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July 20-31

American Journal of Bioethics, Vol. 9, #8, 2009
Australasian Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 87, #1, 2009 (claimed issue)
Australasian Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 87, #3, 2009
Developing World Bioethics, Vol. 9, #1, 2009
Economics and Philosophy, Vol. 25, #2, 2009
Foundations of Science, Vol. 14, #3, 2009
Genes, Brain and Behavior, Vol. 8, #5, 2009
History and Philosophy of Logic, Vol. 30, #3, 2009
History of Philosophy Quarterly, Vol. 26, #3, 2009
Human Rights Review, Vol. 10, #3, 2009
Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics, Vol. 22, #4, 2009
Journal of Applied Philosophy, Vol. 26,#3,2009
Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 87, #4, 2009
Journal of Ethics, Vol. 13, #2-3, 2009
Journal of Politics, Vol. 71, #3, 2009
Journal of the History of Ideas, Vol. 70, #3, 2009
Kantian Review Vol.14, # 1, 2009
Philosophers Imprint
Philosophical Investigations, Vol. 32, #3, 2009
Philosophy Compass, Vol. 4, #4, 2009
Philosophy East and West: Vol. 59, # 3, 2009
Poiesis & Praxis, Vol. 6, #3-4, 2009
Political Psychology, Online early
Politics and Gender, Vol. 5, #2, 2009
Ratio, Vol. 22, #3, 2009

American Journal of Bioethics, Vol. 9, #8, 2009
Paul Root Wolpe. Sir John Maddox and the Ethics of Heresy.
Target Article
James Delaney; David B. Hershenov. Why Consent May Not Be Needed For Organ Procurement.
Open Peer Commentaries
D. Micah Hester; Toby Schonfeld. Pardon My Asking: What's New?
Adam Kolber. The Organ Conscription Trolley Problem.
James Lindemann Nelson. Hypotheticals, Analogies, Death's Harms, and Organ Procurement.
Norman L. Cantor. Survivors' Interests in Human Remains.
Christopher T. Robertson. Why Intuitions and Metaphysics Are the Wrong Approach for Health Law: A Commentary on Delaney and Hershenov.
Jeffrey Kirby. Is Context a Distortional Factor, Really?
Jason T. Eberl. Advancing the Case for Organ Procurement.
Target Article
S. Matthew Liao; Mark Sheehan; Steve Clarke. The Duty to Disclose Adverse Clinical Trial Results.
Open Peer Commentaries
Nicole Hassoun. The Duty to Disclose (Even More) Adverse Clinical Trial Results.
Linsey McGoey. Compounding Risks to Patients: Selective Disclosure is Not an Option.
Kavita R. Shah; Frances R. Batzer. Improving Subject Recruitment By Maintaining Truly Informed Consent: A Practical Benefit of Disclosing Adverse Clinical Trial Results.
Justin Oakley. Respecting Participant Autonomy and the Disclosure of Clinical Trial Results.
John D. Banja; Boadie Dunlop. Enhancing Informed Consent in Clinical Trials and Exploring Resistances to Disclosing Adverse Clinical Trial Results.
Peter T. Saunders. The Duty to Register Phase I Trials.
Kevin Chien-Chang Wu. Precautionary Harm Disclosure in Clinical Trials.
Anthony Vernillo. Disclosure of Adverse Clinical Trial Results—Should Legal Immunity Be Granted to Drug Companies?
Target Article
Angela Ballantyne; Ainsley Newson; Florencia Luna; Richard Ashcroft. Prenatal Diagnosis and Abortion for Congenital Abnormalities: Is It Ethical to Provide One Without the Other?
Open Peer Commentaries
Kiarash Aramesh. A Closer Look at the Abortion Debate in Iran.
Ari Z. Zivotofsky; Alan Jotkowitz. Prenatal Diagnosis and Abortion Are Not in Conflict in Israel.
Daniel Sperling. From Iran to Latin America: Must Prenatal Diagnosis Necessarily Be Provided With Abortion for Congenital Abnormalities?
David Wasserman; Adrienne Asch, An Unjustified Exception to an Unjust Law?
Diana Buccafurni; Pepe Lee Chang. Does Prenatal Diagnosis Morally Require Provision of Selective Abortion?
Howard Trachtman. Can, Should, Ought, Must,
Alexander A. Kon. Prenatal Testing Can Be Advantageous Even When Abortion is Not an Option.
Sheelagh McGuinness.Abortion: Prohibitions and Exceptions.
Book Reviews
Review of William R. LaFleur, Gernot Bohme, and Susumu Shimazono, eds., Dark Medicine: Rationalizing Unethical Medical Research. Joanne Godley.
