Tuesday, January 22, 2013

January 22, 2013

Analysis, Vol. 73, #1, 2013
Australasian Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 90, #4, 2012
Bioethics, Vol. 27, #2, 2013
Criminal Law and Philosophy, Vol. 7, #1, 2012
Ethics & Global Politics, Vol. 5, #4, 2012
Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 12, #1, 2013
Journal of Law and Economics, Vol. 55, #3, 2012
Logic Journal of IGPL, Vol. 21, #1, 2013
Philosophical Studies, Vol. 162, #3, 2013
Philosopher’s Imprint, Volume 13, Nos. 1 and 2, 2013
Political Studies Review, Vol. 11, #1, 2013
Social Choice and Welfare, Vol. 40, #1, 2013

Analysis, Vol. 73, #1, 2013
Jesper Ryberg.  Moral intuitions and the expertise defence.
Mark Jago.  Against Yagisawa’s modal realism.
A.C. Paseau.  An exact measure of paradox.
Mirja Annalena Holst.  Incomplete descriptions and (reverse) Sobel sequences).
Laurence Goldstein.  Paradoxical partners: Semantical brides and set-theoretical grooms.
Theron Pummer.  Intuitions about large number cases.
John Martin Fischer and Neal A. Tognazzini.  The logic of theological incompatibilism: A reply to Westphal.
Jake Chandler.  Defeat reconsidered.
David Sosa.  Profligate or abstemious Millianism.
John Biro.  Showing the time.
Gerald Harrison.  The moral supervenience thesis is not a conceptual truth.
Brian Ball.  Knowledge is normal belief.
Robert Hopkins.  Perky, phenomal similarity and photographs: Reply to Nanay.
Samir Okasha.  On a flawed argument against the KK principle.
John Schwenkler.  Do things look the way they feel?
Anthony Brueckner and Christopher T. Buford.
Book Symposium
Ronald Dworkin.  Summary.
Nadine Elzein.  Scepticism, responsibility, and other prickly topics.
Matthew H. Kramer.  Working on the inside: Ronald Dworkin’s moral philosophy.
Mark Eli Kalderon.  Does metaethics rest on a mistake?
Ronald Dworkin.  Replies
Recent Work
Emily Caddick Bourne.  Fictionalism.
Critical Notices
Peter Smith.  Axiomatic theories of truth.
Meghan Griffith.  Free will and modern science.
Book Reviews
Jessica Brown and Herman Cappelen.  Assertion: New Philosophical Essays.  Review by Adam Sennet.
Simon Prosser and Francois Recanati.  Immunity to Error through Misidentification.  Review by John Schwenkler.
Scott Soames.  What Is Meaning (Soochow University Lectures in Philosophy).  Review by Eleni Manolakaki.
Andy Egan and Brian Weatherson.  Epistemic Modality.  Review by Dominic Gregory.
Rocco J. Gennaro.  The Consciousness Paradox: Consciousness, Concepts, and Higher-Order Thoughts.  Review by Robert Kirk.
Uriah Kriegel.  The Sources of Intentionality.  Review by Sean Crawford.
Eric Marcus.  Rational Causation.  Review by Sara Worley.
Dimitris Platchias.  Phenomenal Consciousness: Understanding the Relation Between Experience and Neural Processes in the Brain.  Review by Mahrad Almotahari.
Dana Kay Nelkin.  Making Sense of Freedom and Responsibility.  Review by Jules Holroyd.
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Australasian Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 90, #4, 2012
J. McKenzie Alexander. Why the Angels Cannot Choose.
Derek Baker. Knowing Yourself-And Giving Up on Your Own Agency in the Process.
Nathan Ballantyne & E. J. Coffman. Conciliationism and Uniqueness.
Sarah Moss. Four-Dimensionalist Theories of Persistence.
Michael J. Raven. In Defence of Ground.
Michael Rescorla. Are Computational Transitions Sensitive to Semantics?
Declan Smithies.Mentalism and Epistemic Transparency.
Tim Sundell. Disagreement, Error, and an Alternative to Reference Magnetism.
Kai F. Wehmeier. How to Live Without Identity - And Why.
Haixia Zhong. Definability adn the Structure of Logical Paradoxes.
