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February 7-11, 2011

Analysis, Vol. 71, #1, 2011
British Journal of Aesthetics, Vol. 51, #1, 2011
British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, Vol. 62, #1, 2011
Erkenntnis, Vol. 74, #1, 2011
Erkenntnis, Vol. 74, #2, 2011
History of Philosophy of Logic, Vol. 32, #1, 2011
Kantian Review, Vol. 15, #2, 2010
Kant-Studien, Vol. 101, No. 3, 2010
Legal Theory, Vol.16, #4, 2011
Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews
Philosophia, Vol. 39, #1, 2011
Philosophical Forum, Vol. 42, #1, 2011
Philosophy Compass, Vol. 6, #2, 2011
Ratio, Vol. 24, #1, 2011
Sophia, Vol. 49, #4, 2010
Studia Logica, Vol. 97, #1, 2011
Synthese, Vol. 178, #3, 2011
Theoria, Vol. 77, #1, 2011

Analysis, Vol. 71, #1, 2011

David S. Oderberg. The world is not an asymmetric graph.
Nicholas Shackel. The world as a graph: defending metaphysical graphical structuralism.
Peter Smith. Squeezing arguments.
Scott Sehon. A flawed conception of determinism in the Consequence Argument.
Stewart Shapiro. Truth, function and paradox.
Aviv Hoffmann. It’s not the end of the world: when a subtraction argument for metaphysical nihilism fails.
Nick Bostrom andMarcin Kulczycki. A patch for the Simulation Argument.
D. H. Mellor. Contingent facts: a reply to Cresswell and Rini.
M. J. Cresswell andA. A. Rini. Contingent facts: comments on Mellor’s reply.
Harold W. Noonan. The complex and simple views of personal identity.
Arif Ahmed. Out of the closet.
Ian B. Phillips. Stuck in the closet: a reply to Ahmed.
Charles B. Cross. Comparative world similarity and what is held fixed in counterfactuals.
Jim Stone. Counterpart theory v. the multiverse: reply to Watson.
David McNaughton andPiers Rawling. The making/evidential reason distinction.
Ezio Di Nucci. Frankfurt counterexample defended.
Graham Oppy. Objection to a simplified ontological argument.
Analysis Reviews
Book Symposium
Herman Cappelen, John Hawthorne, Herman Cappelen, and John Hawthorne. Relativism and Monadic Truth.
Michael Glanzberg. More on Operators and Tense. 
Scott Soames. True at.
Brian Weatherson. No Royal Road to Relativism. 
Herman Cappelen andJohn Hawthorne. Reply to Glanzberg, Soames and Weatherson.
Recent Work
Jesper Kallestrup. Recent Work on McKinsey’s Paradox.
Critical Notice
Jessica Wilson. Much Ado About ‘Something’.
Book Reviews
Jeremy Fantl and Matthew McGrath. Knowledge in an Uncertain World. Reviewed by Kenneth Boyd.
Richard Holton. Willing, Wanting, Waiting. Reviewed by Randolph Clarke.
Talbot Brewer. The Retrieval of Ethics. Reviewed by Bradford Cokelet.
James Griffin. On Human Rights. Reviewed by Paul Bloomfield and Bradley J. Strawser.
Michael Slote. Moral Sentimentalism. Reviewed by Angela M. Smith.
David Sobel and Steven Wall (eds.). Reasons for Action. Reviewed by Bart Streumer.
Joshua Cohen. Philosophy, Politics, Democracy. Reviewed by David Miller.
Amartya Sen. The Idea of Justice. Reviewed by Peter Vallentyne.
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British Journal of Aesthetics, Vol. 51, #1, 2011
Notes on Contributors
James O. Young. Kivy on Musical Genius.
Chris Tillman. Musical Materialism.
Maximilian de Gaynesford. How Not To Do Things With Words: J. L. Austin on Poetry.
Caj Strandberg. A Structural Disanalogy between Aesthetic and Ethical Value Judgements.
