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March 8-15, 2010

Acta Analytica, Vol. 25, #1, 2010
Canadian Journal of Philosophy, SUPP. Vol. 33
Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 92, #2, 2010
Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 92, #3, 2010
Journal for the General Philosophy of Science, Vol. 40, #2, 2010
Journal of Logic, Language and Information, Vol. 19, #2 , 2010
Linguistics and Philosophy, Vol. 32, #4, 2009
Nursing Philosophy, Vol. 11, #2, 201
Philosophical Studies, Vol. 148, #1, 2010
Philosophical Studies, Vol. 148, #2, 2010
Philosophical Studies, Vol. 148, #3, 2010
Southern Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 47, #4, 2009
Southern Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 47, Supplement, 2009
Studia Logica, Vol. 94, #1, 2010
Studia Logica, Vol. 94, #2, 2010
Synthese, Vol. 173, #3, 2010

Acta Analytica, Vol. 25, #1, 2010
Special Issue: Recent Work on Expression, Mind, and Meaning / Guest Edited by Matthew Boyle
Dorit Bar-On.  Précis of Dorit Bar-On’s Speaking My Mind: Expression and Self-Knowledge.
Matthew Boyle.  Bar-On on Self-Knowledge and Expression.
David M. Rosenthal.  Expressing One’s Mind.
Maura Tumulty.  Showing by Avowing.
Dorit Bar-On.  Avowals: Expression, Security, and Knowledge: Reply to Matthew Boyle, David Rosenthal, and Maura Tumulty.
Mitchell Green.  Précis of Self-Expression.
John Eriksson.  Self-expression, Expressiveness, and Sincerity.
M. G. F. Martin.  Getting on Top of Oneself: Comments on Self-Expression.
Joseph G. Moore.  Artistic Expression Goes Green.
Mitchell S. Green.  Replies to Eriksson, Martin and Moore.
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Canadian Journal of Philosophy, SUPP. Vol. 33, 2009
Sam Black, Evan Tiffany.  Moral Philosophy Does Not Rest on a Mistake: Reasons to be Moral Revisited.
Mark LeBar.  Prichard vs. Plato: Intuition vs. Reflection.
Sam Black.  Coalitions of Reasons and Reasons To Be Moral.
David Schmidtz.  Because It's Right.
David Copp.  The Wrong Answer to an Improper Question?
Robert N. Johnson.  Prichard, Falk, and the End of Deliberation.
David Sobel.  Subjectivism and Blame.
Joshua Gert.  Moral Reasons and Rational Status.
Robert Audi.  Practical Reason and the Status of Moral Obligation.
Evan Tiffany.  Deflationary Normative Pluralism.
Elijah Millgram.  Applied Ethics, Moral Skepticism, and Reasons with Expiration Dates.
Notes on Contributors // Index
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Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 92, #2, 2010
James Weber.  Assessing the “Tone at the Top”: The Moral Reasoning of CEOs in the Automobile Industry.
Al Rosenbloom, RuthAnn Althaus.  Degussa AG and its Holocaust Legacy.
Gordon Liu, Catherine Liston-Heyes, Wai-Wai Ko.  Employee Participation in Cause-Related Marketing Strategies: A Study of Management Perceptions from British Consumer Service Industries.
Joan Marques.  Toward Greater Consciousness in the 21st Century Workplace: How Buddhist Practices Fit In.
Nicolas M. Dahan, Milton Gittens.  Business and the Public Affairs of Slavery: A Discursive Approach of an Ethical Public Issue.
Jennifer D. Chandler, John L. Graham.  Relationship-Oriented Cultures, Corruption, and International Marketing Success.
Linda Thorne.  The Association Between Ethical Conflict and Adverse Outcomes.
Alice Gaudine, Linda Thorne.  Erratum to: The Association Between Ethical Conflict and Adverse Outcomes.
Donald H. Schepers.  Challenges to Legitimacy at the Forest Stewardship Council.
Dennis R. Balch, Robert W. Armstrong.  Ethical Marginality: The Icarus Syndrome and Banality of Wrongdoing.
Haesun Park-Poaps, Kathleen Rees.  Stakeholder Forces of Socially Responsible Supply Chain Management Orientation.
