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December 19-31, 2009

Bioethics, Vol. 24, #2, 2010
British Journal for the History of Philosophy, Vol. 17, #5, 2009
British Journal for the History of Philosophy, Vol. 18, #1, 2010
Ethics, Vol. 120, #1, 2009
Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 106, #9, 2009
Journal of the Royal Institute of Philosophy, SUPPLEMENT, Vol. 84, #65, 2009
The Monist, Vol. 92, #3, 2009
Oxford Studies in Metaethics, Vol. 4, 2009
Ratio, Vol. 23, #1, 2010
Review of Metaphysics, Vol. 63, #2, 2009
Social Epistemology, Vol. 23, #3, 2009
Sophia, Vol. 48, #4, 2009
Teaching Philosophy, Vol. 32, #4, 2009

Bioethics, Vol. 24, #2, 2010
Editorial. Udo schüklenk, anna pacholczyk. Dignity's wooly uplift.
Ari Joffe. Are recent defences of the brain death concept adequate?
Mary Jiang Bresnahan, kevin mahler. Ethical debate over organ donation in the context of brain death.
John Burgess. Could a zygote be a human being?
Joyce C. Havstad. Human reproductive cloning: a conflict of liberties.
Chris Gastmans, Jan de Lepeleire. Living to the bitter end? A personalist approach to euthanasia in persons with severe dementia.
Kristine Bærøe. Patient autonomy, assessment of competence and surrogate decision-making: a call for reasonableness in deciding for others.
Bernard Baertschi, alexandre mauron. Moral status revisited: the challenge of reversed potency.
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British Journal for the History of Philosophy, Vol. 17, #5, 2009 (this issue is not yet online 1/6/2010)
Colin R. Marshall. The Mind and the Body as ‘One and the Same Thing’ in Spinoza.
Francesca di Poppa. Spinoza’s Concept of Substance and Attribute: A Reading of the Short Treatise.
Mogens Lœrke.The Problem of Alloglossia. Leibniz on Spinoza’s Innovative Use of Philosophical Language.
Nancy Kendrick. Why Hume’s Counterexample is Insignificant and Why It is Not.
Melissa McBay Merritt. Reflection, Enlightenment, and the Significance of Spontaneity in Kant.
Review Article
Gary Hatfield. Hume, Space, and the Self.
Contents of Volume 17
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British Journal for the History of Philosophy, Vol. 18, #1, 2010
Daniel Nolan. Fearing Spouses in Aristotle's Ta Oikonomika.
Vili Lähteenmäki. Cudworth on Types of Consciousness.
Lon Becker. The Missing Shade of Blue as a Proof Against Proof.
Benjamin Vilhauer. The Scope of Responsibility in Kant's Theory of Free Will.
Charlie Huenemann. Nietzschean Health and the Inherent Pathology of Christianity.
Laurent Jaffro. ‘Infinity, Intuition, and the Relativity Of Knowledge: Bergson, Carrau, and the Hamiltonians.’
Graham Stevens. Russell's Ontological Development Reconsidered.
Review Article
Patricia Springborg. Liberty Exposed: Quentin Skinner's Hobbes and Republican Liberty.
Book Reviews
Gianni Paganini: Skepsis: Le De´bat des Modernes sur le Scepticisme, De Pe´trarche a` Descartes volume LXXVII. Review by Michael W. Hickson.
Sarah Hutton and Paul Schuurman, eds: Studies on Locke: Sources, Contemporaries, and Legacy. Review by Stephen Gaukroger.
Luigi Caranti: Kant and the Scandal of Philosophy. Review by Katie Harrington.
Brian Leiter and Michael Rosen, eds: The Oxford Handbook to Continental Philosophy. Review by Andy Hamilton.
Pierfrancesco Basile:Leibniz, Whitehead and the Metaphysics of Causation. Review by Peter Simons.
Cristina Chimisso: Writing the History of the Mind: Philosophy and Science in France, 1900–1960s. Review by Teresa Castelão-Lawless.
Books Received
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Ethics, Vol. 120, #1, 2009
Editorial. Henry S. Richardson.
John Eriksson. Homage to Hare: Ecumenism and the Frege‐Geach Problem.
Cécile Fabre. Guns, Food, and Liability to Attack in War.
Joshua Glasgow. Racism as Disrespect.
Alison Hills. Moral Testimony and Moral Epistemology.     
Kieran Setiya. Practical Knowledge Revisited.
Hallie Rose Liberto. Normalizing Prostitution versus Normalizing the Alienability of Sexual Rights: A Response to Scott A. Anderson.
Book Reviews
Annette Baier, Death and Character: Further Reflections on Hume. Review by Jennifer A. Herdt
Gillian Brock, Global Justice: A Cosmopolitan Account. Review by Brodi Kemp.