Rafael De Clercq. Modern Architecture and the Concept of Harmony.
Malcolm Budd. The Love of Art: More than a Promise of Happiness.
Symposium on Michael Fried: Why Photography Matters as Art as Never Before
Weston Naef. Remarks on Chapter One: Three Beginnings.
Stephen Mulhall. A Critical Commentary.
Michael Fried. Reply to Naef and Mulhall.
Book Reviews
Jacques Ranciere. Aesthetics and its Discontents. [also authored] The Aesthetic Unconscious. [Both] Reviewed by Ross Wilson.
Susan Herrington. On Landscapes. Reviewed by Stephanie Ross.
Arnold Berleant. Sensibility and Sense: The Aesthetic Transformation of the Human World. Reviewed by Isis Brook.
Rachel Teukolsky. The Literate Eye: Victorian Art Writing and Modernist Aesthetics. Reviewed by Rebecca Beasley.
Books Received // Journals Received
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British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, Vol. 62, #1, 2011
Valia Allori, Sheldon Goldstein, Roderich Tumulka, and Nino Zanghì. Many Worlds and Schrödinger’s First Quantum Theory.
Juha Saatsi andPeter Vickers. Miraculous Success? Inconsistency and Untruth in Kirchhoff’s Diffraction Theory.
Bryan W. Roberts. Group Structural Realism.
Jeffrey Dunn. Fried Eggs, Thermodynamics, and the Special Sciences.
Paul Tappenden. Evidence and Uncertainty in Everett’s Multiverse.
Jonah N. Schupbach. New Hope for Shogenji's Coherence Measure.
Juha Saatsi. The Enhanced Indispensability Argument: Representational versus Explanatory Role of Mathematics in Science.
Warren J. Ewens. What is the Gene Trying to Do?
William Demopoulos. Three Views of Theoretical Knowledge.
Franz Huber. Lewis Causation is a Special Case of Spohn Causation.
Christopher Pincock. On Batterman's ‘On the Explanatory Role of Mathematics in Empirical Science’.
Eric Christian Barnes. The Paradox of Predictivism. Reviewed by David Harker. 
Mauro Dorato. The Software of the Universe: An Introduction to the History and Philosophy of the Laws of Nature. Reviewed by Markus Schrenk.
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Erkenntnis, Vol. 74, #1, 2011

Original Article
Wen-fang Wang. Theories of Abstract Objects without Ad Hoc Restriction.
Andrew Virel Wake. Spacetime and Mereology.
Jonathan Tallant. There’s No Future in No-Futurism.
J. B. Paris and A. Vencovská. Symmetry’s End?
Anna-Sofia Maurin. An Argument for the Existence of Tropes.
William A. Bauer. An Argument for the Extrinsic Grounding of Mass.
Davide Rizza. Magicicada, Mathematical Explanation and Mathematical Realism.
Mikhail Kissine. Misleading Appearances: Searle on Assertion and Meaning.
Book Review
Jennifer Lackey: Learning from Words. Testimony as a Source of Knowledge. Reviewed by Nicola Mößner.
Alexander Bird: Nature’s Metaphysics. Laws and properties. Reviewed by Gerhard Schurz.
Thomas Bonk: Underdetermination. An Essay on Evidence and the Limits of Natural Knowledge. Reviewed by Jan Woleński.
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Erkenntnis, Vol. 74, #2, 2011
Original Article
Luciano Floridi. Semantic Information and the Correctness Theory of Truth.
Sven Rosenkranz. Objective Content.
Peter Baumann. A Puzzle About Responsibility: A Problem and its Contextualist Solution.
Nikk Effingham. Temporal Parts and Time Travel.
Clayton Littlejohn. Evidence and Knowledge.
Stefan Schubert. Coherence and Reliability: The Case of Overlapping Testimonies.
Carl G. Wagner. Peer Disagreement and Independence Preservation.
