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December 7-11, 2009

Bulletin of Symbolic Logic, Vol. 15, # 4, 2009
Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism, Vol. 67, # 4, 2009
Journal of Ethics, Vol. 13, # 4, 2009
Journal of Symbolic Logic, Vol. 74, # 4, 2009
Law and Philosophy, Vol. 29, # 1, 2009
Synthese, Vol. 172, # 1, 2009

Bulletin of Symbolic Logic, Vol. 15, # 4, 2009
Stephen G. Simpson.  Mass Problems and Measure-Theoretic Regularity.
P. D. Welch.  Games for Truth.
M. Friedman, R. Creath (eds).  The Cambridge Companion to Carnap.  Reviewed by James Justus.
T. growers (editor), The Princeton Companion to Mathematics.  Reviewed by Juliette Kennedy.
U. Blau.  Die Logik der Unbestimmtheiten und Parodoxien.  Reviewed by Ralf Schindler.
In Memoriam
Anil Nerode.  In Memoriam: Paul J. Cohen, 1934-2007.
2009 North American Annual Meeting of the Association for Symbolic Logic, University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame Indiana, May 20-May 23, 2009
Officers and Committees of the Association for the Symbolic Logic.
Members of the Association.
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Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism, Vol. 67, # 4, 2009
The 2010 Selma Jeanne Cohen Dance Prize
Call for Papers: Special Issue on the Aesthetics of Architecture
Tzachi Zamir.  Theatrical Repetition and Inspired Performance.
Robert Stecker.  Methodological Questions about the Ontology of Music.
John Kulvicki.  Heavenly Sight and the Nature of Seeing-In.
Darren Hudson Hick.  Making Sense of the Copyrightability of Plots: A Case Study in the Ontology of Art.
Aaron Smuts.  Film as Philosophy: In Defense of a Bold Thesis.
Book Reviews
Noël Carroll.  On Criticism.  Reviewed by Curtis L. Carter.
Elisabeth Schellekens.  Aesthetics and Morality.  Reviewed by Stephanie Patridge.
Garry L. Hagberg, ed.  Art and Ethical Criticism.  Reviewed by Daniel Herwitz.
Janet Wolff.  The Aesthetics of Uncertainty.  Reviewed by Casey Haskins.
Richard Shiff.  Doubt.  Reviewed by Michael Fischer.
Aron Vinegar and Michael J. Golec, eds. Relearning from Las Vegas.  Reviewed by Larry Shiner.
Cher Krause Knight.  Public Art: Theory, Practice and Populism.  Reviewed by Jason Simus.
Peter Kivy.  Antithetical Arts: On the Ancient Quarrel between Literature and Music.  Reviewed by Theodore Gracyk.
Thomas E. Wartenberg.  Thinking on Screen: Film as Philosophy.  Reviewed by Matthew Turner.
Kent Puckett.  Bad Form: Social Mistakes and the Nineteenth-Century Novel.  Reviewed by Chad McCracken.
Stephen Mulhall.  The Wounded Animal: J.M. Coetzee and the Difficulty of Reality in Literature and Philosophy.  Reviewed by Donald Beggs.
Books Received//Contributors//Index: Volume 67
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Journal of Ethics, Vol. 13, # 4, 2009
J. Angelo Corlett.  Editor-In-Chief’s Introduction.
Igor Primoratz.  Introduction.
Bernard R. Boxill.  Frederick Douglass’s Patriotism.
Margaret Gilbert.  Pro Patria: An Essay on Patriotism.
Andrew Vincent.  Patriotism and Human Rights: An Argument for Unpatriotic Patriotism.
Robert Audi.  Nationalism, Patriotism, and Cosmopolitanism in an Age of Globalization.
Margaret Moore.  Is Patriotism an Associative Duty?
Stephen Nathanson.  Patriotism, War, and the Limits of Permissible Partiality.
