Tuesday, January 15, 2013

January 15, 2013

American Philosophical Quarterly, Vol. 50, #1, 2013
Environmental Ethics, Vol. 34, #3, 2012
Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 109, #5/6, 2012
Metaphilosophy, Vol. 44, #1-2, 2013
Mind, Vol. 121, #483, 2012
Nursing Philosophy, Vol. 14, #1, 2013
Philosophical Review, Vol. 122, #1, 2013
Philosophical Studies, Vol. 162, #2, 2013
Philosophy, Vol. 88, #1, 2013
Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, Vol. 86, #1, 2013
South African Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 31, #4, 2012
Synthese, Vol. 190, #2, 2012
Teaching Philosophy, Vol. 36, #1, 2013

American Philosophical Quarterly, Vol. 50, #1, 2013
Uriah Kriegel.  Entertaining as a propositional attitude: A nonreductive characterization.
Catharine Abell.  Expression in the representational arts.
Elizabeth Tropman.  Making sense of explanatory objections to moral realism.
Julien Beillard.  Equality and transparency.
Alex Gregory.  The guise of reasons.
Michael J. Shaffer.  Doxastic voluntarism, epistemic deontology, and belief-contravening commitments.
Howard J. Curzer.  When bad thoughts happen to good people: A thought-experiment.
Laurence Goldstein.  To let: Unsuccessful stipulation, bad proof, and paradox.
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Environmental Ethics, Vol. 34, #3, 2012
Kenneth Shockley.  Thinning the thicket: Thick concepts, context, and evaluative frameworks.
Robert Stecker.  Epistemic norms, moral norms, and nature appreciation.
Discussion Papers
Chigbo Joseph Ekwealo.  Metaphysical background to Igbo environmental ethics.
Neil A. Manson.  Anthropocentrism, exoplanets, and the cosmic perspective.
William Jordan III, Nathaniel F. Barrett, Kip Curtis, Liam Heneghan, and Randall Honold.  Foundations of conduct: A theory of values and its implications for environmentalism.
Book Reviews
Holmes Rolston III.  Three Big Bangs: Matter-Energy, Life, Mind.  Review by Eric Katz.
Stephen Skrimshire.  Future Ethics: Climate Change and Apocalyptic Imagination.  Review by Marion Hourdequin.
Michael Maniates and John M. Meyer.  The Environmental Politics of Sacrifice.  Review by Robert Kirkman.
Nathan Kowalsky.  Hunting – Philosophy for Everyone: In Search of the Wild Life.  Review by Ty Raterman.
Allen Verhey.  Nature and Altering It.  Review by Jerome A. Stone.
Stephen M. Gardiner.  A Perfect Moral Storm: The Ethical Tragedy of Climate Change.  Review by Steve Vanderheiden.
David Abram.  Becoming Animal: An Earthly Cosmology.  Review by Gregory Caicco.
Kevin C. Elliott.  Is a Little Pollution Good for You?  Incorporating Societal Values in Environmental Research.  Review by Linda S. Jones.
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Metaphilosophy, Vol. 44, #1-2, 2013
Vladimir V. Mironov.  On progress in philosophy.
Vadim V. Vasilyev.  Philosophy of mind, past and present.
Karen Momdjan.  Does current social philosophy develop progressively?
Anna Kostikova.  Postmodernism: A feminist critique.
Fedor Girenok.  On philosophy.
Valery Kuznetsov.  Russian phenomenology, or the interrupted flight.
Jon Mandle.  The place of Rawls in political and ethical theory.
Robert Howell.  Kant and Kantian themes in recent analytic philosophy.
P.D. Magnus.  Philosophy of science in the twenty-first century.
Bradley Armour-Garb.  A minimalist theory of truth.
Bonnie Steinbock.  How has philosophical applied ethics progressed in the past fifty years?
Ron McClamrock.  Visual consciousness and the phenomenology of perception.
Nicholas Rescher.  Kant’s neoplatonism: Kant and Plato on mathematical and philosophical method.
Robert L. Woolfolk.  Experimental philosophy: A methodological critique.
Scott Forschler.  Kantian and consequentionalist ethics: the gap can be bridged.
Michael Wreen.  A P.S. on B.S.: Some remarks on humbug and bullshit.
