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January 15-31, 2009

Analysis, Vol. 69, # 1, 2009
History and Philosophy of Logic, Vol. 30, # 1, 2009
Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 105, # 9, 2008
Mind, Vol. 117, # 468, 2008
Philosophical Studies, Vol. 142, # 1, 2009
Philosophical Studies, Vol. 142, # 2, 2009
Philosophical Studies, Vol. 142, # 3, 2009
Philosophy East and West, Vol. 59, # 1, 2009
Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, Vol. 78, # 1, 2009
Philosophy and Public Affairs, Vol. 37, # 1, 2009
Ratio, Vol. 22, # 1, 2009
Synthese, Vol. 167, # 1, 2009
Synthese, Vol. 166, # 3, 2009

Analysis, Vol. 69, # 1, 2009 (this issue not yet online, 2.6.09)
Eric T. Olson. The Rate of Time’s Passage.
Robert E. Goodin, Lina Eriksson. Democratically Relevant Alternatives.
Simon Prosser. Zeno Objects and Supervenience.
Einar Duenger Bohn. An Argument Against the Necessity of Unrestricted Composition.
Richard Bradley, Christian List. Desire-as-Belief Revisited.
Paul Dicken. On the Syntax and Semantics of Observability: A Reply to Muller and van Fraasen.
Genoveva Martí. Against Semantic Multi-Culturalism.
Mohan Matthen. Truly Blue: An Adverbial Aspect of Perceptual Representation.
Anandi Hattiangadi. Some More Thoughts on Semantic Oughts: A Reply to Daniel Whiting.
Roberto Loss. Free Will and the Necessity of the Present.
Ezio di Nucci. Simply, False.
David Papineau, Víctor Dùra-Vilà. A Thirder and an Everettian: A Reply to Lewis’s ‘Quantum Sleeping Beauty.’
Jim Stone. Moderate Monism: Reply to Noonan and Mackie.
The Analysis Studentship

History and Philosophy of Logic, Vol. 30, # 1, 2009
John Corcoran. Aristotle's Demonstrative Logic.
Jos M. Sag illo. Methodological Practice and Complementary Concepts of Logical Consequence: Tarski's Model-Theoretic Consequence and Corcoran's Information-Theoretic Consequence.
David Bostock. Russell's Early Theory of Denoting.
P. Cassou-Nogues. G del's Introduction to Logic in 1939.
Essay Review
Danielle Macbeth. Frege’s Logic. Reviewed by Peter Sullivan.

Book Reviews

The Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 105, # 9, 2008
Paul Horwich. Undergrounded Reason.
Paul Horwich. Epistemic Rules.
Crispin Wright. Internal-External: Doxastic Norms and the Defusing of Skeptical Paradox.
Jonathan Vogel. Epistemic Bootstrapping.
Brian Weatherson. Deontology and Descartes’s Demon.