G. A. Cohen, Rescuing Justice and Equality. Review by Ingrid Robeyns.
Stanley B. Cunningham, Reclaiming Moral Agency: The Moral Philosophy of Albert the Great. Review by Kevin Flannery, SJ.
Douglas E. Edlin, Judges and Unjust Laws: Common Law Constitutionalism and the Foundations of Judicial Review. Review by Heidi M. Hurd.
Stephen Engstrom, The Form of Practical Knowledge: A Study of the Categorical Imperative. Review by Andrews Reath.
Raymond Geuss, Philosophy and Real Politics. Review by Samuel Freeman.
Paul Gomberg, How to Make Opportunity Equal. Review by David Schmidtz.
Christopher Janaway, Beyond Selflessness: Reading Nietzsche’s “Genealogy.” Review by Bernard Reginster.
Neil MacCormick, Practical Reason in Law and Morality. Review by Torben Spaak.
Ayelet Shachar, The Birthright Lottery: Citizenship and Global Inequality. Review by Peter Higgins.
Russ Shafer‐Landau, ed., Oxford Studies in Metaethics, vol. 3. Review by Eric Wiland.
Notes on Contributors
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Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 106, #9, 2009 (this issue not yet online, 1.6.10)
Christian List and Peter Menzies. Nonreductive Physicalism and the Limits of the Exclusion Principle.
Mark Sprevak. Extended Cognition and Functionalism.
New Books: Reprints
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Journal of the Royal Institute of Philosophy, SUPPLEMENT, Vol. 84, #65, 2009
Special Issue : Conceptions in Philosophy
David E. Cooper. Visions of Philosophy.
John Haldane. Metaphysical (Im)mortality and Philosophical Transcendence.
Bryan Magee. My Conception of Philosophy.
Jonathan Harrison. Modern Philosophy.
Nicholas Capaldi. Philosophical Amnesia.
P. M. S. Hacker. Philosophy: A Contribution, not to Human Knowledge, but to Human Understanding.
Herman Philipse. Can Philosophy be a Rigorous Science?
Christopher Coope. The Doctor of Philosophy Will See You Now.
Stephen R. L. Clark. Plotinus: Charms and Countercharms.
John Cottingham. What is Humane Philosophy and Why is it At Risk?  
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The Monist, vol. 92, #3, 2009 (this issue is not yet online 12/21/2009)
General Topic: Philosophy and Engineering
Michael Davis. Defining Engineering from Chicago to Shantou.
Carl Mitcham. A Philosophical Inadequacy of Engineering.
Billy Vaughn Koen. The Engineering Method and its Implicaitons for Scientific, Philosophical, and Universal Methods.
Riichiro Mizoguchi & Yoshinobu Kitamura. A Functional Ontology of Artifacts.
Wybo Houkes & Pieter E. Vermaas. Contemporary Engineering and the Metaphysics of Artefacts: Beyone the Artisan Model.
Christian Illies & Anthonie Meijers. Artefacts Without Agency.
Hans Poser. Technology and Necessity.
Mariam Thalos. Systems. 
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Oxford Studies in Metaethics, Vol. 4, 2009 (not available online)
Notes on Contributors // Introduction
Andrew. Sepielli. What to Do When You Don't Know What to Do.
Brad Majors. The Natural and the Normative
Nicholas L. Sturgeon. Doubts about the Supervenience of the Evaluative.
Pekka Vayrynen. A Theory of Hedged Moral Principles.
Dorit Bar-On and Matthew Chrisman. Ethical Neo-Expressivism.
David Copp. Realist-Expressivism and Conventional Implicature. //
Gilbert Harman. Guilt-Free Morality
Stephen Kearns and Daniel Star. Reasons as Evidence
Jacob Ross. How to be a Cognitivist about Practical Reason.
Paul Bloomfield. Archimedeanism and Why Metaethics Matters.
Luca Ferrero. Constitutivism and the Inescapability of Agency.
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Ratio, Vol. 23, #1, 2010
Jason Brennan. Scepticism About Philosophy.
Timothy Chappel. Ethical Blind-Spots: Why Socrates Was Not A Cosmopolitan.
Katarzyna De Lazari-Radek, Peter Singer. Secrecy In Consequentialism: A Defence Of Esoteric Morality.
S. Matthew Liao. Twinning, Inorganic Replacement, And The Organism View.
Harold W. Noonan. Bird Against The Humeans.
Jonas Olson. The Freshman Objection To Expressivism And What To Make Of It.
Saul Smilansky. When Does Morality Win?.
Brad Hooker. Publicity In Morality: A Reply To Katarzyna De Lazari-Radek And Peter Singer.