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Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 92, #3, 2010
Chen-Bo Zhong, Gillian Ku, Robert B. Lount, J. Keith Murnighan.  Compensatory Ethics.
Relationships among Perceived Organizational Core Values, Corporate Social Responsibility, Ethics, and Organizational
K. Gregory Jin, Ronald G. Drozdenko.  Performance Outcomes: An Empirical Study of Information Technology Professionals.
David Weitzner, James Darroch.  The Limits of Strategic Rationality: Ethics, Enterprise Risk Management, and Governance.
Jeffrey Moriarty.  Participation in the Workplace: Are Employees Special?
Simone J. van Zolingen, Hakan Honders.  Metaphors and the Application of a Corporate Code of Ethics.
Yan Leung Cheung, Weiqiang Tan, Hee-Joon Ahn, Zheng Zhang.  Does Corporate Social Responsibility Matter in Asian Emerging Markets?
M. Sandy Hershcovis, Sharon K. Parker, Tara C. Reich.  The Moderating Effect of Equal Opportunity Support and Confidence in Grievance Procedures on Sexual Harassment from Different Perpetrators.
Yusuf Munir Sidani, Dima Jamali.  The Egyptian Worker: Work Beliefs and Attitudes.
Anneli Douglas, Berendien A. Lubbe.  An Empirical Investigation into the Role of Personal-Related Factors on Corporate Travel Policy Compliance.
Mark Cordano, R. Scott Marshall, Murray Silverman.  How do Small and Medium Enterprises Go “Green”? A Study of Environmental Management Programs in the U.S. Wine Industry.
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Journal for the General Philosophy of Science, Vol. 40, #2, 2010
Helmut Pulte, Gregor Schiemann.  Editorial.
Claus Beisbart.  Can We Justifiably Assume the Cosmological Principle in Order to Break Model Underdetermination in Cosmology?
Fernando Birman.  Quantum Mechanics and the Plight of Physicalism.
Steffen Ducheyne.  Understanding (in) Newton’s Argument for Universal Gravitation.
Nathaniel Jason Goldberg.  Historicism, Entrenchment, and Conventionalism.
Markus Hilgert.  Von ,Listenwissenschaft‘ und ,epistemischen Dingen‘. Konzeptuelle Annäherungen an altorientalische Wissenspraktiken Of ‘Listenwissenschaft’ and ‘Epistemic Things’. Conceptual Approaches to Ancient Mesopotamian Epistemic Practices.
Barbara Gabriella Renzi.  A Type Hierarchy of Selection Processes for the Evaluation of Evolutionary Analogies.
János Tözsér.  Mental Realism Reloaded.
Michael Wolff.  Vollkommene Syllogismen und reine Vernunftschlüsse: Aristoteles und Kant.
Th Ebert.  Michael Wolff über Syllogismen bei Aristoteles und Vernunftschlüsse bei Kant.
Martin Carrier, Peter Weingart.  The Politicization of Science: The ESF-ZiF-Bielefeld Conference on Science and Values.
Henk W. de Regt.  EPSA09: Second Conference of the European Philosophy of Science Association.
Book Reviews
Oliver Passon, Bohmsche Mechanik.  Eine elementare Einführung in die Deterministische Interpretation der Quantenmechanik.  Reviewed by Michael Drieschner.
Moritz Schlick, Kritische Gesamtausgabe, herausgegeben von Friedrich Stadler, Hans-Jürgen Wendel.  Allgemeine Erkenntnislehre, Abteilung 1, Band 1 (herausgegeben und eingeleitet von Hans Jürgen Wendel und Fynn Ole Engler).  Reviewed by Thomas Mormann.
Carsten Seck.  Theorien und Tatsachen. Eine Untersuchung zur wissenschaftstheoriegeschichtlichen Charakteristik der theoretischen Philosophie des frühen Moritz Schlick.  Reviewed by Matthias Neuber.
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Journal of Logic, Language and Information, Vol. 19, #2, 2010
Special Issue: New Directions In Type-Theoretic Grammars. Guest Editor: Reinhard Muskens.
Reinhard Muskens. New Directions in Type-Theoretic Grammars.
Makoto Kanazawa. Second-Order Abstract Categorial Grammars as Hyperedge Replacement Grammars.
