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October 23-30, 2009

Behavioral and Brain Sciences, Vol. 32, #5, 2009
British Journal of Aesthetics, Vol. 49, # 4, 2009
Dialogue, Vol. 48, # 3, 2009
History and Philosophy of Logic, Vol. 30, #4, 2009
Medical Law Review, Vol. 17, #3, 2009
Metaphysica, Vol. 10, #2, 2009
Philosophical Issues, Vol. 19, 2009
Philosophical Review, Vol. 118, # 4, 2009
Philosophy East and West, Vol. 59, #4, 2009
Phronesis, Vol. 54, #4-5, 2009

Behavioral and Brain Sciences, Vol. 32, #5, 2009

Vigil, J. M. A socio-relational framework of sex differences in the expression of emotion.
Open Peer Commentary

Basso, F. & Oullier, O. When organization meets emotions, does the socio-relational framework fail?
Buss, D. M. The role of emotions in adaptations for exploitation.
Ferber, S. G. Biofeedback mechanisms between shapeable endogen structures and contingent social complexes: The nature of determination for developmental paths.
Fischer, A. H. Beyond our origin: Adding social context to an explanation of sex differences in emotion expression.
Fugate, J. M. B., Gouzoules, H. & Barrett, L. F. Separating production from perception: Perceiver-based explanations for sex differences in emotion.
Izard, C. E., Finlon, K. J. & Grossman, S. R. Sex differences in emotion expression: Developmental, epigenetic, and cultural factors.
Li, N. P. & Balliet, D. Emotional expression of capacity and trustworthiness in humor and in social dilemmas.
LoBue, V. & DeLoache, J. S. On the detection of emotional facial expressions: Are girls really better than boys?
Lozano, G. A. The other side of the coin: Intersexual selection and the expression of emotions to signal youth or maturity.
Lyons, M. Cry baby cry, make your mother buy? Evolution of tears, smiles, and reciprocity potential.
Madison, G. Human female exogamy is supported by cross-species comparisons: Cause to recognise sex differences in societal policy?
Provine, R. R. Reciprocity of laughing, humor, and tickling, but not tearing and crying, in the sexual marketplace.
Swain, J. E. Brain-based sex differences in parenting propagate emotion expression.
Todorov, A. On the richness and limitations of dimensional models of social perception.
Vazire, S., Naumann, L. P., Rentfrow, P. J. & Gosling, S. D. Smiling reflects different emotions in men and women.
Vermeulen, N. On the systematic social role of expressed emotions: An embodied perspective.
Wiefel, A. & Schepker, R. Expressed emotions, early caregiver–child interaction, and disorders.
Zayas, V., Tabak, J. A., Gu¨ naydy´n, G. & Robertson, J. M. A social-cognitive model of human behavior offers a more parsimonious account of emotional expressivity.
Author’s Response
Vigil, J. M. The socio-relational framework of expressive behaviors as an integrative psychological paradigm.
Evans, N. & Levinson, S. C. The myth of language universals: Language diversity and its importance for cognitive science.
Open Peer Commentary
Baker, M. C. Language universals: Abstract but not mythological.
Bavin, E. L. Widening the field: The process of language acquisition.
Berent, I. Unveiling phonological universals: A linguist who asks “why” is (inter alia) an experimental psychologist.
Catania, A. C. Language evolution: Two tracks are not enough.
Christiansen, M. H. & Chater, N. The myth of language universals and the myth of universal grammar.
Croft, W. Syntax is more diverse, and evolutionary linguistics is already here.
Freidin, R. A note on methodology in linguistics.
Goldberg, A. E. Essentialism gives way to motivation.
Harbour, D. The universal basis of local linguistic exceptionality.
Haspelmath, M. The best-supported language universals refer to scalar patterns deriving from processing cost.
Margoliash, D. & Nusbaum, H. C. Animal comparative studies should be part of linguistics.
McMurray, B. & Wasserman, E. Variability in languages, variability in learning?
Merker, B. Returning language to culture by way of biology.
Nevins, A. On formal universals in phonology.
Penn, D. C., Holyoak, K. J. & Povinelli, D. J.Universal grammar and mental continuity: Two modern myths.
