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April 9-13, 2012

Hypatia, Vol. 27, #2, 2012
Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 106, #3, 2012
Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 106, #4, 2012
Journal of Political Economy, Vol. 120, #1, 2012
Mathematical Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society, Vol. 152, #3, 2012
Phronesis, Vol. 57, #2, 2012
Philosophy and Public Affairs, Vol. 39, #4, 2011
Political Science Review, Vol. 10, #2, 2012
Ratio, Vol. 25, #2, 2012
Royal Institute of Philosophy Supplement, Vol. 70, 2012
Thought: A Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 1, #1, 2012

Hypatia, Vol. 27, #2, 2012
Debra Bergoffen and Gail Weiss. Cluster: Contesting the norms of embodiment.
Gayle Salamon. The phenomenology of rheumatology: Disability, Merleau-Ponty, and the fallacy of maximal grip.
Ami Harbin. Bodily disorientation and moral change.
Jenny Slatman. Phenomenology of bodily integrity in disfiguring breast cancer.
Marjorie Jolles. Between embodied subjects and objects: Narrative somaesthetics.
Talia Mae Bettcher. Full-frontal morality: The naked truth about gender.
Jennifer Rosato. Women as vulnerable self: The trope of maternity in Levinas’s Otherwise Than Being.
Tove Pettersen. Conceptions of care: Altruism, feminism, and mature care.
Samuel A. Butler. A fourth subject position of care.
Ornaith O’Dowd. Care and abstract principles.
Paula Cameron. Curriculum vitae: embodied ethics at the seams of intelligibility.
Review Essay
Embodiment and agency edited by Sue Campbell, Letitia Meynell and Susan Sherwin. Agency and embodiment: Performing gestures/producing culture by Carrie Oland. Review by Paddy McQueen.
The faces of intellectual disability: Philosophical reflections by Licia Carlson. Racism and sexual oppression in Anglo-America: A genealogy by Ladelle McWhorter. Review by Shelley Tremain.
Book Reviews
Feminist Technology edited by Linda L. Layne, Sharra L. Vostral, Kate Boyer. Review by Moira Howes.
Femininity and Feminism: Chinese and Contemporary edited by Linyu GU. Review by Li-Hsiang Lisa Rosenlee.
Rewriting difference: Irigaray and “The Greeks” edited by Elena T. Zelepis and Athena Athanasiou. Review by Emanuela Bianchi.
Louise Antony and Ann E. Cudd. The mentoring project.
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Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 106, #3, 2012
Iain Clacher and Jens Hagendorff. Do announcements about corporate social responsibility create or destroy shareholder wealth? Evidence from the UK.
Roland Bardy, Stephen Drew and Tumenta F. Kennedy. Foreign investment and ethics: How to contribute to social responsibility by doing business in less-developed countries.
Colin Boyd. The Nestle infant formula controversy and a strange web of subsequent business scandals.
Philipp Bagus and David Howden. The continuing continuum problem of deposits and loans.
Matthias M. Graf, Sebastian C. Schuh, Niels Van Quaquebeke and Rolf van Dick. The relationship between leaders’ group-oriented values and follower identification with and endorsement of leaders: The moderating role of leaders’ group membership.
Jason Brennan. For-profit business as civic virtue.
Dries Berings and Stef Adriaenssens. The role of business ethics, personality, work values and gender in vocational interests from adolescents.
David Jingjun Xu, Ronald T. Cenfetelli and Karl Aquino. The influence of media cue multiplicity on deceivers and those who are deceived.
Raphael Cohen-Almagor. Freedom of expression, internet responsibility, and business ethics: The Yahoo! Saga and its implications.
David E. Ohreen and Roger A. Petry. Imperfect duties and corporate philanthropy: A Kantian approach.
Alyssa Labat and Walter E. Block. Money does not grow on trees: An argument for Usury.
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Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 106, #4, 2012
Thomas Li-Ping Tang. Detecting honest people’s lies in handwriting: The power of the ten commandments and internalized ethical values.
