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Aristotelian Society Supplementary, Vol. 85, 2011
Bioethics, Vol. 25, #5, 2011
Mind, Vol. 120, #1, 2011
Pacific Philosophical Quarterly, Vol. 92, #2, 2011
Proceedings and Address of the APA, Vol. 84, #5, 2011

Aristotelian Society Supplementary Vol. 85, 2011
Inaugural Address
E. J. Lowe. Locke on Real Essence and Water as a Natural Kind: A Qualified Defence.
Singular Thought
Tim Crane and Jody Azzouni
I–The Singularity of Singular Thought - Tim Crane
II—Singular Thoughts (Objects-Directed Thoughts) - Jody Azzouni
The Value of Knowledge
Alan Millar and Jonathan L. Kvanvig
I—Why Knowledge Matters - Alan Millar
II—Millar on the Value of Knowledge - Jonathan L. Kvanvig
R. M. Sainsbury and Michael Tye; Ruth Garrett Millikan
I—An Originalist Theory of Concepts - R. M. Sainsbury and Michael Tye
II—Loosing the Word–Concept Tie - Ruth Garrett Millikan
Fiction and Imagination
Kathleen Stock and Stacie Friend
I—Fictive Utterance and Imagining - Kathleen Stock
II—Fictive Utterance and Imagining II - Stacie Friend
Spinoza on the Politics of Philosophical Understanding
Susan James and Eric Schliesser
I—Creating Rational Understanding: Spinoza as a Social Epistemologist - Susan James
Self-Knowledge and Transparency
Alex Byrne and Matthew Boyle
I—Transparency, Belief, Intention - Alex Byrne
II—Transparent Self-Knowledge - Matthew Boyle

Bioethics, Vol. 25, #5, 2011
Peter Singer. How not to save a life.
Christian Coons and Noah Levin. The Dead Donor Rule, Voluntary Active Euthanasia, and Capital Punishment.
Mats Johansson and Linus Broström. Counterfactual Reasoning in Surrogate Decision Making – Another Look.
Rob Lawlor. Organ Sales Needn't Be Exploitative (But It Matters If They Are)
Demetrio Neri. The Race Toward ‘Ethically Universally Acceptable’ Human Pluripotent (Embryonic-Like) Stem Cells: Only a Problem of Sources?
Jussi Niemelä. What Puts the ‘Yuck’ in the Yuck Factor?
Alan Clune. Deeper Problems for Noonan's Probability Argument Against Abortion: On a Charitable Reading of Noonan's Conception Criterion of Humanity.
Letters to the Editor
Martin Peterson. Pandemic Influenza and Utilitarianism.

Mind, Vol. 120, #1, 2011
Roderick Batchelor. Topic-Neutrality.
Peter W. Hanks. Structured Propositions as Types.
John Hawthorne and Gabriel Uzquiano. How Many Angels Can Dance on the Point of a Needle? Transcendental Theology Meets Modal Metaphysics.
Samir Okasha. Theory Choice and Social Choice: Kuhn versus Arrow.
Douglas W. Portmore. The Teleological Conception of Practical Reasons.
Fiona Woollard. Most Ways I Could Move: Bennett’s Act/Omission Distinction and the Behaviour Space.

John M. Doris (ed.), The Moral Psychology Handbook. Reviewed by Dan Haybron.
Joseph Keim Campbell, Michael O'Rourke, and Harry S. Silverstein (eds), Action, Ethics, and Responsibility. Reviewed by Peter A. Graham.
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Pacific Philosohpical Quarterly, Vol. 92, #2, 2011
Sven Bernecker. Keeping Track Of The Gettier Problem.
Robert Eamon Briscoe. Mental Imagery And The Varieties Of Amodal Perception.
Melissa Seymour Fahmy. Love, Respect, And Interfering With Others.
Joongol Kim. Frege's Context Principle: An Interpretation.
David Landy. Descartes' Compositional Theory Of Mental Representation.
David Liebesman. Causation And The Canberra Plan.
Michael Rieppel. Stoic Disagreement And Belief Retention.
Justin Weinberg. Is Government Supererogation Possible?

Proceedings and Address of the APA, Vol. 84, #5, 2011
2010-2011 Board of Officers
A Member’s Guide to the APA
News from the National Office
APA Committee Nomindations
Minutes of the 46th Annual Meeting of the Board of Officers
Reports: of the Chair; Executive Director; Central Division; Pacific Division; Standing Committees; Slate of Candidates for 2011-2014; the Special Committee Concerning Departmental Ranking;
Committee on Academic Career Opportunities and Placement “Placement Handbook” Draft
Proposal from the Women in Philosophy Task Force on Data Collection
Proposal to the Committee on Lectures, Publications, and Research by De Gruyter for a Developing Excellence in Emerging Scholars (DEES) Program
Committee for the Defense of the Professional Rights of Philosophers’ Recommendation to Censure the University of Louisiana @ Monroe
Committee on the Status and Future of the Profession’s Recommendation on Journal Ranking
Committee for the Inclusiveness of the Profession’s Recommendation for Funding the Philosophy in an Inclusive Key Summer Institute (PIKSI)
Recommendation of the Executive Director for Use of the Remaining Bequenst from Philip L. Quinn
Committee on Lectures, Publications, and Research Proposal to Accept a kant Prize from DeGruyter
Procedure for Election of a Chair
Financial Reports and Statements
Treasurer’s Report // Membership Report
Reports of Special (i.e. Non-Standing) Committees
Report from the APA Ombudsperson for Nondiscrimination
Report from the APA Delegate to the ACLS
News from the Divisions
Awards to Members
Memorial Minutes: William Carter and Kingsley Price
APA Shopping List//Forms//Index

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