Discussion Note
Graham Priest. Definition Inclosed: A Reply to Zhong.
Martin Blaauw & Jeroen de Ridder. Unsafe Assertions.
Book Reviews
David J. Chalmers. The Character of Consiousness. Reviewed by Stephan Leuenberger.
Tama Szabó. Intuition, Imagination, and Philosophical Methodology. Review by Peter Kong.
Neil Levy. Hard Luck: How Luck Undermines Free Will and Moral Responsibility. Review by Neal A. Tognazzini.
Siderits, Mark, Evan Thompson and Dan Zahavi (eds). Self, No Self? Perspectives from Analytical, Phenomenological, and Indian Traditions. Review by Jan Westerhoff.
Nicholas Southwood. Contractualism and the Foundations of Morality. Review by R. Eric Barnes.
Book Notes
Thom Brook, ed. New Waves in Ethics. Review by Liezl van Zyl.
Graham Priest and Damon Young, eds. Martial Arts and Philosophy: Beating and Nothingness. Review by Robert Anderson.
Graham Stevens. The Theory of Descriptions: Russell and the Philosophy of Language. Review by Stewart Candlish.
Alan Saunders (1954–2012). Written by Stephen Hetherington & Mark Colyvan.
J. J. C. Smart AC (16th September 1920–6th October 2012). Written by Philip Pettit.
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Bioethics, Vol. 27, #2, 2013
Janet Malek.  Use or refuse reproductive genetic technologies: Which would a ‘good parent’ do?
Ruby Catsanos, Wendy Rogers, and Mianna Lotz.  The ethics of uterus transplantation.
Andrew Courtwright.  Stigmatization and public health ethics.
David Rhys Birks.  Wellbeing, schizophrenia, and experience machines.
Ronald K.F. Fung and Ian H. Kerridge.  Uncertain translation, uncertain benefit, and uncertain risk: Ethical challenges facing first-in-human trials of induced pluripotent stem (IPS) cells.
Malcolm Parker.  Overstating values: Medical facts, diverse values, bioethics, and values-based medicine.
Alan Wertheimer.  Is payment a benefit?
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Criminal Law and Philosophy, Vol. 7, #1, 2012
Michelle Madden Dempsey.  Victimless conduct and the Volenti maxim: How consent works.
Peter de Marneffe.  Vice laws and self-sovereignty.
Vera Bergelson.  Vice is nice but incest is best: The problem of a moral taboo.
Ekow N. Yankah.  Legal vices and civic virtue: Vice crimes, republicanism, and the corruption of lawfulness.
Robert J. MacCoun.  Moral outrage and opposition to harm reduction.
Jim Leitzel.  Toward drug control: Exclusion and buyer licensing.
Jeffrey Howard.  Punishment, socially deprived offenders, and democratic community.
Annette Dufner.  Should the late stage demented be punished for past crimes?
Critical Notice
Emily Jackson and John Keown.  Debating Euthanasia.  Notice by Robert Young.  ‘Debating the morality and legality of medically assisted dying.’
Book Reviews
Corey Brettschneider.  Democratic Rights.  Review by Richard Dagger.  Democratic contractualism and the justification of punishment: A review of Corey Brettschneider’s Democratic Rights.
Antony Duff and Stuart P. Green.  Philosophical Foundations of Criminal Law.  Review by Kimberley Brownlee.  Digging up, dismantling, and redesigning the criminal law.
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Ethics & Global Politics, Vol. 5, #4, 2012
Klas Roth and Marianna Papastephanou.  Introduction: the world and the teacher – prospects and challenges for teacher education in the age of globalization from a cosmopolitan perspective.
Niclas Ronnstrom.  From globalist to cosmopolitan learning: On the reflexive modernization of teacher education.
Claudia Schumann.  Boundedness beyond reification: Cosmopolitan teacher education as critique.
Matthew J. Hayden.  Arendt and cosmopolitanism: The human conditions of cosmopolitan teacher education.
Klas Roth.  A good cosmopolitan design of teacher education and a progressive orientation towards the highest good.
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Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 12, #1, 2013
Marc A. Cohen and John Dienhart.  Moral and amoral conceptions of trust, with an application in organizational ethics.