J. Angelo Corlett.  Editor’s Choice of Books Received (September 2008–August 2009).
J. Angelo Corlett.  Referees for 2008–2009.
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Journal of Symbolic Logic, Vol. 74, # 4, 2009
Matthew Foreman.  Forbidden Intervals.
Jeremy Avigad, Henry Towsner.  Functional Interpretation and Inductive Definitions.
H. Jerome Keisler, Wafik Boulos Lotfallah.  Almost Everywhere Elimination of Probability Quantifiers.
David M. Evans, Mark Wing Ho Wong.  Some Remarks on Generic Structures.
Peter Koellner, W. Hugh Woodin.  Incompatibile Ω-complete Theories.
Emil Jeřábek.  Canonical Rules.
Arno Fehm, Wulf-Dieter Geyer.  A Note on Defining Transcendentals in Function Fields.
Moti Gitik, John Krueger.  Approachability at the Second Successor of a Singular Cardinal.
Markus Tressl.  Heirs of Box Types in Polynomially Bounded Structures.
David Diamondstone.  Promptness Does Not Imply Superlow Cuppability.
Greg Hjorth, Ioannis A. Souldatos.  Independently Axiomatizable L w1, w Theories.
Todd Eisworth, Saharon Shelah.  Successors of Singular Cardinals and Coloring Theorems II.
Barbara F. Csima, Joseph R. Mileti.  The Strength of the Rainbow Ramsey Theorem.
Russell Miller.  d-Computable Categoricity for Algebraic Fields.
Rodney G. Downey, Bart Kastermans, Steffen Lempp.  On computable Self-Embeddings of Computable Linear Orderings.
Luca Alberucci, Alessandro Facchini.  The Modal µ-Calculus Hierarchy Over Restricted Classes of Transition Systems.
Eyvind Martol Briseid.  Logical Aspects of Rates of Convergence in Metric Spaces.
John S. Wilson.  First-Order Characterization of the Radical of a Finite Group.
Anand Pillay, Wai Yan Pong.  Corrigendum to: “On Lascar Rank and Morley Rank of Definable Groups in Differentially Closed Fields.”
Peter A. Cholak, Carl G. Jockusch, Jr., Theodore A. Slaman.  Corrigendum to: “On the Strength of Ramsey’s Theorem for Pairs.”
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Law and Philosophy, Vol. 29, # 1, 2009
James A. E. Macpherson.  Legislative Intentionalism and Proxy Agency.
Brian Leiter, Michael Weisberg.  Why Evolutionary Biology Is (So Far) Irrelevant To Legal Regulation.
Phillip Montague.  Self-Defense, Culpability, and Distributive Justice.
Larry Alexander.  Waluchows —living tree constitutionalism by Larry Alexander.
Book Review
R. A. Duff.  Answering for Crime.  Reviewed by Douglas Husak.
Ronen Perry.  Correlativity.
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Synthese, Vol. 172, # 1, 2009
Horacio Arló-Costa, Jeffrey Helzner.  Introduction.
Jonathan Baron.  Cognitive biases in moral judgments that affect political behavior.
Horacio Arló-Costa, Jeffrey Helzner.  Ambiguity aversion: the explanatory power of indeterminate probabilities.
Luc Bovens, Wlodek Rabinowicz.  The puzzle of the hats.
Itzhak Gilboa, Offer Lieberman, David Schmeidler.  On the definition of objective probabilities by empirical similarity.
Isaac Levi.  Probability logic, logical probability, and inductive support.
Patrick Maher.  Bayesian probability.
Nils-Eric Sahlin, Annika Wallin, Johannes Persson.  Decision science: from Ramsey to dual process theories.
Dov Samet.  S5 knowledge without partitions.
Teddy Seidenfeld, Mark J. Schervish, Joseph B. Kadane.  Coherent choice functions under uncertainty.
Simon M. Huttegger, Brian Skyrms, Rory Smead, Kevin J. S. Zollman.  Evolutionary dynamics of Lewis signaling games: signaling systems vs. partial pooling.
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