Siobhan Nash-Marshall and Rita Mahdessian.  Lies, damned lies, and genocide.
Dale Jacquette.  Syntactical constraints on definitions.
Kristoffer Ahlstrom-Vij.  Meno and the Monist.
The Philosopher as Teacher
Jana Mohr Lone.  Philosophical sensitivity.
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Mind, Vol. 121, #483, 2012
Jacob Beck.  The generality constraint and the structure of thought.
Matthew Braham and Martin van Hees.  An anatomy of moral responsibility.
Andrew Chignell.  Kant, real possibility, and the threat of Spinoza.
Stanley B. Klein and Shaun Nichols.  Memory and the sense of personal identity.
C.S. Sutton.  Colocated objects, tally-ho: A solution to the grounding problem.
Dave Ward.  Enjoying the spread: Conscious externalism reconsidered.
Andy Clark.  Dreaming the whole cat: Generative models, predictive processing, and the enactivist conception of perceptual experience.
Book Reviews
David Archard and David Benatar.  Procreation and Parenthood: The Ethics of Bearing and Rearing Children.  Review by Norvin Richards.
Michael Bergmann, Michael J. Murray, and Michael C. Rea.  Divine Evil: The Moral Character of the God of Abraham.  Review by Stewart Goetz.
Ned Block.  Consciousness, Function, and Representation: Collected Papers.  Review by Philip Goff.
Jessica Brown and Herman Cappelen.  Assertion: New Philosophical Essays.  Review by Allan Hazlett, Robin McKenna, and Joey Pollock.
John Collins.  The Unity of Linguistic Meaning.  Review by Wolfram Hinzen and Ulrich Reichard.
Deborah Cook.  Adorno on Nature.  Owen Hulatt.
Ronald de Sousa.  Emotional Truth.  Review by Robert C. Roberts.
Michael Dummett.  Thought and Reality.  Review by John Perry.
Richard Feldman and Ted A. Warfield.  Disagreement.  Review by Nathan Ballantyne and Nathan L. King.
John Foster.  A World for Us; The Case for Phenomenalistic Idealism.  Review by Harold Langsam.
Bob Hale and Aviv Hoffmann.  Modality: Metaphysics, Logic, and Epistemology.  Review by Arif Ahmed.
W.D. Hart.  The Evolution of Logic.  Review by Luca Incurvati.
Thomas Holden.  Spectres of False Divinity: Hume’s Moral Atheism.  Review by Kenneth R. Merrill.
John Kekes.  Enjoyment: The Moral Significance of Styles of Life.  Review by Timothy Chappell.
Joseph Raz.  Between Authority and Interpretation.   Review by Scott Hershovitz.
Norvin Richards.  The Ethics of Parenthood.  Review by Brenda Almond.
Susanna Siegel.  The Contents of Visual Experience.  Review by Heather Logue.
Roy Sorensen.  Seeing Dark Things.  Review by Richard Price.
J. David Velleman.  Self to Self: Selected Essays.  Review by Anthony Hatzimoysis.
Paul Weithman.  Why Political Liberalism?  On John Rawls’s Political Turn.  Review by Anthony Simon Laden.
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Tim Maudlin, Philosophy of Physics: Space and Time. Reviewed by Carolyn Brighouse.
Herman Philipse, God in the Age of Science?: A Critique of Religious Reason. Reviewed by Andrew Pinsent.
Jesse J. Prinz, The Conscious Brain: How Attention Engenders Experience. Reviewed by Christopher Mole.
Duncan Pritchard, Epistemological Disjunctivism. Reviewed by Declan Smithies.
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Nursing Philosophy, Vol. 14, #1, 2013
John S. Drummond.  Healthcare and the politics of austerity.
Conference Report
Mary Ellen Purkis.  The 15th international philosophy of nursing conference held in association with the international philosophy of nursing society (IPONS) at the West Park Centre, Dundee, Scotland, 25-28 August 2011: Healthcare and the politics of austerity.
Sam Porter.  Capitalism, the state and health care in the age of austerity: A Marxist analysis.
Charalampos Milionis.  Provision of healthcare in the context of financial crisis: Approaches to the Greek health system and international implications.
