Thursday, November 8, 2012

November 8, 2012

British Journal for the History of Philosophy, Vol. 20, #5, 2012
Feminist Legal Studies, Vol. 20, #2, 2012
Foundations of Science, Vol. 17, #4, 2012
Journal of Political Philosophy, Vol. 20, #4, 2012
Mathematical Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society, Vol. 153, #3, 2012
Noûs, Vol. 46, #4, 2012
Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences, Vol. 11, #4, 2012
Philosophical Forum, Vol. 43, #4, 2012
Philosophical Review, Vol. 121, #3, 2012
Philosophical Review, Vol. 121, #4, 2012
Philosophical Studies, Vol. 161, #3, 2012
Political Research Quarterly, Vol. 65, #4, 2012
Ratio, Vol. 25, #4, 2012
Synthese, Vol. 189, #3, 2012

British Journal for the History of Philosophy, Vol. 20, #5, 2012 (necessary to request article through ILL)
Nathanael Stein.  Causal necessity in Aristotle.
Pekka Karkkainen.  Synderesis in late medieval philosophy and the Wittenberg reformers.
Patricia Springborg.  Hobbes’s challenge to Descartes, Bramhall, and Boyle: A corporeal God.
John Sellars.  Stoics against stoics in Cudworth’s A Treatise of Freewill.
Ohad Nachtomy.  Leibniz and Kant on possibility and existence.
Sam Duncan.  Moral evil, freedom, and the goodness of god: Why Kant abandoned theodicy.
William J. Mander.  Idealism and the ontological argument.
Jon Charles Miller.  A Treatise vs. An Enquiry: Omissions and distortions by the new humeans.
Review Article
Dan Dahlstrom.  Heidegger, truth, and logic.
Book Reviews
Steve Nadler. A Book Forged in Hell. Spinoza's Scandalous Treatise and the Birth of the Secular Age. Review by Mogens Laerke.
Henrik Jøker Bjerre. Kantian Deeds. Review by Tom Bailey.
Beth Lord. Kant and Spinozism: Trancendental Idealism and Immanence from Jacobi to Deleuze. Review by Omri Boehm.
Gary Gutting. Thinking the Impossible: French Philosophy since 1960. Review by Todd May.
Andreas Blank. Biomedical Ontology and the Metaphysics of Composite Substances 1540–1670. Review by Karin Ekholm.
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Feminist Legal Studies, Vol. 20, #2, 2012
Special Issue: Carol Smart's Feminism and the Power of Law; Guest Editors: Rosemary Auchmuty and Karin Van Marle.
Rosemary Auchmuty.  Law and the power of feminism: How marriage lost its power to oppress women.
B. Baines.  Comparing women in Canada.
H. Carr and C. Hunter.  Unravelling law’s kinning practices: Feminism, fictive families, and the Albert Kennedy trust.
H. Douglas.  Batter women’s experiences of the criminal justice system: Decentring the law.
Rosemary Hunte.r  The power of feminist judgments?
Karin Van Marle.  ‘We exist, but who are we?’ Feminism and the power of sociological law.
C. Smart.  Reflection.
Hunter, McGlynn, and Rackley.  Feminist Judgments: From Theory to Practice.  Review by Margaret Davies.  The law becomes us: Rediscovering judgment.
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Foundations of Science, Vol. 17, #4, 2012
Kajsa Brating.  Ambiguities of fundamental concepts in mathematical analysis during the mid-nineteenth century.
Woosuk Park.  Abduction and estimation in animals.
Jonas R.B. Arenhart.  Ontological frameworks for scientific theories.
Finn Olesen.  Scientific objectivity and postphenomenological perception.
Jan Kyrre Berg Olsen Friis.  Perception: Embodiment and beyond.
Don Ihde.  Reply: ‘Cartesianism’ redux or situated knowledges.
Don Ihde.  Postphenomenological re-embodiment.
Charles Lenary.  Separability and technical constitution.
Helena de Preester.  Reply: Technology and the myth of ‘natural man.’
Peter-Paul Verbeek.  Expanding mediation theory.
Paul Levinson.  Skype and the reality of remedial media.
Yoni Van Den Eede.  Reply: Of humans and cyborgs, caterpillars and butterflies.
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Journal of Political Philosophy, Vol. 20, #4, 2012
Avery H. Kolers. Dynamics of Solidarity.
Amanda Roth. Ethical Progress as Problem-Resolving.
Varun Gauri and Daniel M. Brinks. Human Rights as Demands for Communicative Action.
Anca Gheaus. The Right to Parent One's Biological Baby.
Mathias Koenig-Archibugi. Fuzzy Citizenship in Global Society.
Kevin J. Murtagh. Is Corporally Punishing Criminals Degrading?
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Mathematical Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society, Vol. 153, #3, 2012
Alexandru Dimca and Gabriel Sticlaru.  Chebyshev curves, free resolutions, and rational curve arrangements.
Javier J. Gutierrez.  Celluarization of structures in stable homotopy categories.
Pierre Le Boudec. Manin’s conjecture for a cubic surface with 2A2+A1 singularity type.
