanationism and justified beliefs about the future.
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International Political Science Review, Vol. 34, #1, 2013
Willem de Koster, Peter Achterberg, and Jeroen van der Waal.  The new right and the welfare state: The electoral relevance of welfare chauvinism and welfare populism in the Netherlands.
Shona Hawkes and Jagjit Kaur Plahe.  Worlds apart: The WTO’s agreement on agriculture and the right to food in developing countries.
Emmett Macfarlane.  Dialogue or compliance?  Measuring legislatures’ policy responses to court rulings on rights.
Jeroen van der Heijden.  Different but equally plausible narratives of policy transformation: A plea for theoretical pluralism.
Daniel Stockemer, Bernadette LaMontagne, and Lyle Scruggs.  Bribes and ballots: The impact of corruption on voter turnout in democracies.
Jessica Fortni.  Measuring presidential powers: Some pitfalls of aggregate measurement.
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International Political Science Review, Vol. 34, #2, 2013
Bernadette C. Hayes and Ian McAllister.  Gender and consociational power-sharing in Northern Ireland.
Olena Nikolayenko.  Origins of the movement’s strategy: The case of the Serbian youth movement Otpor.
Federico Toth.  The choice of healthcare models: How much does politics matter?
WooJin Kang.  Regional party system, causal attribution, and economic voting in new democracies: The case of the 2007 Korean presidential election.
Eva-Maria Trudinger and Achim Hildebrandt.  Causes and contexts of tax morale: Rational considerations, community orientations, and communist rule.
Gizem Arikan nad Pazit Ben-Nun Bloom.  The influence of societal values on attitudes towards immigration.
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Journal for General Philosophy of Science, Vol. 43, #2, 2013
Special Issue on the Philosophy of Physics
Meinard Kuhlmann and Wolfgang Pietsch.  What is and why do we need philosophy of physics?
Peter Mittelstaedt.  Are the laws of quantum logic laws of nature?
Christian Wuthrich.  The structure of causal sets.
Vincent Lam and Michael Esfeld.  The structural metaphysics of quantum theory and general relativity.
Matthias Egg.  Causal warrant for realism about particle physics.
Adrian Wuthrich.  Eating Goldstone Bosons in a phase transition: A critical review of Lyre’s analysis of the Higgs mechanism.
Holger Lyre.  The just-so Higgs story: A response to Adrian Wuthrich.
Charlotte Werndl.  Evidence for the deterministic or the indeterministic description?  A critique of the literature about classical dynamical systems.
Cord Friebe.  Twins’ paradox and closed timelike curves: The role of proper time and the presentist view on spacetime.
Brigitte Falkenburg.  Pragmatic unification, observation, and realism in astroparticle physics.
Ulrich Gahde.  Anomalies and coherence: A case study from astronomy.
Carsten Seck.  Metaphysics within chemical physics: The case of Ab Initio molecular dynamics.
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Journal of Logic, Language and Information, Vol. 22, #1, 2013
Sven Ove Hansson.  Repertoire contraction.
Ming Hsiung.  Equiparadoxicality of Yablo’s paradox and the liar.
Tobias Kuhn.  A principled approach to grammars for controlled natural languages and predictive editors.
Ruggero Pagnan.  Syllogisms in rudimentary linear logic, diagrammatically.
Claes Strannegard, Fredrik Engstrom, Abdul Rahim Nizamani, and Lance Rips.  Reasoning about truth in first-order logic.
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Law & Society Review, Vol. 47, #1, 2013
Barry C. Feld.  Real interrogation: What actually happens when cops question kids.
John R. Sutton.  Symbol and substance: Effects of California’s three strikes law on felony sentencing.
Amy Myrick.  Facing your criminal record: Expungement and the collateral problem of wrongfully represented self.
Aylin Aydin.  Judicial independence across democratic regimes: Understanding the varying impact of political competition.
Uday Chandra.  Liberalism and its other: The politics of primitivism in colonial and postcolonial Indian law.
Dan Priel.  The indirect influence of politics on tort liability of public authorities in English law.
Bethany Blackstone.  An analysis of policy-based congressional responses to the U.S. supreme court’s constitutional decisions.
Book Reviews
Brian Z. Tamanaha.  Failing Law Schools.  Review by Nancy B. Rapoport.
Jeremy Waldron.  The Harm in Hate Speech.  Review by Richard Delgado.
Charles J. Ogletree, Jr., and Austin Sarat.  Life Without Parole: America’s New Death Penalty?  Review by Sam Kamin.
Brian Z. Tamanaha, Caroline Sage, and Michael Woolcock.  Legal Pluralism and Development: Scholars and Practitioners in Dialogue.  Review by Ralf Michaels.
