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March 21-25, 2011

Ethics, Vol. 121, #2, 2011
History of Philosophy Quarterly, Vol. 28, #2, 2011
Journal of Logic and Computation, Vol. 21, #2, 2011
Journal of Logic, Language and Information, Vol. 20, #2, 2011
Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 107, #8, 2010
Mind, Vol. 119, #4, 2010
Natural Language Semantics, Vol. 19, #1, 2011
Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews
Teaching Philosophy, Vol. 33, #4, 2010
the art of theory: a political philosophy quarterly, Inaugural Issue

Ethics, Vol. 121, #2, 2011
Symposium on David Estlund's Democratic Authority
David Copp. Reasonable Acceptability and Democratic Legitimacy: Estlund’s Qualified Acceptability Requirement.
Gerald Gaus. On Seeking the Truth (Whatever That Is) through Democracy: Estlund’s Case for the Qualified Epistemic Claim
Henry S. Richardson. Estlund’s Promising Account of Democratic Authority.
William A. Edmundson. Consent and Its Cousins.
David Estlund. Reply to Copp, Gaus, Richardson, and EdmundsonReply to Copp, Gaus, Richardson, and Edmundson.
Edward Slingerland. The Situationist Critique and Early Confucian Virtue EthicsThe Situationist Critique and Early Confucian Virtue Ethics.
Book Reviews
Jeffrey Brand-Ballard, Limits of Legality: The Ethics of Lawless Judging. Review by David Dyzenhaus.
John Christman, The Politics of Persons: Individual Autonomy and Socio-Historical Selves. Review by Marilyn Friedman.
Joshua Cohen, Rousseau: A Free Community of Equals. Review by Frederick Neuhouser.
Alice Crary, Beyond Moral Judgment. Review by Robert C. Roberts.
Peter De Marneffe, Liberalism and Prostitution. Review by Sibyl Ann Schwarzenbach.
Paul Hurley, Beyond Consequentialism. Review by Robert H. Myers
Christine M. Korsgaard, Self-Constitution: Agency, Identity, and Integrity. Review by Sergio Tenenbaum.
Michael LeBuffe, From Bondage to Freedom: Spinoza on Human Excellence. Review by Andrew Youpa
S. A. Lloyd, Morality in the Philosophy of Thomas Hobbes: Cases in the Law of Nature. Review by Andrew I. Cohen.
Larry May, Genocide: A Normative Account. Review by Bill Wringe.
Debra Satz, Why Some Things Should Not Be for Sale. Review by Cecile Fabre.
Mark Johnston, Saving God: Religion after Idolatry. Review by Kieran Setiya.

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History of Philosophy Quarterly, Vol. 28, #2, 2011
Ayca Boylu. The Powers Argument in Plato's Republic.      
Mavis Biss. Aristotle on Friendship and Self-Knowledge: The Friend beyond the Mirror.
Anthony Crifasi. Descartes' Dismissal of Scholastic Intentional Forms: What Would Thomas Aquinas Say? .
Fred Ablondi and J. Aaron Simmons. Gabriel Biel and Occasionalism: Overcoming an Apparent Tension.  
Michael Cuffaro. On Thomas Hobbes's Fallible Natural Law Theory.   
David Botting. The De Re, the Per Se, the Knowable, and the Known.

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Journal of Logic and Computation, Vol. 21, #2, 2011

