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American Journal of Bioethics, Vol. 11, #4, 2011
American Philosophical Quarterly, Vol. 48, #1, 2011
American Philosophical Quarterly, Vol. 48, #2, 2011
Bioethics, Vol. 25, #4, 2011
British Journal for the History of Philosophy, Vol. 19, #2, 2011
Canadian Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 41, #1, 2011
Faith and Philosophy, Vol. 28, #1, 2011
Journal of Political Philosophy, Vol. 19, #2, 2011
Logic Journal of the IGPL, Vol. 19, #2, 2011
Metaphilsophy, Vol. 42, #3, 2011
Monist, Vol. 94, #1, 2011
Monist, Vol. 94, #2, 2011
Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews

American Journal of Bioethics, Vol. 11, #4, 2011
Paul Root Wolpe. The Research Subject as Identified Problem.
Target Article
Sarah J. L. Edwards. Assessing the Remedy: The Case for Contracts in Clinical Trials.
Open Peer Commentaries
John A. Robertson. Contractual Duties in Research, Surrogacy, and Stem Cell Donation.
G. Owen Schaefer and Alan Wertheimer. Reevaluating the Right to Withdraw From Research Without Penalty.
Kenneth De Ville. The Case Against Contract: Participant and Investigator Duty in Clinical Trials.
Toby Schonfeld and James Anderson . Dropout by Design: Advance Planning for Research Participant Noncompliance.
Stephen Rice and David Trafimow. Known Versus Unknown Threats to Internal Validity: A Response to Edwards.
John A. Lynch. “Through a Glass Darkly”: Researcher Ethnocentrism and the Demonization of Research Participants.
Diana Buccafurni. Can Contracts Enhance Participant Autonomy in Clinical Trials?
Stephen S. Hanson. The Perspective of an IRB Member.
Michelle N. Meyer. The Subject-Researcher Relationship: In Defense of Contracting Around Default Rules.
Target Article
M. Teresa Celada, Roland C. Merchant, Michael J. Waxman and Angela M. Sherwin. An Ethical Evaluation of the 2006 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Recommendations for HIV Testing in Health Care Settings.
Open Peer Commentaries
Lance Wahlert and Autumn Fiester. The Re-Queering of HIV Testing Practices and the Reinforcement of Stigma.
William Smith. When Informed Consent Meets the Everyday.
Anthony Vernillo. Routine Opt-Out HIV Testing in Dental Health Care—Its Implementation and the Advancement of Public Health.
Angus Dawson. Public Health Ethics and the Justification of HIV Screening.
Sarah J. L. Edwards. Response to Open Peer Commentaries on “Assessing the Remedy: The Case for Contracts in Clinical Trials”.
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American Philosophical Quarterly, Vol. 48, #1, 2011
Nick Zangwill. Music, Essential Metaphor, and Private Language.     
Nicoletta Orlandi. The Innocent Eye: Seeing-As without Concepts. 
Allan Hazlett and Christy Mag Uidhir. Unrealistic Fictions.
Jeremy Morris. An Epistemological Approach to Essential Indexicality. 
Jon Cogburn and Mark Silcox. Computability Theory and Ontological Emergence.
Nomy Arpaly. Open-Mindedness as a Moral Virtue.
Stephen Kearns. Can a Thing Be Part of Itself?
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American Philosophical Quarterly, Vol. 48, #2, 2011
P.M.S. Hacker. A Plague on Both Your "Isms."
Anthony Kenny. Whose Naturalism? Which Wittgenstein?
John R. Searle. Wittgenstein and the Background.
Daniel D. Hutto. Presumptuous Naturalism: A Cautionary Tale.
Jesse Prinz. Wittgenstein and the Neuroscience of the Self.
Lynne Rudder Baker. Does Naturalism Rest on a Mistake?
David Papineau. Phenomenal Concepts and the Private Language Argument.
Owen Flanagan. Wittgenstein's Ethical Nonnaturalism: An Interpretation of Tractatus 6.4147 and the "lecture on Ethics."
Meredith Williams. Master and Novice in the Later Wittgenstein.

