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December 1-3, 2010

British Journal for the History of Philosophy, Vol. 18, #5, 2010
British Journal for the History of Science, Vol. 43, Special Issue, 2010
British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, Vol. 61, #4, 2010
Faith and Philosophy, Vol. 27, #3, 2010
Mathematical Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society, Vol. 150, #1, 2011
Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews
Oxford Journal of Legal Studies, Vol. 30, #4, 2010
Pacific Philosophical Quarterly, Vol. 91, #4, 2010
Philosophia Mathematica, Vol. 18, #3, 2010
Philosophy and Public Affairs, Vol. 38, #3, 2010
Philosophy and Public Affairs, Vol. 38, #4, 2010
Philosophy Compass, Vol. 5, #12, 2010
Social Philosophy and Policy, Vol. 28, #2, 2011

Review of Psychology and Philosophy, Vol. 1, #3, 2010
Theoria, Vol. 76, #4, 2010

British Journal for the History of Philosophy, Vol. 18, #5, 2010
Ruben Buys. Between Actor and Spectator: Arnout Geulincx and the Stoics.
Stephen Puryear. Monadic Interaction.
Christian Leduc. Leibniz and Sensible Qualities.
Ralph C. S. Walker. Kant on the Number of Worlds.
Adrian Bardon. Kant and the Conventionality of Simultaneity.
Alexander Brown. On Behalf of J. S. Mill's ‘Assumption of Infallibility’ Argument.
Noel S. Adams. Søren Kierkegaard and Carl Ullmann: Two Allies in the War Against Speculative Philosophy.
Søren Overgaard. Royaumont Revisited.
Review Article
Leslie Armour. Looking for Whitehead.
Book Reviews
J. Kirby. Aristotle's Metaphysics: Form, Matter and Identity. Review by Laura M. Castelli.
Robert Pasnau, (ed. in association with Christina Van Dyk). The Cambridge History of Medieval Philosophy. Review by Paul Helm.
Michael LeBuffe. From Bondage to Freedom: Spinoza on Human Excellence. Review by Steven Nadler.
Arthur Melnick. Kant's Theory of the Self. Review by Colin Marshall.
Jean-Christophe Merle. German Idealism and the Concept of Punishment. Review by Matthew C. Altman.
Books Received // Editorial Board
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British Journal for the History of Science, Vol. 43, Special Issue #4, 2010
Research Articles
Kapil Raj. Introduction: circulation and locality in early modern science. 
Martha Few. Circulating smallpox knowledge: guatemalan doctors, maya indians and designing spain's smallpox vaccination expedition, 1780–1803. 
Catarina Madeira Santos. Administrative knowledge in a colonial context: angola in the eighteenth century. 
Jane H. Murphy. Locating the sciences in eighteenth-century egypt. 
Mary Terrall. Following insects around: tools and techniques of eighteenth-century natural history. 
Jakob Vogel. Locality and circulation in the habsburg empire: disputing the carlsbad medical salt, 1763–1784. 
Book Reviews
G.E.R. Lloyd. Disciplines in the Making. Review by Steve Fuller.
Samuel Y. Edgerton. The Mirror, the Window, and the Telescope: How Renaissance Linear Perspective Changed Our Vision of the Universe. Review by Ingrid D. Rowland.
Marc J. Ratcliff. The Quest for the Invisible: Microscopy in the Enlightenment. Review by Boris Jardine.
Roger Hutchins. British University Observatories 1772–1939. Review by Charlotte Bigg.
David Aubin, Charlotte Bigg and H. Otto Sibum (eds.). The Heavens on Earth: Observatories and Astronomy in Nineteenth-Century Science and Culture. Review by Rebekah Higgitt.
Christopher Carter. Magnetic Fever: Global Imperialism and Empiricism in the Nineteenth Century. Review by Lucas G. Freire.
Pietro Corsi. Fossils and Reputations. A Scientific Correspondence: Pisa, Paris, London, 1853–1857. Review by Simon Knell.
