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April 19-30, 2010

Ethics & Medicine, Vol. 26, #2, 2010
Journal of the History of Ideas, Vol. 71, #2, 2010
Linguistic Review, Vol. 27, #1, 2010
Monist, Vol. 93, #1, 2010
Philosophical Investigations, Vol. 33, #2, 2010
Philosophy and Public Affairs, Vol. 38, #2, 2010
Philosophy East and West, Vol. 60,  #2, 2010
Politics & Policy, Vol. 38, #2, 2010
Review of Metaphysics, Vol. 63, #3, 2010
Teaching Philosophy, Vol. 33, #1, 2010

Ethics & Medicine, Vol. 26, #2, 2010
C. Ben Mitchell, PhD. The Christian Hippocratic Tradition in Medicine.
Grey Matters
William P. Cheshire, Jr.,  MD.  Does Alien Hand Syndrome Refute Free Will?
Clinical Ethics Dilemmas
Wayne R. Waz, MD. The Need to Know: Disclosure of Information to Pediatric Patients.
Erik M. Clary, MDiv, MA. On the Nature of Tube Feeding: Basic Care of Medical Treatment?
Francis J. Beckwith, Ph.D. Dignity Never Been Photographed: Scientific Materialism, Enlightenment Liberalism, and Steven Pinker.
Amir A. Khaliq, Ari K. Mwachofi, Robert W. Broyles. Physician Autonomy vs. Self-Regulation: you Can’t Have One without the Other.
Book Reviews
Between the Dying and the Dead: Dr. Jack Kevorkian's Life and the Battle to Legalize Euthanasia.  Review by Jacob William Shatzer.
Conflicts of Conscience in Health Care: An Institutional Compromise. Review by Sharon F. Billon.
Design and Destiny: Jewish and Christian Perspectives on Human Germline Modification. Review by Donna Yarri.
More Humane Medicine: A Liberal Catholic Bioethics. Review by Agneta Sutton.
The Christian Hippocratic Tradition in Medicine. Review by C. Ben Mitchell.
The Criminalization of Medicine-America’s War on Doctors. Review by Robert E. Cranston.
The Ethics of Hospital Trustees. Review by Robert E. Cranston.
The Ethics of Surgical Practice: Cases, Dilemmas, and Resolutions. Review by Christian J. Vercler.
The Need to Know: Disclosure of Information to Pediatric Patients. Review by Wayne R. Waz.
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Journal of the History of Ideas, Vol. 71, #2, 2010
Anthony M. Cummings. Musical References in Brucioli’s Dialogi and Their Classical and Medieval Antecedents.
Ofer Gal and Raz Chen-Morris. Baroque Optics and the Disappearance of the Observer: From Kepler’s Optics to Descartes’ Doubt.
Efraim Podoksik. One Concept of Liberty: Towards Writing the History of a Political Concept.
Mary K. McAlpin. Innocence of Experience: Rousseau on Puberty in the State of Civilization.
Anna Plassart. A Scottish Jacobin: John Oswald on Commerce and Citizenship.
Joel Isaac. Theorist at Work: Talcott Parsons and the Carnegie Project on Theory, 1949-1951.
Joshua A. Fogel. The Recent Boom in Shanghai Studies.
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Linguistic Review, Vol. 27, #1, 2010
Ewa Dąbrowska. Naive v. expert intuitions: An empirical study of acceptability judgments.
Yuji Hatakeyama, Kensuke Honda, and Kosuke Tanaka. The so-inversion construction revisited.
Hedde Zeijlstra. Emphatic multiple negative expressions in Dutch
Alexandra Fiéis. On the position of sempre in Medieval Portuguese and in Modern European Portuguese.
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Monist, Vol. 93, #1, 2010
General Topic: The Meaning of Life

Duncan Pritchard. Absurdity, Angst, and the Meaning of Life.
David Heyd and Franklin G. Miller. Life Plans: Do They Give Meaning to Our Lives?
Lisa Bortolotti. Agency, Life Extension, and the Meaning of Life.
Laurence James. Activity and the Meaningfulness of Life.
Bence Nanay. Group Selection and our Obesession with the Meaning of Life.
Michael Almeida. Two Challenges to Moral Nihilism.
Tim Oakley. The Issue is Meaninglessness.
Shidan Lotfi. The ‘Purposivenss’ of Life: Kant’s Critique of Natural Teleology.
Jason Burke Murphy. Betting on Life: A Pascalian Argument for Seeking to Discover Meaning.
Christoph Fehige & Robert H. Frank. Feeling Our Way to the Common Good: Utilitarianism and the Moral Sentiments.
