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June 16-22

American Philosophical Quarterly, Vol. 46, #3, 2009
Ethical Theory and Moral Practice, Vol. 12, #3, 2009
Ethics & Global Politics, Vol. 2, #2 2009
European Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 17, #2, 2009
Human Rights Review, Vol. 10, #2, 2009
International Journal for Philosophy of Religion, Vol. 65, #3, 2009
Journal of Philosophical Logic, Vol. 38, #3, 2009
Journal of Political Philosophy, Vol. 17, #2, 2009
Journal of Rational-Emotive & Cognitive-Behavior Therapy, Vol. 27, #2, 2009
Legal Theory, Vol. 15, #2, 2009
Mind, Vol. 118, # 470, 2009
Mind & Language, Vol. 24, #3, 2009
Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences, Vol. 8, # 2, 2009
Philosophia, Vol. 37, #2, 2009
Philosophical Forum, Vol. 40, #2, 2009
Philosophy: Supplement of the Royal Institute, Vol. 84, #64, 2009
Philosophy of Science, Vol. 76, #1, 2009
Ratio, Vol. 22, #1, 2009
Review of Symbolic Logic, Vol. 2, #1, 2009
Synthese, Vol. 169, #1, 2009
Synthese, Vol. 169, #2, 2009
Teaching Philosophy, Vol. 32, #2

American Philosophical Quarterly, Vol. 46, #3, 2009
(current issue not available online)
Seahwa Kim. A New Interpretation of the Indispensability Argument
Stefano Predelli. Socrates and “Socrates”
Gerald Harrison. Frankfurt-style Cases and the Significance of the First Impression
Steven Ravett Brown. Reentrant Emergence
Jiri Benovksy. On (Not) Being in Two Places at the Same Time: An Argument against Endurantism
James Harrington. What “Becomes” in Temporal Becoming?
Luke Russell. He Did it Because He Was Evil
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Ethical Theory and Moral Practice, Vol. 12, #3, 2009
Albert W. Musschenga and Robert Heeger.
Donald Beggs. Postliberal Theory.
Eric M. Cave. Unsavory Seduction.
Jens Johansson. Fitting Attitudes, Welfare, and Time.
Chad Kleist. Huck Finn the Inverse Akratic: Empathy and Justice.
Anders Schinkel. The Problem of Moral Luck: An Argument Against its Epistemic Reduction.
Ben Saunders. A Defence of Weighted Lotteries in Life Saving Cases
Per Sandin and Misse Wester. The Moral Black Hole.
Simon Derpmann. Solidarity and Cosmopolitanism.
Book Reviews
Gerhard Ernst, Die Objektivität der Moral Paderborn: mentis. Review by Andree Hahmann.
Brian Leiter and Neil Sinhababu. Nietzsche and Morality. Review by Rainer Kattel.
Nikos Psarros, Katinka Schulte Ostermann,cEds.Facets of Sociality. Review by Ludger Jansen.
Peter Stemmer, Normativität. Eine ontologische Untersuchung. Review by Robin Celikates.
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Ethics & Global Politics, Vol. 2, #2 2009
Marlene Wind. Challenging sovereignty? The USA and the establishment of the International Criminal Court.
Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen. Responsible nations: Miller on national responsibility.
Thomas Doyle. The moral implications of the subversion of the Nonproliferation Treaty regime.
Critical Debate Articles
Daniele Archibugi, David Chandler. A Dialogue on international interventions: when are they a right or an obligation?
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European Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 17, #2, 2009
Onora O'Neill. Ethics for Communication?
Peter Baumann. Was Moore a Moorean? On Moore and Scepticism.
Avner Baz. Who Knows?
David Landy. Sellars on Hume and Kant on Representing Complexes.
Michael Morris, Julian Dodd. Mysticism and Nonsense in the Tractatus.
Mathias Risse. Common Ownership of the Earth as a Non-Parochial Standpoint: A Contingent Derivation of Human Rights.
Bernard Williams. Life as Narrative.
Book Reviews
Jeff Malpas: Heidegger's Topology: Being, Place, World, Review by Roxana Baiasu.
Cécile Laborde and John Maynor, editors: Republicanism and Political Theory,Review by Alan Coffee.
