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Dec. 20-22, 2010

Behavioral and Brain Sciences, Vol. 33, #6, 2010
Biology & Philosophy, Vol. 26, #1, 2011
Heythrop Journal, Vol. 52, #1, 2011
Journal of Social Philosophy, Vol.  41, #4, 2010
Philosophers’ Imprint, Vol. 10, #12, 2010
Philosophical Review, Vol. 120, #1, 2011
Philosophy: Journal of the Royal Institute of Philosophy, Vol. 86, #1, 2011
Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society, Vol. 110, 2010

Behavioral and Brain Sciences, Vol. 33, #6, 2010
Target Article
Paula M. Niedenthal and Martial Mermillod and Marcus Maringer and Ursula Hess. The Simulation of Smiles (SIMS) model: Embodied simulation and the meaning of facial expression.
Open Peer Commentary
Mimicry and simulation in gesture comprehension by Martha W. Alibali and Autumn B. Hostetter.
Emotion simulation and expression understanding: A case for time by Marian Stewart Bartlett.
“Smile down the phone”: Extending the effects of smiles to vocal social interactions by Frédéric Basso and Olivier Oullier.
Expressive smiles or leucosignals? by Paul Bouissac.
The role of embodied change in perceiving and processing facial expressions of others by Pablo Briñol and Kenneth G. DeMarree and K. Rachelle Smith.
Beyond smiles: The impact of culture and race in embodying and decoding facial expressions Roberto Caldara.
Honest smiles as a costly signal in social exchange by Samuele Centorrino and Elodie Djemai and Astrid Hopfensitz and Manfred Milinski and Paul Seabright.
Eyes, amygdala, and other models of face processing: Questions for the SIMS model by Bhismadev Chakrabarti.
Re-thinking the causes, processes, and consequences of simulation by Betty Chang and Nicolas Vermeulen.
Eye gaze and conscious processing in severely brain-injured patients by Camille Chatelle and Steven Laureys and Steve Majerus and Caroline Schnakers.
How does perceiving eye direction modulate emotion recognition? by Laurence Conty and Julie Grèzes and David Sander.
Cultural variations on the SIMS model by Christine M. Covas-Smith and Justin Fine and Arthur M. Glenberg and Eric Keylor and Yexin Jessica Li and Elizabeth Marsh and Elizabeth A. Osborne and Tamer Soliman and Claire Yee.
Embodied simulation and the meaning of facial expression in autism by Kris Evers and Ilse Noens and Jean Steyaert and Johan Wagemans.
Le bon dieu est dans le detail: Is smiling the recognition of happiness? by José-Miguel Fernández-Dols and Pilar Carrera.
Does motor mimicry contribute to emotion recognition? by Cindy Hamon-Hill and John Barresi.
No mirrors for the powerful: Why dominant smiles are not processed using embodied simulation by Li Huang and Adam D. Galinsky.
Could embodied simulation be a by-product of emotion perception? by Julian Kiverstein and Edoardo Zamuner.
The dynamic interaction of conceptual and embodied knowledge by Daniël Lakens and Kirsten I. Ruys.
Show your teeth or not: The role of the mouth and eyes in smiles and its cross-cultural variations by Chao Liu and Yue Ge and Wen-Bo Luo and Yue-Jia Luo.
Motivational aspects of recognizing a smile by Janek S. Lobmaier and Martin H. Fischer.
Grounding the meaning of non-prototypical smiles on motor behavior by Timothy A. Mann and Yoonsuck Choe.
The proximate mechanisms and ultimate functions of smiles by Marc Mehu and Karim N'Diaye.
Conceptual knowledge: Grounded in sensorimotor states, or a disembodied deus ex machina? by Ezequiel Morsella and Carlos Montemayor and Jason Hubbard and Pareezad Zarolia.
What's behind the smile? by John J. Ohala.
What's embodied in a smile? by Disa A. Sauter and Stephen C. Levinson.
Is eye contact the key to the social brain? by Atsushi Senju and Mark H. Johnson.
Can we really leave gender out of it? Individual differences and the Simulation of Smiles model by Elizabeth Simpson and Dorothy Fragaszy.
Baby smile response circuits of the parental brain by James E. Swain and S. Shaun Ho.
Embodied simulation and the search for meaning are not necessary for facial expression processing by Jacob M. Vigil and Patrick Coulombe.
Embodied and disembodied processing of emotional expressions: Insights from autism spectrum disorders by Piotr Winkielman.
The future of SIMS: Who embodies which smile and when? by Paula M. Niedenthal and Martial Mermillod and Marcus Maringer and Ursula Hess.
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Biology & Philosophy, Vol. 26, #1, 2011
Kevin Brosnan. Do the evolutionary origins of our moral beliefs undermine moral knowledge?
