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July 6-13

Australasian Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 87, #2, 2009
Philosophia Mathematica, Vol. 17, #2, 2009
The Philosophical Quarterly, Vol. 59, # 236, 2009
Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, Vol. 79, # 1, 2009

Australasian Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 87, #2, 2009
Elijah Millgram. John Stuart Mill, Determinism, and the Problem of Induction
Simon Blackburn. Truth and A Priori Possibility: Egan’s Charge Against Quasi-Realism
Scott M. James. The Caveman’s Conscience: Evolution and Moral Realism
Jonathan Hill. Probabilism Today: Permissibility and Multi-Account Ethics
Kris McDaniel. Structure-Making
Nicola Ciprotti and Luca Moretti. Logical Pluralism is Compatible with Monism about Metaphysical Modality
Glen A. Pettigrove and Michael J. Meyer. Moral Ambition
Iwao Hirose. Reconsidering the Value of Equality
Yitzah Benbaji. Parity, Intransivity, and a Context-Sensitive Degree Analysis of Gradability
Discussion Notes
Alexander Miller. Moral Realism and Program Explanation: A Very Short Symposium 1: Reply to Nelson
Paul Bloomfield. Moral Realism and Program Explanation: A Very Short Symposium 2: Reply to Miller
Book Reviews
Kit Fine. Semantic Rationalism. Review by Gary Ostertag
Simon J. Evnine. Epistemic Dimensions of Personhood. Review by Lisa Bortolotti
Michael Slote. The ethics of Care and Empathy. Review by Elinor Mason
Book notes
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Philosophia Mathematica, Vol. 17, #2, 2009
Mark Balaguer. Fictionalism, Theft and the Story of Mathematics
Jody Azzouni. Empty de re Attitudes about Numbers
Andrew Arana. On Formally Measuring and Eliminating Extraneous Notions in Proofs
Discussion Note
Francesco Berto. The Gödel Paradox and Wittgenstein’s Reasons
Critical Studies/Book Reviews
William Tait. The Provenance of Pure Reason. Essays on the Philosophy of Mathematics and on its History. Review by Charles Parsons
Penelope Maddy. Second Philosophy: A Naturalistic Method. Review by Stewart Shapiro and Patrick Reeder
Book of Essays
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The Philosophical Quarterly, Vol. 59, # 236, 2009
Symposium on the Admissible Contents of Perception
Tim Bayne. Perception and the Reach of Phenomenal Content
S. Butterfill. Seeing Causings and Hearing Gestures
Alex Byrne. Experience and Content
Tim Crane. Is Perception a Propositional Attitude?
Alva Noë. Conscious Reference
Adam Pautz. What are the Contents of Experiences?
Prichard Price. Aspect-Switching and Visual Phenomenal Character
Susanna Siegel. The Visual Experience of Causation
Michael Tye. The Admissible Contents of Visual Experience
Book Reviews
S. Nuccetelli and G. Seay (eds). Themes from G.E. Moore: New Essays in Epistemology and Ethics. Review by Consuelo Preti
Thomas Christiano. The Constitution of Equality: Democratic Authority and its Limits. Review by Ben Saunders
Helen Small. The Long Life. Review by David Archard
Valerie Tiberius. The Reflective Life: Living Wisely with our Limits. Fiona Woollard
Nick Zangwill. Aesthetic Creation. Derek Matravers
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Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, Vol. 79, # 1, 2009
Ross P. Cameron. What’s Metaphysical About Metaphysical Necessity?
Michael Cholbi. The Murderer at the Door: What Kant Should have said
Krista Lawlor. Knowing What One Wants
Michael P. Lynch. Truth, Value, and Epistemic Expressivism
Michael Rescorla. Assertion and its Constitutive Norms
Daniel A. Weiskopf. Atomism, Pluralism, and Conceptual Content
Martin Smith. Transmission Failure Explained
Special Symposium
Peter Markie. Classical Foundationalism and Speckled Hens
Richard Fumerton. Markie, Speckles, and Classical Foundationalism
Book Symposium: Tracking Truth
Sherrilyn Roush. Precis
Alvin I. Goldman. Recursive Tracking versus Process Reliabilism
Peter Godfrey-Smith. Knowledge, Trade-Offs, and Tracking Truth
Sherrilyn Roush. Replies
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