Sander Gliboff, H.G. Bronn, Ernst Haeckel, and the Origins of German Darwinism: A Study in Translation and Transformation. [and] Robert J. Richards. The Tragic Sense of Life: Ernst Haeckel and the Struggle over Evolutionary Thought. Review by Thomas P. Weber.
Mark S. Micale. Hysterical Men: the Hidden History of Male Nervous Illness. Review by Anne Harrington.
Samuel J.M.M. Alberti, Nature and Culture : Objects, Disciplines and the Manchester Museum. Review by Christine Macleod.
Geoffrey Burnstock, Richard Frackowiak, Uta Frith, Richard Gregory, Terry Jones, Sir Peter Mansfield, Salvador Moncada, Alan North, Roger Ordidge, Sir Michael Rutter, Ann Silver and Elizabeth Warrington. Today's Neuroscience, Tomorrow's History: A Video Archive Project, Interviews by Richard Thomas. Review by Michael A. Finn.
Books received //
Index of authors // Books reviewed
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British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, Vol. 61, #4, 2010
David Wallace and Christopher G. Timpson. Quantum Mechanics on Spacetime I: Spacetime State Realism.
Andrea Scarantino. Insights and Blindspots of the Cognitivist Theory of Emotions.
Norman Sieroka. Geometrization Versus Transcendent Matter: A Systematic Historiography of Theories of Matter Following Weyl.
P.D. Magnus. Inductions, Red Herrings, and the Best Explanation for the Mixed Record of Science.
Martin Smith. A Generalised Lottery Paradox for Infinite Probability Spaces.
Michael Devitt. Linguistic Intuitions Revisited.
Wayne Aitken and Jeffrey A. Barrett. A Note on the Physical Possibility of Transfinite Computation.
M. Strevens. Bigger Than Chaos: Understanding Complexity Through Probability. Review by Charlotte Werndl.
Robert C. Richardson. Evolutionary Psychology as Maladapted Psychology. Review by Norman Henry Freeman.
Alisa Bokulich. Reexamining the Quantum-Classical Relation: Beyond Reductionism and Pluralism. Review by Michael Berry.
Penelope Maddy. Second Philosophy: A Naturalistic Method. Review by Harvey Siegel.
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Faith and Philosophy, Vol. 27, #3, 2010
Alvin Plantinga. Naturalism, Theism, Obligation and Supervenience.
Hud Hudson. An Essay on Eden.
Michael Rota. A Problem for Hasker: Freedom with Respect to the Present, Hard Facts, and Theological Incompatibilism.
Daniel Diederich Farmer. Defining Omniscience: A Feminist Perspective.
William Hasker. Constitution and the Trinity: The Brower-Rea Proposal.
Luke Van Horn. Merricks’s Soulless Savior.
Book Reviews
Stewart Goetz and Charles Taliaferro. Naturalism. Review by Mark D. Linville.
Philip L. Quinn. Essays in the Philosophy of Religion. Review by Kevin Meeker.
Richard Swinburne. Was Jesus God? Review by Glenn B. Siniscalchi.
Walter Sinnott-Armstrong. Moral Skepticisms. Review by E. J. Coffman.
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Mathematical Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society, Vol. 150, #1, 2011
Research Articles
N. H. Bingham and A. J. Ostaszewski. Dichotomy and infinite combinatorics: the theorems of Steinhaus and Ostrowski.
H. Lange and P. E. Newstead. Lower bounds for Clifford indices in rank three. Florian Enescu and Yongwei Yao. The lower semicontinuity of the Frobenius splitting numbers.
Robert M. Guralnick, Gabriel Navarro and Pham Huu Tiep. Real class sizes and real character degrees.
A. Raouj, A. Stef and G. Tenenbaum. Mesures quadratiques de la proximité des diviseurs.
Pierre-Emmanuel Caprace and Nicolas Monod. Decomposing locally compact groups into simple pieces.
Waldemar Del Jesús Barrera Vargas, Angel Cano Cordero and Juan Pablo Navarrete Carrillo. The limit set of discrete subgroups of PSL(3, ℂ).
Thomas Jordan and Michal Rams. Multifractal analysis for Bedford–McMullen carpets.