A.Bahri, M. Bendersky, F.R. Cohen, and S. Gitler.  Cup-products for the polyhedral product functor.
Thomas Ward.  Congruences for convolutions of Hilbert modular forms.
Jose Bonet and Pawel Domanski.  Hypercyclic composition operators on spaces of real analytic functions.
Paul F.X. Muller.  Two remarks on primary spaces.
Michael A. Bennett, Yann Bugeaud, and Maurice Mignotte.  Perfect powers with few binary digits and related Diophantine problems, II.
Fernanda Camargo, Antonio Caminha, Henrique De Lima, and Ulisses Parente.  Generalized maximum principles and the rigidity of complete spacelike hypersurfaces.
Karl H. Hofmann and Francesco G. Russo.  The probability that x and y commute in a compact group.
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Elizabeth Brake, Minimizing Marriage: Marriage, Morality, and the Law. Reviewed by Ralph Wedgwood.
Thom Brooks (ed.), Hegel's Philosophy of Right. Reviewed by Paul Redding.
Christoph Hoerl, Teresa McCormack and Sarah Beck (eds.), Understanding Counterfactuals, Understanding Causation: Issues in Philosophy and Psychology. Reviewed by Emma Tobin.
Jeffery L. Nicholas, Reason, Tradition and the Good: MacIntyre's Tradition-Constituted Reason and Frankfurt School Critical Theory. Reviewed by Georgia Warnke.
Brad Hooker (ed.), Developing Deontology: New Essays in Ethical Theory. Reviewed by Mark LeBar.
Kristján Kristjánsson, The Self and Its Emotions. Reviewed by Owen Flanagan.
Thomas Nagel, Mind and Cosmos: Why the Materialist Neo-Darwinian Conception of Nature is Almost Certainly False. Reviewed by John Dupré.
Naoko Saito and Paul Standish (eds.), Stanley Cavell and the Education of Grownups. Reviewed by Stanley Bates.
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Noûs, Vol. 46, #4, 2012
Elisabeth Camp.  Sarcasm, pretense, and the semantics/pragmatics distinction.
Bradley Armour-Garb and James A. Woodbridge.  The story about propositions.
Jonathan Schaffer and Joshua Knobe.  Contrastive knowledge surveyed.
Robert Hopkins.  Factive pictorial experience: What’s special about photographs?
C.S. Jenkins and Daniel Nolan.  Disposition impossible.
Michael Strevens.  The explanatory role of irreducible properties.
Richard Woodward.  Fictionalism and Incompleteness.
Martin Smith.  Some thoughts on the JK-rule.
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Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences, Vol. 11, #4, 2012
Shannon Spaulding.  Introduction to debates on embodied social cognition.
J. Robert Thompson.  Implicit mindreading and embodied cognition.
Mitchell Herschbach.  On the role of social interaction in social cognition: A mechanistic alternative to enactivism.
Tadeusz Wieslaw Zawidzki.  On the role of social interaction in social cognition: A mechanistic alternative to enactivism.
Tadeusz Wieslaw Zawidzki.  Unlikely allies: Embodied social cognition and the intentional stance.
Joshua Shepherd.  Action, mindreading, and embodied social cognition.
Michael Wilby.  Embodying the false-belief tasks.
Leon C. de Bruin and Lena Kastner.  Dynamic embodied cognition.
John Michael.  Mirror systems and simulation: A neo-empiricist interpretation.
Sergeiy Sandler.  Reenactment: An embodied cognition approach to meaning and linguistic content.
Elena Cuffari.  Gestural sense-making: Hand gestures as intersubjective linguistic enactments.
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Philosophical Forum, Vol. 43, #4, 2012
William James Earle.  Interesting, boring, beautiful.
Brooke Alan Trisel.  God’s silence as an epistemological concern.
Brooke Alan Trisel.  Intended and unintended.
Domenico Mancuso.  Free will and prior possibilities.
Thaddeus Metz.  The meaningful and the worthwhile: Clarifying the relationships.
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Philosophical Review, Vol. 121, #3, 2012
Daniel Greco.  The impossibility of skepticism.
Paolo Santorio.  Reference and monstrosity.
Dale Dorsey.  Subjectivism without desire.
Anna Mahtani.  Diachronic Dutch book arguments.
Book Reviews
Paul Bartha.  By Parallel Reasoning: The Construction and Evaluation of Analogical Arguments.  Review by Joseph E. Earley.
Scott Shapiro.  Legality.  Review by Gideon Yaffe.
James Griffin.  On Human Rights.  Review by James W. Nickel.
Michael Tye.  Consciousness Revisited: Materialism without Phenomenal Concepts.  Review by Richard Price.
Sydney Shoemaker.  Physical Realization.  Review by Eric Hiddleston.
Beatrice Longuenesse.  Hegel’s Critique of Metaphysics.  Review by Christohper Yeomans.
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Philosophical Review, Vol. 121, #4, 2012
Huw Price.  Causation, chance, and the rational significance of supernatural evidence.
Richard Bradley.  Multidimensional possible-world semantics for conditionals.