Frederick Beiser: Schiller as Philosopher. and Rüdiger Safranski: Schiller oder die Erfindung des deutschen Idealismus. Reviews by Katerina Deligiorgi.
Richard Gaskin: Experience and the World's Own Language: A Critique of John McDowell's Empiricism. Review by
Adrian Haddock.
Anandi Hattiangadi. Oughts and Thoughts: Rule-Following and the Normativity of Content. Review by Tim Kraft.
Simon Duffy: The Logic of Expression: Quality, Quantity and Intensity in Spinoza, Hegel and Deleuze. Review by Philip Turetzky.
The Mark Sacks Lecture
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Human Rights Review, Vol. 10, #2, 2009
Elena Pariotti. International Soft Law, Human Rights and Non-state Actors: Towards the Accountability of Transnational Corporations?
Helen Hershkoff. Public Law Litigation: Lessons and Questions.
Daniel P. L. Chong. Five Challenges to Legalizing Economic and Social Rights.
Munmun Jha. Child Workers in India: Context and Complexities.
Brian Grodsky. On the Other Side of the Curtain: A Reassessment of Non-Elite Human Rights Experiences and Values in Poland.
Joyce Apsel. The Complexity of Destruction in Darfur: Historical Processes and Regional Dynamics.
Laura Reidel. Religious Opposition to Same-Sex Marriage in Canada: Limits to Multiculturalism.
Book Reviews
Jeffrey N.Wasserstrom, Greg Grandin, Lynn Hunt, and Marlyn B. Young (eds): Human Rights and Revolutions. Review by Robert Van Wyk.
Michelle D. Bonner, Sustaining Human Rights: Women and Argentine Human Rights Organizations.Review by Lilian A. Barria.
Ari Kohen, In Defense of Human Rights: A Non-religious Grounding in a Pluralistic World
Jules Boykoff, Beyond Bullets: The Suppression of Dissent in the United States. Review by Martha Gies.
Ane Maria Røddik Christensen, Judicial Accommodation of Human Rights in the European Union. Review by Steven D. Roper.
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International Journal for Philosophy of Religion, Vol. 65, #3, 2009
J. Angelo Corlett. Dawkins’ godless delusion. Andrew Fiala. Militant atheism, pragmatism, and the God-shaped hole. Robert Mark Simpson. Moral antitheodicy: prospects and problems. Book Reviews
Katherin Rogers:Anselm on Freedom. Review by Janine Marie Idziak. David J. Kangas: Kierkegaard’s Instant: On Beginnings. and K. Brian Söderquist: The Isolated Self: Truth and Untruth in Søren Kierkegaard’s On The Concept of Irony.Reviews by Patrick Stokes.
Books Received
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Journal of Philosophical Logic, Vol. 38, #3, 2009
Thomas Mormann. New work for Carnap’s quasi-analysis.
Gregor Betz. Evaluating dialectical structures.
J.B. Paris and P. Waterhouse. Atom exchangeability and instantial relevance.
Greg Restall and Tony Roy. On permutation in simplified semantics.
Nino B. Cocchiarella. Mass nouns in a logic of classes as many.
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Journal of Political Philosophy, Volume 17,#2,2009
Bashshar Haydar. Special Responsibility and the Appeal to Cost.*
Ryan Pevnick. Social Trust and the Ethics of Immigration Policy*
Mark Jensen. The Limits of Practical Possibility*
Symposium on Conspiracy Theories
Juha Räikkä. On Political Conspiracy Theories*
Cass R. Sunstein, Adrian Vermeule. Conspiracy Theories: Causes and Cures*
Thomas Christiano. Debate: Estlund on Democratic Authority.
David Estlund. Debate: On Christiano's The Constitution of Equality
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Journal of Rational-Emotive & Cognitive-Behavior Therapy, Vol. 27, #2, 2009
Special Issue: Assessment and Diagnostic Issues in Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy
Wilson McDermut and David A. F. Haaga. Assessment and Diagnostic Issues in Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy: Introduction to the Special Issue.
Mark D. Terjesen, Jennifer Salhany and Mark J. Sciutto. A Psychometric Review of Measures of Irrational Beliefs: Implications for Psychotherapy.
Samantha A. Rodman, Stacey B. Daughters and C. W. Lejuez. Distress Tolerance and Rational-Emotive Behavior Therapy: A New Role for Behavioral Analogue Tasks.