Pesetsky, D. Against taking linguistic diversity at “face value.”
Pinker, S. & Jackendoff, R. The reality of a universal language faculty.
Pullum, G. K. & Scholz, B. C. For universals (but not finite-state learning) visit the zoo.
Rizzi, L. The discovery of language invariance and variation, and its relevance for the cognitive sciences.
Smolensky, P. & Dupoux, E. Universals in cognitive theories of language.
Tallerman, M. If language is a jungle, why are we all cultivating the same plot?
Tomasello, M. Universal grammar is dead.
Waterfall, H. & Edelman, S. The neglected universals: Learnability constraints and discourse cues.
Authors’ Response
Evans, N. & Levinson, S. C. With diversity in mind: Freeing the language sciences from Universal Grammar.
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British Journal of Aesthetics, Vol. 49, # 4, 2009
Notes on contributors
John Hyman, Elisabeth Schellekens.  Editorial
Roger Scruton.  Working Towards Art.
Dawn M. Phillips.  Photography and Causation: Responding to Scruton’s Scepticism.
David Davies.  Scruton on the Inscrutability of Photographs.
Kathleen Stock.  Fantasy, Imagination, and Film.
Christopher Stevens.  Embracing Scruton’s Cultural Conservatism.
Andy Hamilton.  Scruton’s Philosophy of Culture: Elitism, Populism, and Classic Art.
Rafael de Clercq.  Scruton on Rightness of Proportion in Architecture.
Jerrold Levinson.  The Aesthetic Appreciation of Music.
A. E. Denham.  The Future of Tonality.
Roger Scruton.  Replies to Critics.
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Dialogue, Vol. 48, # 3, 2009 (this issue is not yet online)
Neil Kennedy.  Savoir que l’on sait.  La question de la transparence dans les attitudes épistémiques.
Jeff Foss.  The Scientific Explanation of Colour Qualia.
Steven Hendley.  Reassuring Ourselves of the Reality of Ethical Reasons: What McDowell Should Take from Foot’s Ethical Naturalism.
Patrice Philie.  La conception disjunctive de l’expérience.
John Cook.  Is Davidson a Gricean?
Ernst Wolff.  Responsibility in an Era of Modern Technology and Nihilism, Part I.  A Non-Foundational Rereading of Jonas.
Christine Clavien.  Comment comprende les emotions morales.
T. F. Morris.  Manliness in Plato’s Latches.
Darren Hibbs.  On the Possibility of Pre-Cartesian Idealism.
Rockney Jacobsen.  The Duck Quacks Back: A Reply to A. Minh Nguyen.
Peter Alward.  The (Rump) Parliamentarian’s Reply.
Gerald Beaulieu.  Sinnott-Armstrong’s Moral Skepticism: A Murdochian Response.
Book Reviews/Comptes rendus
Maria Rosa Antognazza.  Leibniz. An Intellectual Biography.  Reviewed by Mogens Lærke.
Matthew Sharpe, Joanne Faulkner.  Understanding Psychoanalysis.  Reviewed by Cameron A. J. Ellis.
Sous la direction de Dario perinetti et Marie-Andrée Ricard.  La Phénoménologie de l’esprit de Hegel. Lectures contemporaines.  Reviewed by Guillaume Lejuene.
Lloyd Gerson.  Ancient Epistemology.  Reviewed by Dwayne Moore.
Bas C. van Fraassen.  Scientific Representation: Paradoxes of Perspective.  Reviewed by Lucien Lamourex.
Books Received
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History and Philosophy of Logic, Vol. 30, #4, 2009
Stamatios Gerogiorgakis.  The Byzantine Liar.
Paolo Pagli.  Two Unnoticed Editions of Girolamo Saccheri’s Logica Demonstrativa.
Philip A. Ebert, Marcus Rossberg.  Cantor on Frege’s Foundations of Arithmetic: Cantor’s 1885 Review of Frege’s Die Grundlagen der Arithmetik.
Davide Rizza.  Abstraction and Intuition in Peano’s Axiomatizations of Geometry.
Gottfried Gabriel, Karlheinz Hüsler, Sven Schlotter.  Zur Miete bei Frege – Rudolf Hirzel und die Rezeption der stoischen Logik und Semantik in Jena.