K. Gregory Jin, Ronald Drozdenko, and Sara de Loughy.  The role of corporate value clusters in ethics, social responsibility, and performance: A study of financial professionals and implications for the financial meltdown.
Stefano Pace.  Does religion affect the materialism of consumers?  An empirical investigation of Buddhist ethics and the resistance of the self.
John Hasnas.  Whither stakeholder theory?  A guide for the perplexed revisited.
Itai Beeri, Rachel Dayan, Eran Vigoda-Gadot, and Simcha B. Werner.  Advancing ethics in public organizations: The impact of an ethics program on employees’ perceptions and behaviors in a regional council.
Jae-Eun Kim, Kim K. P. Johnson.  The impact of moral emotions on cause-related marketing campaigns: A cross-cultural examination.
Teressa L. Elliott, Linda M. Marquis, and Catherine S. Neal.  Business ethics perspectives: Faculty plagiarism and fraud.
Nicholas McClaren.  The personal selling and sales management ethics research: Managerial implications and research directions from a comprehensive review of the empirical literature.
Thomas L. Carson.  Free exchange for mutual benefit: Sweatshops and Maitland’s “Classical Liberal Standard.”
Kathleen Rehbein, Jeanne M. Logsdon, and Harry J. Van Buren III.  Corporate responses to shareholder activists: Considering the dialogue alternative.
Tae-Yeol Kim and Minsoo Kim.  Leaders’ moral competence and employee outcomes: The effects of psychological empowerment and person-supervisor fit.
Marjorie J. Cooper and Chris Pullig.  I’m number one!  Does narcissism impair ethical judgment even for the highly religious?
Katherine Gunfold and Matthias Filser.  Management research and religion: A citation analysis.
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Journal of Law and Economics, Vol. 55, #3, 2012
Dino Falaschetti.  A sex difference in risk taking and promotions in hierarchies: Evidence from females in legislatures.
S. Brock Blomberg and Rozlyn C. Engel.  Lines in the sand: Price dispersion across Iraq’s intranational borders before, during, and after the surge.
Sunil Kanwar.  Intellectual property protection and technology licensing: The case of developing countries.
Richard T. Boylan.  The effect of punishment severity on plea bargaining.
Eric A. Helland and Alexander Tabarrok.  Product liability and moral hazard: Evidence from general aviation.
Timur Kuran and Scott Lustig.  Judicial biases in Ottoman Istanbul: Islamic justice and its compatibility with modern economic life.
Matthieu Chemin.  Welfare effects of criminal politicians: A discontinuity-based approach.
Peter T. Leeson.  Ordeals.
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Logic Journal of IGPL, Vol. 21, #1, 2013
Graham Priest.  Mathematical pluralism.
Douglas S. Bridges and Luminita S. Vita.  A first constructive look at the comparison of projections.
Iris Loeb.  Lipschitz functions in constructive reverse mathematics.
Francesco Ciraulo, Maria Emilia Maietti, and Paola Toto.  Constructive version of Boolean algebra.
Laura Crosilla, Erik Palmgren, and Peter Schuster.  A generalized cut characterization of the fullness axiom in CZF.
Petr Hajek and Zuzana Hanikova.  Interpreting lattice-valued set theory in fuzzy set theory.
Petr Hajek.  On equality and natural numbers in Cantor-Lukasiewicz set theory.
Christ Mortensen.  Identity taken seriously: A non-classical approach.
Peter Verdee.  Strong, universal, and provably non-trivial set theory by means of adaptive logic.
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Linda Martín Alcoff and John Caputo (eds.). Feminism, Sexuality and the Return of Religion. Reviewed by Ellen T. Armour.
Toby Handfield, A Philosophical Guide to Chance: Physical Probability. Reviewed by Christopher J. G. Meacham.
Jonathan Judaken and Robert Bernasconi (eds.), Situating Existentialism: Key Texts in Context. Reviewed by William L. McBride.
Jens Kipper, A Two-Dimensionalist Guide to Conceptual Analysis. Reviewed by D. Gene Witmer.
Brian Leiter, Why Tolerate Religion? Reviewed by Robert Merrihew Adams.
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Philosophical Studies, Vol. 162, #3, 2013
Thomas Douglas.  Human enhancement and supra-personal moral status.
Friederike Moltmann.  Reference to numbers in natural language.