Review of Paul A. Lombardo, Three Generations, No Imbeciles: Eugenics, the Supreme Court, and Buck v. Bell. Ruth Levy Guyer.
James Delaney; David B. Hershenov. Response to Open Peer Commentaries on “Why Consent May Not Be Needed For Organ Procurement.”
S. Matthew Liao; Mark Sheehan; Steve Clarke. Disclosing Clinical Trial Results: Publicity, Significance and Independence.
Angela Ballantyne; Ainsley Newson; Florencia Luna; Richard Ashcroft. Response to Open Peer Commentaries on “Prenatal Diagnosis and Abortion for Congenital Abnormalities: Is It Ethical to Provide One Without the Other?”
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Australasian Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 87, #1, 2009 (claimed issue)
Guest Editorial
Alan Saunders. Getting it Across
David Barnett. Is Vagueness Sui Generis?
Nikk Effingham. Universalism, Vagueness, and Supersubstantivalism
Michael Rescorla. Epistemic and Dialectic Regress
Maria Alvarez. Actions, Thought-Experiments and the ‘Principle of Alternate Possibilities’
Robert J. Howell. Emergentism and the Supervenience Physicalism
Brad Thompson. Sense for Senses
Adam Kovach. The Return of Taylor’s Putnam
Kelly Trogdon. Monism and Intrinsicality
Discussion Notes
Alexander Skiles. Trogdon on Monism and Intrinsicality
Timothy Pickavance. In Defence of ‘Partially Clad’ Bare Particulars
Book Reviews
Miri Albahari. Analytical Buddhism: The Two-Tiered Illusion of Self. Review by Charles Goodman
J.C. Beall and Greg Restall. Logical Pluralism. Review by Lloyd Humberstone
Jeff Malpas. Heidegger’s Topology: Being, Place, World. Review by Sean Ryan
Book Notes
P.J.E. Kail. Projection and Realism in Hume’s Philosophy. Anna Stoklosa
Ralph Pettman. Intending the World: A Phenomenology of International Affairs. Stan van Hooft
Igor Primoratz and Aleksandar Pavkovic, eds. Patriotism: Philosophical and Political Perspectives. Paul Formosa
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Australasian Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 87, #3, 2009
Dirk Greimann. Contextual Definition and Ontological Commitment
Gilberto Gomes. Are Necessary and Sufficient Conditions Converse Relations?
Mary Kate McGowan. Oppressive Speech
Pierre Le Morvan. Selfishness, Altruism, and Our Future Selves
Re’em Segev. Second-Order Equality and Levelling Down
Chris Tucker. Perceptual Justification and Warrant by Default
Christopher Buford. Memory, Quasi-Memory, and Pseudo-Quasi-Memory
Mark Moyer. Does Four-Dimensionalism Explain Coincidence?
Neil Levy. What, and Where, Luck Is: A Response to Jennifer Lackey
Discussion Notes
E.J. Coffman. Does Luck Exclude Control?
Donald Smith. Mereology Without Weak Supplementation
Michael Bertrand. God Might be Responsible for Physical Evil
Alexander Bird. . . .And then Again, He Might not Be
Book Reviews
Walter Sinnot-Armstrong, ed. Moral Psychology, Vol. 1 The Evolution of Morality: Adaptations and Innateness. Review by Neil Levy
Walter Sinnott-Armstrong, ed. Moral Psychology, Vol. 2 The Cognitive Science of Morality: Intuition and Diversity. Review by Philip Gerrans
Walter Sinnot-Armstrong, ed. Moral Psychology, Vol. 3 The Neuroscience of Morality: Emotion, Brain Disorders, and Development. Review by Catriona Mackenzie
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Developing World Bioethics, Vol. 9, #1, 2009
Debora Diniz. Editorial
Andrew Fenton. Buddhism and Neuroethics: The Ethics of Pharmaceutical Cognitive Enhancement.
Sofia Lombera, Judy Illes. The International Dimensions of Neuroethics.
Ricardo Páez, Javier E. García De Alba. International Research and Just Sharing Of Benefits In Mexico.
Emma R.M. Cohen, Jennifer M. O'Neill, Michel Joffres, Ross E.G. Upshur, Edward Mills. Reporting Of Informed Consent, Standard of Care And Post-Trial Obligations In Global Randomized Intervention Trials: A Systematic Survey of Registered Trials.
Ayodele S. Jegede. Understanding Informed Consent for Participation In International Health Research.
Special Report
Ethical Issues in Medical Research in The Developing World: A Report on a Meeting Organised by Fondation Mérieux.
Christophe Perrey, Douglas Wassenaar, Shawn Gilchrist, Bernard Ivanoff.
Letter to The Editors
Imad M. Treish. Clinical Research Law in Jordan.