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Philosophical Investigations, Vol. 33, #2, 2010
David Carr. Moral Madness.
Frederick E. Mosedale. Wittgenstein and Ebersole.
Michel ter Hark. Experience of Meaning, Secondary Use and Aesthetics.
Nadine Faulkner. Wittgenstein's Philosophical Grammar: A Neglected Discussion of Vagueness.
Timo-Peter Ertz. Regel und Witz: Wittgensteinsche Perspektiven auf Mathematik, Sprache und Moral. Review by Severin Schroeder.
Daniel D. Hutto. Analytic Philosophy: The History of an Illusion. Review by Aaron Preston.
Carolyn Wilde. There is No Such Thing as Social Science: In Defence of Peter Winch. Review by Phil Hutchinson, Rupert Read and Wes Sharrock.
Books Received
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Philosophy East and West, Vol. 60, #2, 2010
Craig Truglia. Al-Ghazali and Giovanni Pico della Mirandola on the Question of Human Freedom and the Chain of Being.
Thorsten Botz-Bornstein. Genes, Memes, and the Chinese Concept of Wen: Toward a Nature/Culture Model of Genetics.
Tim Murphy & Ralph Weber. Confucianizing Socrates and Socratizing Confucius: On Comparing Analects 13:18 and the Euthyphro,
Brian J. Bruya. The Rehabilitation of Spontaneity: A New Approach in Philosophy of Action.
Jane Geaney. Grounding "Language" in the Senses: What the Eyes and Ears Reveal about Ming 名 (Names) in Early Chinese Texts.
Book Reviews
Yoga: India’s Philosophy of Meditation. Edited by Gerald James Larson and Ram Shankar Bhattacharya. Volume 12 of Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophy. Review by Stuart Ray Sarbacker.
The Writing of Weddings in Middle-Period China: Text and Ritual Practice in the Eighth through Fourteenth Centuries. By Christian de Pee. Reviewed by Michael Nylan.
The Ethics of Confucius and Aristotle: Mirrors of Virtue. By Jiyuan Yu. Reviewed by Christian Helmut Wenzel.
The Caitanya Vaiṣṇava Vedānta of Jīva Gosvāmī: When Knowledge Meets Devotion. By Ravi M. Gupta. Reviewed by Alessandro Graheli.
Modern Intellectual Readings of the Kharijites. By Hussam S. Timani. Reviewed by Shabbir Ahsen.
Books Received
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Philosophy and Public Affairs, Vol. 38, #2, 2010
Seana V alentine Shiffrin. Incentives, Motives, and Talents.
Sophia Moreau. What is Discrimination?
Seth Lazar. The Responsibility Dilemma for Killing in War: A Review Essays.
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Politics & Policy, Vol. 38, #2, 2010
Victor Asal, Mitchell Brown. A Cross-National Exploration of the Conditions that Produce Interpersonal Violence.
Marshall H. Medoff. State Abortion Policy and the Long-Term Impact of Parental Involvement Laws.
Theodore S. Arrington. Affirmative Districting and Four Decades of Redistricting: The Seats/Votes Relationship 1972-2008.
John Ash. New Nuclear Energy, Risk, and Justice: Regulatory Strategies for an Era of Limited Trust.
Jonathan Knuckley. Beyond the Politics of Race? Explaining the Vote in Recent Louisiana Gubernatorial Elections.
Hakan Samur. The Mesopotamian Euro-Region.
Proceedings of the PSO, No. 7// Syllabi
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Review of Metaphysics, Vol. 63, #3, 2010
David James. Fichte on the Vocation of the Scholar and the (Mis)use of History.
François Jaran. Heidegger’s Kantian Reading of Aristotle’s Theologike Episteme.
Hugo Eduardo Herrera. Salomon Maimon’s Commentary on the Subject of the Given in Immanuel Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason.
Alexander S. Duff. Stanley Rosen’s Critique of Leo Strauss.
Michael Pakaluk. The Ultimate Final Argument.
Book Reviews
J.C. Beall. Spandrels of Truth. Review by Chase Wrenn.
Peter G. Bietenholz. Encounters with a Radical Erasumus: Erasmus' Work as a Source of Radical Thought in Early Modern Europe. Review by Gregory D. Dodds.
David B. Burrell. Aquinas: God and Action. Review by Christopher M. Brown.
Javier Cumpa and Erwin Tegtmeier, eds. Phenomenological Realism versus Scientific Realism; Reinhardt Grossmann- David M. Armstrong Metaphysical Correspondence. Review by Jude P. Dougherty.
John Deely. Augustine & Poinsot: The Protosemiotic Development. Postmodernity in Philosophy: A Poinsot Triology, Vol. 1. Review by Kevin G. Rickert.