Sylvain Salvati. On the Membership Problem for Non-Linear Abstract Categorial Grammars.
Christian Retoré and Sylvain Salvati. A Faithful Representation of Non-Associative Lambek Grammars in Abstract Categorial Grammars.
Krasimir Angelov, Björn Bringert and Aarne Ranta. PGF: A Portable Run-time Format for Type-theoretical Grammars.
Christian Bassac, Bruno Mery and Christian Retoré. Towards a Type-Theoretical Account of Lexical Semantics.
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 Linguistics and Philosophy, Vol. 32, #4, 2009
Kjell Johan Sæbø. Judgment ascriptions.
Eytan Zweig. Number-neutral bare plurals and the multiplicity implicature.
Edward Kanterian. Puzzles about descriptive names.
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Nursing Philosophy, Vol. 11, #2, 2010
Derek Sellman. Mind the gap: philosophy, theory, and practice (p 85-87)
Original papers
Martin Lipscomb. Events and event identity: under-explored topics in nursing .
Amelie Perron, Trudy Rudge, Dave Holmes. Citizen minds, citizen bodies: the citizenship experience and the government of mentally ill persons .
John Paley. Qualitative interviewing as measurement .
Joan McCarthy. Moral instability: the upsides for nursing practice.
Gary Rolfe. A reply to 'Why nursing has not embraced the clinician-scientist role' by Martha MacKay: nursing science and the postmodern menace.
Brigitte S. Cypress. Feminist Thought: A More Comprehensive Introduction, 3rd edition.
Barbara Pesut. Hospital Chaplaincy in the Twenty-First Century: The Crisis of Spiritual Care on the NHS. Call for papers

The 2010 philosophy of nursing postgraduate essay prize.
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Philosophical Studies, Vol. 148, #1, 2010
Special Issue: Selected Papers from the American Philosophical Association, Pacific Division, 2009 Meeting/Guest Edited by Paul Hurley
Paul Hurley. Editorial.
Mohan Matthen. Is memory preservation?
Alex Byrne. Recollection, perception, imagination.
John Sutton. Observer perspective and acentred memory: some puzzles about point of view in personal memory.
Adam Leite. How to take skepticism seriously.
Jennifer S. Hawkins. The subjective intuition.
Derek H. Brown. Locating projectivism in intentionalism debates.
Louise Antony. Realization theory and the philosophy of mind: comments on Sydney Shoemaker’s physical realization.
Jaegwon Kim. Thoughts on Sydney Shoemaker’s Physical Realization.
Andrew Melnyk. Comments on Sydney Shoemaker’s Physical Realization.
Sydney Shoemaker. Reply to my critics.
Robert Merrihew Adams. A theory of virtue: introductory remarks.
John M. Doris. Heated agreement: Lack of Character as Being for the Good.
Rachana Kamtekar. Comments of Robert Adams, A theory of virtue: excellence in being for the good.
Robert Merrihew Adams. A theory of virtue: response to critics.
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Philosophical Studies, Vol. 148, #2, 2010
Joshua Spencer. A tale of two simples.
Joshua Rasmussen. From states of affairs to a necessary being.
Petri Ylikoski and Jaakko Kuoriskoski. Dissecting explanatory power.
Steven Daskal. Absolute value as belief.
Pete Mandik. Swamp Mary’s revenge: deviant phenomenal knowledge and physicalism.
Nathan Ballantyne and Ian Evans. Sosa’s dream.
Zoltán Szabó. The determination of content.
Peter A. Graham. Against the Mind Argument.
Vassilios Livanios. Symmetries, dispositions and essences.
Assaf Sharon and Levi Spectre. Dogmatism repuzzled.
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Philosophical Studies, Vol. 148, #3, 2010
Jesse R. Steinberg. Dispositions and subjunctives.
Danielle Bromwich. Clearing conceptual space for cognitivist motivational internalism.
Benjamin Schnieder. Exepressible properties and Grelling’s antinomy.
Jonathan Tallant. There’s no existent like ‘no existence’ like no existent I know.
Nellie Wieland. Minimal propositions and real world utterances.
David Enoch. The epistemological challenge to metanormative realism: how best to understand it, and how to cope with it.
Mario Gómez-Torrente. On quoting the empty expression.