Wilson McDermut, J. Ryan Fuller, Raymond DiGiuseppe, Iwona Chelminski and Mark Zimmerman. Trait Anger and Axis I Disorders: Implications for REBT.
John M. Malouff. Commentary on the Current Status of Assessment in Rational-Emotive and Cognitive-Behavior Therapy.
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Legal Theory, Vol. 15, #2, 2009
Jeffrey Brand-Ballard. Innocents Lost: Proportional Sentencing and the Paradox of Collateral Damage.
Patrick S. Shin. The Substantive Principle of Equal Treatment.
Gregory Klass. A Conditional Intent to Perform.
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Mind, Vol. 118, # 470, 2009
Michael Blome-Tillmann. Knowledge and Presuppositions
Otávio Bueno and Scott A. Shalkowski. Modalism and Logical Pluralism
Randolph Clarke.Dispositions, Abilities to Act, and Free Will: The New Dispositionalism
Jason Bridges. Rationality, Normativity, and Transparency
Niko Kolodny. Reply to Bridges
John Hawthorne and Ofra Magidor. Assertion, Context, and Epistemic Accessibility
Robert C. Stalnaker. On Hawthorne and Magidor on Assertion, Context, and Epistemic Accessibility
Mark Jago. The Conjunction and Disjunction Theses
Dan López de Sa. Disjunctions, Conjunctions, and their Truthmakers
Gonzalo Rodriguez-Pereyra. The Disjunction and Conjunction Theses
Book Reviews
Stephen Boulter. The Rediscovery of Common Sense Philosophy. Review by Consuelo Preti
Thom Brooks. Hegel's Political Philosophy: A Systematic Reading of the Philosophy of Right. Review by Mark Tunick
Rosalind Carey. Russell and Wittgenstein on the Nature of Judgement. Review by Michael Beaney
Ursula Coope. Time for Aristotle: Physics IV.10–14. Review by Tony Roark
Paul Crowther. Defining Art, Creating the Canon. Review by Melissa Zinkin
R. A. Du. Answering for Crime. Review by Victor Tadros
Owen Flanagan. The Really Hard Problem: Meaning in a Material World. Review by William Hasker
Wolfram Hinzen. An Essay on Names and Truth. Review by Ileana Paul and Robert J. Stainton
Axel Honneth. Reification: A New Look at an Old Idea. Review by Sean Sayers
Jennifer Lackey. Learning from Words: Testimony as a Source of Knowledge. Review by Paul Faulkner
Robin Le Poidevin. The Images of Time: An Essay on Temporal Representation. Review by Christoph Hoerl
Jerrold Levinson: Contemplating Art: Essays in Aesthetics. Review by Elisabeth Schellekens.
Hallvard Lillehammer. Companions in Guilt: Arguments for Ethical Objectivity. Review by Terence Cuneo
Geoffrey Lloyd. Cognitive Variations: Reflections on the Unity and Diversity of the Human Mind. Review by Rachel Cooper.
Penelope Maddy. Second Philosophy. Review by Barry Stroud
Bradley Monton. Images of Empiricism: Essays on Science and Stances, with a Reply from Bas C. van Fraassen. Review by Igor Douven.
Jesse J. Prinz: The Emotional Construction of Morals. Review by Richard Joyce
Bernard Reginster. The Affirmation of Life: Nietzsche on Overcoming Nihilism. Review by Christopher Janaway
Robert C. Richardson. Evolutionary Psychology as Maladapted Psychology. Review by Sven Walter
Christopher Shields. Aristotle. Review by Pavel Gregoric
Kathleen Stock. Philosophers on Music: Experience, Meaning, and Work. Review by Gary Iseminger
Robert Wicks. Routledge Philosophy Guidebook to Kant on Judgment. Review by Rachel Zuckert
Christopher Woodard. Reasons, Patterns, and Cooperation. Review by Tim Mulgan
Books Received

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Mind & Language, Vol. 24, #3, 2009
Chris Barker. Clarity And The Grammar Of Skepticism.
Susan Dwyer. Moral Dumbfounding And The Linguistic Analogy: Methodological Implications For The Study Of Moral Judgment.
Kathrin Glüer. In Defence Of A Doxastic Account Of Experience.