Neil Dobbs. Nice sets and invariant densities in complex dynamics.
Siegfried Graf, Harald Luschgy and Gilles Pagès. Fractal functional quantization of mean-regular stochastic processes.
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Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews
S. A. Lloyd. Morality in the Philosophy of Thomas Hobbes: Cases in the Law of Nature. Review by Matthew Noah Smith.
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Oxford Journal of Legal Studies, Vol. 30, #4, 2010
Robert E. Goodin. An Epistemic Case for Legal Moralism.
Dale Smith. Theoretical Disagreement and the Semantic Sting.
Andrew T. Williams. Promoting Justice after Lisbon: Groundwork for a New Philosophy of EU Law.
Meital Pinto. What Are Offences to Feelings Really About? A New Regulative Principle for the Multicultural Era.
James Edwards. Justice Denied: The Criminal Law and the Ouster of the Courts.
Richard Stacey. Democratic Jurisprudence and Judicial Review: Waldron’s Contribution to Political Positivism.
Peter Chau. Temptations, Social Deprivation and Punishment.
Joanna Benjamin. The Narratives of Financial Law.
Review Article
Alison L. Young. Deference, Dialogue and the Search for Legitimacy.
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Pacific Philosophical Quarterly, Vol. 91, #4, 2010
Original Articles
Michael Mcglone. Essentialist Arguments against Descriptivism.
Bence Nanay. Transparency and Sensorimotor Contingencies: Do We See Through Photographs?
Mark Phelan. The Inadequacy of Paraphrase is the Dogma Of Metaphor.
Greg Sax. Having Know-How: Intellect, Action, and Recent Work on Ryle's Distinction between Knowledge-How and Knowledge-That.
Eric Schwitzgebel. Acting Contrary to our Professed Beliefs or the Gulf between Occurrent Judgment and Dispositional Belief.
Lionel Shapiro. Two Kinds of Intentionality in Locke.
Patrick Toner. St. Thomas Aquinas on Death and the Separated Soul.
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Philosophia Mathematica, Vol. 18, #3, 2010
David Corfield. Understanding the Infinite I: Niceness, Robustness, and Realism.
G. Aldo Antonelli. Notions of Invariance for Abstraction Principles.
Jamin Asay. How to Express Ontological Commitment in the Vernacular.
J. M. Dieterle. Social Construction in the Philosophy of Mathematics: A Critical Evaluation of Julian Cole’s Theory.
Joongol Kim. Yi on 2.
Critical Studies/Book Reviews
Mary Leng. Mathematics and Reality. Review by John P. Burgess.
Stefania Centrone. Logic and Philosophy of Mathematics in the Early Husserl. Synthese Library 345. Review by Mirja Hartimo.
Paolo Mancosu, ed. The Philosophy of Mathematical Practice. Review by Brendan Larvor.
C.S. Jenkins. Grounding Concepts: An Empirical Basis for Arithmetical Knowledge. Review by Neil Tennant.
Book of Essays
Benedikt Löwe and Thomas Müller, eds. PhiMSAMP: Philosophy of Mathematics: Sociological Aspects and Mathematical Practice.
Solomon Feferman, Charles Parsons, and Steven [sic] G. Simpson, eds. Kurt Gödel: Essays for His Centennial.
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Philosophy and Public Affairs, Vol. 38, #3, 2010

Original Articles
Arthur Isak Applbaum. Legitimacy without the Duty to Obey.
Kristi A. Olson. The Endowment Tax Puzzle.
Alexander A. Guerrero. The Paradox of Voting and the Ethics of Political Representation.
Notes on the Contributors
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Philosophy and Public Affairs, Vol. 38, #4, 2010
Original Articles
R. Jay Wallace. Hypocrisy, Moral Address, and the Equal Standing of Persons.
Jeff Mcmahan. The Just Distribution of Harm Between Combatants and Noncombatants.
Joseph Mazor. Liberal Justice, Future People, and Natural Resource Conservation.
Notes on the Contributors //

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Philosophy Compass, Vol. 5, #12, 2010

Berys Gaut. The Philosophy of Creativity.