P. Marijn Poortvliet, Frederik Anseel, Onne Janssen, Nico W. Van Yperen and Evert Van de Vliert. Perverse effects of other-referenced performance goals in an information exchange context.
Veronika A. Andorfer and Ulf Liebe. Research on fair trade consumption – a review.
Alan G. Walker, James W. Smither and Jason DeBode. The effects of religiosity on ethical judgments.
Edmund F. Byrne. Appropriating resources: Land claims, laws, and illicit business.
Barjinder Singh and Doan E. Winkel. Racial differences in helping behaviors: The role of respect, safety, and identification.
Noor Hazlina Ahmad and T. Ramayah. Does the notion of ‘doing well by doing good’ prevail among entrepreneurial ventures in a developing nation?
Scott J. Reynolds, Bradley P. Owens, and Alex L. Rubenstein. Moral stress: Considering the nature and effects of managerial moral uncertainty.
Roland E. Kidwell, Franz W. Kellermanns, and Kimberly A. Eddleston. Harmony, justice, confusion, and conflict in family firms: Implications for ethical climate and the “fredo effect.”
Rachel C. Sayers. The cost of being female: Critical comment on Block.
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Journal of Political Economy, Vol. 120, #1, 2012
Thomas J. Sargent. Nobel lecture: United States then, Europe now.
Matz Dahlberg, Karin Edmark, Helene Lundqvist. Ethnic diversity and preferences for redistribution.
Bard Harstad. Buy coal! A case for supply-side environmental policy.
Olivier Coibion and Yuriy Gorodnichenko. What can survey forecasts tell us about information rigidities?
Jeremy Bulow and Paul Klemperer. Regulated prices, rent seeking, and consumer surplus.
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Mathematical Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society, Vol. 152, #3, 2012
Tom Sanders. Approximate groups and doubling metrics.
Kevin Henriot. Nair-Tenenbaum bounds uniform with respect to the discriminant.
Rachel Newton. Explicit local reciprocity for tame extensions.
Greg Howard and Sue Goodman. Generic maps of the projective plane with a single triple point.
David A. Smith. Well-posed two-point initial-boundary value problems with arbitrary boundary conditions.
Keiichi Sakai and Tadayuki Watanabe. 1-loop graphs and configuration space integral for embedding spaces.
Rizwanur Khan. Simultaneous non-vanishing of GL(3)xGL(2) and GL(2) L-functions.
Tuomas Orponen and Tuomas Sahlsten. Tangent measures of non-doubling measures.
Alina Carmen Cojocaru, Florian Luca and Igor E. Shparlinski. Pseudoprime reductions of elliptic curves – Corrigendum.
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Henry E. Allison, Kant's Groundwork for the Metaphysics of Morals: A Commentary. Reviewed by Dieter Schönecker.
Charles Taliaferro and Jil Evans, The Image in Mind: Theism, Naturalism, and the Imagination. Reviewed by Robert T. Pennock.
Bruce N. Waller, Against Moral Responsibility. Reviewed by Saul Smilansky.
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Phronesis, Vol. 57, #2, 2012
Frisbee Sheffield. The Symposium and Platonic ethics: Plato, Vlastos, and a misguided debate.
Ursula Coope. Why does Aristotle think that ethical virtue is required for practical wisdom?
David Leith. Pores and void in Asclepiades’ physical theory.
Benjamin Morison. Aristotle book notes.
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Philosophy and Public Affairs, Vol. 39, #4, 2011
David Luban. War as punishment.
Lucy Allais. Restorative justice, retributive justice, and the South African truth and reconciliation commission.
Julia Nefsky. Consequentialism and the problem of collective harm: A reply to Kagan.
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Political Science Review, Vol. 10, #2, 2012
R.A.W. Rhodes. Theory, method and British political life history.
Patrick Diamond and David Richards. The case for theoretical and methodological pluralism in British political studies: New Labour’s political memoirs and the British political tradition.