Book Reviews
T. Ebert, U. Nortmann.  Aristoteles: Analytica priora, Buch I.  Reviewed by Marko Malink.
Nino B. Cocchiarella.  Formal Ontology and Conceptual Realism.  Reviewed by Richard L. Mendelsohn.
C. Martínez, J. L. Falguera, J. M. Sagüillo (eds).  Current Topics in Logic and Analytic Philosophy.  Reviewed by M. Scanlan.
Hartry Field.  Saving Truth from Paradox.  Reviewed by Chris Daly.
Matthias Wille.  Die Mathemematik und das Synthetische A Priori. Erkenntnistheoretische Untersuchungen über den Geltungsstatus Mathematischer Axiome.  Reviewed by A. Reichenberger.
Paolo Mancosu (ed).  The Philosophy of Mathematical Practice.  Reviewed by J. Ferreirós.
J. M. Salanskis.  Philosophie des Mathématiques.  Reviewed by J. Cl. Dumoncel.
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Medical Law Review, Vol. 17, #3, 2009
Susan M. C. Gibbons.  Regulating Biobanks: A Twelve-Point Typological Tool.
Anne Morris.  Selective Treatment of Irreversibly Impaired Infants: Decision-Making at the Threshold.
Jo Samanta.  Lasting Powers of Attorney for Healthcare Under the Mental Capacity Act 2005: Enhanced Prospective Self-Determination for Future Incapacity or a Simulacrum?
Elizabeth Wicks.  Religion, Law and Medicine: Legislating on Birth and Death in a Christian State.
Leon McRae.  Withholding Medical Records Without Explanation: A Foucauldian Reading of Public Interest.
Stefano Biondi.  Can Good Law Make Up for Bad Politics? The Case of Eluana Englaro.
Muireann Quigley.  Property: The Future of Human Tissue?
Nick Cartwright.  48 Years On: Is the Suicide Act Fit for Purpose?
Book Reviews 
Roger Magnusson.  Public Health Law: Power, Duty, Restraint.
Glenys Williams.  Medically Assisted Death.
Anne-Maree Farrell.  The Law of Medical Negligence in England and Germany.
Sabine Michalowski.  Legalising Active Voluntary Euthanasia Through the Courts: Some Lessons from Colombia.
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Metaphysica, Vol. 10, #2, 2009
Ariel Meirav.  Properties that Four-Dimensional Objects Cannot Have.
Xiaoqiang Han.  The Criterion or Criteria of Change.
M. J. Garcia-Encinas.  Tropes for Causation.
Tobias Hansson Wahlberg.  Endurance Per Se in B-time.
Erwin Tegtmeier.  Ontology of Time and Hyperdynamism.
Uwe Meixner.  From Plato to Frege: Paradigms of Predication in the History of Ideas.
Book Review
E. J. Lowe.  Personal Agency.  Reviewed by Andreas Gyr.
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Philosophical Issues, Vol. 19, 2009
Special Issue: Metaethics, edited by Ernest Sosa and Enrique Villanueva
Robert Audi. Moral Virtue and Reasons for Action.
David Copp. Toward A Pluralist And Teleological Theory Of Normativity.
Michael Depaul. Pyrrhonian Moral Skepticism And The Problem Of The Criterion.
John M. Doris. Skepticism About Persons1.
Terry Horgan, Mark Timmons. Expressivism And Contrary-Forming Negation.
Michael Huemer. Values And Morals: Outline Of A Skeptical Realism.
Joshua Knobe, Erica Preston-Roedder. The Ordinary Concept Of Valuing.
Joseph Mendola. Real Desires And Well-Being.
Peter Railton. Internalism For Externalists.
Mike Ridge. Moral Assertion For Expressivists1.
Connie S. Rosati.Relational Good And The Multiplicity Problem1.
Walter Sinnott-Armstrong. Mixed-Up Meta-Ethics1.
Michael Smith. Two Kinds Of Consequentialism.
Sharon Street. In Defense Of Future Tuesday Indifference: Ideally Coherent Eccentrics And The Contingency Of What Matters.
Sigrún Svavarsdóttir. The Practical Role Essential To Value Judgments1.
