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Analysis, Vol. 70, #3, 2010
Australasian Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 88, #3, 2010
Canadian Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 40, #2, 2010
Erkenntnis, Vol. 73, #1, 2010
Ethical Theory and Moral Practice, Vol. 13, #3, 2010
Journal for the General Philosophy of Science, Vol. 41, #1, 2010
Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 107, #3, 2010
Law and Philosophy, Vol. 29, #4, 2010
Natural Language Semantics, Vol. 18, #3, 2010
Philosophical Papers, Vol. 39, #2, 2010
Review of Symbolic Logic, Vol. 3, #3, 2010
Teaching Philosophy, Vol. 33, #2, 2010

Analysis, Vol. 70, #3, 2010
Richard Woodward. Fictionalism and inferential safety.
Richard Holton. Norms and the Knobe effect.
M.J. Cresswell and A.A. Rini. Are contingent facts a myth?
Jonathan Weisberg. A note on design: What’s fine-tuning got to do with it?
Antti Kauppinen. The pragmatics of transparent belief reports.
Phil Dowe. Proportionality and omissions.
Jon Pérez Laraudogoitia. Erik-Jon Gaizka, the magician of infinity.
John Turri. Prompting challenges.
Neil Tennant. Harmony in a sequent setting.
Tim Lewens. Foot note.
Luc Bovens and José Luis Ferreira. Monty Hall drives a wedge between Judy Benjamin and the Sleeping Beauty: a reply to Bovens.
Ezio di Nucci. Rational constraints and the Simple View.
Anthony Brueckner and Christopher T. Buford. Reply to Baumann on factivity and contextualism.
Michael C. Rea. Universalism and Extensionalism: A reply to Varzi.
Timothy Lane and Caleb Liang. Mental ownership and higher-order thought: Response to Rosenthal.
Jonathan Tallant. Still cheating, still prospering.
Brendan Larvor. Frankfurt counter-example defused.
Book Symposium
Bas. C. van Fraassen. Scientific Representation: Paradoxes of Perspective.
Gabriele Contessa. Empiricist Structuralism, Metaphysical Realism, and the Bridging Problem.
Michel Ghins. Bas van Fraassen on Scientific Representation.
Richard Healey. Science without Representation.
Bas C. van Fraassen. Reply to Contessa, Ghins, and Healey.
Critical Notices
Robert Hopkins. Intersubjective Validity, Realism and Aesthetics.
Graham Oppy. Nagel on Religion, Politics and Humanity.
Julian Dodd. Truth and Truth-Making.
Graeme A. Forbes. Oxford Studies in Metaphysics: Vol. 5.
Hallvard Lillehammer. Scanlon on Intention and Permissibility.
Book Reviews
Spandrels of Truth By JC Beall. Review by Bradley Armour-Garb and Laurence Goldstein.
Virtue Epistemology: Motivation and Knowledge By Stephen Napier. Review by Christopher W. Gowans.
Well-Being and Death By Ben Bradley. Review by Kelly James Clark.
Shades of Goodness: Gradability, Demandingness and the Structure of Moral Theories By Rob Lawlor. Review by Hugh Upton.
Liberalism and Prostitution By Peter de Marneffe. Review by David Archard.
Sexual Solipsism: Philosophical Essays on Pornography and Objectification By Rae Langton. Review by Paul Gilbert.
Darwinian Populations and Natural Selection By Peter Godfrey Smith. Review by Richard M. Burian.
The Theoretical Practices of Physics: Philosophical Essays By R.I.G. Hughes. Review by Steven French.
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Australasian Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 88, #3, 2010
Christopher Mag Uidhir . Failed-Art and Failed Art-Theory.
Ross P. Cameron. Necessity and Triviality.
Timothy Pawl. The Possibility Principle and the Truthmakers for Modal Truths.
Michael McKenna. Whose Argumentative Burden, which Incompatibilist Arguments?—Getting the Dialectic Right.
John T. Roberts. Some Laws of Nature are Metaphysically Contingent.
Gerald Marsh. Is the Hirsch–Sider Dispute Merely Verbal?
Karl Schafer. Evolution and Normative Scepticism.
Neil Feit. Selfless Desires and the Property Theory of Content.
Robert Schroer. Where's the Beef? Phenomenal Concepts as Both Demonstrative and Substantial.
Todd Ganson; Dorit Ganson, Everyday Thinking about Bodily Sensations.
Dale Dorsey. Preferences, Welfare, and the Status-Quo Bias.