Jeffrey Moriarty.  Smilansky, Arneson, and the asymmetry of desert.
Vuko Andric.  Objective consequetialism and the licensing dilemma.
Collin Rice.  Concept empiricism, content, and compositionality.
Dirk Kindermann.  Relativism, skeptical paradox, and semantic blindness.
Juhani Yli-Vakkuri.  Modal skepticism and counterfactual knowledge.
Joshua D. Crabill.  Suppose Yalcin is wrong about epistemic modals.
Jason Rourke.  A counterexample to the contrastive account of knowledge.
Kevin Vallier.  Can liberal perfectionism justify religious toleration? Wall on promoting and respecting.
Joshua Glasgow.  The shape of a life and the value of loss and gain.
Juan Jose Lara Penaranda.  Ontology: Minimalism and truth-conditions.
Susanna Siegel.  The epistemic impact of the etiology of experience.
Matthew McGrath.  Siegel and the impact for epistemological internalism.
Richard Fumerton.  Siegel on the epistemic impact of “checkered” experience.
Michael Huemer.  Epistemological asymmetries between belief and experience.
Susanna Siegel.  Reply to Fumerton, Huemer, and McGrath.
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Philosopher’s Imprint,
Volume 13, Numbers 1 and 2, 2013
Brent G. Kyle, "How Are Thick Terms Evaluative?"
Sydney Penner, "Suárez on the Reduction of Categorical Relations."
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Political Studies Review, Vol. 11, #1, 2013
Will Jennings.  Governing the games: High politics, risk and mega-events.
Jonathan Grix.  Sport politics and the Olympics.
Cristian Nitoiu.  The European public sphere: Myth, reality, or aspiration?
Michael Seeberg.  Foundations of political order in emerging democracies.
Yuki Fukuoka.  Oligarchy and democracy in post-Suharto Indonesia.
Jonathan Sullivan.  Taiwan’s 2012 presidential election.
Political Theory Book Reviews
Christopher K. Ansell.  Pragmatist Democracy: Evolutionary Learning as Public Philosophy.  Review by Arvind Sivaramakrishnan.
Claudia Aradau and Rens van Munster.  Politics of Catastrophe: Genealogies of the Unknown.  Review by Nathaniel O’Grady.
Richard Beardsworth.  Cosmopolitanism and International Relations Theory.  Review by Joanna Rozpedowski.
Seyla Benhabib.  Dignity in Adversity: Human Rights in Troubled Times.  Review by Kei Hiruta.
Ben Berger.  Attention Deficit Democracy: The Paradox of Civil Engagement.  Review by Michael T. Rogers.
Steven J. Brams.  Game Theory and the Humanities: Bridging the Two Worlds.  Review by Jason Ferrell.
Gary Browning.  Global Theory from Kant to Hardt and Negri.  Review by Andy Knott.
William F. Byrne.  Edmund Burke For Our Time: Moral Imagination, Meaning and Politics.  Review by Clifford Angell Bates Jr.
Paul Cariney.  Understanding Public Policy: Theories and Issues.  Review by David Richards.
G.A. Cohen.  On the Currency of Egalitarian Justice, and Other Essays in Political Philosophy.  Review by Richard Mullender.
William E. Connolly.  A World of Becoming.  Review by Shashank Chaturvedi.
Jonathan S. Davies.  Challenging Governance Theory: From Networks to Hegemony.  Review by Dipankar Sinha.
Rhiannon Firth.  Utopian Politics: Citizenship and Practice.  Review by Andy Robinson.
Andrew Fisher.  Metaethics: An Introduction.  Review by Tony Milligan.
Rainer Forst.  The Right to Justification: Elements of a Constructivist Theory of Justice.  Review by Shaun P. Young.
Helen Frowe.  The Ethics of War and Peace.  Review by Vitorio Bufacchi.
Stephen M. Gardiner.  A Perfect Moral Storm: The Ethical Tragedy of Climate Change.  Review by Megan Blomfield.
James Turner Johnson.  Ethics and the Use of Force: Just War in Historical Perspective.  Review by Eric M. Rovie.
Duncan Kelly.  The Propriety of Liberty: Persons, Passions, and Judgement.  Review by Hussein Banai.