Gary Rolfe.  Thinking as a subversive activity: Doing philosophy in the corporate university.
David A. Buchanan.  The austerity bargain and the social self: Conceptual clarity surrounding health cutbacks.
Peter Allmark.  Virtue and austerity.
Jesus Molina-Mula and Joan E. de Pedro-Gomez.  Impact of the politics of austerity in the quality of healthcare: Ethical advice.
Book Reviews
Marianne Talbot.  Bioethics: An Introduction.  Review by Trevor Hussey.
Charlotte Brasic Royeen, Gail M. Jensen, and Robin Ann Harvan.  Leadership in Interprofessional Health Education and Practice.  Review by Mike Ramsay.
Michael D. Dahnke and H. Michael Dreher.  Philosophy of Science for Nursing Practice: Concepts and Applications.  Review by Sam Porter.
Derek Sellma.  What Makes a Good Nurse: Why the Virtues are Important for Nurses.  Review by P. Anne Scott.
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Philosophical Review, Vol. 122, #1, 2013
Sarah Moss.  Epistemology formalized.
Malte Willer.  Dynamics of epistemic modality.
Nicolas Bommarito.  Modesty as a virtue of attention.
Book Reviews
Paula Gottlieb.  The Virtue of Aristotle’s Ethics.  Review by Hendrik Lorenz.
Paul Hoffman.  Essays on Descartes.  Review by Marleen Rozemond.
Steven Nadler.  Occasionalism: Causation Among the Cartesians.  Review by Colin Chamberlain and Jeffrey K. McDonough.
Gillian Brock.  Global Justice: A Cosmopolitan Account.  Review by Andrew Altman.
Nicholas Wolterstorff.  Justice: Rights and Wrongs.  Review by Terence Cuneo.
Ernest Sosa.  Knowing Full Well.  Review by E.J. Coffman.
Peter Kivy.  Antithetical Arts.  Review by Jenefer Robinson.
Leon Horsten.  The Tarskian Turn: Deflationism and Axiomatic Truth.  Review by Shawn Standefer.
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Philosophical Studies, Vol. 162, #2, 2013
Ali Hasan.  Phenomenal conservatism, classical foundationalism, and internalist justification.
Benjamin Vilhauer.  Persons, punishment, and free will skepticism.
Jane Friedman.  Suspended judgment.
Joshua Gert.  Color constancy and dispositionalism.
Ben Bramble.  The distinctive feeling theory of pleasure.
Leonard Kahn.  Rule consequentialism and disasters.
Alfred R. Mele.  Moral responsibility and the continuation problem.
Keith Allen.  Blur.
Philipp Koralus.  Descriptions, ambiguity, and representationalist theories of interpretation.
Seth Shabo.  Free will and mystery: Looking past the Mind argument.
Fred Feldman.  Bruckner and Fischer on the evil of death.
Benjamin T.H. Smart.  Is the Humean defeated by induction?
Bernhard Nickel.  Dynamics, Brandom-style.
Matthew A. Benton.  Dubious objections from iterated conjunctions.
Elijah Chudnoff.  Intuitive knowledge.
Jordi Fernandez.  Self-deception and self-knowledge.
Louise Richardson.  Sniffing and smelling.
Guy Kahane.  The armchair and the trolley: An argument for experimental ethics.
Paul Audi.  Causation, coincidence, and commensuration.
John Schwenkler.  The objects of bodily awareness.
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Philosophy, Vol. 88, #1, 2013
William G. Lycan.  An irenic idea about metaphor.
Sam Baron, Richard Copley-Coltheart, Raamy Majeed, and Kristie Miller.  What is a negative property?
Chon Tejedor.  The earlier Wittgenstein on the notion of religious attitude.
Anna Moltchanova.  Group intentions and oppression.
Simon P. James.  Philistinism and the preservation of nature.
Roger Teichmann.  The importance of the past.
Chris Goto-Jones.  What is (comparative) philosophy?
P.M.S. Hacker.  Before the mereological fallacy: A rejoinder to Rom Harre.
Book Reviews
Michael Sandel.  What Money Can’t Buy: The Moral Limits of Markets.  Review by Chris Edward Skidelsky.