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Economics and Philosophy, Vol. 25, #2, 2009
Joseph B. Kadane and Gaia Bellone. DE FINETTI ON RISK AVERSION.
Reviews Symposium
Julian Riss. Measurement and value judgments in economics Error in Economics. Towards a More Evidence-Based Methodology. Review by David Teira.
Julian Reiss. How can economics be an inductive science? Error in Economics. Towards a More Evidence-Based Methodology. Review by Kevin D. Hoover.
Julian Reiss . Rejoinder Error in Economics. Towards a More Evidence-Based Methodology. By Julian Reiss.
Julian Reiss. Error in economics and the error statistical approach Error in Economics. Towards a More Evidence-Based Methodology. Review by Aris Spanos.
Economics and Happiness: Framing the Analysis, edited by Luigino Bruni and Pier Luigi Porta. Review by Daniel M. Haybron.
Caterina Marchionni. Popper and Economic Methodology. Contemporary Challenges, edited by Thomas A. Boylan and Paschal F. O'Gorman.
Explaining Social Behavior: More Nuts and Bolts for the Social Sciences, Jon Elster. Review by Pierre Salmon.
Preference and Information, Dan Egonsson. Review by Katie Steele.
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Foundations of Science, Vol. 14, #3, 2009
Yvon Gauthier. The Construction of Chaos Theory.
Helena Knyazeva. Nonlinear Cobweb of Cognition.
Giovanni Boniolo, Rossella Faraldo and Antonio Saggion. On Spatial and Temporal ex mensura Boundaries.
Kevin N. Laland, John Odling-Smee, Marcus W. Feldman and Jeremy Kendal. Conceptual Barriers to Progress Within Evolutionary Biology.
L. Dennis, R. W. Gray, L. H. Kauffman, J. Brender McNair and N. J. Woolf. A Framework Linking Non-Living and Living Systems: Classification of Persistence, Survival and Evolution Transitions.
Ave Mets and Piret Kuusk. The Constructive Realist Account of Science and Its Application to Ilya Prigogine’s Conception of Laws of Nature.
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Genes, Brain and Behavior, Vol. 8, #5, 2009
C. J. Müller, I. Gröticke, K. Hoffmann, K. Schughart, W. Löscher. Differences in sensitivity to the convulsant pilocarpine in substrains and sublines of C57BL/6 mice.
H. M. B. Lesscher, M. J. Wallace, L. Zeng, V. Wang, J. K. Deitchman, T. McMahon, R. O. Messing, P. M. Newton. Amygdala protein kinase C epsilon controls alcohol consumption.
H. A. Burgess, S. L. Johnson, M. Granato. Unidirectional startle responses and disrupted left–right co-ordination of motor behaviors in robo3 mutant zebrafish.
B.-T. Lee, H.-Y. Lee, B.-C. Lee, C.-U. Pae, B.-J. Yoon, S.-G. Ryu, I.-G. Choi, M.-S. Lee, B.-J. Ham. Impact of the tryptophan hydroxylase 1 gene A218C polymorphism on amygdala activity in response to affective facial stimuli in patients with major depressive disorder.
Q.-R. Liu, C.-H. Pan, A. Hishimoto, C.-Y. Li, Z.-X. Xi, A. Llorente-Berzal, M.-P. Viveros, H. Ishiguro, T. Arinami, E. S. Onaivi, G. R. Uhl. Species differences in cannabinoid receptor 2 (CNR2 gene): identification of novel human and rodent CB2 isoforms, differential tissue expression and regulation by cannabinoid receptor ligands.
O. Levran, D. Londono, K. O'Hara, M. Randesi, J. Rotrosen, P. Casadonte, S. Linzy, J. Ott, M. Adelson, M. J. Kreek. Heroin addiction in African Americans: a hypothesis-driven association study.
Alja Videtič, Tina T. Peternelj, Tomaž Zupanc, Jože Balažic, Radovan Komel. Promoter and functional polymorphisms of HTR2C and suicide victims.
T. Sakai, J. Kasuya, T. Kitamoto, T. Aigaki. The Drosophila TRPA channel, Painless, regulates sexual receptivity in virgin females.
A. H. Macbeth, H.-J. Lee, J. Edds, W. S. Young III. Oxytocin and the oxytocin receptor underlie intrastrain, but not interstrain, social recognition.
