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August 25 - 31

Bioethics, Vol. 23, #8, 2009
Journal of Bioethical Inquiry, Vol. 6, #3, 2009
Philosophy & Public Affairs, Vol. 37, #3, 2009
Public Choice, Vol. 141, #1-2, 2009
Theoria, Vol. 75, #3, 2009

Bioethics, Vol. 23, #8, 2009
Brendan O’grady and Udo Schulenk. Rethinking Mandatory HIV testing
Michael N. Mautner. Life-centered ethics, and the Human future in space
Floris Tomasini. Is Post-mortem harm possible? Understanding death, harm and grief
Kristin Zeiler. Deadly Pluralism? Why death-concept, death-definition, death-criterion, and death-test pluralism should be allowed, even though it creates some problems
Country Reports
Reidar Pedersen, Victoria Akre, and Reidun Forde. Barriers and Challenged in Clinical Ethics Consultations: The experiences of Nine clinical ethics committees
Margherita Brusa and Y. Michael Barilan. Cultural Circumcision in EU Public Hospitals – An Ethical Discussion
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Journal of Bioethical Inquiry, Vol. 6, #3, 2009
Kate Cregan
John Coggon, Cameron Stewart, and Laura Williamson. Recent Developments
Ian Kerridge, Paul A. Komesaroff, Malcolm Parker, and Elizabeth Peter. New Perspectives on the End of Life
Judith A. C. Rietjens, Paul J. van der Maas, Bregje D. Onwuteaka-Philipsen, Johannes J. M. van Delden and Agnes van der Heide. Two decades of Research on Euthanasia from Netherlands. What have we learnt and what questions remain?
James Lindemann Nelson. Dealing Death and Retrieving Organs
Les Murray. The Last Hellos
Daniel B. Sinclair. Dealing with Death in the Jewish Legal Tradition
Roger S. Magnusson. The Traditional Account of Ethics and Law at the End of Life – And its Discontents
Kevin Hart. My Death
Richard Huxtable. The Suicide Tourist Trap: Compromise Across Boundaries
Charles Douglas. End-of-life Decisions and Moral Psychology: Killing, Letting Die, Intention and Foresight
Kevin Hart. The Map
Francoise Baylis and Matthew Herder. Policy Design for Human Embryo Research in Canada: An Analysis (Part 2 of 2)
Mairi Levitt and Hub Zwart. Bioethics: An Export Product? Reflections on Hands-On Involvement in Exploring the “External” Validity of International Bioethical Declarations
A. Boyce and P. Borry. Parental Authority, Future Autonomy, and Assessing Risks of Predictive Genetic Testing in Minors
Carlo Petrini. Research Involving Children: Direct Benefit or Social Value
Holly Fernandez Lynch. Conflicts of Conscience in Health care: an Institutional compromise. Review by Robert D. Orr
Fritz Allhoff. Physicians at war: The dual-loyalties challenge. Review by Jason Gatliff
La Americana (Documentary Film) review by J. S. Swindell
The Final Inch. Review by Yash Paul
Dan Brock. Republication: In that Case
Rob Irvine. In that Case
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Philosophy & Public Affairs, Vol. 37, #3, 2009
David Miller. Democracy’s Domain
Miriam Ronzoni. The Global Order: A Case of Background Injustice? A Practice-Dependent Account
Anna Stilz. Civic Nationalism and Language Policy
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Public Choice, Vol. 141, #1-2, 2009
Arye L. Hillman. Hobbes and the prophet Samuel on leviathan government
Geoffrey Brennan. Hobbes’s Samuel
Ayre L. Hillman. Hobbes and Samuel: reply
Serguei Kaniovski and Dennis Leech. A behavioral power index
Tracy M. Gordon. Bargaining in the shadow of the ballot box: causes and consequences of local voter initiatives
Alexander Matros and Daniel Armanios. Tullock’s contest with reimbursements
Nelson Marconi, Paulo R. Arvate, Joao S. Moura Neto and Paulo E. M. Palombo. Vertical transfers and the apporpiration of resources by the bureaucracy: the case of Brazilian state governments
Nicholas Weller. Trading policy: Constituents and party in U.S. Trade policy
Hugo J. Faria and Hugo M. Montesinos. Does economic freedom cause prosperity? An IV approach
James E. Anderson and Maurizio Zanardi. Political pressure deflection
Irem Batool and Gernot Sieg. Bread and attrition of power: Economic events and German election results
Vincenzo Scoppa. Intergenerational transfers of public sector jobs: a shred of evidence on nepotism
Feng Xie and David Levinson. Governance choice on a serial network
Thomas Jensen. Projection effects and strategic ambiguity in electoral competition
Axel Dreher. IMF conditionality: theory and evidence
Steven J. Brams. Mathematics and Democracy: Designing Better voting and fair-division procedures. Review by Nicolaus Tideman
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Theoria, Vol. 75, #3, 2009 (Current Issue not available online)
Bentham and the Shoemaker
A Theoria Biography
Sven Ove Hansson. Swedish Theses in Philosophy 2008
Søren Harnow Klausen. Two Notions of Epistemic Normativity
Eugen Zeleňák. On Explanatory Relata in Singular Causal Explanation
Jens Johansson. Am I a Series?
Scott Stapleford. Locke on Sensitive Knowledge as Knowledge
Sungsu Kim. Multiple Realizations, Diverse Implementations, and Antireductionism
Anthony Brueckner. Moore-Paradoxicality and the Principle of Charity
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