Kirsten J. Fisher.  Moral Accountability and International Criminal Law: Holding Agents of Atrocity Accountable to the World.  Review by Shannon Brincat.
Mark D. West.  Lovesick Japan: Sex, Marriage, Romance, and Law.  Review by Chika Shinohara.
Daniel Givelber and Amy Farrell.  Not Guilty: Are the Acquitted Innocent?  Review by Nancy S. Marder.
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Metaphysica, Vol. 14, #1, 2013
Francesco Berto.  Coincident entities and question-begging predicates: An issue in meta-ontology.
Marta Ujvari.  Individual essence: gibt es solche?
Robin Stenwall.  Nomological resemblance.
Joseph Jedwab.  A critique of Baker’s constitution view.
Robert Schroer.  Can a single property be both dispositional and categorical?  The “partial consideration strategy”, partially considered.
Jan Westerhoff.  The incompleteness of the world and its consequences.
John H. Taylor.  In defence of powerful qualities.
Scott Berman.  A platonic theory of truthmaking.
Review Papers
A.W. Moore.  The evolution of modern metaphysics: Making sense of things.  Review by Ingvar Johansson.
David J. Chalmers.  Constructing the World.  John Heil.  The Universe as We Find It.  Theodore R. Sider.  Writing the Book of the World.  Review by Michael Esfeld.  Contemporary metaphysics.
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Monist, Vol. 96, #1, 2013
General Topic: Constitution and Composition
Roberta DeMonticelli.  Constitution and unity: Lynne Baker and Unitarian tradition.
Lynne Rudder Baker.  Technology and the future of persons.
Amie L. Thomasson.  The ontological significance of constitution.
Tessa Jones.  The constitution of events.
Ingvar Johansson.  Constitution as a relation within mathematics.
Harold Noonan.  Moderate monism, sortal concepts, and relative identity.
E.J. Lowe.  Mereologicla extensionality, supplementation, and material constitution.
Andrew Newman.  On the constitution of solid objects out of atoms.
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Motivation and Emotion, Vol. 37, #1, 2013
Richard M. Sorrentino.  Looking for B=f(P,E): The exception still forms the rule.
Erika A. Patall, Amy L. Dent, Melissa Oyer, and Susan R. Wynn.  Student autonomy and course value: The unique and cumulative roles of various teacher practices.
Adam K. Fetterman, Scott Ode, and Michael D. Robinson.  For which side the bell tolls: The laterality of approach-avoidance associative networks.
Rachel E. Avery and Luke D. Smilie.  The impact of achievement goal states on working memory.
Paul A. O’Keefe, Adar Ben-Eliyahu, and Lisa Linnenbrink-Garcia.  Shaping achievement goal orientations in a mastery-structured environment and concomitant changes in related contingencies of self-worth.
Isabelle Plante, Paul A. O’Keefe, and Manon Theoret.  The relation between achievement goal and expectancy-value theories in predicting achievement-related outcomes: A test of four theoretical conceptions.
Kristine N. Marbell and Wendy S. Grolnick.  Correlates of parental control and autonomy support in an interdependent culture: A look at Ghana.
Sarah-Genevieve Trepanier, Claude Fernet, and Stephanie Austin.  The moderating role of autonomous motivation in the job demands-strain relation: A two sample study.
Catherine F. Ratelle, Noemie Carbonneau, Robert J. Vallerand, and Genieve Mageau.  Passion in the romantic sphere : A look at the relational outcomes.
Julien S. Bureau, Robert J. Vallerand, Nikos Ntoumanis, and Marc-Andre K. Lafreniere.  On passion and moral behavior in achievement settings : The mediating role of pride.
Caterina Gawrilow, Katrin Morgenroth, Regina Schultz, Gabriele Oettingen, and Peter M. Gollwitzer.  Mental contrasting with implementation intentions enhances self-regulation of goal pursuit in schoolchildren at risk for ADHD.
James Dimmock, Ben Jackson, Leslie Podlog, and Christian Magaraggia.  The effect of variety expectations on interest, enjoyment, and locus of causality in exercise.
Christopher J. Ferguson and Cheryl K. Olson.  Friends, fun, frustration, and fantasy: Child motivations for video game play.
A Timur Sevincer and Gabriele Oettingen.  Alcohol intake leads people to focus on desirability rather than feasibility.
Catherine E. Seta and John J. Seta.  Regret in pursuit of change and maintenance goals.
Christian T. Gloria, Kathryn E. Faulk, and Mary A. Steinhardt.  Positive affectivity predicts successful and unsuccessful adaptation to stress.