Peter Mitchell, Ulrich Teucher, Mark Bennett, Fenja Ziegler, Rebecca Wyton. Do Children Start Out Thinking They Don't Know Their Own Minds?
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Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences, Vol. 8, # 2, 2009
Andrea Lavazza. Art as a metaphor of the mind : A neo-Jamesian aesthetics embracing phenomenology, neuroscience, and evolution.
John Kaag. The neurological dynamics of the imagination.
Lisa Bortolotti and Matthew Broome. A Role for ownership and authorship in the analysis of thought insertion.
Liam Dempsey and Itay Shani. Dynamical agents: Consciousness, causation, and two specters of epiphenomenalism.
Jean-Michel Saury. The phenomenology of negation.
Book Reviews
Frederick Adasm and Kenneth Aizawa. The Bounds of Cognition. Review by Lawrence A. Shapiro.
Lester Embree, ed. Gurwitsch’s relevancy for cognitive science. Review by Gary Backhaus.
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Philosophia, Vol. 37, #2, 2009
Shunzo Majima. Editorial Note.
Seumas Miller. Research in Applied Ethics: Problems and Perspectives.
Shunzo Majima. Forgotten Victims of Military Humanitarian Intervention: A Case for the Principle of Reparation?
Michael Davis. Is Engineering a Profession Everywhere? Toni Rønnow-Rasmussen. Normative Reasons and the Agent-Neutral/Relative Dichotomy. Kelly Becker. Contrastivism and Lucky Questions.
Nathaniel Goldberg. Triangulation, Untranslatability, and Reconciliation.
Rebecca Roman Hanrahan. Consciousness and Modal Empiricism.
Benjamin Mossel. Negative Actions.
Tuomas E. Tahko. Against the Vagueness Argument.
Garry Young. Case Study Evidence for an Irreducible Form of Knowing How to: An Argument Against a Reductive Epistemology.
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Philosophical Forum, Vol. 40, #2, 2009
Ali Nematollahy. Nietzsche in France, 1890-1914.
Edouard Schuré. Individualism and anarchy in literature: Friedrich Nietsche and his philosophy.
Hughes Rebell. Nietzschism.
Henri Lichtenberger. France and Germany judged by Nietzsche.
Jules de Gaulter. The notion of hierarchy in Nietzsche’s work.
Ferdninand Caussy. The theory of sacrifice in Nietzsche and Joseph de Maistre: To Jean de Gourmont.
George Palante. Two types of immoralism.
Louis Dumur. Nietzsche and culture.
Charles andler. Nietzsche’s social views (1876-82).
Bibliography Nietzsche in France 1890–1914
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Philosophy: Supplement of the Royal Institute, Vol. 84, #64, 2009
Anthony O’Hear. Preface.
José L. Zalabardo. How I Know I'm Not a Brain in a Vat.
Timothy Williamson. Knowledge of Counterfactuals.
Scott Sturgeon. Belief, Reason & Logic.
Duncan Pritchard. Knowledge, Understanding and Epistemic Value.
Miranda Fricker. The Value of Knowledge and The Test of Time.
Alvin I. Goldman. Social Epistemology: Theory and Applications.
Quassim Cassam. What is Knowledge?
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Philosophy of Science, Vol. 76, #1, 2009
David Atkinson, Jeanne Peijnenburg, and Theo Kuipers. How to Confirm the Conjunction of Disconfirmed Hypotheses
William T. Wojtach. Reconsidering Perceptual Content
Erik Curiel. General Relativity Needs No Interpretation
Ronald Pisaturo. Past Longevity as Evidence for the Future
Essay Review
Bas C. Van Fraasen. Scientific Representation: Paradoxes of Perspective. Review by Ronald N. Giere
Book Review
Vincent F. Hendricks and John Symons (eds.). Formal Philosophy: Aim, Scope, Direction. Review by Gregory Wheeler.
Stathis Psillos. Philosophy of Science A-Z. Review by Howard Sankey
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Ratio, Vol. 22, #1, 2009
Special Issue: PARFIT'S On What Matters, Edited by John Cottingham and Jussi Suikkanen
James Lenman. Naturalism Without Tears.
Seiriol Morgan. Can There Be A Kantian Consequentialism?
Michael Otsuka. The Kantian Argument For Consequentialism.
Michael Ridge. Climb Every Mountain?
