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July 19-24, 2010

Economics and Philosophy, Vol. 26, #2, 2010
Hastings Center Report, Vol. 40, #4, 2010
Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 94, #3, 2010
Journal of Logic and Computation, Vol. 20, #4, 2010
Journal of Political Philosophy, Vol. 18, #3, 2010
Journal of the History of Ideas, Vol. 71, #3, 2010
Metaphilosophy, Vol. 41, #4, 2010
Philosophical Studies, Vol. 149, #3, 2010
Philosophical Studies, Vol. 150, #1, 2010
Philosophy East and West, Vol. 60, #3, 2010
Ratio, Vol. 23, #3, 2010
Studia Logica, Vol. 95, #3, 2010
Synthese, Vol. 175, #1, 2010

Economics and Philosophy, Vol. 26, #2, 2010
Philip Kitcher. Varieties of Altruism.
C. Daniel Batson. The Naked Emperor: Seeking a More Plausible Genetic Basis For Psychological Altruism.
Michael Schefczyk and Mark Peacock. Altruism as a Thick Concept.
Kaushik Basu. The Moral Basis of Prosperity and Oppression: Altruism, Other-Regarding Behaviour and Identity.
Hans Bernhard Schmid. Philosophical Egoism: Its Nature And Limitations.
Book Reviews
Serge C. Kolm. Reciprocity: An Economics of Social Relations. Review by Luigino Bruni.
Richard Bronk. The Romantic Economist: Imagination in Economics. Review by Harro Maas.
Itzak Gilboa. Theory of Decision under Uncertainty. Review by Martin Peterson.
Malcolm Murray (ed.). Liberty, Games and Contracts: Jan Narveson and the Defence of Libertarianism. Review by Bruno Verbeek.
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Hastings Center Report, Vol. 40, #4, 2010
Perspective: Gregory E. Kaebnick. Synthetic Biology, Analytic Ethics.
Field Notes: Mary Crowley.
From the Editor: Joyce A. Griffin. Play Time.
Another Voice: Reidar K. Lie. The Fair Benefits Approach Revisited.
Risky Business : To the Editor, Hilde Lindemann.
To the Editor, Joan B. Wolf.
To the Editor, Debra DeBruin, Joan Liaschenko and Mary Faith Marshall.
To the Editor, Barbara Katz Rothman and Holliday Tyson.
To the Editor, David Healy, Derelie Mangin and Barbara Mintzes.
To the Editor, Claire Wendland.
At Law: Carl E. Schneider. The Hydra.
Policy and Politics: Jessica Wilen Berg. What Is Left of Charity Care after Health Reform?
Case Study: Vidya Bhushan Gupta and Debjani Mukherjee. Conflicting Beliefs.
Bruce Jennings. Biopower and the Liberationist Romance.
Martha Montello. Middlebrow Medical Ethics.
John D. Lantos. A Better Life through Science?
Nancy Berlinger. Difficult Doctors and Rational Fears.
K. Steslow. Metaphors in Our Mouths: The Silencing of the Psychiatric Patient.
Alex John London and Kevin J.S. Zollman. Research at the Auction Block: Problems for the Fair Benefits Approach to International Research.
Book Review
One Life, Many Stories. The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks. By Rebecca Skloot. Review by Virginia A. Sharpe.
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Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 94, #3, 2010
Samuel Michael Natale and Sebastian A. Sora. Ethics in Strategic Thinking: Business Processes and the Global Market Collapse.
Jean Clarke and Robin Holt. Reflective Judgement: Understanding Entrepreneurship as Ethical Practice.
Pierre-Yves Néro. Business and the Polis: What Does it Mean to See Corporations as Political Actors?
Damon M. Fleming, Chee W. Chow and Wenbing S. An Exploratory Study of Chinese Accounting Students’ and Auditors’ Audit-specific Ethical Reasoning.
Gregory Jackson and Androniki Apostolako. Corporate Social Responsibility in Western Europe: An Institutional Mirror or Substitute?
Pia Lotil. Corporate Responsiveness to Social Pressure: An Interaction-Based Mode.