Derek D. Turner. Gould’s replay revisited.
Adam La Caze. The role of basic science in evidence-based medicine.
Jani Raerinne. Allometries and scaling laws interpreted as laws: a reply to Elgin.
Stefaan Blancke, Maarten Boudry and Johan Braeckman. Simulation of biological evolution under attack, but not really: a response to Meester.
Thomas Pradeu. What philosophy of biology should be. Rosenberg, McShea: Philosophy of biology. A contemporary introduction. Routledge, 2008
Nicholas Shea. New concepts can be learned. Susan Carey, The Origin of Concepts, Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2009.
Book Review Essay
(R)evolutionary aesthetics: Denis Dutton’s The art instinct: beauty, pleasure and human evolution. Review by Justine Kingsbury.
Against reduction. A critical notice of Molecular models: philosophical papers on molecular biology by Sahotra Sarkar. Review by James Maclaurin.
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Heythrop Journal, Vol. 52, #1, 2011
Thomas F. Morris. The Way in Which Socrates is Religious: The Epilogue of the First Speech of the Apology.
Michael Craig Rhodes. Handmade: A Critical Analysis of John of Damascus's Reasoning for Making Icons.
Virgil Martin Nemoianu. Pascalian Faith and the Place Of The Wager.
Lloyd Strickland. Taking Scripture Seriously: Leibniz and the Jehoshaphat Problem.
Lucas Thorpe. The Realm of Ends As A Community of Spirits: Kant and Swedenborg on the Kingdom of Heaven and the Cleansing of the Doors of Perception.
A.R. Bjerke. Hegel and the Love of the Concept.
Ono Paul Ekeh. Newman's Cogito: John Henry Newman's Phenomenological Meditations on First Philosophy.
Patrick Zoll. How to Proceed Philosophically? A Critique of Alasdair Macintyre's Narrative-Historicist Conception of Progress.
Book Reviews
M. R. Wright. Introducing Greek Philosophy. Review by Robin Waterfield.
Panagiotis Thanassas. Parmenides, Cosmos, and Being: A Philosophical Interpretation. Review by Robin Waterfield.
Scott Austin. Parmenides and the History of Dialectic: Three Essays. Review by Robin Waterfield.
Patricia Fagan and John Russon (eds.). Reexamining Socrates in the Apology. Review by Robin Waterfield.
Nicholas Denyer (ed.). Plato: Protagoras. Review by Robin Waterfield.
Gail Fine (ed.). The Oxford Handbook of Plato. Review by Robin Waterfield.
Catalin Partenie (ed.). Plato's Myths. Review by Robin Waterfield.
Paul Studtmann. The Foundations of Aristotle's Categorial Scheme. Review by Patrick Madigan.
Paula Gottlieb. The Virtue of Aristotle's Ethics. Review by Patrick Madigan.
Tim O'Keefe. Epicureanism. Review by Robin Waterfield.
Robert Sharples and Richard Sorabji (eds.). Greek & Roman Philosophy: 100 BC - 200 AD. Review by Michael Ewbank.
Pauliina Remes. Neoplatonism. Review by Robin Waterfield.
George Karamanolis and Anne Sheppard (eds.). Studies on Porphyry. Review by Michael Ewbank.
Paul K. Moser (ed.). Jesus and Philosophy: New Essays. Review by Peter S. Dillard.
Sara Parvis and Paul Foster (eds.). Justin Martyr and His Worlds. Review by Noël Pretila.
Leo Duprée Sandgren. Vines Intertwined: a History of Jews and Christians from the Babylonian Exile to the Advent of Islam. Review by Patrick Madigan.
Ian Logan. Reading Anselm's Proslogion: The History of Anselm's Argument and its Significance Today. Review by Toivo J. Holopainen.
Harm Goris, Herwi Rikhof, and Henk Schoot (eds.). Divine Transcendence and Immanence in the Work of Thomas Aquinas. Review by Sean Otto.
Peter J. Casarella (ed.). Cusanus: the Legacy of Learned Ignorance. Review by Patrick Madigan.
Topics in Latin Philosophy from the 12th to the 14th Centuries: Collected Essays of Sten Ebbesen, Volume 2. Review by Rory Fox.
André Azevedo Alves and José Moreira. The Salamanca School (Major Conservative and Libertarian Thinkers). Review by Patrick Madigan.
Anthony J. Carroll. Protestant Modernity: Weber, Secularisation, and Protestantism. Review by Jean-Yves Calvez.
R.J.W. Evans and Alexander Marr (eds.). Curiosity and Wonder from the Renaissance to the Enlightenment. Review by Alastair Hamilton.
Steven Matthews. Theology and Science in the Thought of Francis Bacon. Review by Guido Giglioni.
