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November 16-30, 2008

Aporia: Dartmouth Undergraduate Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 26, # 2, 2008
Canadian Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 38, # 3, 2008
Environmental Ethics, Vol. 30, # 3, 2008
Journal of the Royal Institute of Philosophy Supplement, Vol. 62, 2008
Journal of the Royal Institute of Philosophy Supplement, Vol. 63, 2008
Noûs, Vol. 42, # 4, 2008
Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy, Vol. 35, 2008
Philosophia Mathematica: Series III, Vol. 16, #3, 2008
The Philosophical Review, Vol. 117, #4, 2008
Philosophy: The Journal of the Royal Institute of Philosophy, Vol. 83, # 4, 2008
Philosophy & Public Affairs, Vol. 36, # 4, 2008
Phronesis, Vol. 53, #4-5, 2008
Proceedings and Addresses of the American Philosophical Association, Vol. 82, # 2, 2008
Social Philosophy and Policy, Vol. 26, #1, 2008
Teaching Philosophy, Vol. 31, # 4, 2008
Theoria, Vol. 74, #4, 2008
Transactions of the Charles S. Peirce Society, Vol. 44, #3, 2008

Aporia: Dartmouth Undergraduate Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 26, # 2, 2008
Jenny Strakovsky. Letter from the Editor.
David Watson. History of the Vienna Circle.
Ellie Hicks. Science, Socialism, and Strauss: Vienna at the Time of the Vienna Circle.
Tom Kern, Nicole Yunger Halpern. Forum: Is Mathematics Discovered or Invented?
Science on the Stage: “PHILISTINES!”
Interview with Latif Nasser.
Act II. Scene IV. (Reprint).
Book Review
Ian Boneysteele. Reminiscences of the Vienna Circle and the Mathematical Colloqium.
Essay Abstracts.
Gavin Michael Arnall. Cesaire’s Reach: Hegel, Marx, the Universal, and the Particular.
Jackie Colvin. This Mind, That Mind: Meeting in Ethical Space.
James Hibbard. Popper’s Resurrection of the Rational.
Scott Limbird. Gert on Civil Disobedience.
Joseph Naeem. Panethon of Fools and the Genuine Man of Freedom.
The Lighter Side
Randall Munroe. xkcd 263: Certainty.

Canadian Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 38, # 3, 2008
John M. Fischer. Freedom, Foreknowledge, and Frankfurt: A Reply to Vihvelin.
Kadri Vihvelin. Forknowledge, Frankfurt, and Ability to do Otherwise: A Reply to Fischer.
Arthur Sullivan. Truth in Virtue of Meaning.
Asa Maria Wikforss. Self-Knowledge and Knowledge of Content.
Richard McCarty. Kant’s Incorporation Requirement: Freedom and Character in the Empirical World.
Bill Wringe. Making the Lightness of Being Bearable: Arithmetical Platonism, Fictional Realism, and Cognitive Command.

Environmental Ethics, Vol. 30, # 3, 2008
Ricardo Rozzi, Juan J. Armesto, Robert Frodeman. Integrating Ecological and Environmental Ethics into Biocultural Conservation.
J. Baird Callicott. What “Wilderness” in Frontier Ecosystems?
Sergio Guevara, Javier Laborde. The Landscape Approach: Designing New Reserves for Protection of Biological and Cultural Diversity in Latin America.
Eugene C. Hargrove. A Traditional and Multicultural Approach to Environmental Ethics at Primary and Secondary School Levels.
Uta Berghoefer et al. Local versus Global Knowledge: Diverse Perspectives on Nature in the Cape Horn Biosphere Reserve.
Christopher B. Anderson et al. Integrating Science and Society through Long-Term Socio-Ecological Research.
Robert Frodeman. Philosophy Unbound: Environmental Thinking at the End of the Earth.
Ricardo Rozzi et al. Fieled Environmental Philosophy and Biocultural Conservation: The Omora Ethnobotanical Park Educational Program.

Journal of the Royal Institute of Philosophy Supplement, Vol. 62, 2008
Being: Developments in Contemporary Metaphysics
Notes on Contributors
Kit Fine. In Defence of Three-Dimensionalism.
Peter Simons. Modes of Extension: Comments on Kit Fine’s ‘In Defence of Three-Dimensionalism.’
E. J. Lowe. Two Notions of Being: Entity and Essence.
Scott A. Shalkowski. Essence and Being.
D. H. Mellor. Micro-Composition.
J. Robert G. Williams. Working Parts: Reply to Mellor.
Ross P. Cameron. Truthmakers, Realism and Ontology.
Theodore Sider. Monism and Statespace Structure.
Penelope Mackie. Concidence and Identity.
David Liggins. Nihilism Without Self-Contradiction.
Katherine Hawley. Persistence and Determination.