Rebecca Konyndyk DeYoung; Colleen McClusky, and Christina Van Dyke. Aquinas's Ethics: Metaphysical Foundations, Moral Theory, and Theological Context. Review by John Rziha.
Jude P. Dougherty. Wretched Aristotle: Using the Past to Rescue the Future. Review by Kenneth D. Whitehead.
Albert W. Dzur. Democratic Professionalism: Citizen Participation and the Reconstruction of Professional Ethics, Identity, and Practice. Review by Mark R. Brown.
John Martin Fischer. Our Stories: Essays on Life, Death and Free Will. Review by Robert Piercey.
Hans-Goerg Gadamer. Interroger les Grecs: Études sur les Présocratiques, Platon et Aristote. Ed. by F. Renaud with C. Collobert; Translated by D. Ippeciel. Review by Paul Higgins.
Noccolo Guicciardini. Isaac Newton on Mathematical Certainy and Method. Review by Jude P. Dougherty.
Edward C. Halper. One and Many in Aristotle's Metaphysics: Books Alpha-Delta. Review by Daniel P. Maher.
David Couzens Hoy. The Time of Our Lives: A Critical History of Temporality. Review by Robert J. Dostal.
Rod Jenks. Plato on Moral Expertise. Review by Robert D. Anderson.
John Kelsay. Arguing the Just War in Islam. Review by Joshua S. Parens.
Anthony Kenny. Descartes: A Study of His Philosophy. Review by Erich P. Schellhammer.
Walter Lopez. Buddhism & Science: A Guide for the Perplexed. Review by Eugene E. Selk.
Patrick Masterson. The Sense of Creation: Experience and the God Beyond. Review by Brendan Sweetman.
Frederick Neuhouser. Rousseau's Theodicy of Self Love. Review by Alessandro Ferrara.
Angelica Nuzzo. Ideal Embodiment: Kant's Theory of Sensibility. Studies in Continental Thought. Review by Robert R. CLewis.
Marcus Pound. Theology, Psychoanalysis, and Trauma. Review by Mark A. Tietjen.
Roger Scruton. Beauty. Review by Lenn E. GOodman.
Sarah Bordon Sharkey. Thine Own Self: Individuality in Edith Stein's Later Writings. Review by Jude P. Dougherty.
Ernest Sosa. Reflective Knowledge: Apt Belief and Reflective Knowledge, Vol. II. Review by Jonah N. Schupbach.
John Stopford. The Skillful Self: Liberalism, Culture, and the Politics of Skill. Review by Jeffrey Church.
Stephen Strehle. The Egalitarian Spirit of Christianity: The Sacred Roots of American and British Government. Review by Thomas J. Burke, Jr.
Reviewer Index
Current Periodical Articles
In Memoriam
Ralph M. McInerny, 1929-2010
Announcements: Colin and Ailsa Turbayne International Berkeley Essay Prize and the Rescher Prize
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Teaching Philosophy, Vol. 33, #1, 2010
Michael Malone. On Discounts and Argument Identification.
Shane Ralston. An Outline for a Brief Teaching Demonstation: On the Distinction between Ethics and Morality.
Jennifer Wilson Mulnix and M.J. Mulnix. Using a Writing Portfolio Project to Teach Critical Thinking Skills.
Kirk McDermid. The Poker Market.
Review Article
W. Russ Payne. Recent texts in the Philosophy of Science. Review of Peter Godfrey-Smith, Theory and Reality; Alex Rosenberg, Philosophy of Science; James Ladyman, Understanding Philosophy of Science and Lisa Bortolotti’s An Introduction to the Philosophy of Science.
Book Reviews
S.T. Joshi, editor. The Agnostic Reader. Review by Andrew Johnson.
David Shoemaker. Personal Identity and Ethics: A Brief Introduction. Review by Alfred C. Lent.
Jonathan E. Adler and Catherine Z. Elgin. Philosophical Inquiry: Classic and Contemporary Readings. Review by William J. Melanson.
Albert Borgmann. Real American Ethics: Taking Responsibility for Our Country. Review by Glen Miller.
J.B. Schneewind, ed. Teaching New Histories of Philosophy. Review by Sara L.H. Shady.
David Baggett and William Drumin, eds. Hitchcock and Philosophy: Dial M for Metaphysics. Review by Daniel Wack.
Torbjörn Tännsjö. Understanding Ethics: An Introduction to Moral Theory, 2nd ed. Review by Abigail Turner-Lauck Wernicki.
Michael P. Nelson and J. Baird Callicott. The Wildnerness Debate Rages On: Continuing the Great New
Wilderness Debate. Review by Mark Woods.
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