Deborah J. Brown. Descartes and the Passionate Mind. Review by Rachel Paine.
Janice Thomas. The Minds of the Moderns: Rationalism, Empiricism, and the Philosophy of Mind. Review by Fiona Ellis.
W. J. Mander. The Philosophy of John Norris. Review by Bernard N. Wills.
Michael LeBuffe. From Bondage to Freedom: Spinoza on Human Excellence. Review by Patrick Madigan.
Tammy Nyden-Bullock. Spinoza's Radical Cartesian Mind. Review by Jonathan Wright.
K. Joanna S. Forstrom. John Locke and Personal Identity: Immortality and Bodily Resurrection in 17th-Century Philosophy. Review by Patrick Madigan.
Lieven Boeve, Joeri Schrijvers, Wessel Stoker and Hendrik M. Vroom (eds.). Faith in the Enlightenment? The Critique of the Enlightenment Revisited. Review by John K. Burk.
Matthew Stewart. The Courtier and the Heretic: Leibniz, Spinoza, and the Fate of God in the Modern World. Review by Patrick Madigan.
Elaine Fulton. Catholic Belief and Survival in Late Sixteenth-Century Vienna: The Case of Georg Eder (1523–87). Review by Alastair Hamilton.
Ricardo J. Quinones. Erasmus and Voltaire: Why They Still Matter. Review by Patrick Madigan.
Ulrich Lehner. Kants Vorsehungskonzept auf dem Hintergrund der Deutschen Schulphilosophie und-theologie (Brill's Studies in Intellectual History, vol. 149). Review by Jacqueline Mariña.
Katerina Deligiorgi (ed.). Hegel: New Directions. Review by Jason A. Powell.
David Gray Carlson. A Commentary on Hegel's Science of Logic. Review by Jason A. Powell.
Alan Vincelette. Recent Catholic Philosophy: The Nineteenth Century. Review by John Sullivan.
Lee Braver. A Thing of This World: A History of Continental Anti-Realism. Review by Bradford McCall.
David Walsh. The Modern Philosophical Revolution: The Luminosity of Existence. Review by T. Remington Harkness.
C. J. T. Talar (ed.). Modernists & Mystics. Review by John Sullivan.
David Schultenover (ed.). The Reception of Pragmatism in France & the Rise of Roman Catholic Modernism, 1890 - 1914. Review by John Sullivan.
Guillermo E. Rosado Haddock. The Young Carnap's Unknown Master: Husserl's Influence on Der Raum and Der logische Aufbau der Welt. Review by Patrick Madigan.
Tim Labron. Wittgenstein and Theology. Review by Terrance W. Klein.
Stéphane Mosès (translated by Barbara Harshav). The Angel of History: Rosenzweig, Benjamin, Scholem. Review by Patrick Madigan.
Susannah Heschel. The Aryan Jesus: Christian Theologians and the Bible in Nazi Germany. Review by Luke Penkett.
Brian Gregor and Jens Zimmermann (eds.). Bonhoeffer and Continental Thought: Cruciform Philosophy (Indiana Series in the Philosophy of Religion). Review by Michael Mawson.
Peter E. Gordon. Continental Divide: Heidegger, Cassirer, Davos. Review by Patrick Madigan.
Peter S. Dillard. Heidegger and Philosophical Atheology: A Neo-Scholastic Critique (Continuum Studies in Continental Philosophy). Review by John R. Williams.
Jason Powell. Heidegger's Contributions to Philosophy: Life and the Last God. Review by Bradford McCall.
Bernhard Radloff. Heidegger and the Question of National Socialism: Disclosure and Gestalt. Review by Peter S. Dillard.
Paul Crittenden. Sartre in Search of an Ethics. Review by Patrick Madigan.
Heiner Wittmann. Aesthetics in Sartre and Camus: the Challenge of Freedom. Review by Patrick Madigan.
David Mikics. Who Was Jacques Derrida? An Intellectual Biography. Review by Patrick Madigan.
Robert Piercey. The Crisis in Continental Philosophy: History, Truth and the Hegelian Legacy. Review by Patrick Madigan.
Kristin Gjesdal. Gadamer and the Legacy of German Idealism. Review by Patrick Madigan.
Silvia Benso and Brian Schroeder (eds.). Contemporary Italian Philosophy: Crossing the Borders of Ethics, Politics, and Religion. Review by Marie L. Baird.
John Foster. A World For Us: The Case for Phenomenalistic Idealism. Review by R. W. Fischer.
Jan-Olav Henriksen. Desire, Gift, and Recognition: Christology and Postmodern Philosophy. Review by Robert G. Rexroat.
Frederiek Depoortere. Christ in Postmodern Philosophy. Review by Glenn Morrison.