Paul Fawcett and Carsten Daugbjerg. Explaining governance outcomes: Epistemology, network governance, and policy network analysis.
Liza Griffin. Where is power in governance? Why geography matters in the theory of governance.
Joseph V. Femia. The antinomies of conservative thought.
Political Theory Reviews
Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics: A New Translation by Robert C. Bartlett and Susan D. Collins. Review by Clifford Angell Bates Jr.
Alain Badiou: Key Concepts edited by A. J. Bartlett and Justin Clemens. Review by David S. Moon.
A History of International Political Theory: Ontologies of the International by Hartmut Behr. Review by Edwin Van De Haar.
Walled States, Waning Sovereignty by Wendy Brown. Review by Birgit Schippers.
Why Not Socialism? By G. A. Cohen. Review by Robert C. Robinson.
Autonomy and Liberalism by Ben Colburn. Review by Christopher Mills.
Karl Polanyi: The Limits of the Market by Gareth Dale. Review by Robert W. Langton.
Talking with Sartre: Conversations and Debates by John Gerassi. Review by Robert C. Robinson.
Philosophy and Real Politics by Raymond Geuss. Review by Dara Salam.
Political Thought in the Age of Revolution 1776–1848: Burke to Marx by Michael Levin. Review by Evangelia Sembou.
The Political Philosophy of George Washington by Jeffry H. Morrison. Review by Clifford Angell Bates Jr.
International Political Theory after Hobbes: Analysis, Interpretation and Orientation edited by Raia Prokhovnik and Gabriella Slomp. Review by Joaquin A. Pedroso.
The Representative Claim by Michael Saward. Review by Mark B. Brown.
Writings on War by Carl Schmitt. Review by Paolo Morisi.
The Luck of the Draw: The Role of Lotteries in Decision Making by Peter Stone. Review by Ben Saunders.
The Metaphysics of Self-Realisation and Freedom: Part 1 of The Liberal Socialism of Thomas Hill Green by Colin Tyler. Review by Andrew Scott Crines.
Locke on Toleration edited by Richard Vernon. Review by Christine Bratu.
Other Voices: Readings in Spanish Philosophy edited by John R. Welch. Review by James G. Mellon.
Ethics and Public Policy: A Philosophical Inquiry by Jonathan Wolff. Review by Shaun P. Young.
International Relations Book Reviews
The Legal Empowerment Agenda: Poverty, Labour and the Informal Economy in Africa – Edited by Dan Banik; Global Poverty: How Global Governance is Failing the Poor by David Hulme. Review by Christopher May.
Crafting an African Security Architecture: Addressing Regional Peace and Conflict in the 21st Century edited by Henry Baseda. Review by Rasul Ahmed Minja.
The International Politics of Mass Atrocities: The Case of Darfur edited by David R. Black and Paul D. Williams. Review by Kirsten J. Fisher.
Laws, Outlaws, and Terrorists: Lessons from the War on Terrorism by Gabriella Blum and Philip B. Heymann. Review by Emmanouela Mylonaki.
The Routledge Handbook of War and Society edited by Steven Carlton-Ford and Morten G. Ender. Review by Adrian Gray.
The Making of a Transnational Capitalist Class: Corporate Power in the 21st Century by William K. Carroll. Review by Jonas Gamso.
Imperfect Cosmopolis: Studies in the History of International Legal Theory and Cosmopolitan Ideas by Georg Cavallar. Review by Christopher May.
The Kurds and US Foreign Policy: International Relations in the Middle East since 1945 by Marianna Charountaki. Review by Alireza Rezaei.
The Foreign Policy of Lyndon B. Johnson: The United States and the World, 1963–1969 by Jonathan Colman. Review by Matthew Shannon.
Beyond War: The Human Potential for Peace by Douglas P. Fry. Review by Kawu Bala.
Rational Theory of International Politics: The Logic of Competition and Cooperation by Charles L. Glaser. Review by Benjamin Martill.
Weapons of Mass Migration: Forced Displacement, Coercion, and Foreign Policy by Kelly M. Greenhill. Review by Kristy Belton.