Mind, Vol. 117, # 468, 2008
Judith Baker. Rationality without Reason.
Eliza Block. Indicative Conditionals in Context.
Sungho Choi. Dispositional Properties and Counterfactual Conditionals.
Michael Fara. Masked Abilities and Compatibilism.
Hans-Johann Glock. Analytic Philosophy and History: A Mismatch?
Michael Huemer. In Defence of Repugnance.
Mark Eli Kalderon. Metamerism, Constancy, and Knowing Which.
Erik Rietveld. Situated Normativity: The Normative Aspect of Embodied Cognition in Unreflective Action.
Wayne Wu. Visual Attention, Conceptual Content, and Doing It Right.
Critical Notice
Sarah Buss. What Does the Structure of Intentional Action Tell Us About Our Reasons for Action?
Fernando Ferreira. The Co-ordination Principles: A Problem for Bilateralism.
Ian Rumfitt. Co-ordination Principles: A Reply.
Book Reviews
Ruth M. J. Byrne. The Rational Imagination: How People Create Alternatives to Reality. Reviewed by Stephen Butterfill.
Timothy Chappell (ed.). Values and Virtues: Aristotelianism in Contemporary Ethics. Reviewed by Kristján Kristjánsson.
Jonardon Ganeri. The Concealed Art of the Soul: Theories of Self and Practices of Truth in Indian Ethics and Epistemology. Reviewed by Raymond Martin.
Alvin I. Goldman. Simulating Minds: The Philosophy, Psychology, and Neuroscience of Mindreading. Reviewed by Philip Robbins.
Paul Guyer. Values of Beauty: Historical Essays in Aesthetics. Reviewed by T. E. Wilkerson.
Jeff Jordan. Pascal's Wager: Pragmatic Arguments and Belief in God. Reviewed by Craig Duncan.
John Kekes. The Enlargement of Life: Moral Imagination at Work. Reviewed by Joel Kupperman.
Brian Leiter. Naturalising Jurisprudence: Essays on American Legal Realism and Naturalism in Legal Philosophy. Reviewed by Veronica Rodriguez-Blanco.
Tim Lewens. Darwin. Reviewed by Michael Ruse.
Hendrik Lorenz: The Brute Within: Appetitive Desire in Plato and Aristotle. Reviewed by Jonathan Beere.
Graham MacDonald and David Papineau (eds). Teleosemantics: New Philosophical Essays. Reviewed by James Maclaurin.
Marie McGinn. Elucidating the Tractatus: Wittgenstein's Early Philosophy of Logic and Language. Reviewed by José L. Zalabardo.
Stephen Mulhall. Wittgenstein's Private Language: Grammar, Nonsense, and Imagination in Philosophical Investigations 243–315. Reviewed by Genia Schönbaumsfeld.
Casey O'Callaghan. Sounds: A Philosophical Theory. Reviewed by John Kulvicki.
Samir Okasha. Evolution and the Levels of Selection. Reviewed by Matt Haber.
Eric T. Olson. What Are We? A Study in Personal Ontology. Reviewed by Lynne Rudder Baker.
R. M. Sainsbury. Reference without Referents. Reviewed by Zoltán Gendler Szabó.
John R. Searle. Freedom and Neurobiology: Reflections on Free Will, Language, and Political Power. Reviewed by Markus Schlosser.
Kieran Setiya. Reasons without Rationalism. Reviewed by Ralph Wedgwood.
Robert C. Solomon. Dark Feelings, Grim Thoughts: Experience and Reflection in Camus and Sartre. Reviewed by Simon Glendinning.

Philosophical Studies, Vol. 142, #1, 2009
The First Midwest Epistemology Workshop
Sanford Goldberg. Introduction.
Ernest Sosa. Knowing Full Well: The Normativity of Beliefs as Performances.
John Greco. Knowledge and Success from Ability.
Jennifer Lackey. Knowledge and Credit.
Jeremy Fantl and Matthew McGrath. Advice for Fallibilists: Put Knowledge to Work.
Richard Fumerton. Luminous Enough for a Cognitive Home.
Albert Casullo. Analyzing a Priori Knowledge.
Baron Reed. A New Argument for Skepticism.
Sanford C. Goldberg. Reliabilism in Philosophy.

Philosophical Studies, Vol. 142, # 2, 2009
Mark Emerson. Noncomparabilism in Epistemology.
Jim Stone. Trumping the Causal Influence Account of Causation.
Alfred Mele. Moral Responsibility and Agents’ Histories.
Jean-Paul Vessel. Defending a Possibilist Insight in Consequentialist Thought.
Keith Allen. Inter-Species Variation in Colour Perception.
Jonathan Ichikawa, Benjamin Jarvis. Thought-Experiment Intuitions and Truth in Fiction.
Christian B. Miller. Empathy, Social Psychology, and Global Helping Traits.
Michael Nelson and Edward N. Zalta. Bennett and “Proxy Actualism.”

Philosophical Studies, Vol. 142, # 3, 2009
Stefano Predelli. Towards a Semantics for Biscuit Conditionals.
Donald W. Bruckner. In Defense of Adaptive Preferences.
Stephan Torre. Truth-Conditions, Truth-Bearers and the new B-Theory of Time.
Jay Newhard. The Chrysippus Intuition and Contextual Theories of Truth.
Robert Pasnau. The Event of Color.
Tuomas K. Pernu. Is Knowledge a Natural Kind?
John Bengson, Marc A. Moffett and Jennifer C. Wright. The Folk on Knowing How.
Lisa Warenski. Naturalism, Fallibilism, and the A Priori.
Markos Valaris. Two-Dimensionalism and the Epistemology of Recognition.