Graham Oddie. Value, Reality And Desire. Review By Debbie Roberts.
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Review of Metaphysics, Vol. 63, #2, 2009 (not yet online Dec. 22, 2009)
Donald Phillip Verene. Metaphysics and the Origin of Culture.
George Duke. Dummett and the Origins of Analytical Philosophy.
James L. Wood. Is there an Archȇ Kakou in Plato?
Markus Babriel. God’s Transcendent Activity: Ontotheology in Metaphysics 12.
Jameson Taylor. Beyond Nature: Karol Wojtyla’s Development of the Traditional Definition of Personhood.
Book Reviews
Eric Christian Barnes. The Paradox of Predictivism. Review by Jarrett Leplin.
John Beversluis. C.S. Lewis and the Search for Rational Religion. Review by Stefan Storrie.
Rémi Brague. The Legend of the Middle Ages: Philosophical Explorations of Medieval Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Review by Jude P. Dougherty.
Eva Brann. Feeling Our Feelings: What Philosophers Think and People Know. Review by Evanthia Speliotios.
Albert Camus. Christian Metaphysics and Neoplatonism. Translated with an introduction by Ronald Srygley. Review by Michael Rubin.
John W. Carlson. Understanding Our Being: Introduction to Speculative Philosophy in the Perennial Tradition. Review by Glenn Statile.
Kevin Corrigan and Suzzane Stern-Gillet (eds.). Reading Ancient Texts: Presocratics and Plato. Review by Michael Ewbank.
John N. Deely. Intentionality and Semotics: A Story of Mutual Fecundation as Told by John Deely. Review by Peter A. Redpath.
Gregory D. Dodds. Exploiting Erasmus. The Erasmian Legacy and Religious Change in early Modern England. Review by Peter G. Bietenholz.
Ronald Dworkin. Justice in Robes. Review by Alexander S. Rosenthal.
Stephan C. Evans. Kierkegaard: An Introduction. Review by Randall G. Colton.
John Martin Fischer. Our Stories: Essays on Life, Death and Free Will. Review by Robert Piercey.
Michael Allen Gillespie. The Theological Origins of Modernity. Review by Edward Feser.
Burke A. Hendrix. Ownership, Authority, and Self-Determination. Review by Nicolás Maloberti.
James A. Keller. Problems of Evil and the Power of God.  Review by Donald W. Viney.
Béatrice Longueness. Hegel’s Critique of Metaphysics. Translated by Nicole J. Simek. Review by Dale M. Schlitt.
Paul A. Rahe. Montequieu and the Logic of Liberty. Review by Jude P. Dougherty.
W.V. Quine. Quine in Dialogue. Edited by Dagfinn Føllesdal and Douglas B. Quine. Review by Paul Gregory.
Kenneth F. Rogerson. The Problem of Free Harmony in Kant’s Aesthetics. Review by Thomas O. Buford.
Horacio Spector. Autonomy and Rights: The Moral Foundations of Liberalism. Review by Sally J. Scholz.
Wilfried Ver Eecke. Ethical Dimensions of the Economy: Making Use of Hegel and the Concepts of Public and Merit Goods. Review by John Donovan.
Lars Vinx. Hans Kelsen’s Pure Theory of Law: Legality and Legitimacy. Review by Alexander S. Rosenthal.
Catherine H. Zuckert. Plato’s Philosophers: The Coherence of the Dialogues. Review by Donald C. Lindenmuth.
Reviewer Index
Current Periodical Articles.
Dissertation Essay Competition
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Social Epistemology, Vol. 23, #3, 2009
Editor’s Introduction. J. Britt Holbrook.
Barry Bozeman and Craig Boardman. Broad Impacts and Narrow Perspectives: Passing the Buck on Science and Social Impacts.
Melanie R. Roberts. Realizing Societal Benefit from Academic Research: Analysis of the National Science Foundation’s Broader Impacts Criterion.
Warren W. Burggren. Implementation of the National Science Foundation’s “Broader Impacts”: Efficiency Considerations and Alternative Approaches. 
Bruce J. MacFadden. Training the Next Generation of Scientists about Broader Impacts.
Kristen Intemann. Why Diversity Matters: Understanding and Applying the Diversity Component of the National Science Foundation’s Broader Impacts Criterion.
Carol Lynn Alpert. Broadening and Deepening the Impact: A Theoretical Framework for Partnerships between Science Museums and STEM Research Centres.
Erik Fisher; Michael Lightner. Entering the Social Experiment: A Case for the Informed Consent of Graduate Engineering Students.
Simone van der Burg. Taking the “Soft Impacts” of Technology into Account: Broadening the Discourse in Research Practice.