Gideon Rosen. Might Kantian Contractualism Be The Supreme Principle Of Morality?
Michael Smith. Desires, Values, Reasons, And The Dualism Of Practical Reason.
Jacob Ross. Should Kantians Be Consequentialists?
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The Review of Symbolic Logic, Volume 2, #1, March 2009
Paul Weingartner. Matrix-Based Logic For Application In Physics.
Massimiliano Carrara And Enrico Martino.On The Ontological Commitment Of Mereology.
Katalin Bimbó And J. Michael Dunn And Roger D. Maddux. Relevance Logics And Relation Algebras.
Sebastian Sequoiah-Grayson.Dynamic Negation And Negative Information.
Wim Veldman. The Fine Structure Of The Intuitionistic Borel Hierarchy.
Stewart Shapiro. We Hold These Truths To Be Self-Evident: But What Do We Mean By That?
Hanoch Ben-Yami. Plural Quantification Logic: A Critical Appraisal.
Corine Besson. Externalism, Internalism, And Logical Truth.
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Synthese, Vol. 169, #1, 2009
Mario Castagnino, Olimpia LombardiThe global non-entropic arrow of time: from global geometrical asymmetry to local energy flow. John Earman. Essential self-adjointness: implications for determinism and the classical–quantum correspondence. Arvid Båve. A deflationary theory of reference. Neil Campbell, Dwayne Moore. On Kim’s exclusion principle. John Earman, Christopher Smeenk, Christian Wüthrich. Do the laws of physics forbid the operation of time machines? Massimiliano Carrara, Pieter E. Vermaas. The fine-grained metaphysics of artifactual and biological functional kinds.
Daniel Aaron Weiskopf. The plurality of concepts.
Michael Rescorla. Predication and cartographic representation.
Wayne Riggs. Two problems of easy credit.
Leon Horsten and Philip Welch. The undecidability of propositional adaptive logic.
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Synthese, Vol. 169, #2, 2009
Knowledge, Rationality & Action.
Thomas Ågotnes, Johan van Benthem and Eric Pacuit. Logics of Intelligent Interaction
Lena Kurzen. Reasoning about Cooperation, actions and preferences
Joshua Sack. Extending probabilistic dynamic epistemic logic
Tomohiro Hoshi and Audrey Yap. Dynamic epistemic logic with branching temporal structures
Fernando Raymundo Velazquez-Quesada. Inference and Update
Alexadru Baltag, Sonja Smets and Jonathan Alexander Zvesper. Keep "hoping" for rationality: a solution to the backward induction paradox
Olivier Roy. Intentions and interactive transformations of decision
Jan Broersen, Rosja Mastop, John-Jules Meyer, and Paolo Turrini. Determining the environment:a modal logic for closed interaction
Nina Gierasimczuk. Bridging learning theory and dynamic epistemic logic
Natasha Alechina, Brian Logan, Hoang Nga Nguyen and Abdur Rakib. Verifying time, memory, and communication bounds in systems of reasoning agents
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Teaching Philosophy, Vol. 32, #2, 2009
Richard A. Jones. Illuminating the Shadows: The DVD Project Assignment for Philosophy Courses.
Brian Ribeiro and Scott Aikin. A Consistency Challenge for Moral and Religious Beliefs
Katherine E. Kirby. Encountering and Understanding Suffering: The need for Service Learning in Ethical Education
David W. Concepcion and Juli Thorson Eflin. Enabling Change: Transformative and Transgressive Learning in Feminist Ethics and Epistemology
Digital Media Review
John Immerwahr. In Socrates’ Wake, http://insocrateswake.blogspot.com
Ruth Poproski. Teach Philosophy 101, http://teachphilosophy101.org
Book Reviews
Richard Hanley. South Park and Philosophy: Bigger, Longer, and More Penetrating. Review by David Demoss
May Sim. Remastering Morals with Aristotle and Confucius. Review by Ben Mulvey
Guy Kahane, Edward Kanterian, and Oskari Kuusela. Wittgenstein and His Interpreters. Review by John Powell.
Jiyuan Yu. The Ethics of Confucius and Aristotle: Mirrors of Virtue. Review by Benjamin Rider
Hans-Johann Glock. What is Analytic Philosophy? Review by Russell Wahl
A. W. Carus. Carnap and Twentieth-Century Thought. Review by David Weissman
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