Monday, September 24, 2012

September 24, 2012

American Political Thought, Vol. 1, #1, 2012 (BRAND NEW Journal!!!!)
Australasian Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 90, #3, 2012
Bioethics, Vol. 26, #8, 2012
Criminal Law and Philosophy, Vol. 6, #3, 2012
Hume Studies, Vol. 37, #1, 2011
Journal for the History of Analytical Philosophy, Vol. 1, #6, 2012
Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 109, #4, 2012
Journal of Logic, Language and Information, Vol. 21, #4, 2012
Journal of Philosophical Logic, Vol. 41, #5, 2012
Philosophical Investigations, Vol. 35, #3-4, 2012
Philosophy Compass, Vol. 7, #10, 2012
Transactions of the Charles S. Peirce Society, Vol. 48, #2, 2012

American Political Thought, Vol. 1, #1, 2012 (BRAND NEW!!!!)
James W. Ceaser.  The origins and character of American exceptionalism.
Patrick Deneen.  Cities of man on a hill.
Hilde Eliassen Restad.  Old paradigms in history die hard in political science: U.S. foreign policy and American exceptionalism.
Peter S. Onuf.  American exceptionalism and national identity.
Rogers M. Smith.  “Our Republican example”: The significance of the American experiments in government in the twenty-first century.
Ralph Lerner.  The Gospel according to the apostle Ben.
Book Reviews
Eric MacGilvray.  The Invention of Market Freedom.  Review by Michael C. Munger.
G.J. Barker-Benfield.  Abigail and John Adams: The Americanization of Sensibility.  Review by Catherine Allgor.
Pauline Maier.  Ratification: The People Debate the Constitution, 1787-1788.  Review by Richard E. Morgan.
Gordon S. Wood.  The Idea of America: Reflections on the Birth of the United States.  Review by Paul O. Carrese.
Pamela Brandwein.  Rethinking the Judicial Settlement of Reconstruction.  Review by Michael Kent Curtis.
Marc Stears.  Demanding Democracy: American Radicals in Search of a New Politics.  Review by Bob Pepperman Taylor.
John Patrick Diggins.  Why Niebuhr Now?  Review by Richard Crouter.
Tony Shaw and Denise Youngblood.  Cinematic Cold War: The American and Soviet Struggle for Hearts and Minds.  Review by Harvey Klehr.
Robert S. Taylor.  Reconstructing Rawls: The Kantian Foundations of Justice as Fairness.  Review by S. Adam Seagrave.
C. Bradley Thompson and Yaron Brook.  Neoconservatism: An Obituary for the Idea.  Review by David Lewis Schaefer.
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Australasian Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 90, #3, 2012
Matthew Ratcliffe. What is touch?
Matthew Chrisman. ‘Ought’ and control.
Holly Lawford-Smith. The feasibility of collectives’ actions.
Uriah Kriegel. Moral motivation, moral phenomenology, and the alief/belief distinction.
Jonathan Way. Explaining the instrumental principle.
Lawrence A. Shapiro. Mental manipulations and the problem of causal exclusion.
Chris Tillman and Gregory Fowler. Propositions and parthood: The universe and anti-symmetry.
Alexander R. Pruss. Sincerely asserting what you do not believe.
Jc Beall. Future contradictions.
Aidan Lyon. Mathematical explanations of empirical facts, and mathematical realism.
Juha Saatsi. Mathematics and program explanations.
Pawel Garbacz. Prover9’s simplification explained away.
Andre J. Abath. Epistemic contextualism, semantic blindness, and content unawareness.
Book Reviews
Tim Bayne. The Unity of Consciousness. Review by Andrew Brook.
Gillian Brock. Global Justice: A Cosmopolitan Account. Review by Geoffrey Cupit.
Fred D’Agostino. Naturalizing Epistemology. Review by James Ladyman.
Chris Daly. An Introduction to Philosophical Methods. Review by David Braddon-Mitchell.
Chris Mortensen. Inconsistent Geometry. Review by Zach Weber.
Book Notes
Richard Campbell. The Concept of Truth. Notes by Jennifer Duke-Yonge.
Paul Crowther. The Kantian Aesthetic: From Knowledge to the Avant-Garde. Review by Daniel
Sanford C. Goldberg. Relying on Others: An Essay in Epistemology. Review by Axel Gelfert.
Robin Jeshion. New Essays on Singular Thought. Review by William Fish.