Discussion Note
Kelly Trogdon. Intrinsicality for Monists (and Pluralists).
Book Reviews
Jerry Fodor. LOT 2: The Language of Thought Revisited. Review by Robert D. Rupert.
Greg Janzen. The Reflexive Nature of Consciousness. Review by William Seager.
Michael Potter. Wittgenstein's Notes on Logic. Review by Stewart Candlish.
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Canadian Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 40, #2, 2010
From the Editorial Office. Michael Stingl.
Jennifer Smalligan Marušic. Does Hume Hold a Dispositional Account of Belief?
Yumiko Inukai. Hume on Relations: Are They Real?
Jeff Speaks. Explaining the Disquotational Principle.
Gualtiero Piccinini adn Sam Scott. Recovering What Is Said With Empty Names.
John Turri. Foundationalism for Modest Infinitists.
Scott Edgar. The Explanatory Structure of the Transcendental Deduction and a Cognitive Interpretation of the First Critique.
Stephen Davies. Functional Beauty Examined.
Notes on Contributors/ Sur les Collaborateurs
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Erkenntnis, Vol. 73, #1, 2010
Matthew S. Bedke. Developmental Process Reliabilism: on Justification, Defeat, and Evidence.
Wayne Wright. Perception, Color, and Realism.
Mark Bauer. Psychological Laws (Revisited).
Matthew C. Haug. The Exclusion Problem Meets the Problem of Many Causes.
Simon Friederich. Structuralism and Meta-Mathematics.
Stephen Pollard. ‘As if’ Reasoning in Vaihinger and Pasch.
Kris McDaniel. Composition as Identity Does Not Entail Universalism.
Jiri Benovsky. Relational and Substantival Ontologies, and the Nature and the Role of Primitives in Ontological Theories.
Critical Discussion
Michael J. Clark. Inclusionism and the Problem of Unmarried Husbands.
Jonathan Tallant. A Sketch of a Presentist Theory of Passage.
Book Review
Mark Vorobej: A Theory of Argument. Review by Friedrich Reinmuth.
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Ethical Theory and Moral Practice, Vol. 13, #3, 2010
Editorial. Albert W. Musschenga and Robert Heeger.
Claudia Blöser, Aron Schöpf and Marcus Willaschek. Autonomy, Experience, and Reflection. On a Neglected Aspect of Personal Autonomy.
Frans Svensson. Virtue Ethics and the Search for an Account of Right Action.
Bridget Clarke. Virtue and Disagreement.
Justin Klocksiem. The Amenability of Pleasure and Pain to Aggregation.
W. Julian Korab-Karpowicz. Inclusive Values and the Righteousness of Life: The Foundation of Global Solidarity.
Patti Tamara Lenard. What’s Unique About Immigrant Protest?
Aaron Smuts. The Ethics of Humor: Can Your Sense of Humor be Wrong?
Book Reviews
Peter Singer, The Life You Can Save. Acting Now to End World Poverty. Review by Thomas Weitner.
Charles Taylor, A Secular Age. Review by Arto Laitinen.
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Journal for the General Philosophy of Science, Vol. 41, #1, 2010
Special Issue: Darwinism, Philosophy, and Experimental Biology/Guest Edited by Ute Deichmann and Anthony S. Travis
Manuel Bächtold. Saving Mach’s View on Atoms.
W. Balzer and V. Kuznetsov. Die Tripelstruktur der Begriffe.
Peter Mittelstaedt. On the Meaning of the Constant “c” in Modern Physics.
Ute Deichmann and Anthony S. Travis. Special Section: Darwinism and Scientific Practice in Historical Perspective
Guest Editors’ Introduction.
Ulrich Charpa. Darwin, Schleiden, Whewell, and the “London Doctors”: Evolutionism and Microscopical Research in the Nineteenth Century.
Ute Deichmann. Gemmules and Elements: On Darwin’s and Mendel’s Concepts and Methods in Heredity.
Michel Morange. How Evolutionary Biology Presently Pervades Cell and Molecular Biology.
Susie Fisher. Are RNA Viruses Vestiges of an RNA World?
Anthony S. Travis. Raphael Meldola and the Nineteenth-Century Neo-Darwinians.
Rony Armon. Beyond Darwinism’s Eclipse: Functional Evolution, Biochemical Recapitulation and Spencerian Emergence in the 1920s and 1930s.
Tamás Demeter. In Defence of Empty Realism.