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History and Philosophy of Logic, Vol. 32, #1, 2011
Special Issue: Modern Review of Judaic Logic

Andrew Schumann. Preface.
Main Articles
Norman Solomon. The Evolution of Talmudic Reasoning.
Aviram Ravitsky. Saadya Gaon and Maimonides on the Logic and Limits of Legal Inference in Context of the Karaite-Rabbanite Controversy.
Mauro Zonta. About Todros Todrosi's Medieval Hebrew Translation of al-Fārābī's Lost Long Commentary/Gloss-Commentary On Aristotle's Topics, Book VIII.
Michael Abraham, Dov M. Gabbay, Gabriel Hazut, Yosef E. Maruvka and Uri Schild. Logical Analysis of the Talmudic Rules of General and Specific (Klalim-u-Pratim).
Dov M. Gabbay and Moshe Koppel. Uncertainty Rules in Talmudic Reasoning.
Andrew Schumann. Qal wa-omer and Theory of Massive-Parallel Proofs.
Yoel Matveyev. Between Enlightenment and Romanticism: Computational Kabbalah of Rabbi Pinchas Elijah Hurwitz.
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Kantian Review, Vol. 15, #2, 2010 (will be online soon)
Benjamin S.Yost. Kant's Justification of the Death Penalty Reconsidered
Sharon Anderson-Gold. Privacy. Respect and the Virtues of Reticence in Kant     
Howard Williams. Towards a Kantian Theory of International Distributive Justice.           
Anthony F. Lang Jr. Kant and the Supreme Proprietor: A Response.          
Christopher Dowling. Zangwill. Moderate Formalism. and Another Look at Kant's Aesthetic.
Anil Gomes. Is Kant's Transcendental Deduction of the Categories Fit for Purpose?
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Kant-Studien, Vol. 101, No. 3, 2010
Rico Hauswald . Umfangslogik und analytisches Urteil bei Kant.
Matthew C. Altman . Kant on Sex and Marriage: The Implications for the Same-Sex Marriage Debate.
Helga Varden . Kant's Non-Absolutist Conception of Political Legitimacy – How Public Right ‘Concludes’ Private Right in the “Doctrine of Right”.      
Berichte und Diskussionen
Michael Wolff . Logische und grammatische Form in der Prädikatenlogik – Anmerkungen zu einem „Gedanken“ Axel Bühlers.
Reinhard Brandt . Zwei Konjekturvorschläge zur Tugendlehre, § 9.
Hariolf Oberer . Noch einmal zu Kants Rechtsbegründung.
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Legal Theory, Vol.16, #4, 2011
Research Articles   
Patrick Capps and Julian Rivers. Kant's Concept of International Law.    
Jonathan Schaffer. Contrastive Causation in the Law.    
Front Cover (OFC, IFC) and matter // Back Cover (IBC, OBC) and matter
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Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews
Mitchell Aboulafia, Transcendence: On Self-Determination and Cosmopolitanism. Reviewed by Colin Koopman.
Alisa Bokulich and Gregg Jaeger (eds.), Philosophy of Quantum Information and Entanglement. Reviewed by Travis Norsen.
Radu J. Bogdan, Our Own Minds: Sociocultural Grounds for Self-Consciousness. Reviewed by Joel Smith.
Clare Carlisle, Kierkegaard's Fear and Trembling: A Reader's Guide. Reviewed by Alastair Hannay.
Paul Dicken, Constructive Empiricism. Epistemology and the Philosophy of Science. Reviewed by F. A. Muller. 
Abigail Levin, The Cost of Free Speech: Pornography, Hate Speech, and Their Challenge to Liberalism. Reviewed by Susan Dwyer.
Duncan Pritchard, Alan Millar, and Adrian Haddock, The Nature and Value of Knowledge: Three Investigations. Reviewed by Stephen R. Grimm.  
W. D. Hart, The Evolution of Logic. Reviewed by Mary Tiles.
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Philosophia, Vol. 39, #1, 2011
Leon de Bruin and Albert Newen. Consciousness, Reductionism and the Explanatory Gap: Investigations in Honor of Rudolf Carnap
David Papineau. What Exactly is the Explanatory Gap?
