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May 7- 11, 2012

Bioethics, Vol. 26, #5, 2012
British Journal of Aesthetics, Vol. 52, #2, 2012
European Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 20, #2, 2012
Journal of Aesthetic Education, Vol. 46, #2, 2012
Journal of Political Philosophy, Vol. 20, #2, 2012
Language Learning Content, Vol. 62 #2, 2012
Philosophical Forum, Vol. 43, #2, 2012

Bioethics, Vol. 26, #5, 2012
Guest Editorial: Chronicity

Jennifer L. Gibson And Ross E. G. Upshur. Ethics And Chronic Disease: Where Are The Bioethicists?
Chronicity Articles
Robert Sharp.The Dangers Of Euthanasia And Dementia: How Kantian Thinking Might Be Used To Support Non-Voluntary Euthanasia In Cases Of Extreme Dementia.
Alexandra Perry. Autism Beyond Pediatrics: Why Bioethicists Ought To Rethink Consent In Light Of Chronicity And Genetic Identity.
Jonathan Kimmelman. Ethics, Ambiguity Aversion, And The Review Of Complex Translational Clinical Trials.
Jeremy Snyder. Exploitations And Their Complications: The Necessity Of Identifying The Multiple Forms Of Exploitation In Pharmaceutical Trials.
Tony Hope, John Mcmillan And Elaine Hill. Intensive Care Triage: Priority Should Be Independent Of Whether Patients Are Already Receiving Intensive Care.
David Shaw. A Direct Advance On Advance Directives.
Patrick Lee And Germain Grisez. Total Brain Death: A Reply To Alan Shewmon.
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British Journal of Aesthetics, Vol. 52, #2, 2012
Notes on Contributors   

Roger Paden, Laurlyn K. Harmon, and Charles R. Milling. Ecology, Evolution, and Aesthetics: Towards an Evolutionary Aesthetics of Nature.
Alex Neill and Aaron Ridley. Relational Theories of Art: the History of an Error.
Amir Konigsberg. The Acquaintance Principle, Aesthetic Autonomy, and Aesthetic Appreciation.
K. E. Gover. What is Humpty-Dumptyism in Contemporary Visual Art? A Reply to Maes.
Symposium on Berys Gaut: A Philosophy of Cinematic Art
Berys Gaut. A Philosophy of Cinematic Art—The Big Picture.
Trevor Ponech. Berys Gaut’s A Philosophy of Cinematic Art.
Angela Curran. Medium-Involving Explanations and the Philosophy of Film.
Richard Allen. Identification in the Cinema.
Berys Gaut. Replies to Ponech, Curran, and Allen.
Book Reviews
Andrew Edgar.Who Needs Classical Music? Cultural Choice and Musical Value.
Clive Cazeaux. Beyond Mimesis and Convention: Representation in Art and Science.
James R. Hamilton. The Performing Arts.
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European Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 20, #2, 2012
Aaron M. Griffith. Perception and the Categories: A Conceptualist Reading of Kant's Critique of Pure Reason.
Stig Børsen Hansen. Metaphysical Nihilism and Cosmological Arguments: Some Tractarian Comments.
Douglas Keaton. Kim's Supervenience Argument and the Nature of Total Realizers.
Jessica Leech. Kant's Modalities of Judgment.
R. Matthew Shockey. Heidegger's Descartes and Heidegger's Cartesianism.
Review Article
John Skorupski. Aristotelianism and Modernity: Terence Irwin on the Development of Ethics.
Book Reviews
Privacy Rights, Moral and Legal Foundations, by Adam D. Moore. Review by David Archard.
The Form of Practical Knowledge, by Stephen Engstrom. Review by Carla Bagnoli.

