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January 10-14, 2011

Faith and Philosophy, Vol. 27, #4, 2010
Journal of Logic and Computation, Vol. 21, #1, 2011
Metaphilosophy, Vol. 42, #1-2, 2011
Mind & Language, Vol. 26, #1, 2011
Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews
Philosophers’ Imprint, Vol. 11, #1, 2011
Philosophical Papers, Vol. 39, #3, 2010

Faith and Philosophy, Vol. 27, #4, 2010
C. Stephen Evans. Wisdom as Conceptual Understanding: A Christian Platonist Perspective.
JT Paasch. Arius and Athanasius on the Production of God’s Son.
Kenneth Einar Himma. The Problem of Unresolved Wrongdoing.
Travis Dumsday. Divine Hiddenness, Free-Will, and the Victims of Wrongdoing.
Wes Morriston. Beginningless Past, Endless Future, and the Actual Infinite.
William Lane Craig. Taking Tense Seriously in Differentiating Past and Future: A Response to Wes Morriston.
William J. Wainwright. In Defense of Non-Natural Theistic Realism: A Response to Wielenberg.
Timothy O'Connor. Theism and Ultimate Explanation: The Necessary Shape of Contingency. Reviewed by R.W. Fischer.
Deane-Peter Baker. Tayloring Reformed Epistemology: Charles Taylor, Alvin Plantinga and the de jure Challenge to Christian Belief. Reviewed by James Beilby.
David O'Connor. God, Evil, and Design: An Introduction to the Philosophical Issues. Reviewed by David Basinger.
Michael Tooley. Abortion: Three Perspectives. Reviewed by Francis J. Beckwith.
David S. Oderberg. Real Essentialism. Reviewed by Edward Feser.
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Journal of Logic and Computation, Vol. 21, #1, 2011
Special Issue: Parallel and Distributed Methods in Verification

Ivana Černá and Boudewijn R. Haverkort.Parallel and Distributed Methods in Verification.
Original Articles
Erika Ábrahám, Tobias Schubert, Bernd Becker, Martin Fränzle, and Christian Herde. Parallel SAT Solving in Bounded Model Checking.
Jiří Barnat, Jakub Chaloupka, and Jaco Van De Pol. Distributed Algorithms for SCC Decomposition .
Stefan Blom, Bert Lisser, Jaco Van De Pol, and Michael Weber. A Database Approach to Distributed State-Space Generation.
Ming-Ying Chung and Gianfranco Ciardo. Speculative Image Computation for Distributed Symbolic Reachability Analysis.
Jonathan Ezekiel, Gerald Lüttgen, and Radu Siminiceanu. To Parallelize or to Optimize?
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Metaphilosophy, Vol. 42, #1-2, 2011

Lynne Rudder Baker.  First-Personal Aspects of Agency.
Kurt Mosser.  Naturalism and the Surreptitious Embrace of Necessity.
Mikel Burley.  Emotion and Anecdote in Philosophical Argument: The Case of Havi Carel's Illness.
Eugen Fischer.  How to Practise Philosophy as Therapy: Philosophical Therapy and Therapeutic Philosophy.
Christy Mag Uidhir and P. D. Magnus.  Art Concept Pluralism.
Neil C. Manson.  Why “Consciousness” Means What it Does.
Evan Selinger, Paul Thompson and Harry Collins. Catastrophe Ethics and Activist Speech: Reflections on Moral Norms, Advocacy, and Technical Judgment.
David Weissman.  Silent Conditions.
Timothy Williamson. The Philosophy of Philosophy.  Reviewed by D. Gene Witmer.
Eric Steinhart. More Precisely: The Math You Need to Do Philosophy.  Reviewed by Susan Vineberg.
Michael Potter. Wittgenstein's Notes on Logic.  Reviewed by Zach Weber.
Sean McKeever and Michael Ridge. Principled Ethics: Generalism as a Regulative Ideal.  Reviewed by Ira Singer.
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Notes on Contributors

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Mind & Language, Vol. 26, #1, 2011
Twenty-fifth Anniversary Paper
Josep Call. How artificial communication affects the communication and cognition of the Great Apes.
Clare R. Walsh and Steven A. Sloman. The Meaning of Cause and Prevent: The Role of Causal Mechanism
Eduardo García-Ramírez and Marilyn Shatz. On Problems with Descriptivism: Psychological Assumptions and Empirical Evidence.
Giovanni Pezzulo. Grounding Procedural and Declarative Knowledge in Sensorimotor Anticipation.
N. Ángel Pinillos, Nick Smith, G. Shyam Nair, Peter Marchetto and Cecilea Mun. Philosophy's New Challenge: Experiments and Intentional Action.
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Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews
Harry Brighouse and Ingrid Robeyns (eds.), Measuring Justice: Primary Goods and Capabilities. Reviewed by Cara Nine.
Jimena Canales, A Tenth of a Second: A History. Reviewed by Val Dusek.
Deborah K. Heikes, Rationality and Feminist Philosophy. Reviewed by Alessandra Tanesini.
Joseph Keim Campbell, Michael O'Rourke, and Harry S. Silverstein (eds.), Knowledge and Skepticism. Reviewed by Allan Hazlett.
Joseph Keim Campbell, Michael O'Rourke, and Harry Silverstein (eds.), Time and Identity. Reviewed by Ulrich Meyer.
Bryan T. McGraw, Faith in Politics: Religion and Liberal Democracy. Reviewed by Mark N. Jensen.
Paul K. Moser, The Evidence For God: Religious Knowledge Reexamined.Reviewed by Thomas D. Senor.
François Raffoul, The Origins of Responsibility. Reviewed by Keith Ansell-Pearson.
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Philosophers’ Imprint, Vol. 11, #1, 2011
Pekka Väyrynen, "Thick Concepts and Variability."
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Philosophical Papers, Vol. 39, #3, 2010
Retributive Emotions
Lucy Allais. Introduction.
Thomas Brudholm. Hatred as an Attitude.
Stephen Darwall. Justice and Retaliation.
Jules Holroyd. The Retributive Emotions: Passions and Pains of Punishment.
Elisa A. Hurley and Coleen Macnamara. Beyond Belief: Toward a Theory of the Reactive Attitudes.
Michelle Mason. On Shamelessness.
Brian Penrose. Humility and Understanding.
Alan Millar. Mill on the Cultivation of Feeling.
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