Peter Fazekas. Cognitive Architecture and the Epistemic Gap: Defending Physicalism without Phenomenal Concepts
Kevin Reuter. Is Imagination Introspective?
Reinaldo J. Bernal Velásquez. Materialism and the Subjectivity of Experience
Tyrus Fisher. Quine’s Behaviorism and Linguistic Meaning: Why Quine’s Behaviorism is not Illicit
Bennett Holman. Restrictive Materialism and the Propositional Attitudes
Santiago Arango-Muñoz. Two Levels of Metacognition
Niall Connolly. How the Dead Live
Seahwa Kim. On Gilmore’s Definition of ‘Dead’
Avital Pilpel and Lawrence Amsel. What is Wrong with Rational Suicide
Peter Nilsson. On the Suffering of Compassion
Maarten Boudry and Johan Braeckman. Immunizing Strategies and Epistemic Defense Mechanisms
Ryan Christensen. Propositional Names
Brandon Warmke. Moral Responsibility Invariantism
Book Review
Perez Zagorin. Hobbes and the Law of Nature. Reviewed by J. Judd Owen.
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Philosophical Forum, Vol. 42, #1, 2011
Original Articles
Byron J. Stoyles. Challenging the Epicureans: Death and Two Kinds of Well-Being.
Steven Ross. Justification, Moral Realism, and Expressivism.
Shlomo Cohen. Soft Categoricity in Ethics.
Carl B. Sachs. The Shape of a Good Question: Mcdowell, Evolution, and Transcendental Philosophy.
Michael Pendlebury. Objectivism Versus Realism.
Notes on Contributors // Books Received
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Philosophy Compass, Vol. 6, #2, 2011
Dennis J. Mazur. Full Disclosure of the ‘Raw Data’ of Research on Humans: Citizens’ Rights, Product Manufacturers’ Obligations and the Quality of the Scientific Database.
History of Philosophy
Samuel Newlands. Hegel’s Idealist Reading of Spinoza.
Samuel Newlands. More Recent Idealist Readings of Spinoza.
Legal & Political
Christie Hartley. Disability and Justice.
Philosophy of Religion
Morgan Luck. Defining Miracles: Violations of the Laws of Nature.
Stig Børsen Hansen. Wittgenstein’s Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus and Religion.
Teaching & Learning Guide
Dennis J. Mazur. Teaching & Learning Guide for: Full Disclosure of the ‘Raw Data’ of Research on Humans: Citizens’ Rights, Product Manufacturers’ Obligations and the Quality of the Scientific Database.
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Ratio, Vol. 24, #1, 2011
Original Articles
Paul Audi. Primitive Causal Relations and the Pairing Problem.
Brooke Natalie Barnum-Roberts. Apologizing without Regret.
Michael Cholbi. Depression, Listlessness, and Moral Motivation.
Brian Ribeiro. The Problem of Heaven.
Martin Smith. God and the External World.
Ching-wa Wong. Values, Desires, and Love: Reflections on Wollheim's Moral Psychology.
Lea Ypi. Self-Ownership and the State: A Democratic Critique.
Jonathan Beale. Discussion the Possibility of Authenticity: On Schönbaumsfeld's Wittgenstein.
Books Received
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Sophia, Vol. 49, #4, 2010
Special Issue on 2 Conferences: Biennial Conference in Philosophy, Religion and Culture; and the APRA Conference 2010
Purushottama Bilimoria. Editorial Preface.
Andrew Murray. Editorial – Biennial Conference in Philosophy, Religion and Culture.
Peter Forrest. Spinozistic Pantheism, the Environment and Christianity.
Jeremy Shearmur. Why the ‘Hopeless War’?: Approaching Intelligent Design.
John F. Owens. Creation and End-Directedness.