Jack Knight and James Johnson.  The Priority of Democracy: Political Consequences of Pragmatism.  Review by Hussein Banai.
Gabriel Kolko.  World In Crisis: The End of the American Century.  Review by Dan Tamir.
Dean Mathiowetz.  Appeals to Interest: Language, Contestation, and the Shaping of Political Agency.  Review by Akinbola E. Akinwumi.
Matt Matravers and Lukas H. Meyer.  Democracy, Equality, and Justice.  Review by Vidhu Verma.
Gregg Daniel Miller.  Mimesis and Reason: Habermas’s Political Philosophy.  Review by Luke Neal.
Kieron O’Hara.  Conservatism.  Review by Victor Stepien.
Paolo Tripodi and Jessica Wolfendale.  New Wars and New Soldiers: Military Ethics in the Contemporary World.  Review by Eric M. Rovie.
Stephen K. White.  The Ethos of a Late-Modern Citizen.  Review by John Lowe.
International Relations Book Reviews
Fulvio Attina and Daniela Irrera.  Multilateral Security and ESDP Operations.  Review by Yuliya Zabyelina.
Jacob Bercovitch.  Theory and Practice of International Mediation: Selected Essays.  Review by Kirsten J. Fisher.
Ken Booth.  Realism and World Politics.  Review by Jan-Erik Lane.
Michael E. Brown, Owen R. Cote Jr., Sean M. Lynn-Jones, and Steven E. Miller.  Contending with Terrorism: Roots, Strategies, and Responses.  Review by Jan-Erik Lane.
Nina Caspersen.  Unrecognized States.  Review by Oumar Ba.
Martha Crenshaw.  The Consequences of Counterterrorism.  Review by Diego Muro.
Adrian Dellecker and Thomas Gomart.  Russian Energy Security and Foreign Policy.  Review by Irina Kustova.
Elizabeth R. DeSombre and J. Samuel Barkin.  Fish.  Review by Christopher M. Brown.
Yufan Hao.  Sino-American Relations: Challenges Ahead.  Review by Jan-Erik Lane.
Swanee Hunt.  Worlds Apart: Bosnian Lessons for Global Security.  Review by Vladimir Dordevic.
Ray Kiely.  Rethinking Imperialism.  Review by Cemal Burak Tansel.
Sara McLaughlin Mitchell and Emilia Justyna Powell.  Domestic Law Goes Global: Legal Traditions and International Courts.  Review by Christopher May.
Miroslav Nincic.  The Logic of Positive Engagement.  Review by Ian Hall.
Nicola Phillips.  Migration in the Global Political Economy.  Review by Peter S. Cruttenden.
Damian Popolo.  A New Science of International Relations: Modernity, Complexity, and the Kosovo Conflict.  Review by Pol Bargues.
Houman A. Sadri and Madelyn Flammia.  Intercultural Communication: A New Approach to International Relations and Global Challenges.  Review by Alistair Brisbourne.
Keith L. Shimko.  The Iraq Wars and America’s Military Revolution.  Review by Chris Rahman.
Stanley R. Sloan.  Permanent Alliance?  NATO and the Transatlantic Bargain from Truman to Obama.  Veronica M. Kitchen.  The Globalization of NATO: Intervention, Security, and Identity.  James W. Peterson.  NATO and Terrorism: Organizational Expansion and Mission Transformation.  Review by Wyn Rees.
Luk van Langenhove.  Building Regions: The Regionalization of the World Order.  Review by Asa K. Cusack.
Krista E. Wiegand.  Enduring Territorial Disputes: Strategies of Bargaining, Coercive Diplomacy, and Settlement.  Review by Mark Duckenfield.
Comparative Politics Book Reviews
Sarah Birch.  Electoral Malpractice.  Review by Toby S. James.
Varlerie J. Bunce and Sharon L. Wolchik.  Defeating Authoritarian Leaders in Postcommunist Countries.  Review by Neil Robinson.
James Cronin, George Ross, and James Shoch.  What’s Left of the Left: Democrats and Social Democrats in Challenging Times.  Review by Max Crook.
Russell J. Dalton and Christopher J. Anderson.  Citizens, Context, and Choice: How Context Shapes Citizens’ Electoral Choices.  Review by Torgeir Krohn.