Janek S. Lobmaier, Matthias Hartmann, Andreas J. Volz, and Fred W. Mast.  Emotional expression affects the accuracy of gaze perception.
Manuel G. Calvo and Andres Fernandez-Martin.  Can the eyes reveal a person’s emotions?  Biasing role of the mouth expression.
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Lawrence C. Becker, Habilitation, Health, and Agency: A Framework for Basic Justice. Reviewed by David A. Crocke.
Kimberly Brownlee, Conscience and Conviction: The Case for Civil Disobedience. Reviewed by Alon Harel.
Susan Meld Shell and Richard Velkley (eds.), Kant's Observations and Remarks: A Critical Guide. Reviewed by Brian Chance.
Avery Goldman, Kant and the Subject of Critique: On the Regulative Role of the Psychological Idea. Reviewed by Rachel Zuckert.
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Oxford Studies in Early Modern Philosophy, Vol. 7, 2013
Vlad Alexandrescu.  What someone may have whispered in Elisabeth’s ear.
John Russell Roberts.  Whichcote and the Cambridge Platonists on human nature: An interpretation and defense.
Yitzhak Y. Melamed.  Spinoza’s deification of existence.
Mogens Laerke.  Leibniz on Spinoza’s political philosophy.
Stephen Puryear.  Motion in Leibniz’s middle years: A compatibilist.
Massimo Mugnai.  Leibniz’s ontology of relations: A last word?
Shane Duarte.  Leibniz and monadic domination.
Stewart Duncan.  Toland, Leibniz, and active matter.
J.E. McGuire and Edward Slowik.  Newton’s ontology of omnipresence and infinite space.
Louis E. Loeb.  Epistemological commitment in Hume’s Treatise
Review Essay
Helen Hattab.  Descartes on forms and mechanisms.  Peter Machamer and J.E. McGuire.  Descarte’s changing mind.  Review by Tad M. Schmaltz.
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Oxford Studies in Metaethics, Vol. 7, 2013
David Copp.  Experiments, intuitions, and methodology in moral and political theory.
Kenneth Walden.  Laws of nature, laws of freedom, and the social construction of normativity.
Matthew Evans and Nishi Shah.  Mental agency and metaethics.
Sean McKeever and Michael Ridge.  Elusive reasons.
Jacob Ross. Rationality, normativity, and commitment.
Valerie Tiberius.  Open-mindedness and normative contingency.
Tristram McPherson.  Ethical non-naturalism and the metaphysics of supervenience.
Pekka Vayrynen.  Thick concepts: Where’s evaluation?
J.L. Dowell.  Contextualist solutions to three puzzles about practical conditionals.
Matthew Chrisman.  On the meaning of “ought.”
Stephen Darwall.  Bipolar obligation.
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Oxford Studies in Metaphysics, Vol. 7, 2013
Relative Sameness
Delia Graff Fara.  Possibility relative to a sortal.
Allen Hazen.  Reflections on counterpart theory.
Absolute Generality
Joshua Spencer.  All things must pass away.
Agustin Rayo.  Absolute generality reconsidered.
Humeanism and Laws of Nature
Troy Cross.  Goodbye, Humean supervenience.
Marc Lange.  “There sweep great general principles which all the laws seem to follow.”
Contingent Objects and Coincident Objects
Adam Murray and Jessica Wilson.  Relativized metaphysical modality.
Sydney Shoemaker.  Coincidence through thick and thin.
The Open Future
Rachael Briggs and Graeme A. Forbes.  The real truth about the unreal future.
Jonathan Tallant and David Ingram.  Presentism and distributional properties.
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Public Choice,Vol. 155, #1-2, 2013
Jeremy Jackson.  Tax earmarking, party politics, and gubernatorial veto: Theory and evidence from US states.
William Pyle and Laura Solanko.  The composition and interests of Russia’s business lobbies: testing Olson’s hypothesis of the “encompassing organization.”
Adalgiso Amendola, Joshy Easaw, and Antonio Savoia.  Inequality in developing countries: The role of institutional development.
Dennis Leech.  Power indices in large voting bodies.
Cristina Bodea.  Independent central banks, regime type, and fiscal performance: The case of post-communist countries.
Martni Halla, Friedrich G. Schneider, and Alexander F. Wagner.  Satistfaction with democracy and collective action problems: The case of the environment.
James Adams and Samuel Merrill III.  Policy-seeking candidates who value the valence attributes of the winner.
Indra de Soysa and Krishna Chaitanya Vadlammanati.  Do pro-market reforms drive human rights violations?  An empirical assessment, 1981-2006.
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Ratio, Vol. 26, #1 2013

Sam Baron.  Presentism, truth, and supervenience.