W. N. Frankel, Y. Yang, C. L. Mahaffey, B. J. Beyer, T. P. O'Brien. Szt2, a novel gene for seizure threshold in mice.
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History and Philosophy of Logic, Vol. 30, #3, 2009
Khaled El-Rouayheb. Impossible Antecedents and Their Consequences: Some Thirteenth-Century Arabic Discussions
Henrik Lagerlund. Avicenna and Usi on Modal Logic
Curtis Franks. The Godelian Inferences
Guiseppe Primiero. Proceeding in Abstraction. From Concepts to Types and the Recent Perspective on Information
Igor Sedlar. C. I. Lewis on Possible Worlds
Essay Review
Wolfgang Lenzen. Calculus Universalis. Studien zur Logik von G.W. Leibniz. Review by Hans Burkhardt
Book Reviews
Jose Ferreiros. Labyrinth of Thought: A History of Set Theory and its Role in Modern Mathematics. Review by W.W. Tait
Guiseppe Primiero. Information and Knowledge: A Constructive Type-Theoretical Approach. Review by Fairouz Kamareddine
Matt Carter. Minds and Computers: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence. Review by Peter Ohrstrom
Delbert Reed. The Origins of Analytic Philosophy: Kant and Frege. Review by Christopher Pincock
A. Ahmed. Saul Kripke. Review by Neftali Villanueva
M. B. Califano. Paradossi e disarmonie nelle scienze e nelle arti. Review by E. A. Marchisotto
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History of Philosophy Quarterly, Vol. 26, #3, 2009
(Not available online)

Richard Foley. The Better Part of Valor: The Role of Wisdom in Plato’s Laches
Henry Dyson. The God Within: The Normative Self in Epictetus
Giorgio Pini/ Scotus on Knowing and Naming Natural Kinds
Nigel Leary. How Essentialists Misunderstand Locke
Colin Heydt. Hutcheson’s Short Introduction and the Purposes of Moral Philosophy
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Human Rights Review, Vol. 10, #3, 2009
Special Issue: The State of the Political Science Discipline in the Study of Human Rights
Steven D. Roper and Lilian A. Barria. Political Science Perspectives on Human Rights.
John D. Inazu. No Future Without (Personal) Forgiveness: Reexamining the Role of Forgiveness in Transitional Justice.
Martin Binder. Humanitarian Crises and the International Politics of Selectivity.
Gwyneth C. McClendon. Building the Rule of International Criminal Law: The Role of Judges and Prosecutors in the Apprehension of War Criminals.
Steven D. Roper and Lilian A. Barria. Why Do States Commission the Truth? Political Considerations in the Establishment of African Truth and Reconciliation Commissions.
Dursun Peksen and A. Cooper Drury. Economic Sanctions and Political Repression: Assessing the Impact of Coercive Diplomacy on Political Freedoms.
Caroline L. Payne. Bringing Home the Bacon or Not? Globalization and Government Respect for Economic and Social Rights.
Julie Harrelson-Stephens and Rhonda L. Callaway. “The Empire Strikes Back”: The US Assault on the International Human Rights Regime.
Book Reviews
Volker Heins: Nongovernmental Organizations in International Society: Struggles Over Recognition
New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2008. Elizabeth Bloodgood.
Helen Fein, Human Rights and Wrongs: Slavery, Terror, Genocide. Boulder: Paradigm Publishers, 2007. Jeffrey A. Gauthier
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Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics, Vol. 22, #4, 2009
Richard Haynes. From the Editor.
Marta G. Rivera-Ferre. Can Export-Oriented Aquaculture in Developing Countries be Sustainable and Promote Sustainable Development? The Shrimp Case.
Mao He and Juan Chen. Sustainable Development and Corporate Environmental Responsibility: Evidence from Chinese Corporations.
Nina E. Cohen, Frans W. A. Brom and Elsbeth N. Stassen. Fundamental Moral Attitudes to Animals and Their Role in Judgment: An Empirical Model to Describe Fundamental Moral Attitudes to Animals and Their Role in Judgment on the Culling of Healthy Animals During an Animal Disease Epidemic.
Glenn Albrecht, Clive R. McMahon, David M. J. S. Bowman and Corey J. A. Bradshaw. Convergence of Culture, Ecology, and Ethics: Management of Feral Swamp Buffalo in Northern Australia.
Book Reviews
Peter W. B. Phillips and Chika B. Onwuekwe (eds): Accessing and Sharing the Benefits of the Genomics Revolution.
Review by Clem Tisdell.
Per Pinstrup-Andersen & Peter Sandøe (eds.): Ethics, Hunger and Globalization. In Search of Appropriate Policies. Review by
Johan De Tavernier.
Per Pinstrup-Andersen, Peter Sandøe (eds), Ethics, Hunger and Globalization. In Search of Appropriate Policies.Review by Cor van der Weele
Bobrow-Strain, Aaron. Intimate Enemies. Landowners, Power, and Violence in Chiapas. Review by Brandt Peterson.