Thomas Blackson. Editorial statement.
Timothy Schroeder. Desire and pleasure in John Pollock’s Thinking about Acting.
Branden Fitelson. Pollock on probability in epistemology.
Paul Weirich. Optimaization and improvement.
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Southern Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 47, #4, 2009

Clare Batty. What’s That Smell?
Lee Franklin. Meno’s Paradox, the Slave-Boy Interrogation, and the Unity of Platonic Recollection.
Matthew C. Haug. Two Kinds of Completeness and the Uses (and Abuses) of Exclusion Principles.
Juliana Corina Vaida. A New Kantian Solution ot the Third Antinomy of Pure Reason and to the Free Will Problem.
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Southern Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 47, Supplement, 2009
Spindel Conference 2008: Race, Racism, and Liberalism in the Twenty-First Century

Editor’s Introduction. Bill E. Lawson.
Howard McGary. Liberalism and the Problem of Racism.
Donna-Dale L. Marcano. White Racial Obligation and the False Neutrality of Political and Moral Liberalism.
Paul C. Taylor. After Race, After Justice, After History.
David E. McClean. Some Remarks on Paul Taylor’s “After Race, After Justice, After History.”
Kathryn T. Gines. Hannah Arendt, Liberalism, and Racism: Controversies Concerning Violence, Segregation, and Education.
Claren Sholé Johnson. Reading Between the Lines: Kathyrn Gines on Hannah Arendt and Antiblack Racism.
Naomi Zack. Race, Class, and Money in Disaster.
Anna Stubblefield. Race, Disability, and the Social Contract.
Linda Martin Alcoff. Latinos Beyond the Binary.
Tommie Shelby. Racism, Identity, and Latinos: A Comment on Alcoff.
Bernard R. Boxill. The Right to Independence.
William H. Hardy. Before Domination and Dependence.
Charles W. Mills. Rawls on Race/Race in Rawls.
Yolonda Wilson. When is Omission a Fault?: Or, Maybe Rawls Just Isn’t That Into You.
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Studia Logica, Vol. 94, #1, 2010

Guillame Aucher. An Internal Version of Epistemic Logic.
Bernhard Heinemann. Using Hybrid Logic for Coping with Functions in Subset Spaces.
Brian Hill and Francesca Poggiolesi. A Contraction-free and Cut-free Sequent Calculus for Propositional Dynamic Logic.
Sara Miner More and Pavel Naumov. An Independence Relation for Sets of Secrets.
Zach Weber. Extensionality and Restriction in Naïve Set Theory.
Bartosz Więckowski. Associative Substitutional Semantics and Quantified Modal Logic.
Book Reviews
Hartry Field. Saving Truth from Paradox. Review by  David Ripley.
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Studia Logica, Vol. 94, #2, 2010
Ioana Leuştean and Vincenzo Marra. Algebra and Probability in Many-Valued Reasoning.
Stefano Aguzzoli and Brunella Gerla. Probability Measures in the Logic of Nilpotent Minimum. 
Cătălin Buşneag. States on Hilbert Algebras.
Xavier Caicedo and Ricardo O. Rodriguez. Standard Gödel Modal Logics.
Roman Frič and Martin Papčo. A Categorical Approach to Probability Theory.
George Georgescu. States on Polyadic MV-algebras.
Yoshihiro Maruyama. Fuzzy Topology and Łukasiewicz Logics from the Viewpoint of Duality Theory.
Maurizio Negri. A Probability Measure for Partial Events.
Júlia Vaz de Carvalho. On the Variety of m-generalized Łukasiewicz Algebras of Order n.
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Synthese, Vol. 173, #3, 2010
Timothy Chan. Moore’s Paradox is not just another pragmatic paradox.
Conor McHugh. Self-Knowledge and the KK principle.
Francesca Poggiolesi. Display Calculi and other modal calculi: a comparison.
Arvid Båve. Deflationism and the primary truth bearer.
Stephen Clarke. Transcendental realisms in the philosophy of science: on Bhaskar and Cartwright.
Martin Montminy. Two contextualist fallacies.
Joe Morrison. Just how controversial is evidential holism? 
Sheldon R. Smith. Elementary classical mechanics and the principle of the Composition of Causes.
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