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Bioethics, Vol. 26, #8, 2012
Udo Schuklenk.  Europe debates circumcision… and what about the child’s best interest?
Kevin Smith.  Against homeopathy – a utilitarian perspective.
Nicholas Tonti-FIlippini.  Religious and secular death: A parting of the ways.
Garrath Williams.  Children as means and ends in large-scale medical research.
Kam-Yuen Cheng, Thomas Ming, and Aaron Lai.  Can familism be justified?
Cordelia Erickson-Davis.  Ethical concerns regarding commercialization of deep brain stimulation for obsessive compulsive disorder.
Peter Herissone-Kelly.  Wrongs, preferences, and the selection of children: A critique of Rebecca Bennett’s argument against the principle of procreative beneficence.
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Criminal Law and Philosophy, Vol. 6, #3, 2012
Vera Bergelson.  Choice of evils: In search of a viable rationale.
Tatjana Hornle.  Criminalizing behavior to protect human dignity.
Jukka Varelius.  Two challenges for dignity as an expressive norm.
Susan Dimock.  Intoxication and the act/control/agency requirement.
Douglas Husak.  Intoxication and culpability.
R.A. Duff.  Gideon Yaffe’s Attempts.
Alec Walen.  Potholes on the path to purity: Gideon Yaffe’s overly ambitious attempt to account for criminal attempts.
Alfred R. Mele.  Crimes of negligence: Attempting and succeeding.
Douglas Husak.  Why punish attempts at all?  Yaffe on ‘The Transfer Principle.’
R.A. Duff.  Guiding commitments and criminal liability for attempts.
Gideon Yaffe.  More attempts: A reply to Duff, Husak, Mele, and Walen.
Michael S. Moore.  Moore’s truths about causation and responsibility: A reply to Alexander and Ferzan.
Larry Alexander and Kimberly Kessler Ferzan.  Ferzander’s surrebuttal.
Book Review
Mark Freeman.  Necessary Evils: Amnesties and the Search for Justice.  Review by Mark A. Drumbl.  From oblivion to memory: A blueprint for the amnesty.
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Hume Studies, Vol. 37, #1, 2011
Mark Collier.  Hume’s science of emotions: Feeling theory without tears.
Jonas Olson.  Projectivism and error in Hume’s ethics.
Carl Wennerlind.  The role of political economy in Hume’s moral philosophy.
Karann Durland.  Extreme skepticism and commitment in the Treatise.
Jennifer Smalligan Marusic.  Belief and introspective knowledge in Treatise 1.3.7.
Book Review
Carl Wennerlind and Margaret Schabas.  David Hume’s Political Economy.  Review by John Robertson.
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Journal for the History of Analytical Philosophy, Vol. 1, #6, 2012
Reshef Agam-Segal. Reflecting on Language from ‘Sideways-on’ : Preparatory and Non-Preparatory Aspects Seeing.
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Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 109, #4, 2012
Harald Bergsteiner and Gayle C. Avery.  When ethics are compromised by ideology: the global competitiveness project.
Lorraine M. Uhlaner, Marta M. Berent-Braun, Ronald J.M. Jeurissen, and Gerrit de Wit.  Beyond size: Predicting engagement in environmental management practices of Dutch SMEs.
Olivier Boiral and Pascal Paille.  Organizational citizenship behavior for the environment: Measurement and validation.
Irina Cojuharenco, Garriy Shteynberg, Michele Gelfand, and Marshall Schminke.  Self-construal and unethical behavior.
Praveen Aggarwal, Rajiv Vaidyanathan, and Stephen Castleberry.  Managerial and public attitudes toward ethics in marketing research.
Nuttaneeya Ann Torugsa, Wayne O’Donohue, and Rob Hecker.  Capabilities, proactive CSR, and financial performance in SMEs: Empircal evidence from an Australian manufacturing industry sector.
Marie dela Rama.  Corporate governance and corruption: Ethical dilemmas of Asian business groups.
Salla Laasonen, Martni Fougere, and Arno Kourula.  Dominant articulations in academic business and society discourse on NGO-business relations: A critical assessment.
Jonathan D. Linton and Steven T. Walsh.  Introduction to the field of nanotechnology ethics and policy.
Regan Stinnett.  Nanotechnology policy and education.
Raul Gouvea, Jonathan D. Linton, Manuel Montoya, and Steven T. Walsh.  Emerging technologies and ethics: A race-to-the-bottom or the top?