Ethics and International Relations edited by Ethan B. Kapstein and Joel H. Rosenthal. Review by Stephanie J. Silverman.
Beyond Constitutionalism: The Pluralist Structure of Postnational Law by Nico Krisch. Review by Christopher May.
Decentering International Relations by Meghana Nayak and Eric Selbin. Review by Emilian Kavalski.
New Perspectives on Liberal Peacebuilding edited by Edward Newman, Roland Paris and Oliver P. Richmond. Review by Gezim Visoka.
America's Global Advantage: US Hegemony and International Cooperation by Carla Norrlof. Review by Alireza Rezaei.
Critical Security Studies: An Introduction by Columba Peoples and Nick Vaughan-Williams. Review by Liz Sutherland.
Contemporary Diplomacy by Geoffrey Allen Pigman. Review by Kai Bruns.
Third World Protest: Between Home and the World by Rahul Rao. Review by Matthew Shannon.
Globalization and the National Security State by Norrin M. Ripsman and T. V. Paul. Review by Stéphane Lefebvre.
International Relations and Non-Western Thought: Imperialism, Colonialism and Investigations of Global Modernity edited by Robbie Shilliam. Review by Emilian Kavalski.
A History of Chemical and Biological Weapons by Edward M. Spiers. Review by Andrew Futter.
The Contested Politics of Mobility: Borderzones and Irregularity edited by Vicki Squire. Racism, Postcolonialism, Europe: Postcolonialism across the Disciplines edited by Graham Huggan and Ian Law. Review by Christos Pallas.
The International Arms Trade by Rachel Stohl and Suzette Grillot. Review by Clare Sharkey.
Channels of Power: The UN Security Council and US Statecraft in Iraq by Alexander Thompson. Review by Francis Baert.
Hypocrisy Trap: The World Bank and the Poverty of Reform by Catherine Weaver. Review by Anja Carolin Gebel.
Comparative Politics Reviews
Producing Globalisation: Politics of Discourse and Institutions in Greece and Ireland by Andreas Antoniades. Review by Liam Stanley.
Taming the Gods: Religion and Democracy on Three Continents by Ian Buruma. Review by Kei Hiruta.
Economists and Societies: Discipline and Profession in the United States, Britain, and France, 1890s to 1990s by Marion Fourcade. Review by Martin B. Carstensen.
Building States and Markets after Communism by Timothy Frye. Review by Neil Robinson.
The Ethic of Traditional Communities and the Spirit of Healing Justice: Studies from Hollow Water, the Iona Community, and Plum Village by Jarem Sawatsky. Review by Christopher Hrynkow.
United in Discontent: Local Responses to Cosmopolitanism and Globalization edited by Dimitrios Theodossopoulous and Elisabeth Kirtsoglou. Review by John Lowe.
General Politics Reviews
Security, Law and Borders: At the Limits of Liberties by Tugba Basaran. Review by Andrew Herd.
Violence and Social Justice by Vittorio Bufacchi. Review by Tony Milligan.
Acting in an Uncertain World: An Essay on Technical Democracy by Michel Callon, Pierre Lascoumes and Yannick Barthe. Review by Shaun P. Young.
Freedom of Information: Local Government and Accountability edited by Richard A. Chapman and Michael Hunt. Review by Filipe Teles.
Property: Values and Institutions by Hanoch Dagan. Review by Christopher Pierson.
Democracy without Decency: Good Citizenship and the War on Poverty by William M. Epstein. Review by A. P. Connell.
Nuclear Energy and Global Governance: Ensuring Safety, Security and Non-proliferation by Trevor Findlay. Review by Peter F. Johnston.
Security and the Environment: Securitisation Theory and US Environmental Security Policy by Rita Floyd. Review by Jonna Nyman.
Military Culture and Education edited by Douglas Higbee. Review by Mark Rice.
Thinking about Leadership by Nannerl O. Keohane. Review by Maciej Hartliński.