Journal of Aesthetic Education, Vol. 46, #2, 2012
Ellen Handler Spitz. Friedl Dicker-Brandeis and Her Work in Terezín: Children, Art, and Hope.
Andrea Bramberger. Poetry for Children: Reverie and the Demand for the Teacher’s Responsibility.
Victoria J. Grube. Drawn and Quartered: Reflections on Violence in Youth’s Art Making.
Robb W. Shoaf. A New Pedagogy Employs an Old Friend: Beauty and the Quality of Ideas.
Margaret Hess Johnson. John Dewey’s Socially Instrumental Practice at the Barnes Foundation and the Role of “Transferred Values” in Aesthetic Experience.
Albert Magro. Anatomical Evolution and the Aesthetic Response to Figurative Art.
Joshua M. Hall. Kandinsky’s Composition VI: Heideggerian Poetry in Noah’s Ark.
Jeremy Killian. That Deceptive Line: Plato, Linear Perspective, Visual Perception, and Tragedy.
Howard Cannatella. What It Is and That It Is.
Essay Review
Paolo M. Cattorini. Movies on Bioethics: A Double Review and Some Steps Forward.

Journal of Political Philosophy, Vol. 20, #2, 2012
Chiara Cordelli. The Institutional Division Of Labor And The Egalitarian Obligations Of Nonprofits.
James W. Boettcher. The Moral Status Of Public Reason.
Ethan J. Leib And David L. Ponet. Fiduciary Representation And Deliberative Engagement With Children.
Valeria Ottonelli And Tiziana Torresi. Inclusivist Egalitarian Liberalism And Temporary Migration: A Dilemma.
Laurie Shrage. Does The Government Need To Know Your Sex?

Language Learning Content, Vol. 62 #2, 2012
Søren W. Eskildsen. L2 Negation Constructions at Work.
Aarnes Gudmestad. Acquiring a Variable Structure: An Interlanguage Analysis of Second Language Mood Use in Spanish.
Shuai Li. The Effects of Input-Based Practice on Pragmatic Development of Requests in L2 Chinese.
Judit Kormos and Anna Trebits. The Role of Task Complexity, Modality, and Aptitude in Narrative Task Performance.
Richard L. Sparks, Jon Patton, Leonore Ganschow and Nancy Humbach. Do L1 Reading Achievement and L1 Print Exposure Contribute to the Prediction of L2 Proficiency?
Maren S. Uggen. Reinvestigating the Noticing Function of Output.          
Nairán Ramírez-Esparza, Kathryn Harris, John Hellermann, Clemence Richard, Patricia K. Kuhl and Steve Reder. Socio-Interactive Practices and Personality in Adult Learners of English With Little Formal Education.   
Mostafa Papi and Esmaeel Abdollahzadeh. Teacher Motivational Practice, Student Motivation, and Possible L2 Selves: An Examination in the Iranian EFL Context.
Kazuya Saito and Roy Lyster. Effects of Form-Focused Instruction and Corrective Feedback on L2 Pronunciation Development of /ɹ/ by Japanese Learners of English.
Janny H. C. Leung and John N. Williams. Constraints on Implicit Learning of Grammatical Form-Meaning Connections.

Peter Carruthers, The Opacity of Mind: An Integrative Theory of Self-Knowledge. Reviewed by Alex Byrne.
Anthony Hatzimoysis, The Philosophy of Sartre. Reviewed by A. Janae Sholtz.
Dariusz Łukasiewicz and Roger Pouivet (eds.), The Right to Believe: Perspectives in Religious Epistemology. Reviewed by John Bishop.
Mark C. Murphy, God and Moral Law: On the Theistic Explanation of Morality. Reviewed by Mike Almeida.
Charlotte Witt, The Metaphysics of Gender. Reviewed by Ásta Kristjana Sveinsdóttir.

Philosophical Forum, Vol. 43, #2, 2012
Christopher Norris. How Not To Defeat Skepticism: Why Antirealism Won't Do The Trick.
Edward Song. Rawls's Liberal Principle of Legitimacy.
Uwe Steinhoff. Unsavory Implications of a Theory of Justice and The Law of Peoples: The Denial of Human Rights and The Justification of Slavery.
Steven Ross. The Natural and The Normative: Supervenience and Counterfactuals.
David B. Suits. Death and Other Nothings.
Book Review
Andreea Prichea. The Ontological Pathologies of Constantin Noica.
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