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November 1-5, 2010

American Journal of Bioethics, Vol. 10, #10, 2010
Erkenntnis, Vol. 73, #2, 2010
Erkenntnis, Vol. 73, #3, 2010
Logic Journal of the IGPL, Vol. 18, #6, 2010
Natural Language Semantics, Vol. 18, #4, 2010
Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews
Philosophical Forum, Vol. 41, #4, 2010
Philosophical Studies, Vol. 151, #2, 2010
Philosophical Studies, Vol. 151, #3, 2010
Philosophy Compass, Vol. 5, #11, 2010
Utilitas, Vol. 22, #4, 2010

American Journal of Bioethics, Vol. 10, #10, 2010

Glenn McGee. A Journal of a Journal: The Founding Editor's Perspective on The American Journal of Bioethics.
David Magnus. The History of The American Journal of Bioethics.
Paul Root Wolpe. The American Journal of Bioethics Today.
Ken Kipnis, Nancy M. P. King, Robert M. Nelson. An Open Letter to Institutional Review Boards Considering Northfield Laboratories’ PolyHeme® Trial.
Chuck Grassley. Americans Should Not Be on a Game Show in U.S. Emergency Rooms and Ambulances.
Dana Katz, Arthur L. Caplan, Jon F. Merz. All Gifts Large and Small: Toward an Understanding of the Ethics of Pharmaceutical Industry Gift-Giving.
Diane Bieri. PhRMA's Code on Interactions With Healthcare Professionals.
Rosamond Rhodes. Rethinking Research Ethics.
Greg Koski. “Rethinking Research Ethics,” Again: Casuistry, Phronesis, and the Continuing Challenges of Human Research.
Paul Root Wolpe, Kenneth R. Foster, Daniel D. Langleben. Emerging Neurotechnologies for Lie-Detection: Promises and Perils.
Steven E. Hyman. Emerging Neurotechnologies for Lie-Detection: Where Are We Now? An Appraisal of Wolpe, Foster and Langleben's “Emerging Neurotechnologies for Lie-Detection: Promise and Perils” Five Years Later.
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Erkenntnis, Vol. 73, #2, 2010
Original Articles
Sascia Pavan. Sentential Connectives and Translation.
Gilead Bar-Elli. Analyticity and Justification in Frege.
Chase B. Wrenn. A Puzzle About Desire.
Kristie Miller. The Existential Quantifier, Composition and Contingency.
Andrea Bianchi. Dicing with Saul Kripke.
Critical Discussion
Michael Devitt. What “Intuitions” are Linguistic Evidence?
Felix Mühlhölzer. Mathematical Intuition and Natural Numbers: A Critical Discussion [regarding] Charles Parsons' Mathematical Thought and Its Objects.
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Erkenntnis, Vol. 73, #3, 2010
Reduction and the Special Sciences
Mark Colyvan and Stephan Hartmann. Editorial to “Reduction and the Special Sciences”.
Original Articles
Ingo Brigandt. Beyond Reduction and Pluralism: Toward an Epistemology of Explanatory Integration in Biology.
William Bechtel. The Downs and Ups of Mechanistic Research: Circadian Rhythm Research as an Exemplar.
Kevin D. Hoover. Idealizing Reduction: The Microfoundations of Macroeconomics.
Panu Raatikainen. Causation, Exclusion, and the Special Sciences.
Jack Vromen. MICRO-Foundations in Strategic Management: Squaring Coleman’s Diagram.
Peter Abell, Teppo Felin and Nicolai Foss. Causal and Constitutive Relations, and the Squaring of Coleman’s Diagram: Reply to Vromen.
Foad Dizadji-Bahmani, Roman Frigg and Stephan Hartmann. Who’s Afraid of Nagelian Reduction?
Paul Teller. Mechanism, Reduction, and Emergence in Two Stories of the Human Epistemic Enterprise.
Craig Callender and Jonathan Cohen. Special Sciences, Conspiracy and the Better Best System Account of Lawhood.
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Logic Journal of the IGPL, Vol. 18, #6, 2010
D. Gabbay and J. Siekmann. Algorithms in cognition, informatics and logic: A position manifesto.
Original Articles
Gilles Dowek, Murdoch J. Gabbay, and Dominic P. Mulligan. Permissive nominal terms and their unification: an infinite, co-infinite approach to nominal techniques.
Sergey Babenyshev and Vladimir Rybakov. Logics of Kripke meta-models.
Wojciech Dzik, Jouni Järvinen, and Michiro Kondo. Intuitionistic propositional logic with Galois connections.
W.W. Koczkodaj and S. J. Szarek. On distance-based inconsistency reduction algorithms for pairwise comparisons.
Domagoj Vrgoč and Mladen Vuković. Bisimulations and bisimulation quotients of generalized Veltman models.
Christoph Benzmueller and Lawrence C. Paulson. Multimodal and intuitionistic logics in simple type theory.
João Rasga, Karina Roggia, and Cristina Sernadas. Fusion of sequent modal logic systems labelled with truth values.
Heinrich Wansing and Nuel Belnap. Generalized truth values.: A reply to Dubois.
Didier Dubois. Author’s response to Wansing and Belnap’s Generalized truth-values.
Conferences: 17th Workshop on Logic, Language, Information and Computation (WoLLIC 2010)
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Natural Language Semantics, Vol. 18, #4, 2010
Kai von Fintel & Anthony S. Gillies. Must…stay…strong!
Ezra Keshet. Situation economy.
Klaus Abels & Luisa Martí. A unified approach to split scope.
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Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews
Russell L. Friedman, Medieval Trinitarian Thought from Aquinas to Ockham. Reviewed by Richard Cross, University of Notre Dame.
Augustine, On the Free Choice of the Will, On Grace and Free Choice, and Other Writings, Peter King (ed., tr.). Reviewed by Roland J. Teske, S.J., Marquette University
Sergio Tenenbaum (ed.), Desire, Practical Reason, and the Good. Reviewed by G. F. Schueler, University of Delaware.
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Philosophical Forum, Vol. 41, #4
Philosophical Studies, Vol. 151, #2, 2010
Chandra Sekhar Sripada. The Deep Self Model and asymmetries in folk judgments about intentional action
Cody Gilmore. Sider, the inheritance of intrinsicality, and theories of composition
Michael McGlone. Putnam on what isn’t in the head
Sven Walter. Taking realization seriously: no cure for epiphobia
Jonathan D. Jacobs. A powers theory of modality: or, how I learned to stop worrying and reject possible worlds
Ross P. Cameron. How to have a radically minimal ontology
Ian Underwood. Cross-count identity, distinctness, and the theory of internal and external relations
Michael A. Bishop. Why the generality problem is everybody’s problem
Justin Sytsma and Edouard Machery. Two conceptions of subjective experience
Benjamin Schnieder. Erratum to: Inexpressible properties and Grelling’s antinomy.
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Philosophical Studies, Vol. 151, #3, 2010
Sharon Hewitt. What do our intuitions about the experience machine really tell us about hedonism.
Billy Dunaway. Minimalist semantics in meta-ethical expressivism.
Berit Brogaard. Strong representationalism and centered content.
Brian McElwee. The rights and wrongs of consequentialism.
Nicolas Bommarito. Rationally self-ascribed anti-expertise.
S. Matthew Liao. The buck-passing account of value: lessons from Crisp.
Kimberley Brownlee. Reasons and ideals.
Ralph Wedgwood. The Nature of Normativity: Précis.
Richard Holton. Comments on Ralph Wedgwood’s The Nature of Normativity.
Peter Railton. Staying in touch with normative reality.
James Lenman. Uggles and Muggles: Wedgwood on normative thought and justification.
Ralph Wedgwood. The Nature of Normativity: A Reply to Holton, Railton, and Lenman.
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Philosophy Compass, Vol. 5, #11, 2010
History of Philosophy

