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January 18-22, 2010

British Journal for the History of Philosophy, Vol. 18, #1, 2010
Croatian Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 25, 2009
Croatian Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 26, 2009
Croatian Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 27, 2009
Environmental Ethics, Vol. 31, # 4, 2009
Journal of the History of Philosophy, Vol. 48, # 1, 2010
Mind and Language, Vol. 25, # 1, 2010
Social Philosophy and Policy, Vol. 27, # 1, 2010

British Journal for the History of Philosophy, Vol. 18, #1, 2010
Daniel Nolan.  Fearing Spouses in Aristotle's Ta Oikonomika.
Vili Lähteenmäki.  Cudworth on Types of Consciousness.
Lon Becker.  The Missing Shade of Blue as a Proof Against Proof.
Benjamin Vilhauer.  The Scope of Responsibility in Kant's Theory of Free Will.
Charlie Huenemann.  Nietzschean Health and the Inherent Pathology of Christianity.
Laurent Jaffro.  'Infinity, Intuition, and the Relativity Of Knowledge: Bergson, Carrau, and the Hamiltonians.’
Graham Stevens.  Russell's Ontological Development Reconsidered.
Review Article
Patricia Springborg.  Liberty Exposed: Quentin Skinner's Hobbes and Republican Liberty.
Book Reviews
Gianni Paganini.  Skepsis: Le Débat des Modernes sur le Scepticisme.  Reviewed by Michael W. Hickson.
Sarah Hutton, Paul Schuurman (eds).  Studies on Locke: Sources, Contemporaries, and Legacy.  Reviewed by Stephen Gaukroger.
Luigi Caranti.  Kant and the Scandal of Philosophy.  Reviewed by Katie Harrington.
Brian Leiter, Michael Rosen (eds).  The Oxford Handbook to Continental Philosophy.  Reviewed by Andy Hamilton.
Pierfrancesco Basile.  Leibniz, Whitehead and the Metaphysics of Causation.  Reviewed by Peter Simons.
Cristina Chimisso.  Writing the History of the Mind: Philosophy and Science in France, 1900–1960s.  Reviewed by Teresa Castelão-Lawless.
Books Received
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Croatian Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 25, 2009
Peter Slezak.  Linguistic Explanation and ‘Psychological Reality.’
Guy Longworth.  Ignorance of Linguistics: A Note on Michael Devitt’s Ignorance of Language.
Michael Devitt.  Psychological Conception, Psychological Reality: A Response to Longworth and Slezak.
Brian Epstein.  Grounds, Convention, and the Metaphysics of Linguistic Tokens.
Elvio Baccarini.  Moral Epistemological Coherentism, and Consensualism.
Matej Sušnik.  The Amoralist Objection and the Method of Moral Reasoning.
Nebojša Zelić, Snježana Prijić-Samaržija.  Overlapping Consensus: Normative Understanding and Doxastic Volantarism.
Tony Lambie.  Scope and the Limits of Rational Explanation.
Rudi Kotnik.  From the Form to the Content Beyond the Process.
Book Reviews
Stephen Pinker.  The Stuff of Thought: Language as a Window into Human Nature.  Reviewed by Joško Žanić.
John Collins.  Chomsky: a Guide for the Perplexed.  Reviewed by Nenad Miščević.
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Croatian Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 26, 2009
Stewart Shapiro.  Life on the Ship of Neurath: Mathematics in the Philosophy of Mathematics.
Thomas A. C. Reydon.  Do the Life Sciences Need Natural Kinds?
Robin Brown.  On Difficulties Facing the Formulation of the Doctrine of Supervenience.
Maja Malec.  On Difficulties Facing the Formulation of the Doctrine of Supervenience.
Janez Bregant.  Physicalism, or Something Near Enough: Good Enough to be a Global Theory?
Rudi Kotnik.  Teaching the Elements of Philosophical Thinking.
Book Reviews
Katalin Farkas.  The Subject’s Point of View.  Reviewed by János Tőzsér.
C. S. Jenkins.  Grounding Concepts: An Empirical Basis for Arithmetical Knowledge.  Reviewed by Nenad Miščević.
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Croatian Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 27, 2009
John Collins.  The Perils of content.
Fritz J. McDonald.  Linguistics, Psychology, and the Ontology of Language.
Glen Hoffmann.  Nativism: In Defense of the Representational Interpretation.
Elvio Baccarini.  Medical Ethics, Ordinary Concepts and Ordinary Lives.
Book Reviews
Michael Bergmann.  Justification without Awareness: A Defense of Epistemic Externalism.  Reviewed by Iris Vidmar.
János Kis.  Politics as a Moral Problem.  Reviewed by Samo Bohak.
Paul A. Boghossian.  Content and Justification: Philosophical Papers.  Reviewed by Nenad Miščević.
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Environmental Ethics, Vol. 31, # 4, 2009 (not yet online, Jan. 20, 2010)
W. S. K. Cameron.  Tapping Habermas’s Discourse Theory for Environmental Ethics.
Cecilia Wee.  Mencius and the Natural Environment.
Discussion Papers
Aaron Simmons.  Do Animals Have an Interest in Continued Life? In Defense of a Desire-Based Approach.
Tim B. Rogers.  Nature of the Third Kind: Toward an Explicitly Relational Constructionism.
David Graham Henderson.  The Possibility of Managing for Wilderness.
