Monday, October 31, 2011

October 31, 2011

British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, Vol. 62, #4, 2011
Hypatia, Vol. 26, #4, 2011
International Journal for Philosophy of Religion, Vol. 70, #2, 2011
Journal of Aesthetic Education, Vol. 45, #3, 2011
Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 104, #1, 2011
Kennedy Institute of Ethics Journal, Vol. 21, #3, 2011

British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, Vol. 62, #4, 2011
Editorial. Steven French and Michela Massimi.
Jeffrey A. Barrett. On the faithful interpretation of pure wave mechanics.
Alan Chalmers. Drawing philosophical lessons from Perrin's experiments on Brownian Motion: A response to van Fraassen.
Gualtiero Piccinini. The physical Church-Turing thesis: modest or bold?
Steven French and Peter Vickers. Are there no things that are scientific theories?
Aviezer Tucker. Historical science, over- and underdetermined: a study of Darwin's inference of origins.
Daniel Parker. Information- theoretic statistical mechanics without Landauer's Principle.
Otávio Bueno and Steven French. How theories represent.
Emily R. Grosholz. Representation and Productive Ambiguity in Mathematics and the Sciences. Reviewed by Steven French.
D.H. Mellor. The Matter of Chance. Reviewed by Luke Glynn.
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Hypatia, Vol. 26, #4, 2011
Serena Parekh. Getting to the root of gender inequality: Structural injustice and political responsibility.
Chris J. Cuomo. Climate change, vulnerability, and responsibility.
Alison Bailey. Reconceiving surrogacy: Toward a reproductive justice account of Indian surrogacy.
Serene J. Khader. Beyond inadvertent ventriloquism: Caring virtues for anti-paternalist development pract ice.
Trish Glazebrook. Women and climate change: A case-study from northeast Ghana.
Ofelia Schutte. Engaging Latin American feminisms today: Methods, theory, practice.
Erin C. Tarver. New forms of subjectivity: Theorizing the relational self with Foucault and Alcoff.
Ann Garry. Intersectionality, metaphors, and the multiplicity of gender.
Review Essays
Relating after wrongdoing: A review of forgiveness from a feminist perspective. By Kathryn Norlock. Making amends: Atonement in morality, law and politics. By Linda Radzik. Review by Alice MacLachlan.
Global feminist ethics. Edited by Rebecca Whisnant and Peggy Desautels. Feminist ethics and social and political philosophy: Theorizing the non-ideal. Edited by Isa Tessman. Review by Theresa W. Tobin.
The future of political theory? A review of Toward a humanist justice: The political philosophy of Susan Moller Okin. Edited by Debra Satz and Rob Reich. Women’s rights as multicultural claims: Reconfiguring gender and diversity in political philosophy. By Monica Mookherjee. Review by Jennifer Warriner.
Book Reviews
The Social Philosophy of Jane Addams by Maurice Hamington. Review by Kara Barnette.
Dancing with Iris: The Philosophy of Iris Marion Young edited by Ann Ferguson and Mechthild Nagel. Review by Anne Donchin.
You’ve Changed: Sex Reassignment and Personal Identity edited by Laurie J. Shrage. Review by Kim Atkins.
Evil, Political Violence, and Forgiveness: Essays in Honor of Claudia Card edited by Andrea Veltman and Kathryn J. Norlock. Review by Trudy Govier.
The Moral Skeptic by Anita Superson. Review by Lisa Tessman.
Shay Welch. “Fit,” mentoring, and commitment.
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International Journal for Philosophy of Religion, Vol. 70, #2, 2011
John Bishop and Ken Perszyk. The normatively relativised logical argument from evil.
Jason Megill. Evil and the many universes response.
Dan Dennis. Evil, fine-tuning and the creation of the universe.
Wesley D. Cray. Omniscience and worthiness of worship.
Book Reviews
Divinely Abused: A Philosophical Perspective on Job and His Kin by N. Verbin. Review by A.K. Anderson.
Divine evil? The moral character of the God of Abraham edited by Michael Bergmann, Michael J. Murray, and Michael C. Rea. Review by Jerome I. Gellman.
Review by Michael Ruse. Science and religion today. Reviews eight books.
Between Naturalism and Religion by Jurgen Habermas. Review by Franklin I. Gamwell.