Philosophy East and West, Vol. 59, # 1, 2009
Robert E. Carter. God and Nothingness.
Ming Dong Gu. Fromg Yuanqi (Primal Energy) to Wenqi (Literary Pneuma): A Philosophical Study of a Chinese Aesthetic.
Erica Bridley. “Why Use an Ox-Cleaver to Carve a Chicken?” The Sociology of the Junzi Ideal in Lunyu.
Xianglong Zhang. The Coming Time “Between” Being and Daoist Emptiness: An Analysis of Heidegger’s Article Inquiring into the Uniqueness of the Poet via the Lao Zi.
Omar Edward Moad. Comparing Phases of Skepticism in al-Ghazali and Descartes: Some First Meditations on Deliverance from Error.
Feature Review
Paul Brownell. Parallels of the All Base Consciousness?
A. Martínez Lorca. Maestros de Occidente: Estudios Sobre el Pensamiento Andalusí. Reviewed by Massimo Campanini.
James Duerlinger. Indian Buddhist Theories of Persons: Vasubandhu’s “Refutation of the Theory of a Self.” Reviewed by N. H. Samtani.
Lenn E. Goodman. Islamic Humanism. Reviewed by Ali Caksu.
R. raj Singh. Death, Contemplation, and Schopenhauer. Reviewed by Douglas L. Berger.
Mario Poceski. Ordinary Mind as the Way: The Hongzhou School and the Growth of Chan Buddhism. Reviewed Jinhua Jia.
Books Received

Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, Vol. 78, # 1, 2009
Vincent Bergeron, Dominic McIver Lopes. Hearing and Seeing Musical Expression.
Yitzhak Y. Melamed. Spinoza’s Metaphysics of Substance: The Substance-Mode as a Relation of Inherence and Predication.
Michael McKinsey. Thought by Description.
G. F. Schueler. The Humean Theory of Motivation Rejected.
Trent Dougherty, Patrick Rysiew. Fallibilism, Epistemic Possibility, and Concessive Knowledge Attributions.

Matthew Boyle. Two Kinds of Self-Knowledge.
Special Symposia
Richard Otte. Transworld Depravity and Unobtainable Worlds.
Alvin Plantinga. Transworld Depravity, Transworld Sanctity, & Uncooperative Essences.
Book Symposia
Michael Humer. Precis of Ethical Intuitionism.
Mark Schroeder. Huemer's Clarkeanism.
Michael DePaul. Phenomenal Conservatism and Self-Defeat.
Michael Huemer. Apology of a Modest Instuitionist.
Recent Publications.

Ratio, Vol. 22, # 1, 2009
John Cottingham and Jussi Suikkanen. Special Issue: Parfit’s On What Matters.
James Lenman. Naturalism Without Tears.
Seiriol Morgan. Can There be a Kantian Consequentialism?
Michael Otsuka. The Kantian Argument for Consequentialism.
Michael Ridge. Climb Every Mountain?
Gideon Rosen. Might Kantian Contractualism be the Supreme Principle of Morality?
Michael Smith. Desires, Values, Reasons, and the Dualism of Practical Reason.
Jacob Ross. Should Kantians be Consequentialists?

Philosophy and Public Affairs, Vol. 37, # 1, 2009
Joshua Cohen. Truth and Public Reason.
Harry Brighouse, Adam Swift. Legitimate Parental Partiality.
Andrew I. Cohen. Compensation for Historic Injustices: Completing the Boxhill and Sher Argument.
A Note from the Editor
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Synthese, Vol. 167, # 1, 2009
Tomasz Placek, Leszek Wronski. On Infinite EPR-Like Correlations.
Katherine Dunlop. Why Euclid’s Geometry Brooked No Doubt: J. H. Lambert on Certainty and the Existence of Models.
Tracy Lupher. A Physical Critique of Physical Causation.
Rachael Briggs. The Big Bad Bug Bites Anti-Realists About Chance.
Peter Verdée. Adaptive Logics Using the Minimal Abnormality Strategy are –Complex.
Mark Textor. A Repair of Frege’s Theory of Thoughts.
Jonathan Weisberg. Locating IBE in the Bayesian Framework.
Colin Johnston. Tractarian Objects and Logical Categories.
Matthew William McKeon. A Plea for Logical Objects.
Robert Kowalenko. How (Not) to Think About Idealisation and Ceteris Paribus-Laws.

Synthese, Vol. 166, # 3, 2009
Mark H. Bickhard. Interactivism: Introduction to the Special Issue.
Richard Campbell. A Process-Based Model for an Interactive Ontology.
Johanna Seibt. Forms of Emergent Interaction in General Process Theory.
C. A. Hooker. Interaction and Bio-Cognitive Order.
Mark H. Bickhard. The Interactivist Model.
Alex Levine. Partition Epistemology and Arguments from Analogy.

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