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Biology & Philosophy, Vol. 25, #3, 2010
Canadian Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 40, #1, 2010
Environmental Ethics, Vol. 32, #2, 2010
Ethical Theory and Moral Practice, Vol. 13, #3, 2010
History of Philosophy Quarterly, Vol. 27, #3, 2010
Journal of Aesthetic Education, Vol. 44, #2, 2010
Journal of Linguistics, Vol. 46, #2, 2010
Journal of Logic, Language and Information, Vol. 19, #3, 2010
Logic Journal of the IGPL,  Vol. 18, #2, 2010
Philosophical Mathematica, Vol. 18, #2, 2010
Philosopher's Imprint
Philosophical Investigations, Vol. 33, #3, 2010
Review of Symbolic Logic, Vol. 3, #2, 2010

Biology & Philosophy, Vol. 25, #3, 2010

James Woodward. Causation in biology: stability, specificity, and the choice of levels of explanation.
Doron Shultziner, Thomas Stevens, Martin Stevens, Brian A. Stewart, Rebecca J. Hannagan and Giulia Saltini-Semerari. The causes and scope of political egalitarianism during the Last Glacial: a multi-disciplinary perspective.
Laureano Castro, Luis Castro-Nogueira, Miguel A. Castro-Nogueira and Miguel A. Toro. Cultural transmission and social control of human behavior.
Hallvard Lillehammer. Methods of ethics and the descent of man: Darwin and Sidgwick on ethics and evolution.
Gregory J. Morgan. Laws of biological design: a reply to John Beatty .
Deborah E. Shelton and Richard E. Michod. Philosophical foundations for the hierarchy of life.
Massimo Pigliucci. Okasha’s Evolution and the Levels of Selection: toward a broader conception of theoretical biology.
Stephen M. Downes.  Moving past the levels of selection debates: review of Samir Okasha’s Evolution and the Levels of Selection.
Samir Okasha. Replies to my critics
Neven Sesardic. Nature, nurture, and politics.
Benjamin E. Hardisty and Deby L. Cassill. Extending eusociality to include vertebrate family units.
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Canadian Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 40, #1, 2010
Paul Gomberg. Dilemmas of Rawlsian Opportunity.
Bence Nanay. Morality or Modality? : What Does the Attribution of Intentionality Depend On?
Avner Baz. Geach’s ‘Refutation’ of Austin Revisited.
Hagit Benbaji. Token Monism, Event Dualism and Overdetermination.
Marc A. Moffett. Against A Posteriori Functionalism.
Jason Kawall. Autonomy, Agency, and the Value of Enduring Beliefs.
Critical Notice
Ernest Sosa. A Virtue Epistemology: Apt Belief and Reflective Knowledge, Vol. I. Review by Christopher Lepcock.
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Environmental Ethics, Vol. 32, #2, 2010 (this issue not yet online, 6.17.2010)

Ned Hettinger. Animal Beauty, Ethics, and Environmental Preservation.
John Basl. Restitutive Restoration: New Motivations for Ecological Restoration.
Discussion Papers
Shari Collins-Chobanian, Eric Comerford, and Chris Kerlin. Twenty Million Refugees and Counting: A Call for Recognition or a New Convention.
Ian A. Smith. The Role of Humility and Intrinsic Good in Preserving Endangered Species: Why Preserve the Humpback Chub?
Steven Fesmire. Ecological Imagination.
Book Reviews
Janna Thomphson. Intergenerational Justice: Rights and Responsibilities in an Intergenerational Polity. Review by Roger Paden.
Lisa H. Sideras and Kathleen Dean Moore, eds. Rachel Carson: Legacy and Challenge. Review by Jeanne Hamming.
Celia Deane-Drummon. Eco-Theology. Review by Jerome A. Stone.
Noel G. Charlton. Understanding Gregory Bateson: Mind, Beauty and the Sacred Earth. Review by Peter Harries-Jones.
Christopher McGrory Klyza and Davie Sousa. American Environmental Policy, 1990-2006: Beyond Gridlock. Review by David Schlosberg.
Al Fritsch and Paul Gallimore. Healing Appalachia: Sustainable Living through Appropriate Technology. Review by John Nolt.
Brett Buchanan. Onto-Ethologies: The Animal Environments of Uexkűll, Heidegger, Merleau Ponty, and Deleuze. Review by Frank Schalow.
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Ethical Theory and Moral Practice, Vol. 13, #3, 2010
Editorial. Albert W. Musschenga and Robert Heeger.
Claudia Blöser, Aron Schöpf and Marcus Willaschek. Autonomy, Experience, and Reflection. On a Neglected Aspect of Personal Autonomy.
Frans Svensson. Virtue Ethics and the Search for an Account of Right Action.
Bridget Clarke. Virtue and Disagreement.
Justin Klocksiem. The Amenability of Pleasure and Pain to Aggregation.
W. Julian Korab-Karpowicz. Inclusive Values and the Righteousness of Life: The Foundation of Global Solidarity.
Patti Tamara Lenard. What’s Unique About Immigrant Protest?
Aaron Smuts. The Ethics of Humor: Can Your Sense of Humor be Wrong?
Book Reviews
Peter Singer, The Life You Can Save. Acting Now to End World Poverty. Review by Thomas Weitner.
Olaf L. Müller, Moralische Beobachtung und andere Arten ethischer Erkenntnis. Plädoyer für Respekt vor der Moral. Review by Anne Reichold.
Charles Taylor, A Secular Age. Review by Arto Laitinen.
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History of Philosophy Quarterly, Vol. 27, #3, 2010 (this issue not yet online 6.17.2010)