Journal of the Royal Institute of Philosophy Supplement, Vol. 63, 2008
Kant and Philosophy of Science Today
List of Contributors

Michela Massimi. Why There are No Ready-Made Phenomena: What Philosophers of Science Should Learn from Kant.
Margaret Morrison. Reduction, Unity, and the Nature of Science: Kant’s Legacy?
Thomas Ryckman. Invariance Principles as Regulative Ideals: From Wigner to Hilbert.
Roberto Torretti. Objectivity: A Kantian Perspective.
Michael Friedman. Einstein, Kant, and the A Priori.
Hasok Chang. Contingent Transcendental Arguments for Metaphysical Principles.
Daniel Sutherland. Arithmetic from Kant to Frege: Numbers, Pure Units, and the Limits of Conceptual Representation.
Carl Posy. Intuition and Infinity: A Kantian Theme with Echoes in the Foundations of Mathematics.

Noûs, Vol. 42, # 4, 2008
Peter B. M. Vranas. New Foundations for Imperative Logic I: Logical Connectives, Consistency, and Quantifiers.
Mark Schroeder. How Expressivists Can and Should Solve Their Problem with Negation.
J. R. G. Williams. The Price of Inscrutability.
David Alm. Deontological Restrictions and the Self/Other Asymmetry.
Jeffrey K. McDonough. Leibniz’s Two Reams Revisited.
Peter A. Graham. The Standard Argument for Blame Incompatibilism.
Michael J. Raven. Problems for Testimonial Acquaintance.
Dan López de Sa. Is the Problem of the Man a Problem in Metaphysics?
Jody Azzouni, Otávio Bueno. On What It Takes for There to Be No Fact of the Matter.
Michael McKenna. Frankfurt’s Argument Against Alternative Possibilities: Looking Beyond the Examples.

Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy, Vol. 35, 2008

David Wolfsdorf. Hesiod, Prodicus, and the Socratics on Work and Pleasure.
Carl A. Huffman. Heraclitus’ Critique of Pythagoras’ Enquiry in Fragment 129.
Gail Fine. Does Socrates Claim to Know that He Knows Nothing?
Matthew Evans. Plato on the Possibility of Hedonic Mistakes.
Maria Michela Sassi. The Self, the Soul, and the Individual in the City of the Laws.
James G. Lennox. ‘As If We Were Investigating Snubness’: Aristotle on the Prospects for a Single Science of Nature.
Michail M. Peramitzis. Aristotle’s Notion of Priority in Nature and Substance.
D. T. J. Bailey. Excavating Dissoi Logoi 4.
Peter Adamson. Plotinus on Astrology.
Charlotte Witt. Power, Activity, and Being: A Discussion of Aristotle: Metaphysics Θ, trans. and comm. Stephen Makin.
Index Locorum

Philosophia Mathematica: Series III, Vol. 16, #3, 2008
Stewart Shapiro. Identity, Indiscernibility, and the ante rem Structuralism: The Tale of i and –i.
Richard Pettigrew. Platonism and Aristotelianism in Mathematics.
Mihai Ganea. Epistemic Optimism.
Boudewijn de Bruin. Wittgenstein on Circularity in the Frege-Russell Definition of Cardinal Number.
Mark McEvoy. The Epistemological Status of Computer-Assisted Proofs.
Discussion Notes
Hannes Leitgeb, James Ladyman. Criteria of Identity and Structuralist Ontology.
Jody Azzouni. A Cause for Concern: Standard Abstracta and Causation.
Critical Studies/Book Reviews
Charles Parsons. Mathematical Thought and Its Objects. Reviewed by John P. Burgess.
Gianluigi Oliveri. A Realist Philosophy of Mathematics. Reviewed by Julian C. Cole.
Author Index

The Philosophical Review, Vol. 117, #4, 2008
Seana Valentine Shiffrin. Promising, Intimate Relationships, and Conventionalism.
Samuel Cumming. Variablism.
Michael G. Titelbaum. The Relevance of Self-Locating Beliefs.
Book Reviews
Daniel Graham. Explaining the Cosmos: The Ionian Tradition of Scientific Philosophy. Reviewed by Gábor Betegh.
T. K. Johansen. Plato’s Natural Philosophy: A Study of the Timaeus-Critias. Reviewed by Catherine Osborne.
Antonia LoLordo. Pierre Gassendi and the Birth of Early Modern Philosophy. Reviewed by Larry M. Jorgensen.
Sergio Tenenbaum. Appearances of the Good: An Essay on the Nature of Practical Reason. Reviewed by Talbot Brewer.
Frances Kamm. Intricate Ethics. Reviewed by Elinor Mason.
Michael N. Forster. Wittgenstein on the Arbitrariness of Grammar. Reviewed by Cyrus Panjvani.
Samir Okasha. Evolution and the Levels of Selection. Reviewed by Patrick Forber.
Barry Taylor. Models, Truth, and Realism. Reviewed by Allan Hazlett.