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Bioethics, Vol. 25, #4, 2011
Ruth Chadwick. Enhancements: Improvements for Whom?
Ori Lev. Will Biomedical Enhancements Undermine Solidarity, Responsibility, Equality and Autonomy?
Matt Lamkin. Racist Appearance Standards and the Enhancements that Love Them: Norman Daniels and Skin-Lightening Cosmetics.
Stephen Holland. The Virtue Ethics Approach to Bioethics.
Andy Piker. Balancing Liberation and Protection: A Moderate Approach to Adolescent Health Care Decision-Making.
Trisha Phillips. Exploitation in Payments to Research Subjects.
Caterina Caminiti, Francesca Diodati, Arianna Gatti, Saverio Santachiara and Sandro Spinsanti. Current Functions of Italian Ethics Committees: A Cross-Sectional Study.
Book Review
D.M. Hester. End-Of-Life Care and Pragmatic Decision Making. Reviewed By C. G. Prado.
Letter To The Editors
Chris Heathwood. The Significance of Personal Identity to Abortion.
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British Journal for the History of Philosophy, Vol. 19, #2, 2011 
Patrick Toner. Reading 'is' Existentially in Republic 476-80
Rebekah Johnston. Aristotle's De Anima: On Why the Soul is Not a Set of Capacities
Kristina Meshelski. Two Kinds of Definition in Spinoza's Ethics
Russell Wahl. Occasionalism, Laws and General Will
Liam P. Dempsey . 'A Compound Wholly Mortal' : Locke and Newton on the Metaphysics of (Personal) Immortality
Gregory Brown. Disinterested Love: Understanding Leibniz's Reconciliation of Self- and Other-Regarding Motives
Mark Bode. Everything is What it is, and Not Another Thing: Knowledge and Freedom in Isaiah Berlin's Political Thought
Review Essay
James A. Harris. The Pastness of Past Moral Philosophy
Book Reviews
Michael Mack. Spinoza and the Specters of Modernity: The Hidden Enlightenment of Diversity from Spinoza to Freud. Reviewed by Beth Lord.
S.J. Savonius-Wroth, Paul Schuurman and Jonathan Walmsley (eds). The Continuum Companion to Locke. Reviewed by Nicholas Jolley.
Peter J. Thuesen (ed.). Catalogues of Books: The Works of Jonathan Edwards. Reviewed by Sebastian Rehnman.
Paul Russell. The Riddle of Hume's Treatise: Skepticism, Naturalism, and Irreligion. Reviewed by Peter Millican.
Frederick C. Beiser. Diotima's Children: German Aesthetic Rationalism from Leibniz to Lessing. Reviewed by Kai Hammermeister.
Books Received
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Canadian Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 41, #1, 2011 (this issue is not yet online, 5/3/11)
Clare Batty. A Representational Account of Olfactory Experience.
Jaime Ahlberg and Harry Brighouse. An Argument Against Cloning.
Steven Levine. Rehabilitating Objectivity: Rorty, Brandom, and the New Pragmatism.
Ayca Boylu. How Understanding Makes Knowledge Valuable.
Peter Millican. Hume's Determinism.
Antonia Lolordo. Person, Substance, Mode and 'the moral Man' in Locke's Philosophy.
Arthur Ripstein. Critical Notice.
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Faith and Philosophy, Vol. 28, #1, 2011 (not yet online, 5/3/11)
Sarah Coakley. Introduction: Faith, Rationality and the Passions.
Charles Taylor. Reason, Faith, and Meaning.
Paul J. Griffiths. Tears and Weeping: An Augustinian View.
Eleonore Stump. The Non-Aristotelian Character of Aquinas’s Ethics: Aquinas on the Passions.
John Cottingham. Sceptical Detachment or Loving Submission to the Good? Reason, Faith, and the Passions in Descartes.
John Hare. Kant, the Passions, and the Structure of Moral Motivation.
Douglas Hedley. “The Monstrous Centaur”? Joseph De Maistre on Reason, Passion, and Violence.
Merold Westphal. Kierkegaard on Faith, Reason, and Passion.
Peter Goldoe. Intellectual Emotions and Religious Emotions.
William J. Abraham. Crossing the Threshold of Divine Revelation. Reviewed by Nicholas Wolterstorff.
Lynne Rudder Baker. The Metaphysics of Everyday Life: An Essay in Practical Realism. Reviewed by William Hasker.
David J. Baggett, Gary R. Habermas and Jerry L. Walls (eds). C.S. Lewis as Philosopher: Truth, Goodness and Beauty. Reviewed by David L. O’Hara.
Norman Wirzba and Bruce Ellis Benson (eds). Transforming Philosophy and Religion: Love’s Wisdom. Reviewed by N.N. Trakakis.
J. Wentzel van Huyssteen. Alone in the World? Human Uniqueness in Science and Theology. Reviewed by Kevin Sharpe.
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Journal of Political Philosophy, Vol. 19, #2, 2011
Original Articles
Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen. Vote Buying and Election Promises: Should Democrats Care About the Difference? 
William Smith. Civil Disobedience and the Public Sphere.
Helder De Schutter. Federalism as Fairness.
Anna Stilz. Collective Responsibility and the State.
Pablo Kalmanovitz. Sharing Burdens After War: A Lockean Approach.