Hans van Ditmarsch and Rineke Verbrugge. The rules of the game are changing: Scientific impact factors and publication strategies among logicians.
Argumentation Corner
Christian Straßer and Dunja Šešelja.Towards the Proof-theoretic Unification of Dung’s Argumentation Framework: an Adaptive Logic Approach.
Non-classical Logics Corner
Sergey Babenyshev and Vladimir Rybakov. Linear Temporal Logic LTL: Basis for Admissible Rules.
Hans Van Ditmarsch, Andreas Herzig, and Tiago De Lima. From Situation Calculus to Dynamic Epistemic Logic.
Constraints Corner
Enrico Giunchiglia and Marco Maratea. Introducing Preferences in Planning as Satisfiability.
Proof Theory Corner
Michal Kozak. Cyclic Involutive Distributive Full Lambek Calculus is Decidable.
Original Articles
Noson S. Yanofsky. Towards a Definition of an Algorithm.
H. Jerome Keisler and Wafik Boulos Lotfallah. Rank Hierarchies for Generalized Quantifiers.
D. D. Hanh, P. M. Dung, N. D. Hung, and P. M. Thang. Inductive Defense for Sceptical Semantics of Extended Argumentation.
Paul E. Oppenheimer and Edward N. Zalta. Relations Versus Functions at the Foundations of Logic: Type-Theoretic Considerations.
M. E. Coniglio, A. Sernadas, and C. Sernadas. Preservation by fibring of the finite model property.
Book Review
Jean-Raymond Abrial. Modeling in Event-B: System and Sofware Engineering, 1st edition. Review by Richard Banach.
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Journal of Logic, Language and Information, Vol. 20, #2, 2011/a>
Alistair Isaac and Tomohiro Hoshi. Synchronizing Diachronic Uncertainty.
Inge Bethke and Piet Rodenburg. Typability in Partial Applicative Structures.
Patricia Bouyer, Franck Cassez and François Laroussinie. Timed Modal Logics for Real-Time Systems Specification, Verification and Control.
Holger Andreas. A Structuralist Theory of Belief Revision.
Livio Robaldo. Distributivity, Collectivity, and Cumulativity in Terms of (In)dependence and Maximality.
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Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 107, #8, 2010 (not yet online)
Meir Hemmo and Orly Shenker. Maxwell’s Demon.
Bence Nanay. A Modal Theory of Function.
Dana Goswick. Bridging the Modal Gap.

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Mind, Vol. 119, #4, 2010
Jeffrey E. Brower. Aristotelian Endurantism: A New Solution to the Problem of Temporary Intrinsics.
Daniel Cohen and Toby Handfield. Rational Capacities, Resolve, and Weakness of Will.
E. Diaz-Leon. Can Phenomenal Concepts Explain The Epistemic Gap?
David Enoch. Not Just a Truthometer: Taking Oneself Seriously (but not Too Seriously) in Cases of Peer Disagreement.
Alex Neill and Aaron Ridley. Religious Music for Godless Ears.
Zach Weber. A Paraconsistent Model of Vagueness.
Critical Notice
Andy Clark. Much Ado About Cognition (Critical notice of The Bounds of Cognition by Frederick Adams and Kenneth Aizawa, and Cognitive Systems and the extended Mind by Robert D. Rupert).
Mahrad Almotahari and Ephraim Glick. Context, Content, and Epistemic Transparency.
John Hawthorne and Ofra Magidor. Assertion and Epistemic Opacity.
Chris Daly and Simon Langford. Two Anti-Platonist Strategies.
Joseph Melia. Response to Daly and Langford
Jeremy Gwiazda. Infinitism, Completability, and Computability: Reply to Peijnenburg.
Jeanne Peijnenburg. Ineffectual Foundations: Reply to Gwiazda.
Book Reviews
Henry Allison: Custom and Reason in Hume: A Kantian Reading of the First Book of the Treatise. Review by Wayne Waxman.
Jonathan Beere: Doing and Being: An Interpretation of Aristotle’s Metaphysics Theta. Review by Anna Marmodoro.
Radu J. Bogdan: Predicative Minds: The Social Ontogeny of Propositional Thinking. Review by Daniel D. Hutto.
Ted Cohen: Thinking of Others: On the Talent for Metaphor. Review by Garry L. Hagberg.
Keith DeRose: The Case for Contextualism: Knowledge, Skepticism, and Context, Vol. 1. Review by Wayne A. Davis.
Heather Dyke: Metaphysics and the Representational Fallacy. Review by Craig Bourne.
Katalin Farkas: The Subject’s Point of View. Review by William Fish.
John Martin Fischer: Our Stories: Essays on Life, Death, and Free Will. Review by James Stacey Taylor.
Jonathan Gorman: Historical Judgement. Review by Mark Day.
Garry L. Hagberg (ed.): Art and Ethical Criticism. Review by Ward E. Jones
Anandi Hattiangadi: Oughts and Thoughts: Rule-Following and the Normativity of Content. Review by Hannah Ginsborg.
Virginia Held: How Terrorism is Wrong: Morality and Political Violence. Review by C. A. J. Coady.
Michael Jubien: Possibility. Review by John Divers.
Michael P. Lynch: Truth as One and Many. Review by Christine Tappolet.
Richard McCarty: Kant’s Theory of Action. Review by Jeanine M. Grenberg .
Mohan Matthen: Seeing, Doing, and Knowing: A Philosophical Theory of Sense Perception. Review by Alex Byrne
David S. Oderberg: Real Essentialism. Review by M. Eddon.
Mark Richard: When Truth Gives Out. Aaron Zimmerman.
Books Received