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Journal of Applied Philosophy, Vol. 26,#3,2009
(Special Issue: Philosophy and Public Policy. Guest Editors: David Archard and Susan Mendus.)
David Archard, Susan Mendus. Introduction.
Onora O'Neill. Applied Ethics: Naturalism, Normativity and Public Policy
Kimberley Brownlee. Normative Principles and Practical Ethics: A Response to O'Neill
David Archard. Applying Philosophy: A Response to O'Neill
R. A. Duff. Philosophy and 'The Life of the Law'
John Tasioulas. Philosophy, Criticism and Community: A Response to Duff
Victor Tadros. Law, Strategy and Democracy: A Response To Duff
Allen Buchanan. Philosophy and Public Policy: A Role For Social Moral Epistemology
Neil C. Manson. Epistemic Inertia and Epistemic Isolationism: A Response To Buchanan
Alan Carter. Philosophy, Social Institutions, and The Ethics Of Belief: A Response To Buchanan
Henry Shue. Making Exceptions
James Connelly. 'Making Exceptions': A Response To Shue
Vittorio Bufacchi. Not Making Exceptions: A Response to Shue
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Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 87, #4, 2009
Calvin L. Troup. Ordinary People can Reason: A Rhetorical Case for Including Vernacular Voices in Ethical Public Relations Practice. Carla C. J. M. Millar, Chong-Ju Choi, Philip Y. K. Cheng. Co-Evolution: Law and Institutions in International Ethics Research. George W. Watson, Robyn Berkley. Testing the Value-Pragmatics Hypothesis in Unethical Compliance.
Susan M. Houghton, Joan T. A. Gabel, David W. Williams. Connecting the Two Faces of CSR: Does Employee Volunteerism Improve Compliance?
Elisaveta Gjorgji Sardžoska, Thomas Li-Ping Tang. Testing a Model of Behavioral Intentions in the Republic of Macedonia: Differences Between the Private and the Public Sectors.
Joakim Sandberg, Carmen Juravle, Ted Martin Hedesström, Ian Hamilton. The Heterogeneity of Socially Responsible Investment.
Rebecca M. Guidice, G. Stoney Alder, Steven E. Phelan. Competitive Bluffing: An Examination of a Common Practice and its Relationship with Performance.
Benjamin J. Richardson. Keeping Ethical Investment Ethical: Regulatory Issues for Investing for Sustainability.
Maria Ceu Cortez, Florinda Silva, Nelson Areal. The Performance of European Socially Responsible Funds. Anthony D. Miyazaki. Perceived Ethicality of Insurance Claim Fraud: Do Higher Deductibles Lead to Lower Ethical Standards? Announcement
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Journal of Ethics, Vol. 13, #2-3, 2009
J. Angelo Corlett. Editor-In-Chief’s Introduction.
Candace L. Upton. Virtue Ethics and Moral Psychology: The Situationism Debate.
Jesse Prinz. The Normativity Challenge: Cultural Psychology Provides the Real Threat to Virtue Ethics.
Christian Miller. Social Psychology, Mood, and Helping: Mixed Results for Virtue Ethics.
Candace L. Upton. The Structure of Character.
Gopal Sreenivasan. Disunity of Virtue.
Peter B. M. Vranas. Against Moral Character Evaluations: The Undetectability of Virtue and Vice.
Gilbert Harman. Skepticism about Character Traits.
Joel J. Kupperman. Virtue in Virtue Ethics.
Neera K. Badhwar. The Milgram Experiments, Learned Helplessness, and Character Traits.
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Journal of Politics, Vol. 71, #3, 2009
Daniel J. Hopkins. No More Wilder Effect, Never a Whitman Effect: When and Why Polls Mislead about Black and Female Candidates.
M. Kent Jennings, Laura Stoker and Jake Bowers. Politics across Generations: Family Transmission Reexamined.
David Glick. Conditional Strategic Retreat: The Court's Concession in the 1935 Gold Clause Cases.
Frank Lovett. Domination and Distributive Justice.
John T. Scott and Brian H. Bornstein. What's Fair in Foul Weather and Fair? Distributive Justice across Different Allocation Contexts and Goods.
Kerem Ozan Kalkan, Geoffrey C. Layman and Eric M. Uslaner. “Bands of Others”? Attitudes toward Muslims in Contemporary American Society.
Benjamin E. Goldsmith and Yusaku Horiuchi. Spinning the Globe? U.S. Public Diplomacy and Foreign Public Opinion.
Ravi Bhavnani, Michael G. Findley and James H. Kuklinski. Rumor Dynamics in Ethnic Violence.
Markus Prior. Improving Media Effects Research through Better Measurement of News Exposure.
James R. Zink, James F. Spriggs and John T. Scott. Courting the Public: The Influence of Decision Attributes on Individuals’ Views of Court Opinions.