John R. Searle. Making the Social World: the Structure of Human Civilization. Review by Patrick Madigan.
Timothy Mosteller. Relativism in Contemporary American Philosophy. Review by John K. Burk.
Oliver D. Crisp and Michael C. Rea (eds.). Analytic Theology: New Essays in the Philosophy of Theology. Review by Dermot Cassidy.
Thomas P. Flint and Michael Rea (eds.). The Oxford Handbook of Philosophical Theology. Review by Dermot Cassidy.
Keith Robinson (ed.). Deleuze, Whitehead, Bergson: Rhizomatic Connections. Review by Vincent Lloyd.
Dennis Ford. The Search for Meaning: A Short History. Review by Alexander Lucie-Smith.
Fergus Kerr. Twentieth-Century Catholic Theologians. Review by Patrick Madigan.
Richard M. Liddy. Startling Strangeness: Reading Lonergan's Insight. Review by Michael McGuckian.
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Journal of Social Philosophy, Vol.  41, #4, 2010
Recognition of Reviewers.
Helga Varden. You have full text access to this contentKant and Lying to the Murderer at the Door . . . One More Time: Kant's Legal Philosophy and Lies to Murderers and Nazis.
Alice MacLachlan. Unreasonable Resentments.
Chris W. Surprenant. Minority Oppression and Justified Revolution.
Andrew Smith. On the Epistemic Incentives to Deliberate Publicly.
Samuel A. Butler. Arendt and Aristotle on Equality, Leisure, and Solidatiry.
Raymond Critch. Shelby’s Account of Solidarity and the Problem of Compatibility.
Cynthia Townley. Animals and Humans: Grounds for Separation?
Christopher A. Riddle. Indexing, Capabilities, and Disability.
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Philosophers’ Imprint, Vol. 10, #12, 2010
Ann Whittle, "Dispositional Abilities."
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Philosophical Review, Vol. 120, #1, 2011
Mark Schroeder. Ought, Agents, and Actions.
Pär Sundström. On Imagism about Phenomenal Thought.
John Martin Fischer and Patrick Todd. The Truth about Freeedom: A Reply to Merricks.
Book Reviews
Peter Hylton. Quine. Review by Christopher S. Hill.
Andrew Janiak. Newton as Philosopher. Review by Lisa Downing.
Eric Gregory. Politics and the Order of Love: An Augustinian Ethic of Democratic Citizenship. Review by Paul Weithman.
Michelle Kosch. Freedom and Reason in Kant, Schelling and Kierkegaard. Review by Robert L. Perkins.
John McDowell. Having the World in View: Essays on Kant, Hegel, and Sellars. Review by Paul Redding.
Peter Godfrey-Smith. Darwinian Populations and Natural Selection. Review by Ingo Brigandt.
Books Received
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Philosophy: Journal of the Royal Institute of Philosophy, Vol. 86, #1, 2011
Editorial: Philosophy and Public Impact

Notes on Contributors
Research Articles
Robert Audi. The Ethics of Belief and Morality of Action: Intellectual Responsibility and Rational Disagreement.
Bryan Magee. Intimations of
Denis Corish. Earlier and Later If and Only If Past, Present and Future.
Barbara Hannan. To Choose or Not to Choose: Locke and Lowe On the Nature and Powers of the Self.
Craig Taylor. Literature, Moral Reflection and Ambiguity.
Gary Jason. Does Virtue Epistemology Provide a Better a Account of the Ad Hominem Argument? A Reply to Christopher Johnson.
Book Reviews
Galen Strawson. Selves: An Essay in Revisionary Metaphysics. Review by Barry Dainton.
Robin Small. Time and Becoming in Nietzsche's Thought. Review by Christoph Schuringa.
Roger Scruton. I Drink therefore I am : A Philosopher's Guide to Wine. Review by Tim Crane.
Books Received
Robin Attfield.
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Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society, Vol. 110, issue 3, pt. 3, 2010

David Wallace. Diachronic Rationality and Prediction-Based Games.
Alexander Nehamas. The Good of Friendship.
Robyn Carston. Metaphor: Ad Hoc Concepts, Literal Meaning and Mental Images.
Gail Fine. Aristotle’s Two Worlds: Knowledge and Belief in Posterior Analytics 1.33.
Nishi Shah. The Limits of Normative Detachment.
Discussion Notes
Bradley Armour-Garb. Goodness Deflated?
Laureano Luna. A Failed Cassatio? A Note on Valor and Martínez on Goldstein.
Graduate Papers from the 2009 Joint Session
Tim Button. Dadaism: Restrictivism as Militant Quietism.
Nadine Elzein. Conflicting Reasons and Freedom of the Will.
Alexander Jackson. The Inflexibility of Relative Truth.
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