Wallace Matson.  Grand Theories and Everyday Beliefs: Science, Philosophy, and Their Histories.  Review by Charles Taliaferro.
James McEvoy, Michael W. Dunne, and Julia Hynes.  Thomas Aquinas: Teacher and Scholar.  Review by Jason T. Eberl.
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Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, Vol. 86, #1, 2013
Jack C. Lyons.  Should reliabilists be worried about demon worlds?
Mike Ridge.  Disagreement.
James R. Shaw. Truth, paradox, and ineffable propositions.
Heather Logue.  Good news for the disjunctivist about (one of) the bad cases.
Louise Richardson.  Bodily sensation and tactile perception.
Peter W. Hanks.  First-person propositions.
Special Symposium
Richard Woodward.  Towards being.
Graham Priest.  Lost in translation: a reply to Woodward.
Book Symposium: The Unity of Consciousness
Tim Bayne.  Precis of The Unity of Consciousness.
Robert van Gulick.  Phenomenal unity, representation, and the self.
Jesse Prinz.  Attention, atomism, and the disunity of consciousness.
Tim Bayne.  Response to commentators.
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South African Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 31, #4, 2012
David Benatar.  How does anybody live in this strange place?  A reply to Samantha Vice.
Anel Boshoff.  Archive fever: ‘order is no longer assured.’
Eveline Cioflec.  On Hannah Arendt: The world in-between of human beings and its ethical consequences.
Uchenna Okeja.  Space contestations and the teaching of African philosophy in African universities.
Chantelle Sims.  From hostility to hope: Beauvoir’s joyful turn to Hegel in the ethics of ambiuity.
Paul van Tongeren.  Nietzsche’s questioning.
Charles Villet.  The invisibility of richness: A critique of Vice’s ‘strange place.’
Michael Vlerick.  How can human beings transgress their biologically based views?
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Synthese, Vol. 190, #2, 2012
Special Issue: Models and Simulations 4
Paul Teller.  The concept of measurement-precision.
Brian Epstein and Patrick Forber.  The perils of tweaking: How to use macrodata to set parameters in complex simulation models.
Agnes Bolinska.  Epistemic representation, informativeness, and the aim of faithful representation.
Gordon Michael Purves.  Finding truth in fictions: Identifying non-fictions in imaginary cracks.
Alex Gelfert.  Strategies of model-building in condensed matter physics: Trade-offs as a demarcation criterion between physics and biology?
Peter Gildenhuys.  Classical population genetics and the semantic approach to scientific theories.
Marion Vorms.  Models of data and theoretical hypotheses: A case-study in classical genetics.
Ekaterina Svetlova.  De-idealization by commentary: The case of financial valuation models.
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Teaching Philosophy, Vol. 36, #1, 2013
Brian Huschle.  Assessing learner outcomes in traditional and online medical ethics courses.
Debby Hutchins.  Inference blindness.
James Pearson.  Asking students what philosophers teach.
Anthony Shiver.  Propositional logic card games.
Review Article
Leonard M. Fleck.  Four volumes in health care ethics.
Book Reviews
Debra Jackson and Paul Newberry.  Critical Thinking: A User’s Manual.  Review by Micah Baize.
Deborah S. Mower and Wade L. Robison.  Civility in Politics and Education.  Review by Donna Engelmann.
Michael Boylan.  Morality and Global Justice: Justifications and Applications.  Michael Boylan.  The Morality and Global Justice Reader.  Review by Michael Goldman.
David Coady.  What to Believe Now: Applying Epistemology to Contemporary Issues.  Review by Richard Greene.
Keith Dromm.  Sexual Harassment: An Introduction to the Conceptual and Ethical Issues.  Debra Jackson. 
Joshua Alexander.  Experimental Philosophy: An Introduction.  Review by Richard Kamber.
Michael Bacon.  Pragmatism: An Introduction.  Review by Donald J. Morse.
Bryan W. Van Norden.  Introduction to Classical Chinese Philosophy.  Review by Gordon B. Mower.
Jean Grondin.  Introduction to Metaphysics: From Parmenides to Levinas.  Review by John N. Vielkind.
Stephen P. Schwartz.  A Brief History of Analytic Philosophy: From Russell to Rawls.  Review by V. Alan White.
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