Russell J. Dalton, David M. Farrell, and Ian McAllister.  Political Parties and Democratic Linkage: How Parties Organise Democracy.  Review by Sergiu Gherghina.
J. Tyler Dickovick.  Decentralization and Recentralization in the Developing World: Comparative Studies from Africa and Latin America.  Review by Filipe Teles.
William McKay and Charles W. Johnson.  Parliament and Congress: Representations and Scrutiny in the Twenty-First Century.  Review by Fiona Williams.
Andrei Melville, Yuri Polunin, Mikhail Ilyin, Mikhail Mironyuk, Ivan Timofeev, Elena Meleshkina and Yan Vaslavskiy.  Political Atlas of the Modern World: An Experiment in Multidimensional Statistical Analysis of the Political Systems of Modern States.  Review by Dan Tamir.
Layna Mosley.  Labour Rigths and Multinational Production.  Review by Jewellord T. Nem Singh.
Pieter Vanhuysse and Achim Goerres.  Ageing Populations in Post-Industrial Democracies: Comparative Studies of Policies and Politics.  Review by Tim Meijers.
General Politics Book Reviews
Margaret Abraham, Esther Ngan-ling Chow, Laura Martou-Alipranti, and Evangelia Tastsoglou.  Contours of Citizenship: Women, Diversity, and Practices of Citizenship.  Review by Gillian Hutchinson Perry.
Claire Alexander.  Stuart Hall and ‘Race’.  Review by John Lowe.
Lee Ann Banaszak.  The Women’s Movement: Inside and Outside the State.  Review by Victoria Boniface Makulilo.
Thomas Cushman.  Handbook of Human Rights.  Review by Vittorio Bufacchi.
Nicola Henry.  War and Rape: Law, Memory, and Justice.  Review by Rasa Balockaite.
John Holloway.  Crack Capitalism.  Review by Uday Chandra.
Andrew Kliman.  The Failure of Protectionist Capitalist Production.  Review by David J. Bailey.
Mona Lena Krook and Sarah Childs.  Women, Gender, and Politics: A Reader.  Review by Ana Gilling.
Talking Politics in Bhikhu Parekh in Conversation with Ramin Jahanbegloo.  Review by Sarbeswar Sahoo.
Ivan Strenski.  Why Politics Can’t Be Freed from Religion.  Review by Senem Ertan.
Willie Thompson.  Ideologies in the Age of Extremes: Liberalism, Conservatism, Communism, Fascism 1914-1991.  Review by Dan Tamir.
David Toke.  Ecological Modernisation and Renewable Energy.  Review by Geoffrey C. Chen.
Mike Wayne, Julian Petley, Craig Murray, and Lesley Henderson.  Television News, Politics, and Young People: Generation Disconnected?  Review by Stuart Fox.
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Social Choice and Welfare, Vol. 40, #1, 2013
Francis Bloch and David Cantala.  Markovian assignment rules.
Tomohiko Kawamori.  Rejecter-proposer legislative bargaining with heterogeneous time and risk preferences.
Bettina Klaus and Olivier Bochet.  The relation between monotonicity and strategy-proofness.
M. Socorro Puy.  Stable coalition governments: The case of three political parties.
Ipek Ozkal-Sanver.  Minimal conversely consistent extension of the men-optimal solution.
Richard F. Potthoff.  Simple manipulation-resistant voting systems designed to elect Condorcet candidates and suitable for large-scale public elections.
Marcus Pivato.  Risky social choice with incomplete or noisy interpersonal comparisons of well-being.
Bernhard Kittel and Wolfgang J. Luhan.  Decision making in networks: An experiment on structure effects in a group dictator game.
Jun Iritani, Tomoyuki Kamo, and Ryo-ichi Nagahisa.  Vetoer and tie-making group theorems for indifference-transitive aggregation rules.
Ram Sewak Dubey and Tapan Mitra.  On the nature of Suppes-Sen maximal paths in an aggregative growth model.
Josep Freixas and Dorota Marciniak.  Egalitarian property for power indices.
Eivind Stensholt.  What shall we do with the cyclic profile?
Arnaud Dellis.  The two-party system under alternative voting procedures.
Mathieu Lefebvre, Pierre Pestieau, and Gregory Ponthiere.  Measuring poverty without the morality paradox.
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