Boris Kment.  Haecceitism, chance, and counterfactuals.
Joshua Gert.  Moral worth, supererogation, and the justifying/requiring distinction.
Book Reviews
Huw Price.  Naturalism Without Mirrors.  Review by Alexis Burgess.
Paul K. Moser.  The Evidence for God: Religious Knowledge Reexamined.  Review by Peter Forrest.
Michael Strevens.  Depth: An Account of Scientific Explanation.  Review by Lina Jansson.
William J. Talbott.  Human Rights and Human Well-Being.  Review by Kok-Chor Tan.
Jordan Howard Sobel. Walls and Vaults: A Natural Science of Morals (Virtue Ethics According to David Hume).  Review by Lorraine Besser-Jones.
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Philosophical Studies, Vol. 161, #3, 2012
With Book Symposium on Chris Hill’s Consciousness
Michael Scott and Philip Brown.  Pragmatic antirealism: A new antirealist strategy.
Pablo Rychter.  Stage theory and proper names.
Jacob Ross.  All roads lead to violations of countable additivity.
Tatjana von Solodkoff.  Straightening priority out.
Robert Michels.  Soames’s argument 1 against strong two-dimensionalism.
Nathan Ballantyne.  Acquaintance and assurance.
Craig DeLancey. Consciousness and the superfunctionality claim.
Rosana Keefe.  Modelling vagueness: What can we ignore?
Nathan Salmon.  Generality.
Book Symposium
Christopher S. Hill.  Precis of Consciousness.
Alex Byrne.  Hmm… Hill on the paradox of pain.
Fred Dretske.  Chris Hill’s Consciousness.
Christopher S. Hill.  Reply to Alex Byrne and Fred Dretske.
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Political Research Quarterly, Vol. 65, #4, 2012
Frederick Solt.  The social origins of authoritarianism.
Bruce Baum.  Governing “democratic” equality: Mill, Tawney, and liberal democratic governmentality.
Jeremy D. Bailey.  Should we venerate that which we cannot love?  James Madison on constitutional imperfection.
Joshua J. Dyck and Shanna Pearson-Merkowitz.  The conspiracy of silence: Context and voting on gay marriage ballot measures.
Magda Hinojosa and Susan Franceschet.  Separate but not equal: The effects of municipal electoral reform on female representation in Chile.
Robert Elgie.  Exogenous political institutions?  Constitutional choice in postindependence francophone Sub-Saharan Africa.
Laura P. Moyer and Holley Tankersley.  Judicial innovation and sexual harassment doctrine in the U.S. Courts of Appeals.
Mark Jonathan McKenzie.  The influence of partisanship, ideology, and the law on redistricting decisions in the federal courts.
William Blake.  God save this honorable court: Religion as a source of judicial policy preferences.
Susan Navarro Smelcer, Amy Steigerwalt, and Richard L. Vining Jr.  Bias and the bar: Evaluating the ABA ratings of federal judge nominees.
David B. Cohen, Justin S. Vaughn, and Jose D. Villalobos.  Manager-in-chief: Applying public management theory to examine White House chief of staff performance.
Jocelyn Evans and Gilles Ivaldi.  Deriving a forecast model for European election turnout.
Ellen Quintelier, Dietlind Stolle, and Allison Harell.  Politics in peer groups: Exploring the causal relationship between network diversity and political participation.
Kevin Arceneaux, Thad Kousser, and Megan Mullin.  Get out the vote-by-mail?  A randomized field experiment testing the effect of mobilization in traditional and vote-by-mail precincts.
David F. Damore, Mallory M. Waters, and Shaun Bowler.  Unhappy, uninformed, or uninterested?  Understanding “none of the above” voting.
Amy McKay.  Buying policy?  The effects of lobbyists’ resources on their policy success.
Paul A. Djupe and Kimberly H. Conger.  The population ecology of grassroots democracy: Christian right interest populations and citizen participation in the American states.
Christopher Ellis.  Understanding economic biases in representation: Income, resources, and policy representation in the 110th House.
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Ratio, Vol. 25, #4, 2012
Special Issue: Classifying Reality, edited by David S. Oderberg
E.J. Lowe. Categorial Predication.
D.H. Mellor. Nature’s Joints: A Realistic Defence of Natural Properties.
Tuomas E. Tahko. Boundaries in Reality.
Stephen Boulter. Contrastive Explanations in Evolutionary Biology.
Gary S. Rosenkrantz. Animate Beings: Their Nature and Identity.
Barry Smith. Classifying Processes: An Essay in Applied Ontology.
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Synthese, Vol. 189, #3, 2012
Neuroscience and its philosophy
Holly Andersen. The case for regularity in mechanicanistic causal explanation.
Brandon Towl.  Laws and constrained kinds: A lesson from motor neuroscience.
Justin Garson.  Function, selection, and construction in the brain.
Mitchell Herschbach.  Mirroring versus simulation: On the representational function of simulation.
Shannon Spaulding.  Mirror neurons are not evidence for the simulation theory.
Carolyn Dicey Jennings.  The subject of attention.
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