Anthony M. Bertelli and Christian R. Grose. Secretaries of Pork? A New Theory of Distributive Public Policy.
Dimitri Landa and Jeffrey R. Lax. Legal Doctrine on Collegial Courts.
Cheryl Boudreau. Closing the Gap: When Do Cues Eliminate Differences between Sophisticated and Unsophisticated Citizens?
Jay Goodliffe and Darren Hawkins. A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Rome: Explaining International Criminal Court Negotiations.
Alan E. Wiseman. Delegation and Positive-Sum Bureaucracies.
Stephen A. Meserve, Daniel Pemstein and William T. Bernhard. Political Ambition and Legislative Behavior in the European Parliament.
Christina L. Davis and Sarah Blodgett Bermeo. Who Files? Developing Country Participation in GATT/WTO Adjudication.
Jeffrey Lazarus.Party, Electoral Vulnerability, and Earmarks in the U.S. House of Representatives.
Ryan C. Black and Ryan J. Owens. Agenda Setting in the Supreme Court: The Collision of Policy and Jurisprudence.
Cesar Zucco. Ideology or What? Legislative Behavior in Multiparty Presidential Settings.
Tracy Sulkin. Campaign Appeals and Legislative Action.
John G. Bullock. Partisan Bias and the Bayesian Ideal in the Study of Public Opinion.
Frederick J. Boehmke. Policy Emulation or Policy Convergence? Potential Ambiguities in the Dyadic Event History Approach to State Policy Emulation.
Peter K. Hatemi, Carolyn L. Funk, Sarah E. Medland, Hermine M. Maes, Judy L. Silberg, Nicholas G. Martin and Lindon J. Eaves.
Genetic and Environmental Transmission of Political Attitudes Over a Life Time.
Christopher T. Dawes and James H. Fowler. Partisanship, Voting, and the Dopamine D2 Receptor Gene.
Suzanne Dovi. In Praise of Exclusion.
Dangerous Frames: How Ideas About Race and Gender Shape Public Opinion. By Nicholas J. G. Winter. (University of Chicago Press, 2008.)
Christopher M. Federico.
The Politics of Identity: Solidarity Building among America's Working Poor. By Erin E. O’Brien. (SUNY Press, 2008.)
Catherine M. Paden.
Political Foundations of Judicial Supremacy: The Presidency, the Supreme Court, and Constitutional Leadership in U.S. History. By Keith E. Whittington. (Princeton University Press, 2007.)
R. Shep Melnick.
The Founding Fathers, Pop Culture, and Constitutional Law: Who's Your Daddy? By Susan Burgess. (Ashgate, 2008.)
Leslie F. Goldstein.
Illiberal Justice: John Rawls vs. the American Political Tradition. By David Lewis Schaeffer. (University of Missouri Press, 2007.)
George Klosko.
The Young Marx: German Philosophy, the State and Human Flourishing. By David Leopold. (Cambridge University Press, 2007.)
Asma Abbas.
The Politics of Official Apologies. By Melissa Nobles. (Cambridge University Press, 2008.)
Matt James.
Party Competition between Unequals: Strategies and Electoral Fortunes in Western Europe. By Bonnie M. Meguid. (Cambridge University Press, 2008.)
Jae-Jae Spoon.
Judicial Review as Political Insurance: Argentina, Peru, and Mexico in the 1990s. By Jodi S. Finkel. (University of Notre Dame Press, 2008.)
Julio Ríos-Figueroa.
Judges Beyond Politics in Democracy and Dictatorship: Lessons from Chile. By Lisa Hilbink. (Cambridge University Press, 2007.)
Rachel Bowen.
Democratizing the Hegemonic State: Political Transformation in the Age of Identity. By Ilan Peleg. (Cambridge University Press, 2007.)
John Ishiyama.
A Nation of Emigrants: How Mexico Manages Its Migration, By David Fitzgerald. (University of California Press, 2009.)
Alexandra Délano.
Citizenship and Involvement in European Democracies. A Comparative Analysis. Edited by van W. van Deth, José Ramón Montero, and Anders Westholm. (Routledge, 2007.)
Hilde Coffé.
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Journal of the History of Ideas, Vol. 70, #3, 2009
Alfred Hiatt. Diplomatic Arts: Hickes against Mabillon in the Republic of Letters
Edward A. Eigen. The Plagiarism of the Heathens Detected: John Wood, the Elder (1704–1754) on the Translation of Architecture and Empire
Guillaume Ansart. Variations on Montesquieu: Raynal and Diderot’s Histoire des deux Indes and the American Revolution
Damian Valdez. Bachofen’s Rome and the Fate of the Feminine Orient
Daniel Immerwahr. Polanyi in the United States: Peter Drucker, Karl Polanyi, and the Midcentury Critique of Economic Society
Ahti-Veikko Pietarinen. Significs and the Origins of Analytic Philosophy.