Pablo Zoghbi-Manrique-de-Lar. Do Unfair Procedures Predict Employees’ Ethical Behavior by Deactivating Formal Regulations?
David Oliver, Matthew Statler and Johan Roo. A Meta-Ethical Perspective on Organizational Identity.
Mark G. Simkin and Alexander McLeod. Why Do College Students Cheat?
Sean Valentine, Lynn Godkin and Philip E. Varc. Role Conflict, Mindfulness, and Organizational Ethics in an Education-Based Healthcare Institutio.
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Journal of Logic and Computation, Vol. 20, #4, 2010

George Metcalfe and Constantine Tsinakis. Order, Algebra and Logics.
Manuela Busaniche and Roberto Cignoli. Constructive Logic with Strong Negation as a Substructural Logic.
Roberto Giuntini, Francesco Paoli, and Antonio Ledda. Categorical Equivalences for quasi-MV Algebras.
Stefano Aguzzoli and Vincenzo Marra. Finitely Presented MV-algebras with Finite Automorphism Group.
Hitoshi Kihara and Hiroakira Ono. Interpolation Properties, Beth Definability Properties and Amalgamation Properties for Substructural Logics.
Giulio Manzonetto and Antonino Salibra. Applying Universal Algebra to Lambda Calculus.
Ciro Russo. Quantale Modules and their Operators, with Applications.
Lawrence S. Moss. Syllogistic Logics with Verbs.
J.G. Raftery. A Non-finitary Sentential Logic that is Elementarily Algebraizable.
Rostislav Horcík. Solutions to Some Open Problems on Totally Ordered Monoids.
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Journal of Political Philosophy, Vol. 18, #3, 2010
Eamonn Callan. The Better Angels of Our Nature: Patriotism and Dirty Hands.
Hugh Lazenby. One Kiss Too Many? Giving, Luck Egalitarianism and Other-affecting Choice.
Christopher J. Finlay. Legitimacy and Non-State Political Violence.
Chris Armstrong. National Self-Determination, Global Equality and Moral Arbitrariness.
Steven P. Lee. The Moral Distinctiveness of Genocide.
Holly Lawford-Smith. Debate: Ideal Theory—A Reply to Valentini.
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Journal of the History of Ideas, Vol. 71, #3, 2010
From the Editor's Desk:
Warren Breckman. Times of Theory: On Writing the History of French Theory.
Carol Quillen. The Uses of the Past in Quattrocento Florence: A Reading of Leonardo Bruni's Dialogues.
Johan van der Zande. Statistik and History in the German Enlightenment.
John Michael Corrigan. The Metempsychotic Mind: Emerson and Consciousness.
Mark D. Larabee. Baedekers as Casualty: Great War Nationalism and the Fate of Travel Writing.
Joshua Derman. Skepticism and Faith: Max Weber's Anti-Utopianism in the Eyes of his Contemporaries.
Books Received
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Metaphilosophy, Vol. 41, #4, 2010
Armen T. Marsoobian. Symposium on human rights: origins, violations, and rectifications.
Jürgen Habermas. The concept of human dignity and the realistic utopia of human rights.
Henry C. Theriault. Genocidal mutation and the challenge of definition.
Margaret Urban Walker. Truth telling as reparations.
Howard Mcgary. Reconciliation and reparations.
Ernesto Verdeja. Official apologies in the aftermath of political violence.
Jeffrey Blustein. Forgiveness, commemoration, and restorative justice: the role of moral emotions.
Karen Kovach. The moral legacy of communal wrongs: ethnic identity groups and intergenerational moral sentiment.
Notes on Contributors
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Philosophical Studies, Vol. 149, #3, 2010
Book Symposium on Edouard Machery's Doing without Concepts
Errol Lord. Having reasons and the factoring account.
Andrew M. Bailey. Warrant is unique.
Justin P. McBrayer. A limited defense of moral perception.
Alastair Wilson. Disagreement, equal weight and commutativity.
Stephan Leuenberger. Humility and constraints on O-language.
Jonas Åkerman. Communication and indexical reference.
Moritz Schulz. Wondering what might be.
Daniel Z. Korman. The contingent a priori and the publicity of a priori knowledge.