Matthias Fink, Rainer Harms, and Isabella Hatak.  Nanotechnology and ethics: The role of regulation versus self-commitment in shaping researchers’ behavior.
Louis Y. Y. Lu, Bruce J. Y. Lin, John S. Liu, and Chang-Yung Yu.  Ethics in nanotechnology: What’s being done?  What’s missing?
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Journal of Logic, Language and Information, Vol. 21, #4, 2012
Peter beim Graben and Sabrina Gerth.  Geometric representations for minimalist grammars.
Nikolay Ivanov and Dimiter Vakarelov.  A system of relational syllogistic incorporating full Boolean reasoning.
Robert van Rooij and Tikitu de Jager.  Explaining quantity implicatures.
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Journal of Philosophical Logic, Vol. 41, #5, 2012
J. Robert G. Williams.  Generalized probabilism: Dutch books and accuracy domination.
Sarah Moss.  Solving the color incompatibility problem.
Simon Thomas Hewitt.  Modalising plurals.
Carlo Proietti.  Intuitionistic epistemic logic, Kripke models and Fitch’s paradox.
Maarten McKubre-Jordens and Zach Weber.  Real analysis in paraconsistent logic.
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Ben Morison and Katerina Ierodiakonou (eds.), Episteme, etc.: Essays in Honour of Jonathan Barnes. Reviewed by Gerhard Seel.
Kennan Ferguson, All in the Family: On Community and Incommensurability. Reviewed by Karin Brown.
Michael P. Krom, The Limits of Reason in Hobbes's Commonwealth. Reviewed by George MacDonald Ross.
Niketas Siniossoglou, Radical Platonism in Byzantium: Illumination and Utopia in Gemistos Plethon. Reviewed by John Sellars.
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Philosophical Investigations, Vol. 35, #3-4, 2012
Special Issue: British Wittgenstein Society Conference 2011
Cora Diamond.  The skies of Dante and our skies: A response to Ilham Dilman.
Camilla Kronqvist.  Lost and found: Selfhood and subjectivity in love.
Lars Hertzberg.  Rhees on the unity of language.
Anniken Greve.  Fiction and conversation.
Raimond Gaita.  R.F. Holland.
Olli Lagerspetz.  Peter Winch on political authority and political culture.
Michel Le Du.  Peter Winch on norms and conventions.
Brian Davies.  D.Z. Philips on God and evil.
Andrew Gleeson.  God and evil: A view from Swansea.
Mikel Burley.  Mounce and winch on understanding (or not understanding) an indigenous society.
H.O. Mounce.  Response to Mikel Burley.
Mikel Burley.  Reply to Howard Mounce.
Ilham Dilman.  Philosophy as Criticism: Essays on Dennett, Searle, Foot, Davidson, Nozick.  Review by Martin Gustafsson.
Hayden Ramsay.  Truth and Faith in Ethics.  Review by John M. Rist.
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Philosophy Compass, Vol. 7, #10, 2012

Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art
Nickolas Pappas.  Plato on poetry: Imitation or inspiration?
Mark C. Murphy.  Restricted theological voluntarism.
Logic and Language
Gabriel Sandu.  Independently-friendly logic: Dependence and independence of quantifiers in logic.
Brendan S. Gillon.  Mass terms.
Mind and Cognitive Science
John Schwenkler.  Non-observational knowledge of action.
Philosophy of Religion
John Spackman.  Contemporary philosophy of mind and Buddhist thought.
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Transactions of the Charles S. Peirce Society, Vol. 48, #2, 2012
Steven Levine.  Brandom’s pragmatism.
Carol Hay.  Consonances between liberalism and pragmatism.
Aaron Wilson.  The perception of generals.
Aaron Massecar.  Peirce’s interesting associations.
Dina Mendonnca.  Pattern of sentiment: Following a Deweyan suggestion.
Colin Koopman.  Pragmatism as Transition: Historicity and Hope in James, Dewey, and Rorty.  Review by Joseph Margolis.
Sami Pihlstrom.  The Continuum Companion to Pragmatism.  Review by Emil Visvovsky.
Richard Gale.  John Dewey’s Quest for Unity.  Review by Scott F. Aikin.
Gregory Fernando Pappas.  John Dewey’s Ethics: Democracy as Experience.  Review by Kory Spencer Sorrell.
Giovanni Maddalena.  Metafisica per assurdo: Peirce e I problem del’epistemologia contemporanea.  Review by Fernando Zalamea.
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