Erich W. Schienke;  Nancy Tuana;  Donald A. Brown;  Kenneth J. Davis;  Klaus Keller;  James S. Shortle;  Michelle Stickler; Seth D. Baum. The Role of the National Science Foundation Broader Impacts Criterion in Enhancing Research Ethics Pedagogy.
Robert Frodeman; Jonathan Parker. Intellectual Merit and Broader Impact: The National Science Foundation’s Broader Impacts Criterion and the Question of Peer Review.
Michael Smithson. How Many Alternatives? Partitions Pose Problems for Predictions and Diagnoses.
Karen Taylor;  Susanna Priest;  Hilary Fussell Sisco;  Stephen Banning; Kenneth Campbell. Reading Hurricane Katrina: Information Sources and Decision-making in Response to a Natural Disaster.
Mariam Thalos. Imitative Reasoning.
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Sophia, Vol. 48, #4, 2009

Editorial. An Appel and Special Topic Issues.
Nick Trakakis. Sophia Editorial.
Glenn Branch. The Authorship of There is a God.
Mark Walker. The Anthropic Argument Against the Existence of God.
Rebecca Hanrahan. Getting God Out of Our (Modal) Business.
Jeremy Gwiazda. Richard Swinburne. The Existence of God, and Principle P.
Kevin Schilbrack. Rationality, Relativism, and Religion: A Reinterpretation of Peter Winch.
Patrick Hutchings. What is the Good/ Good of the FORM of the GOOD?
John Bishop. Towards a Religiously Adequate Alternative to OmniGod Theism.
Kevin Hart. Contemplation: Beyond and Behind.
Michael Veber. Reply on Behalf of Joe.
Chris Wallace-Carbbe. Spranto Lost.
Paul James Crittenden. A Secular Age: Reflections on Charles Taylor’s Recent Book.
Patrick Hutchings. ‘Why Is There Something Rather Than Nothing?’ The Big Question. Review of Leszek Kołakowski’s Why Is There Something Rather Than Nothing?: Questions From Great Philosophers, trans. Agnieszka Kołakowski.
Rita D. Sherma, Arvind Sherma, eds., Hermeneutics and Hindu Thought: Toward a Fusion of Horizons. Review by Lenart Skof.
William L. Rowe on Philosophy of Religion: Selected Writings, edited by Nick Trakakis. Review by Jeff Jordan.
Adam B. Seligman, Robert P. Weller, Michael J. Puett, and Bennett Simon, Ritual and Its Consequences: An Essay on the Limits of Sincerity. Review by Andrew B. Irvine.
Laurel C. Schneider, Beyond Monotheism: A Theology of Multiplicity. Review by Forrest Clingerman.
Oxford Studies in Philosophy of Religion, ed. Jonathan L. Kvanvig. Review by Casey Haskins.
Michael Martin, ed., The Cambridge Companion to Atheism. Review by Gregory R. Peterson. 
Stuart Rose, Sublime Love: Essay and Anthology. Review by Peter Gan Chong Beng.
Kenneth Liberman, Dialectical Practice in Tibetan Philosophical Culture: An Ethnomethodological Inquiry into Formal Reasoning. Review by Yaroslav Komarovski.
Peter Steele, White Knight with Beebox: New and Selected Poems. Review by Patrick Hutchings.  
Leszek Kołakowski, 1929–2009
In Memoriam Prof. Rev. Thomas Berry, C.P. (1914–2009)   
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Teaching Philosophy, Vol. 32, #4, 2009
Kevin S. Decker. Teaching Autonomy and Emergence through Pop Culture: Kant, Dewey, and Captain Picard.
Eric C. Mullis. On Being a Socratic Philosophy Instructor.
Daryl Close. Fair Grades.
Ram Neta and Duncan Pritchard. Arguing about Knowledge. Review by Patrick Beach.
Peter S. Wenz. Political Philosophies in Moral Conflict. Review by Kelly Flannery.
Steven D. Hales, ed. What Philosophy Can Tell You About Your Cat. Review by Cynthia Freeland.
George J. Marshall. A Guide to Merleau-Ponty’s Phenomenology of Perception. Review by J.M. Fritzman.
Martin Cohen. Philosophical Tales. Review by Jerry Kapus.
Dan O’Brien. Introduction to the Theory of Knowledge. Review by Daniel A. Kaufmann.
Joseph W. Koterski. An Introduciton to Medieval Philosophy: Basic Concepts. Review by Jon McGinnis.
Deni Elliot. Ethics in the First Person: A Guide to Teaching and Learning Practical Ethics. Review by Carl Miller.
Gail Presby, ed. Philosophical Perspectives on the “War on Terrorism.” Review by Danielle Poe.
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