Book Reviews
Donald A. Cosby.  Living with Ambiguity: Religious Naturalism and the Menace of Evil.  Reviewed by David K. Goodin.
Allen Carlson.  Nature and Landscape: An Introduction to Environmental Aesthetics.  Reviewed by Frank W. Derringh.
Robert Mugerauer, Lynne Manzo.  Environmental Dilemmas: Ethical Decision Making.  Tom Spector.
Richard P. Hiskes.  The Human Right to a Green Future: Environmental Rights and Intergenerational Justice.  Reviewed by Aaron Lercher.
Scott Slovic.  Going Away to Think: Engagement, Retreat, and Ecocritical Responsibility.  Reviewed by Dana Anderson.
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Journal of the History of Philosophy, Vol. 48, # 1, 2010
Yancy Hughes Dominick.  Seeing Through Images: The Bottom of Plato’s Divided Line.
Gloria Frost.  John Duns Scotus on God’s Knowledge of Sins: A Test-Case for God’s Knowledge of Contingents.
Matthew Stuart.  Having Locke’s Ideas.
Andrew Youpa.  Spinoza’s Model of Human Nature.
Yitzhak Y. Melamed.  Acosmism or Weak Individuals?: Hegel, Spinoza, and the Reality of the Finite.
Book Reviews
Kevin Forrigan, John D. Turner (eds).  Platonisms: Ancient, Modern, and Postmodern.  Reviewed by Sara Ahbel-Rappe.
Ronna Burger.  Aristotle’s Dialogue with Socrates.  Reviewed by Laurence Bloom.
David Konstan.  A Life Worthy of the Gods: The Materialist Psychology of Epicurus.  Reviewed by Kelly E. Arenson.
Eric D. Perl.  Theophany: The Neoplatonic Philosophy of Dionysius the Areopagite.  Reviewed by Daniel P. O’Connell.
Aaron W. Hughes.  The Art of Dialogue in Jewish Philosophy.  Reviewed by T. M. Rudavsky.
Luca Bianchi.  Pour une histoire de la ‘double vérité’.  Reviewed by David Piché.
Gyual Klima.  John Buridan.  Reviewed by Calvin Normore.
Stanislav Sousedík.  Philosophie der frühen Neuzeit in den böhmischen Ländern.  Reviewed by Wolfgang Grassl.
Stuart Clark.  Vanities of the Eye: Vision in Early Modern European Culture.  Reviewed by Dallas G. Denery II.
John Carriero.  Between Two Worlds: A Reading of Descartes’s Meditations.  Reviewed by Brandon C. Look.
Thomas M. Lennon.  The Plain Truth: Descartes, Huet, and Skepticism.  Reviewed by Keith Fennen.
Maria Rosa Antognazza.  Leibniz: An Intellectual Biography.  Reviewed by Donald Rutherford.
Mogens Lærke.  Leibniz lecteur de Spinoza. La genèse d’une opposition complexe.  Reviewed by Justin Erik Halldór Smith.
Joseph Duke Filonowicz.  Fellow-Feeling and the Moral Life.  Reviewed by Mark G. Spencer.
Daniel Garberand, Beatrice Longuenesse (eds).  Kant and the Early Moderns.  Reviewed by Kevin J. Harrelson.
Robert B. Pippin.  Hegel’s Practical Philosophy: Rational Agency as Ethical Life.  Reviewed by Liz Disley.
Paul Redding.  Analytic Philosophy and the Return of Hegelian Thought.  Reviewed by Rebecca Kukla.
Brian McGuinness.  Wittgenstein in Cambridge: Letters and Documents, 1911–1951.  Reviewed by Newton Garver.
Edward Skidelsky.  Ernst Cassirer: The Last Philosopher of Culture.  Reviewed by Sebastian Luft.
Jeremy D. Popkin.  The Legacies of Richard Popkin.  Reviewed by Donald Phillip Verene.
Books Received
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Mind and Language, Vol. 25, # 1, 2010
Editor's Introduction
The First 25 Years
Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Paper
Kristian Tylén, Ethan Weed, Mikkel Wallentin, Andreas Roepstorff, Chris D. Frith.  Language as a Tool for Interacting Minds.
Original Articles
Stephen Crain, Drew Khlentzos.  The Logic Instinct.
Jordi Fernández.  Thought Insertion and Self-Knowledge.
Kevan Edwards.  Concept Referentialism and the Role of Empty Concepts.
Shannon Spaulding.  Embodied Cognition and Mindreading.
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Social Philosophy and Policy, Vol. 27, # 1, 2010
Research Articles
John Kekes.  The Right to Private Property: A Justification.
Edward Feser.  Classical Natural Law Theory, Property Rights, and Taxation.
Eric Mack.  The Natural Right of Property.
David Schmidtz.  Property and Justice.
Jan Narveson.  Property and Rights.
Daniel C. Russell.  Embodiment and Self-Ownership.
Richard J. Arneson.  Self-Ownership and World Ownership: Against Left-Libertarianism.
Thomas Christiano.  The Uneasy Relationship Between Democracy and Capital.
George Sher.  Real-World Luck Egalitarianism.
Gerald Gaus.  Coercion, Ownership, and the Redistributive State: Justificatory Liberalism’s Classical Tilt.
James R. Otteson.  Adam Smith and the Great Mind Fallacy.
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