Steven Nadler. The Jewish Spinoza.
Books Received // Morris D. Forkosch Prize
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Kantian Review Vol. 14, # 1, 2009
David Landy. Inferentialism and the Transcendental Deduction.
Melissa Seymour Fahmy. Active Sympathetic Participation: Reconsidering Kant's Duty of Sympathy
Kristi Sweet. Reflection: Its Structure and Meaning in Kant's Judgements of Taste.
Eric Watkins. Kant on the hiddenness of God.
Discussion. Rolf George.
Paul Formosa. The Idea of Evil.
Katie Harrington. Kant's 'Critique of Pure Reason': A Reader's Guide.
Nick Vaughan-Williams. Derrida On Time.
Robert Stern. Kant and Skepticism.
Andrew Stephenson. Custom and Reason in Hume: A Kantian Reading of the First Book of the Treatise.
Rebecka Lettevall. The War over Perpetual Peace: An Exploration into the History of a Foundational International Relations.
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Philosopher’s Imprint
Andrew Chignell, Descartes on Sensation: A Defense of the Semantic-Causation Model
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Philosophical Investigations, Vol. 32, #3, 2009
Brief Notice
Timothy Chappell. Ethics Beyond Moral Theory.
Severin Schroeder. Hempel's Paradox, Law-likeness and Causal Relations.
Gloria Ayob . The Aspect-Perception Passages: A Critical Investigation of Köhler's Isomorphism Principle.
Wittgenstein and His Interpreters: Essays in Memory of Gordon Baker – Edited by Guy Kahane, Edward Kanterian and Oskari Kuusela (p 281-285) Leo K. C. Cheung.
Wittgenstein and Ethical Inquiry (A Defense of Ethics as Clarification) – By J. Jeremy Wisnewski (p 285-289) Liam Hughes.
Platonistic and Disenchanting Theories of Ethics – By Hugh S. Chandler (p 289-291) William Vaughan.
Books Received
Wittgenstein Studien: Call for Papers
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Philosophy East and West, Vol. 59, # 3, 2009
Marcus Sacrini A. Ferraz. Some Remarks on the Yogasutra.
Robert Feleppa. Zen, Emotion, and Social Engagement.
Eric Sean Nelson. Responding with Dao: Early Daoist Ethics and the Environment.
Huaiyu Wang. The Way of Heart: Mencius’ Understanding of Justice.
James Behuniak Jr. “Embracing the One” in the Daodejing.
Book Reviews
Dennis Hirota. Asura’s Hart: Engagement with language as Buddhist Path. Review by Michiko Yusa.
Muhammad Kamal. Mulla Sadra’s Transcendent Philosophy. Review by Alparslan Acikgenc.
Anna-Pya Sjodin. The Happening of Tradition: Vallabha on Anumana in Nyayalilavati. Review by Takanori Suzuki.
Nam-lin Hur. Death and Social Order IN Tokugawa Japan: Buddhism, Anti-Christianity, and the Danka System. Review by Laura Nenzi.
Alex Watson. The Self’s Awareness of Itself: Bhatta Ramakantha’s Arguments against the Buddhist Doctrine of No-Self. Review by Elisa Freschi.
Books Received
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Philosophy Compass, Vol. 4, #4, 2009 (UM does not subscribe)
Aesthetics & Philosophy of Art
James Hamilton. The Text-Performance Relation in Theater.
Taylor Carman. Merleau-Ponty and the Mystery of Perception.
History of Philosophy
Nicholas J. J. Smith. Frege's Judgement Stroke and the Conception of Logic as the Study of Inference not Consequence.
D. T. J. Bailey. The Third Man Argument.
Legal & Political
Jeffrey Goldsworthy. Constitutional Interpretation: Originalism.
Philosophy of Religion
Robin Le Poidevin. Incarnation: Metaphysical Issues.
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Poiesis & Praxis, Vol. 6, #3-4, 2009
Neha Khetrapal. The SPAARS approach: implications for psychopathy.
Dimitris Repantis, Peter Schlattmann, Oona Laisney, Isabella Heuser. Antidepressants for neuroenhancement in healthy individuals: a systematic review.
Inga Griskova, Sidse M. Arnfred. An electrophysiological approach to investigations of sensory dysfunction in schizophrenia.
Heinz Schott. Psychological trauma from the perspective of medical history: from Paracelsus to Freud.
Christian G. Huber. Interdependence of theoretical concepts and neuroimaging data.
Thomas Fuchs. Embodied cognitive neuroscience and its consequences for psychiatry.