Ralph Wedgwood. Intrinsic Values And Reasons For Action.
David B. Wong. Emotion And The Cognition Of Reasons In Moral Motivation.
Jennifer L. Zamzow, Shaun Nichols. Variations In Ethical Intuitions.
Wlodek Rabinowicz. Broome And The Intuition Of Neutrality.
John Broome. Reply To Rabinowicz.
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Philosophical Review, Vol. 118, # 4, 2009
Dilip Nina.  Persistence and the First-Person Perspective.
Neil Sinhababu.  The Humean Theory of Motivation Reformulated and Defended.
Desmond Hogan.  Noumenal Affection.
Book Reviews
Lynne Rudder Baker.  The Metaphysics of Everyday Life.  Reviewed by Stephen Kearns.
Charles Larmore.  The Autonomy of Morality.  Reviewed by Carla Bagnoli.
Alexander Nehamas.  Only a Promise of Happiness: The Place of Beauty in a World of Art.  Reviewed by Christy Mag Uidhir.
Gianis Stamatellos.  Plotinus and the Presocratics: A Philosophical Study of Presocratic Influences in Plotinus’ “Enneads.”  Reviewed by James Wilberding.
Jonathan Barnes.  Truth, etc.: Six Lectures on Ancient Logic.  Reviewed by Francesco Ademollo.
Princess Elisabeth of Bohemia and René Descartes.  The Correspondence between Princess Elisabeth of Bohemia and René Descartes.  Reviewed by Eileen O’Neill.
Songsuk Susan Hahn.  Contradictions in Motion: Hegel’s Organic Concept of Life and Value.  Reviewed by C. Allen Speight.
Books Received
Index of Volume 118
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Philosophy East and West, Vol. 59, #4, 2009
Christian Coseru.  Buddhist ‘Foundationalism’ and the Phenomenology of Perception.
Romain Graziani.  Optimal States and Self-Defeating Plans: The Problem of Intentionality in Early Chinese Self-Cultivation.
Graham Priest.  The Structure of Emptiness.
Tongdong Bai.  How to Rule Without Taking Unnatural Actions (无为而治): A Comparative Study of the Political Philosophy of Laozi.
Amy Olberding.  “Ascending the Hall”: Style and Moral Improvements in the Analects.
Comment and Discussion
Fred Dallmayr, Chenyang Li, Sor-hoon Tan, Daniel A. Bell.  Beyond Liberal Democracy: A Debate on Democracy and Confucian Meritocracy.
Fred Dallmayr.  Exiting Liberal Democracy: Bell and Confucian Thought.
Chenyang Li.  Where Does Confucian Virtuous Leadership Stand?
Sor-hoon Tan.  Beyond Elitism: A Community Ideal for a Modern East Asia.
Daniel A. Bell.  Toward a Meritocratic Rule in China?: A Response to Professors Dalmayr, Li, and Tan.
Book Reviews
Halil Rahman Açar.  Is Scientific Knowledge Rational?  Reviewed by Clint Jones.
Lenn E. Goodman.  On Justice: An Essay in Jewish Philosophy.  Reviewed by Bernard S. Jackson.
Sundar Sarukkai.  Indian Philosophy and Philosophy of Science.  Reviewed by John N. Crossley.
John A. Tucker.  Ogy­­ū Sorai’s Philosophical Masterworks: The Bendō and Benmei.  Reviewed by Samuel Yamashita.
Soonil Hwang.  Metaphor and Literalism in Buddhism: The Doctrinal History of Nirvana.  Reviewed by Warren Todd.
Books Received
Index to Volume 59
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Phronesis, Vol. 54, #4-5, 2009
Ralph Wedgwood.  Diotima's Eudaemonism: Intrinsic Value and Rational Motivation in Plato's Symposium. 
Margaret Scharle.  A Synchronic Justification for Aristotle's Commitment to Prime Matter.
Steven C.Skultety.  Delimiting Aristotle's Conception of Stasis in the Politics.
Anna Eunyoung Ju.  The Stoic Ontology of Geometrical Limits.
Andrew Barker.  Musical Theory and Philosophy: The Case of Archestratus.
Book Notes
Peter Adamson.  Neoplatonism.
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