Matthew Rendall. Non-identity, Sufficiency and Exploitation.
Daniel Viehoff. Debate: Procedure and Outcome in the Justification of Authority.
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Logic Journal of the IGPL, Vol. 19, #2, 2011
Special Issue: Neuro-symbolic Algorithms and Models for Bio-inspired Systems
Emilio Corchado and Michal Wozniak. Editorial: Neuro-symbolic Algorithms and Models for Bio-inspired Systems.
Original Articles
Claudia R. Milaré, Gustavo E. A. P. A. Batista, and André C. P. L. F. Carvalho. A hybrid approach to learn with imbalanced classes using evolutionary algorithms.
Javier Bajo, Juan F. De Paz, Sara Rodríguez, and Angélica González. A new clustering algorithm applying a hierarchical method neural network.
Luís Lima, Paulo Novais, Ricardo Costa, José Bulas Cruz, and José Neves. Group decision making and Quality-of-Information in e-Health systems.
Francisco Grimaldo, Miguel Lozano, and Fernando Barber. J-MADeM, a market-based model for complex decision problems.
Radha Thangaraj, Thanga Raj Chelliah, Millie Pant, Ajith Abraham, and Crina Grosan. Optimal gain tuning of PI speed controller in induction motor drives using particle swarm optimization.
Michal Przewozniczek, Krzysztof Walkowiak, and Michal Wozniak. Optimizing distributed computing systems for k-nearest neighbours classifiers—evolutionary approach.
Emilio Corchado, Ángel Arroyo, and Verónica Tricio. Soft computing models to identify typical meteorological days.
Alexander Buslaev, Marina Yashina, and Igor Kotovich. On problems of intelligent monitoring for traffic.
Elena Montañés, José Ramón Quevedo, Irene Díaz, Raquel Cortina, Pedro Alonso, and José Ranilla. TagRanker: learning to recommend ranked tags.
Concepción Vidal, Gilberto Pérez, Felicidad Aguado, and José María Molinelli. Crossover operators for permutations equivalence between position and order-based crossover.
Luigi Troiano andLuis J. Rodríguez-Muñiz. A statistical study of differences and similarities among aggregation functions.
Joanna Golinska-Pilarek, Emilio Muñoz-Velasco, and Angel Mora. A new deduction system for deciding validity in modal logic K.
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Metaphilsophy, Vol. 42, #3, 2011
Armen T. Marsoobian. Introduction to the Fortieth Anniversary of Metaphilosophy Special Issue.
Terrell Ward Bynum. Creating the Journal Metaphilosophy.
Edouard Machery. Thought Experiments and Philosophical Knowledge.
Timothy Williamson. Philosophical Expertise and the Burden Of Proof.
Frédérique De Vignemont. A Self for The Body.
Philip Kitcher. Philosophy Inside Out.
Jiwei Ci. Evaluating Agency: A Fundamental Question for Social and Political Philosophy.
Luciano Floridi. A Defence Of Constructionism: Philosophy as Conceptual Engineering.
Review Articles
Shaun Gallagher. Somaesthetics and the Care of the Body.
Richard Shusterman. Soma, Self, and Society: Somaesthetics as Pragmatist Meliorism.
Sharing the World by Luce Irigaray and Teaching edited by Luce Irigaray with Mary Green. Conversations by Luce Irigaray with Stephen Pluhácek and Heidi Bostic, Judith Still, Michael Stone, Andrea Wheeler, Gillian Howie, Margaret R. Miles and Laine M. Harrington, Helen A. Fielding, Elizabeth Grosz, Michael Worton, and Birgitte H. Hidttun. Reviewed by Gail Schwab.
Amy Allen.
The Politics of Ourselves: Power, Autonomy, and Gender in Contemporary Critical Theory. Reviewed by Christina M. Bellon.
Books Received // Notes on Contributors
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Monist, Vol. 94, #1, 2011
Special Issue: Powers
Sydney Shoemaker. Realization, Powers, and Property Identity.
E.J. Lowe. How Not to Think of Powers: A Deconstruction of the ‘Dispositions and Conditionals’ Debate.
John Heil. Powers and the Realization Relation.
Stephen Mumford and Rani Lill Anjum. Spoils to the Vector: How to Model Causes If You Are a Realist About Powers.
Jonathan D. Jacobs. Powerful Qualities, Not Pure Powers.
Sungho Choi. Finkish Dispositions and Contextualism.
Jessica Wilson. Non-reductive Realization and the Powers-based Subset Strategy.
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Monist, Vol. 94, #2, 2011
Special Issue: The Architecture of Reality
Anjan Chakravartty. Scientific Realism and Ontological Relativity.
Bence Nanay. What If Reality Has No Architecture?
Devin Henry. Aristotle’s Pluralistic Realism.
John T. Roberts. Extra-Physical Structure in a Physical World? or, Is the Study of Life Provincial?
Matthew C. Haug. Natural Properties and the Special Sciences: Nonreductive Physicalism without Levels of Reality or Multiple Realizability.
C.S. Jenkins. Is Metaphysical Dependence Irreflexive?
Daniel Nolan. Categories and Ontological Dependence.
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Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews

Mary Domski and Michael Dickson (eds.), with a concluding essay by Michael Friedman, Discourse on a New Method: Reinvigorating the Marriage of History and Philosophy of Science. Reviewed by Lydia Patton.

Ben Eggleston, Dale E. Miller, and David Weinstein (eds.), John Stuart Mill and the Art of Life. Reviewed by Guy Fletcher.

Nivedita Gangopadhyay, Michael Madary, and Finn Spicer (eds.), Perception, Action, and Consciousness: Sensorimotor Dynamics and Two Visual Systems. Reviewed by Michael Bruno.

Bernard Gert, Hobbes: Prince of Peace. Reviewed by Susanne Sreedhar.

George Kateb, Human Dignity. Reviewed by Remy Debes. 

James C. Klagge, Wittgenstein in Exile. Reviewed by Lars Hertzberg.

Jonathan Kramnick, Actions and Objects from Hobbes to Richardson. Reviewed by Samuel C. Rickless. 

Colleen Murphy, A Moral Theory of Political Reconciliation. Reviewed by Kendy M. Hess.

Noa Naaman-Zauderer, Descartes' Deontological Turn: Reason, Will, and Virtue in the Later Writings. Reviewed by C. P. Ragland.

Bence Nanay (ed.), Perceiving the World. Reviewed by John Maier.

Alexandra L. Shuford, Feminist Epistemology and American Pragmatism: Dewey and Quine. Reviewed by Sharyn Clough.

David Foster Wallace, Fate, Time, and Language: An Essay on Free Will, Steven M Cahn and Maureen Eckert (eds.) Reviewed by Daniel Speak.

J. Jeremy Wisnewski, Understanding Torture. Reviewed by Brian Feltham.

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