Gloria Frost. Thomas Aquinas on the Perpetual Truth of Essential Propositions.
Frans Svensson. The Role of Virtue in Descartes’ Ethical Theory, or: Was Descartes a Virtue Ethicisit?
Annemarie Butler. Hume on Believing the Vulgar Fiction of Continued Existence.
Mark Collier. Hume’s Theory of Moral Imagination.
Nicholas F. Stang. Kant’s Possibility of Proof.
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Journal of Aesthetic Education, Vol. 44, #2, 2010

Joseph J. Tanke. Why Rancière Now?
Ming-Tak Hue. Aestheticism and Spiritualism: A Narrative Study of the Exploration of Self through the Practice of Chinese Calligraphy.
Carol S. Jeffers. A Still Life Is Really a Moving Life: The Role of Mirror Neurons and Empathy in Animating Aesthetic Response.
Gordon C. F. Bearn. Effecting Affection: The Corporeal Ethics of Gins and Arakawa.
Bradley Baurain. The Aesthetic Classroom and the Beautiful Game.
Angelo Caranfa. The Aesthetic and the Spiritual Attitude in Learning: Lessons from Simone Weil.
William Gaudelli and Randall Hewitt. The Aesthetic Potential of Global Issues Curriculum.
Garen J. Torikian. Against a Perpetuating Fiction: Disentangling Art from Hyperreality.
Elizabeth M. Grierson. Scrutinizing Studio Art and Its Study: Historical Relations and Contemporary Conditions.
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Journal of Linguistics, Vol. 46, #2, 2010