Mind Association Conference Grants
The Analysis Studentship
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Natural Language Semantics, Vol. 19, #1, 2011

Jon Nissenbaum and Bernhard Schwarz. Parasitic degree phrases.
Marcin Morzycki. Metalinguistic comparison in an alternative semantics for imprecision.
Danny Fox and Roni Katzir. On the characterization of alternatives.
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Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews
Jody Azzouni, Talking about Nothing: Numbers, Hallucinations, and Fictions. Reviewed by Joshua Spencer 
Sissela Bok, Exploring Happiness: From Aristotle to Brain Science. Reviewed by Owen Flanagan.
Mark Jary, Assertion. Reviewed by Peter Pagin. 
J. H. Lesher (ed.), From Inquiry to Demonstrative Knowledge: New Essays on Aristotle's Posterior Analytics. Reviewed by Christopher Shields.  
Bradley Monton, Seeking God in Science: An Atheist Defends Intelligent Design. Reviewed by Sahotra Sarkar. 
Susanne Sreedhar, Hobbes on Resistance: Defying the Leviathan. Reviewed by A. P. Martinich.
Richard Vernon (ed.), Locke on Toleration. Reviewed by Ingrid Creppell.
Charles T. Wolfe and Ofer Gal (eds.), The Body as Object and Instrument of Knowledge: Embodied Empiricism in Early Modern Science. Reviewed by Anita Guerrini.  
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the art of theory: a political philosophy quarterly, Inaugural Issue
Interview: 12 Questions with Michael Sandel
John P. McCormick, University of Chicago. Defending the People from the Professors: Machiavelli & Democracy.
Sharon Krause, Brown University. Moral Sentiment and the Politics of Human Rights.
Roundtable on Ryan Patrick Hanley's Adam Smith and the Character of Virtue
Ryan Patrick Hanley. Lead Essay.
Roundtable Comments
Catherine Labio
Gordon Graham
Fredrik Albritton Jonsson
Aaron Garrett
Fonna Forman-Barzilai
Response to Roundtable
Ryan Patrick Hanley
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Teaching Philosophy, Vol. 33, #4, 2010
Christopher P. Long. Cultivating Communities of Learning with Digital Media: Cooperative Education through Blogging and Podcasting
Heidi Giebel. Ethics without Controversy?
Nathan Andersen. Filmmaking in the Philosophy Classroom: Illustrating the Examined Life.
Review Article
Reshef Agam-Segal. Four Introductory Books in Ethics.
Book Reviews
Michael Boylan and Charles Johnson. Philosophy: An Innovative Introduction, Fictive Narrative, Primary Texts and Responsive Writing. Review by R. Eric Barnes.
William Lycan. Philosophy of Language: A Contemporary Introduction (2nd ed.). Review by Jason Decker.
David Hildebrand. Dewey. Review by Richard W. Field.
Jeffrey A. Schaler, ed. Peter Singer Under Fire: The Moral Iconoclast Faces His Critics. Review by Daniel Groll.
Melanie Joy. Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs and Wear Cows: An Introduction to Carnism. Review by George S. Matejka.
Jan Narveson. This Is Ethical Theory. Review by James M. Okapal.
Deanna Kuhn. Education for Thinking. Review by Dustin Tucker.
Graham Priest.  An Introduction to Non-Classical Logic: From If to Is, 2nd ed. Review by Aladdin M. Yaqub.

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