Original Paper
Robert Hoppe. Scientific advice and public policy: expert advisers’ and policymakers’ discourses on boundary work.
Ruth Klüser. Current challenges for efficient electricity grids.
Book Review
Stephan Lingner. O. Renn, P.-J. Schweizer, M. Dreyer, A. Klinke: Risiko. Über den gesellschaftlichen Umgang mit Unsicherheit.
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Political Psychology, online early
Joshua L. Rabinowitz, David O. Sears, Jim Sidanius, Jon A. Krosnick. Why Do White Americans Oppose Race-Targeted Policies? Clarifying the Impact of Symbolic
David A. Butz. National Symbols as Agents of Psychological and Social Change.
Malte Klar, Tim Kasser. Some Benefits of Being an Activist: Measuring Activism and Its Role in Psychological Well-Being.
Richard K. Herrmann, Pierangelo Isernia, Paolo Segatti. Attachment to the Nation and International Relations: Dimensions of Identity and Their Relationship to War and Peace
Philipp Jugert, John Duckitt. A Motivational Model of Authoritarianism: Integrating Personal and Situational Determinants.
Udi Lebel, Natti Ronel. The Emotional Reengineering of Loss: On the Grief-Anger-Social Action Continuum.
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Politics & Gender, Vol. 5, #2, 2009
Research Articles
Mary-Kate Lizotte and Andrew H. Sidman. Explaining the Gender Gap in Political Knowledge.
Michael S. Danielson and Todd A. Eisenstadt. Walking Together, but in Which Direction? Gender Discrimination and Multicultural Practices in Oaxaca, Mexico.
Jocelyn Boryczka. Whose Responsibility? The Politics of Sex Education Policy in the United States.
Isabelle V. Barker. (Re)Producing American Soldiers in an Age of Empire.
Critical Perspectives on Gender and Politics
Fiona Mackay and Georgina Waylen. Feminist Institutionalism.
Amanda Driscoll and Mona Lena Krook. Can There Be a Feminist Rational Choice Institutionalism?
Georgina Waylen. What Can Historical Institutionalism Offer Feminist Institutionalists?
Fiona Mackay, Surya Monro and Georgina Waylen. The Feminist Potential of Sociological Institutionalism.
Teresa Kulawik. Staking the Frame of a Feminist Discursive Institutionalism.
Meryl Kenny and Fiona Mackay. Already Doin' It for Ourselves? Skeptical Notes on Feminism and Institutionalism.
Book Reviews
The New Politics of Gender Equality. By Judith Squires. Houndsmills. Joni Lovenduski.
Gender, Class, and Freedom in Modern Political Theory. By Nancy J. Hirschmann. Christine Di Stefano.
Constitutional Context: Women and Rights Discourse in Nineteenth-Century America. By Kathleen S. Sullivan. Eileen Hunt Botting.
All in the Family: The Private Roots of American Public Policy. By Patricia Strach. Priscilla Yamin.
Already Doin' It for Ourselves? Skeptical Notes on Feminism and Institutionalism. Meryl Kenny and Fiona Mackay.
Staking the Frame of a Feminist Discursive Institutionalism. Teresa Kulawik.
The Feminist Potential of Sociological Institutionalism. Fiona Mackay and Surya Monro and Georgina Waylen
What Can Historical Institutionalism Offer Feminist Institutionalists? Georgina Waylen.
Can There Be a Feminist Rational Choice Institutionalism? Amanda Driscoll and Mona Lena Krook.
Feminist Institutionalism. Fiona Mackay and Georgina Waylen
(Re)Producing American Soldiers in an Age of Empire. Isabelle V. Barker
Whose Responsibility? The Politics of Sex Education Policy in the United States. Jocelyn Boryczka
Walking Together, but in Which Direction? Gender Discrimination and Multicultural Practices in Oaxaca, Mexico. Michael S. Danielson and Todd A. Eisenstadt
Explaining the Gender Gap in Political Knowledge. Mary-Kate Lizotte and Andre H. Sidman.
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Ratio, Vol. 22, #3, 2009
Lisa Bortolotti, Yujin Nagasawa. Immortality Without Boredom.
Colin Cheyne. A Paradox Of Justified Believing.
Benedikt Paul Göcke. What Is Physicalism?
John Hacker-Wright. What Is Natural About Foot's Ethical Naturalism?
P. J. Markie. Political Obligation And The Particularity Problem.
Jason L. Megill, Joshua M. Mitchell. A Modest Modal Ontological Argument.
Amelie Rorty. On Being Rational .
Guy Fletcher. Uneasy Companions.
Epistemic Injustice: Power and the Ethics of Knowing. Ward E. Jones
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