Markus Bader and Jana Häussler. Toward A Model Of Grammaticality Judgments.
John Beavers and Beth Levin And Shiao Wei Tham. The Typology Of Motion Expressions Revisited.
Christopher Lucas and Elliott Lash. Contact As Catalyst: The Case For Coptic Influence In The Development of Arabic Negation.
Louisa Sadler and Rachel Nordlinger. Nominal Juxtaposition In Australian Languages: An Lfg Analysis.
Daniel Silverman. Neutralization and anti-homophony in Korean.
David I. Beaver & Brady Clark, Sense and sensitivity: How focus determines meaning (Explorations in Semantics). Review by Klaus von Heusinger and Edgar Onea.
Barbara E. Bullock & Almeida Jacqueline Toribio (eds.), The Cambridge handbook of linguistic code-switching. Review by Stig Eliasson.
Ileana Comorovski & Klaus von Heusinger (eds.), Existence: Semantics and syntax . Review by Itamar Francez and Louise McNally.
Louise Cummings, Clinical pragmatics. Review by Robert J. Stainton.
Vyvyan Evans, How words mean: Lexical concepts, cognitive models, and meaning construction.
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Journal of Logic, Language and Information, Vol. 19, #3, 2010
Chunlai Zhou. Probability Logic of Finitely Additive Beliefs.
Claes Strannegård, Simon Ulfsbäcker, David Hedqvist and Tommy Gärling. Reasoning Processes in Propositional Logic
Dale Jacquette. Circularity or Lacunae in Tarski’s Truth-Schemata.
Emiliano Lorini . A Dynamic Logic of Agency II: Deterministic DLADLA  , Coalition Logic, and Game Theory.
Sean A. Fulop. Grammar Induction by Unification of Type-logical Lexicons.
Book Reviews
Joe Salerno (ed): New Essays on the Knowability Paradox . Review by Mark Jago.
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Logic Journal of the IGPL,  Vol. 18, #2, 2010
W. Wieczorek. An algorithm for the decomposition of finite languages.
Larisa Maksimova. Problem of restricted interpolation in superintuitionistic and some modal logics.
Paulo A. S. Veloso, Sheila R. M. Veloso, Petrucio Viana, Renata de Freitas, Mario Benevides, and Carla Delgado. On vague notions and modalities: a modular approach.
Wojciech Zielonka. On the directional Lambek calculus.
Xavier Parent. A complete axiom set for Hansson's deontic logic DSDL2.
Rafal Urbaniak. Capturing dynamic conceptual frames.
Robert Cowen. Generalized Davis-Putnam and satisfiability problems in mathematics.
Rui da Silva Neves and Souhila Kaci. Combining totalitarian and Ceteris Paribus semantics in database preference queries.
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Philosophical Mathematica, Vol. 18, #2, 2010
Joong Fang (1923–2010) by Irving H. Anellis.
Books of Essays
Feng Ye. The Applicability of Mathematics as a Scientific and a Logical Problem.
Charles Parsons. G¨odel and Philosophical Idealism.
Ignasi Jan´e. Idealist and Realist Elements in Cantor’s Approach to Set Theory.
Critical Studies/Book Reviews
Jean-Pierre Marquis. From a Geometrical Point of View: A Study of the History and Philosophy of Category Theory. Reviewed by Molly Kao, Nicolas Fillion, and John Bell.
Ralf Kr¨omer. Tool and Object: A History and Philosophy of Category Theory. Reviewed by Jean-Pierre Marquis.
Edmund Husserl. Introduction to Logic and Theory of Knowledge: Lectures 1906/07. Reviewed by Richard Tieszen.
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Philosopher's Imprint
Adam Elga. Subjective Probabilities Should Be Sharp.
Simon Kirchin. The Shapelessness Hypothesis.
Matthew Noah Smith. Practical Imagination and Its Limits.
Luca Ferrero. Decisions, Diachronic Autonomy, and the Division of Deliberative Labor.
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Philosophical Investigations, Vol. 33, #3, 2010
Christian Helmut Wenzel. On Wittgenstein's Notion of Meaning-Blindness: Its Subjective, Objective and Aesthetic Aspects.
Jeffrey Hershfield. What Can Austin Tell Us about Truth?
Hanoch Ben-Yami. A Wittgensteinian Solution to the Sorites.
Michael Weston. Forms of Our Life: Wittgenstein and the Later Heidegger.
Holding the Centre and Untied Kingdom – By Ian Robinson. Review by Catherine Osborne.
Wittgenstein on Rules and Nature – By Keith Dromm. Review by James Fielding.
Wittgenstein and Philosophical Psychology: Essays in Honour of Lars Hertzberg – Edited by Christoffer Gefwert and Olli Lagerspetz. Review by Liam Hughes
Wittgenstein and Analytic Philosophy: Essays for P.M.S. Hacker – By Hans-Johann Glock and John Hyman. Review by H. A. Knott.
Books Received
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Review of Symbolic Logic, Vol. 3, #2, 2010

Peter Milne. Subformula And Separation Properties In Natural Deduction Via Small Kripke Models.
Krister Segerberg. Some Completeness Theorems In The Dynamic Doxastic Logic Of Iterated Belief Revision.
Ian Hodkinson And Hicham Tahiri. A Bisimulation Characterization Theorem For Hybrid Logic With The Current-State Binder.
Klaus Glashoff. An Intensional Leibniz Semantics For Aristotelian Logic.
Petr Hájek. Some (Non)Tautologies Of Łukasiewicz And Product Logic.
Ian Hodkinson. The Bounded Fragment And Hybrid Logic With Polyadic Modalities.
David Ellerman. The Logic Of Partitions: Introduction To The Dual Of The Logic Of Subsets.
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