Natalja Deng.  Fine’s McTaggart, temporal passage, and the A versus B-debate.
Craig DeLancey.  The modal arguments and the complexity of consciousness.
Michaelis Michael.  Problems with Lewis’ argument for the identity theory.
Gregory W. Dawes.  Belief is not the issue: A defence of inference to the best explanation.
Christine Vitrano.  Meaningful lives?
Steve Aspenson.  The rescue defence of capital punishment.
George Englebretsen.  Robust Reality: An Essay in Formal Ontology.  Review by Dale Jacquette.
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Ratio Juris, Vol. 26, #1, 2013
Kevin Walton.  The particularities of legitimacy: John Simmons on political obligation.
Kenneth Einar Himma.  The ties that bind: An analysis of the concept of obligation.
Vicente Medina.  The innocent in the just war thinking of Vitoria and Suarez: A challenge even for secular just war theorists and international law.
David H. McIlroy.  When is a regime not a legal system?  Alexy on moral correctness and social efficacy.
Peter Langford and Ian Bryan.  Hans Kelsen’s concept of normative imputation.
The Notebook Corner, edited by Enrico Pattaro
Thomas Mautner.  How rights became “subjective.”
Jan Wolenski.  Apropos of A Treatise of Legal Philosophy and General Jurisprudence: Volume 11.
Gerald J. Postema.  Philosophical narrative: A reply to Professor Wolenski.
Francisco Javier Ansuategui Roig.  Gregorio Peces-Barba: In memoriam.
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Signs, Vol. 38, #4, 2013
Winner of the 2013 Catharine Stimpson Prize for Outstanding Feminist Scholarship
Anna Hajkova.  Sexual barter in times of genocide: Negotiating the sexual economy of the Theresienstadt ghetto.
Women in Contemporary Russia: A Thematic Cluster
Beth Holmgren.  Toward an understanding of gendered agency in contemporary Russia.
Janet Elise Johnson and Aino Saarinen.  Twenty-first century feminisms under repression: Gender regime change and the women’s crisis center movement in Russia.
Michele Rivkin-Fish.  Conceptualizing feminist strategies for Russian reproductive politics: Abortion, surrogate motherhood, and family support after socialism.
Nadieszda Kizenko.  Feminized patriarchy?  Orthodoxy and gender in post-Soviet Russia.
Andrea Mazzarino.  Entrepreneurial women and the business of self-development in global Russia.
Suzanne Leonard.  The Americanization of Emma Bovary: From feminist icon to desperate housewife.
Brenda R. Weber.  Masculinity, American modernity, and body modification: A feminist reading of American Eunuchs.
Kyle Green and Madison Van Oort.  “We wear no pants”: Selling the crisis of masculinity in the 2010 Super Bowl commercials.
New Directions Essay
Aisha Durham, Brittney C. Cooper, and Susana M. Morris.  The stage hip-hop feminism built: A new directions essay.
Book Reviews
Kelly Coogan-Gehr.  The Geopolitics of the Cold War and Narratives of Inclusion: Excavating a Feminist Archive.  Danielle Bouchard.  A Community of Disagreement.  Robyn Wiegman.  Object Lessons.  Review by Nick Mitchell.
Lee Bebout.  Mythohistorical Interventions: The Chicano Movement and Its Legacies.  Maylei Blackwell.  Chicana Power!  Contested Histories of Feminism in the Chicano Movement.  Review by Maria E. Cotera.
Koritha Mitchell.  Living with Lynching: African American Lynching Plays, Performance, and Citizenship, 1890-1930.  Evelyn M. Simien.  Gender and Lynching: The Politics of Memory.  Review by Sandy Alexandre.
Fatima El-Tayeb.  European Others: Queering Ethnicity in Postnational Europe.  Catherine Raissiguier.  Reinventing the Republic: Gender Migration, and Citizenship in France.  Miriam Ticktin.  Casualties of Care: Immigration and the Politics of Humanitarianism in France.  Review by Catherine Lloyd.
Elaine Enarson.  Women Confronting Natural Disaster: From Vulnerability to Resilience.  Emmanuel David and Elaine Enarson.  The Women of Katrina: How Gender, Race, and Class Matter in an American Disaster.  Review by Kristen Barber.
Robert McRuer and Anna Mollow.  Sex and Disability.  Review by Alexis Shotwell.
Kathi Weeks.  The Problem with Work: Feminism, Marxism, Antiwork Politics, and Postwork Imaginaries.  Ann E. Cudd and Nancy Holmstrom.  Capitalism, For and Against: A Feminist Debate.  Review by Julie P. Torrant.
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