Michael Hicks. A note on pretense and co-reference.
Edouard Machery. Précis of Doing without Concepts.
Christopher S. Hill. I love Machery’s book, but love concepts more.
Diana Raffman. Can we do without concepts? Comments on Edouard Machery, Doing Without Concepts.
Edouard Machery. Replies to my critics.
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Philosophical Studies, Vol. 150, #1, 2010
Robert Northcott. Natural-born determinists: a new defense of causation as probability-raising.
Jens Johansson. Parfit on fission.
Derek Baker. Ambivalent desires and the problem with reduction.
Jeanne Peijnenburg and David Atkinson. Lamps, cubes, balls and walls: Zeno problems and solutions.
Justin A. Capes. The W-defense.
Irem Kurtsal Steen. Three-dimensionalist’s semantic solution to diachronic vagueness.
Stephan Torre. Centered assertion.
Peter B. M. Vranas. What time travelers may be able to do.
Michael Watkins. A posteriori primitivism.
Malte Dahlgrün. The notion of a recognitional concept and other confusions.
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Philosophy East and West, Vol. 60,#3, 2010
Amita Chatterjee and Smita Sirker. Diṅnāga and Mental Models: A Reconstruction.
Jay L. Garfield. Taking Conventional Truth Seriously: Authority Regarding Deceptive Reality.
Nicholaos John Jones. Mereological Heuristics for Huayan Buddhism.
Marion Hourdequin. Engagement, Withdrawal, and Social Reform: Confucian and Contemporary Perspectives.
Yoav Ariel and Gil Raz. Anaphors or Cataphors? A Discussion of the Two Qi 其 Graphs in the First Chapter of the Daodejing.
Book Reviews
Ludwig Wittgenstein: Ethics and Religion. Review by Shabbir Ahsen.
Pyrrhonism: How the Ancient Greeks Reinvented Buddhism. Review by M. Jason Reddoch.
John Dewey, Confucius, and Global Philosophy Review by Ian M. Sullivan.
Nietzsche and Islam Review by Peter S. Groff.
Vital Nourishment: Departing from Happiness. Review by Hans-Georg Moeller.
Books Received
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Ratio, Vol. 23, #3, 2010
Lilian Alweiss. Against Cartesian Mistrust: Cavell, Husserl And The Other Mind Sceptic.
Andrew Cullison. What Are Seemings?
David Mark Kovacs. Is There A Conservative Solution To The Many Thinkers Problem?
Justin P. Mcbrayer. Moral Perception And The Causal Objection.
Brian Mcelwee. Should We De-Moralize Ethical Theory?
Matthew Tugby. Simultaneity In Dispositional Interaction?
Hans-Johann Glock. From Armchair To Reality?
Simon Glendinning. In the Name of Phenomenology. Review by Nicholas Waghorn.
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Studia Logica, Vol. 95, #3, 2010
Climent Vidal and J. Soliveres Tur. A 2-categorial Generalization of the Concept of Institution.
Miklós Ferenczi. Non-standard Stochastics with a First Order Algebraization.
Katalin Bimbó. Schönfinkel-type Operators for Classical Logic.
MLJ van de Vel. Theories with the Independence Property.
Adam Kolany. Reversed Resolution in Reducing General Satisfiability Problem.
Tamar Aizikowitz, Nissim Francez, Daniel Genkin and Michael Kaminski. Extending Free Pregroups with Lower Bounds.
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Synthese, Vol. 175, #1, 2010
Analytic Philosophy in China. Guest Editor: Tongdong Bai
Tongdong Bai. Guest editor’s words.
Yi Jiang and Tongdong Bai. Studies in analytic philosophy in China.
Feng Ye. What anti-realism in philosophy of mathematics must offer.
Xiaoli Liu. Gödel’s philosophical program and Husserl’s phenomenology.
Beihai Zhou and Yi Mao. Four semantic layers of common nouns.
Fenrong Liu. Von Wright’s “The Logic of Preference” revisited.
Jing Zhu. On the principle of intention agglomeration.
Refeng Tang. Conceptualism and the New Myth of the Given.
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