Michael Wolff. Vollkommene Syllogismen und reine Vernunftschlüsse: Aristoteles und Kant. Eine Stellungnahme zu Theodor Eberts Gegeneinwänden. Teil 1.
Theodor Ebert. Michael Wolff über Beweise für vollkommene Syllogismen bei Aristoteles.
Hasok Chang, Marcel Boumans, Mieke Boon and Rachel Ankeny. Second Biennial Conference of the Society for Philosophy of Science in Practice (University of
Minnesota, 18–20 June 2009).
Essay Review
Stefan Gruner. Software Engineering Between Technics and Science : Recent Discussions about the Foundations and the Scientificness of a Rising Discipline.
Book Review
Martin Carrier: Raum-Zeit. Review by Cord Friebe.
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Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 107, #3, 2010 (not yet online 8.25.2010)
Niko Kolodny and John MacFarlane. Ifs and Oughts.
Oystein Linnebo. Pluralities and Sets.
Memo to Authors
New Books
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Law and Philosophy, Vol. 29, #4, 2010
Special issue 'Symposium on Crime and Culpability' / Edited by Heidi Hurd
Heidi M. Hurd. Introduction Symposium on Crime and Culpability.
Alec Walen. Crime, Culpability and Moral Luck.
Jim Staihar. Culpability and the Relevance of Substantial Risks, Motivations, and Lesser Harms.
Peter Westen. Resulting Harms and Objective Risks as Constraints on Punishment.
Eric A. Johnson. Is the idea of objective probability incoherent?
Susan A. Bandes. Is It Immoral To Punish The Heedless And Clueless? A Comment On Alexander, Ferzan And Morse: Crime And Culpability.
Andrew D. Leipold. A Case for Criminal Negligence.
Ronald J. Allen. Modeling Criminal Law.
Larry Alexander and Kimberly Kessler Ferzan. Response to Critics.
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Natural Language Semantics, Vol. 18, #3, 2010

Ana Arregui. Detaching if-clauses from should.
Tania Ionin. The scope of indefinites: an experimental investigation.
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Philosophical Papers, Vol. 39, #2, 2010
Ian Hunt. How Egalitarian is Rawls's Theory of Justice?
Steve Matthews. Personal Identity, the Causal Condition, and the Simple View
Manuel Pérez Otero Possible Worlds: Structure and Stuff.
Roy W. Perrett. Ineffability, Signification and the Meaning of Life.
Re-Reading ‘W.B. Gallie and Essentially Contested Concepts’
David-Hillel Ruben. Re-Reading of W.B. Gallie, ‘Essentially Contested Concepts’, Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society (1956) 167-198.
Book Review
Mustapha Chérif. Islam and the West: A Conversation with Jacques Derrida. Review by David Frost.
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Review of Symbolic Logic, Vol. 3, #3, 2010
Mehrnoosh Sadrzadeh And Roy Dyckhoff. Positive Logic With Adjoint Modalities: Proof Theory, Semantics, And Reasoning About Information.
Philippe Schlenker. Super Liars.
Merlijn Sevenster. Decidability Of Independence-Friendly Modal Logic.
Gemma Robles And José M. Méndez. Paraconsistent Logics Included In Lewis’ S4.
Richard Dietz And Igor Douven. Ramsey’s Test, Adams’ Thesis, And Left-Nested Conditionals.
Loes Olde Loohuis And Yde Venema. Logics And Algebras For Multiple Players.
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Teaching Philosophy, Vol. 33, #2, 2010
Peter Bradley. Teaching Modeling in Critical Thinking.
Matthew C. Altman. Ethics beyond the Academy: Service-Learning as Professional Development.
Greg Fried. Teaching Arrow’s Theorem: Clarification of a Step in a Standard Proof.
Review Article
Craig Duncan. Recent Texts in the Philosophy of Religion.
Patrick Beach. Arguing About Metaphysics.
Todd Michael Furman. Philosophy Through Science Fiction: A Coursebook With Readings.
Jeanine Grenberg. Demons, Dreamers & Madmen: The Defense of Reason in Descartes’ Meditations.
Stephen Hicks. Ethics and Business: An Introduction.
Rod Jenks. Teaching Nonmajors: Advice for Liberal Arts Professors.
Sarah Mattice. A Sense of the World: Essays on Fiction, Narrative, and Knowledge.
Mark Rigstad. Political Philosophy.
Thomas W. Riley. Philosophy for Life.
Diane Williamson. The Philosophy of Human Nature.
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