Shane Mackinlay. Heidegger’s Temple: How Truth Happens When Nothing is Portrayed.
Matthew Del Nevo. Baudelaire’s Aesthetic.
Morgan Luck. Conferring on Religion: Notes from the 2010 Australasian Philosophy of Religion Association Conference.
John Bishop. Secular Spirituality and the Logic of Giving Thanks.
N. N. Trakakis. Does Univocity Entail Idolatry?
Cal Ledsham. Love, Power and Consistency: Scotus’ Doctrines of God’s Power, Contingent Creation, Induction and Natural Law.
Morgan Luck. On Polkinghorne’s Unification of General Providence, Special Providence and Miracle.
Graham Oppy. Langtry on God, the Best and Evil- Review Discussion of Bruce Langtry, God, the Best and Evil.
Andrew Gleeson. The Power of God.
Andrew Gleeson. More on the Power of God: A Rejoinder to William Hasker.
James D. Proctor (ed.). Envisioning Nature, Science, and Religion. Reviewed by Andrew B. Irvine.
Mary-Jane Rubenstein. Strange Wonder: The Closure of Metaphysics and the Opening of Awe. Reviewed by Bradley L. Herling.
Avital Wohlman, Al-Ghazali. Averroës and the Interpretation of the Qur'an: Common Sense and Philosophy in Islam, Translated by David Burrell. Reviewed by Scott Girdner.
S. Bergmann, P. M. Scott, M. Jansdotter Samuelsson, and H. Bedford-Strohm (eds.). Nature, Space and the Sacred: Transdisciplinary Perspectives. Reviewed by Willis Jenkins.
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Studia Logica, Vol. 97, #1, 2011
The Legacy of Newton da Costa
Daniele Mundici and Itala M. Loffredo D’Ottaviano. Foreword.
Evandro Agazzi. Consistency, Truth and Ontology.
Ofer Arieli, Arnon Avron and Anna Zamansky. Maximal and Premaximal Paraconsistency in the Framework of Three-Valued Semantics.
Diderik Batens. Logics for Qualitative Inductive Generalization.
Walter Carnielli. The Single-minded Pursuit of Consistency and its Weakness.
Mauri Cunha do Nascimento, Décio Krause and Hércules de Araújo Feitosa. The Quasi-lattice of Indiscernible Elements.
Hugo Luiz Mariano and Francisco Miraglia. The Profinite Hull of Special Groups and Local-Global Principles.
Marek Nasieniewski and Andrzej Pietruszczak. A Method of Generating Modal Logics Defining Jaśkowski’s Discussive Logic D2.
Graham Priest. First-Order da Costa Logic.
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Synthese, Vol. 178, #3, 2011

Rasmus Grønfeldt Winther. Part-whole science.
J. P. Laraudogoitia. The inverse spaceship paradox.
Charlie Pelling. Characterizing hallucination epistemically.
Fabio Paglieri and John Woods. Enthymematic parsimony.
Annika Wallin. Is egocentric bias evidence for simulation theory?
Adam C. Podlaskowski and Joshua A. Smith. Infinitism and epistemic normativity.
Mikkel Gerken. Warrant and action.
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Theoria, Vol. 77, #1, 2011
Sven Ove Hansson. Philosophy in the Defence of Science.
Chen Bo. An Interview with Timothy Williamson.
Pierre Le Morvan. Knowledge, Ignorance and True Belief.
Vaughn Huckfeldt. Prudence, Commitments and Intertemporal Conflicts.
Bo Petersson. Axel Hagerstrom and His Early Version of Error Theory.
Cheng-Hung Tsai. Linguistic Know-How: The Limits of Intellectualism.
Elena Tatievskaya. Der Begriff der logischen Form in der analytischen Philosophie. Russell in Auseinandersetzung mit Frege, Meinong und Wittgenstein. Reviewed by Jan Wolenski.
Patricia Mindus. A Real Mind. The Life and Work of Axel Hagerstrom. Reviewed by Bo Petersson.
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