Brandon C. Look. Leibniz’s Metaphysics and Metametaphysics: Idealism, Realism, and the Nature of Substance
Rachel Singpurwalla. The Tripartite Theory of Motivation in Plato’s Republic.
Legal & Political
Simone Chambers. Theories of Political Justification.
Paul C. Taylor. W.E.B. Du Bois.
Logic & Language
Seth Yalcin. Probability Operators.
Rachael Briggs. The Metaphysics of Chance.
Elizabeth Barnes. Arguments Against Metaphysical Indeterminacy and Vagueness.
Kristie Miller. Three Routes to Contingentism in Metaphysics.
Mind & Cognitive Science
Tom Cochrane. Music, Emotions and the Influence of the Cognitive Sciences.
Joëlle Proust. Metacognition.
Naturalistic Philosophy
Heidi Maibom. What Experimental Evidence Shows Us about the Role of Emotions in Moral Judgement.
Philosophy of Religion
Stig Børsen Hansen. The Later Wittgenstein and the Philosophy of Religion.
Stephen Minister and Jackson Murtha. Levinas and the Philosophy of Religion.
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Utilitas, Vol. 22, #4, 2010

Brian Barry. David Hume as a Social Theorist.
Cécile Fabre. Distributive Justice and Freedom: Cohen on Money and Labour.
Holly M. Smith. Measuring the Consequences of Rules.
Martin Peterson. Can Consequentialists Honour the Special Moral Status of Persons?
Michael Moehler. The (Stabilized) Nash Bargaining Solution as a Principle of Distributive Justice.
Karl Widerquist. How the Sufficiency Minimum Becomes a Social Maximum.
Robert F. Card. Situationist Social Psychology and J.S. Mill’s Conception of Character.
John Broome. No Argument against the Continuity of Value: Reply to Dorsey.
Book Reviews
John Broome. Weighing Lives. Review by Krister Bykvist.
Ben Bradley. Well-Being and Death. Review by Douglas W. Portmore.
Shlomi Segall. Health, Luck and Justice. Review by Marc Fleurbaey.
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