Darren Hudson Hick. Forgery and Appropriation in Art.
Jonathan Way. The Normativity of Rationality.
Matthew S. Bedke. Intuitional Epistemology in Ethics.
History of Philosophy
Anne Margaret Baxley. The Aesthetics of Morality: Schiller’s Critique of Kantian Rationalism.
Rich Cameron. Aristotle’s Teleology.
Legal & Political
Jorn Sonderholm. Ethical Issues Surrounding Intellectual Property Rights.
Christopher J. G. Meacham. Contemporary Approaches to Statistical Mechanical Probabilities: A Critical Commentary – Part I: The Indifference Approach.
Christopher J. G. Meacham. Contemporary Approaches to Statistical Mechanical Probabilities: A Critical Commentary – Part II: The Regularity Approach.
Mind & Cognitive Science
Clare Batty. Olfactory Experience I: The Content of Olfactory Experience.
Clare Batty. Olfactory Experience II: Objects and Properties.
Philosophy of Science
David John Baker. Symmetry and the Metaphysics of Physics.
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Review of Psychology and Philosophy, Vol. 1, #3, 2010
Special Issue: Psychology and Experimental Philosophy (Part II). Guest editors E. Machery, T. Lombrozo and J. Knobe
Joshua Knobe, Tania Lombrozo and Eduoard Machery. Dimensions of experimental philosophy.
David Faraci and David Shoemaker. Insanity, Deep Selves, and Moral Responsibility: The Case of JoJo.
Liane Young, Shaun Nichols and Rebecca Saxe. Investigating the Neural and Cognitive Basis of Moral Luck: It’s Not What You Do but What You Know.
Paulo Sousa and Colin Holbrook. Folk Concepts of Intentional Action in the Contexts of Amoral and Immoral Luck.
Adam Arico. Folk Psychology, Consciousness, and Context Effects.
Wesley Buckwalter. Knowledge Isn’t Closed on Saturday: A Study in Ordinary Language.
William P. Seeley. Imagining Crawling Home: A Case Study in Cognitive Science and Aesthetics.
The Proper Province of Philosophy
Justin Sytsma. Conceptual Analysis and Empirical Investigation.
Max Deutsch. Intuitions, Counter-Examples, and Experimental Philosophy.
L. A. Paul. A New Role for Experimental Work in Metaphysics.
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Social Philosophy and Policy, Vol. 28, #1, 2011
Research Articles
Larry Alexander. What are Constitutions, and What Should (and Can) They Do?
John David Lewis. Constitution and Fundamental Law: The Lesson of Classical Athens.
Loren E. Lomasky. Contract, Covenant, Constitution.
Michael Zuckert and Felix Valenzuela. Constitutionalism in the Age of Terror.
Fernando R. Tesón. The Liberal Constitution and Foreign Affairs.
Sanford Levinson. Do Constitutions Have a Point? Reflections on “Parchment Barriers” and Preambles.
Scott D. Gerber. The Origins of an Independent Judiciary in New York, 1621–1777.
Ilya Somin. Foot Voting, Political Ignorance, and Constitutional Design.
William A. Galston. Pluralist Constitutionalism.
James S. Fishkin. Deliberative Democracy and Constitutions.
Guido Pincione. The Constitution of Nondomination.
Richard A. Epstein. Can We Design an Optimal Constitution? Of Structural Ambiguity and Rights Clarity.
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Theoria, Vol. 76, #4, 2010
Sven Ove Hansson. The Right to Be Technical.
George Botterill. Two Kinds of Causal Explanation.
Oscar Horta. Discrimination in Terms of Moral Exclusion.
Ernst Wolff. Technicity of the Body as Part of the Socio-technical System: the Contributions of Mauss and Bourdieu.
David B. Martens. William Heytesbury and the Conditions for Knowledge.
Uwe Meixner. The Theory of Ontic Modalities. Review by Jan Woleński.
Nicholas J. J. Smith. Vagueness and Degrees of Truth. Review by Roy T. Cook.
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