The Future of Political Science: 100 Perspectives edited by Gary King, Kay Lehman Schlozman and Norman H. Nie. Review by Nicholas Knowlton.
International Law Reports: Volume 137 edited by Elihu Lauterpacht, Christopher Greenwood and Karen Lee. Review by Stéphane Lefebvre.
Managing in a Political World: The Life Cycle of Local Authority Chief Executives by Steve Leach. Review by Filipe Teles.
Rethinking the Public: Innovations in Research, Theory and Politics edited by Nick Mahony, Janet Newman and Clive Barnett. Review by Oliver Escobar.
Democratic Deficit: Critical Citizens Revisited by Pippa Norris. Review by Marc Hooghe.
The Judge as Political Theorist: Contemporary Constitutional Review by David Robertson. Review by Kawu Bala.
The Birthright Lottery: Citizenship and Global Inequality by Ayelet Shachar. Review by Andrew Shorten.
Future Ethics: Climate Change and Apocalyptic Imagination edited by Stefan Skrimshire. Review by
Christopher Hrynkow.
Challenges of Ordinary Democracy: A Case Study in Deliberation and Dissent by Karen Tracey. Review by Oliver Escobar.
Knowledge Democracy: Consequences for Science, Politics and Media edited by Roeland J. in 't Veld. Review by Kemal Ozden.
Cosmopolitan Regard: Political Membership and Global Justice by Richard Vernon. Review by Andrew Shorten.
For reviews from the regions of Britain and Ireland, Europe, the Americas, Asia and Pacific, and Other Areas, please refer to journal issue.
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Ratio, Vol. 25, #2, 2012
John Skorupski. The triplism of practical reason.
Joel J. Kupperman. Half-truths.
Tony Milligan. Iris Murdoch and the borders of analytic philosophy.
Martin Peterson. Multi-dimensional consequentialism.
Robert Schroer. Two challenges that categorical properties pose to physicalism.
Saul Smilansky. A problem about the morality of some common forms of prayer.
Daniel Whiting. Epistemic value and achievement.
Alan Musgrave. Cheyne’s paradox – and how to solve it.
Dishonest to god. On keeping religion out of politics by Mary Warnock. Review by J.M. Lovesey.
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Royal Institute of Philosophy Supplement, Vol. 70, 2012
Theme: Human Nature
Richard Samuels. Science and human nature.
M.J. Cain. Essentialism, externalism, and human nature.
Wolfram Hinzen. Human nature and grammar.
Stephen J. Boulter. Can evolutionary biology do without Aristotelian essentialism?
Hans-Johann Glock. The anthropological difference: What can philosophers do to identify the differences between human and non-human animals?
Tim J. Crow. Paul Broca and the evolutionary genetics of cerebral asymmetry.
P.M.S. Hacker. The sad and sorry history of consciousness: Being, among other things, a challenge to the ‘consciousness-studies community.’
Rosalind Hursthouse. Human nature and Aristotelian virtue ethics.
Sarah Patterson. Doubt and human nature in Descartes’s Meditations.
P.J.E. Kail. The skeptical beast in the beastly sceptic: Human nature in Hume.
John Cottingham. Human nature and the transcendent.
Beverley Clack. Being human: Religion and superstition in a psychoanalytic philosophy of religion.
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Thought: A Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 1, #1, 2012
John Divers and Crispin Wright. Editorial.
Rohan French. An argument against general validity?
Rogerio Passos Severo. A note on essential indexicals of direction.
Roberto Loss. Branching time, actuality and the puzzle of retrospective determinacy.
Aaron Barth. A refutation of Frege’s context principle?
Richard G. Heck, Jr. A liar paradox.
Robert May. What Frege’s theory of identity is not.
Jonathan Jenkins Ichikawa. Knowledge norms and acting well.
Jason Gray. Dueling interveners: A challenge to Frankfurt’s conception of free will and acting freely.
Tom McClelland. In defense of Kantian humility.
Sebastian Kohler. Expressivism, subjectivism, and moral disagreement.
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