Journal of Aesthetic Education, Vol. 45, #3, 2011
Leslie Cunliffe. Creative grammar and art education.
Olga Hubard. Rethinking critical thinking and its role in art museum education.
Jainine Certo and Wayne Brinda. Bringing literature to life for urban adolescents: Artistic, dramatic instruction and live theater.
Michael Belshaw. Fictions of the studio.
Theodore Gracyk. Misappropriation of our musical past.
Michael Benton. Towards a poetics of literary biography.
Christopher Perricone. What women want: (Among other things) quality art.
Naphtaly Shem-Tov. Improvisational teaching as mode of knowing.
Essay Review
In vino veritas: In wine the truth. Review by Michael A. Peters. Questions of taste: The philosophy of wine edited by Barry C. Smith.
Book Review
The Music Teaching Artist’s Bible: Becoming a Virtuoso Educator by Eric Booth. Review by David Allen.

Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 104, #1, 2011
David A. Ralston, Carolyn P. Egri, Emmanuelle Reynaud, Narasimhan Srinivasan and Olivier Furrer, et al. A twenty-first century assessment of values across the global workforce.
Thomas Boysen Anker, Peter Sandoe, Tanja Kamin and Klemens Kappel. Health branding ethics.
Scott R. Colwell, Michael J. Zyphur and Marshall Schminke. When does ethical code enforcement matter in the inter-organizational context? The moderating role of switching costs.
Adam Barsky. Investigating the effects of moral disengagement and participation on unethical work behavior.
Cameron Sabadoz. Between profit-seeking and prosociality: Corporate social responsibility as Derridean supplement.
Amal Altaf and Mohammad Atif Awan. Moderating affect of workplace spirituality on the relationship of job overload and job satisfaction.
Joe O’Mahoney. Advisory anxieties: Ethical individualism in the UK consulting industry.
Sun Young Lee and Craig E. Carroll. The emergence, variation, and evolution of corporate social responsibility in the public sphere, 1980-2004: The exposure of firms to public debate.
Maria-Gaia Soana. The relationship between corporate social performance and corporate financial performance in the banking sector.
Olwen Bedford. Guanxi-building in the workplace: A dynamic process model of working and backdoor Guanxi.

Kennedy Institute of Ethics Journal, Vol. 21, #3, 2011
Franklin G. Miller and Alan Wertheimer. The fair transaction model of informed consent: An alternative to autonomous authorization.
Anne Barnhill. What it takes to defend deceptive placebo use.
John-Stewart Gordon. Global ethics and principlism.
Rebecca L. Walker and Nancy M. P. King. Biodefense research and the U.S. regulatory structure: Whither nonhuman primate moral standing?

R. A. Duff and Stuart P. Green (eds.), Philosophical Foundations of Criminal Law. Reviewed by Anthony M. Dillof.
Lloyd P. Gerson (ed.), The Cambridge History of Philosophy in Late Antiquity (2 vols.). Reviewed by Arthur Madigan, S.JLeon Horsten, The Tarskian Turn: Deflationism and Axiomatic Truth. Reviewed by Riccardo Bruni.
Lawrence Nolan (ed.), Primary and Secondary Qualities: The Historical and Ongoing Debate. Reviewed by Michael Jacovides.
Carl Knight and Zofia Stemplowska (eds.), Responsibility and Distributive Justice. Reviewed by Tamler Sommers.
Michael J. Zimmerman, The Immorality of Punishment, Broadview Press. Reviewed by Stephen Kershnar.

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