Philosophy: The Journal of the Royal Institute of Philosophy, Vol. 83, # 4, 2008
Editorial. To Write Very Little.

Notes on Contributors.
Timothy Chappell. Moral Perception.
Han-Kyul Kim. Locke and the Mind-Body Problem: An Interpretation of his Agnosticism.
Stephen Hetherington. Not Actually Hume’s Problem: On Induction and Knowing-How.
David Evans. The Conflict of the Faculties and the Knowledge Industry: Kant’s Diagnosis, in His Time and Ours.
Javier Kalhat. Primitive Modality and Possible Worlds.
John Leslie. Infinitely Long Afterlives and the Doomsday Argument.
New Books

Christopher Miles Coope. Dodgy Passport, Fruitless Journey. Reflections on the Spiritual Dimension: Religion, Philosophy and Human Value by John Cottingham.
John Cottingham. Getting the Right Travel Papers: A Postscript to The Spiritual Dimension.
Books Received

Philosophy & Public Affairs, Vol. 36, # 4, 2008
Barbara Herman. Morality Unbounded.
Judith Jarvis Thomson. Turning the Trolley.
Katrin Flikschuh. Reason, Right, and Revolution: Kant and Locke.
Matthew Noah Smith. Rethinking Sovereignty, Rethinking Revolution.

Phronesis, Vol. 53, # 1, 2008


Vasilis Politis. The Place of aporia in Plato's Charmides.

David Wolfsdorf. The Method εξ υποθεσεως at Meno 86e1-87d8.

Phil Corkum. Aristotle on Ontological Dependence.

Book Notes

Dorothea Frede. Socrates and Plato.

Phronesis, Vol. 53, #2, 2008
Imogen Smith. False Names, Demonstratives and the Refutation of LinguisticNaturalism in Plato’s Cratylus.
Markus Kohl. Substancehood and Subjecthood in Aristotle’s Categories.
Sean Kelsey. The Place of I 7 in the Argument of Physics I.

Book Notes

Ben Morison. Aristotle, etc.

Phronesis, Vol. 53, #3, 2008


Timothy J. Crowley. Aristotle’s ‘So-Called Elements.’
Malcolm Heath. Aristotle on Natural Slavery.
Gwenaëlle Aubry. Individuation, particularisation et détermination selon Plotin.

Book Notes

A.A. Long. Presocratic Philosophy.

Christopher Gill. Hellenistic and Roman Philosophy.

Phronesis, Vol. 53, #4-5, 2008

Serge Mouraviev. Doctrinalia Heraclitea I et II : Âme du monde et embrasement universel Notes de lecture).
Ofra Magidor. Another Note on Zeno’s Arrow.
Karen M. Nielsen. The Private Parts of Animals: Aristotle on the Teleology of Sexual Difference.
James Wilberding. Porphyry and Plotinus on the Seed.
Book Notes
Peter Adamson. Neoplatonism.

Proceedings and Addresses of the American Philosophical Association, Vol. 82, # 2, 2008
2008-2009 Board of Officers
Letter from the Editor
Presidential Addresses
Kwame Anthony Appiah. Experimental Philosophy.
Nicholas D. Smith. Modesty: A Contextual Account.
James P. Sterba. Completing the Kantian Project: From Rationality to Equality.
Dewey Lectures
Claudia Card. Unnatural Lotteries and Diversity in Philosophy.
Hilary Putnam. 12 Philosophers – And Their Influence on Me.
Barry Stroud. The Pursuit of Philosophy.
News from the National Office // Membership Information and Dues // Publication Information.
Prizes, Fellowships, and Lectures.
A Member’s Guide to the APA // News from the Divisions // Awards to Members
Memorial Minutes
Thomas K. Hearn, Jr. // Lucinda Joy Peach // Jay Frank Rosenberg // Paul F. Schmidt // H. Stan Thayer
Voting Privileges and Divisional Changes // Membership List // Regular and International Associate Members // Student Associate Members // APA Shopping List // APA Forms
Statement of Ownership, Management, and Circulation

Social Philosophy and Policy, Vol. 26, #1, 2008
Larry S. Temkin. Aggregation Within Lives.
Russell Hardin. Utilitarian Aggregation
Jan Narveson. When, If Ever, Do We Aggregate? And Why?
Alastair Norcross. Two Dogmas of Deontology: Aggregation, Rights, and the Separateness of Persons
Talbot Brewer. Is Welfare an Independent Good?
Brad Hooker. Up and Down With Aggregation
F. M. Kamm. Aggregation, Allocating Scarce Resources, and the Disabled.
Bryan Caplan. Majorities Against Utility: Implications of the Failure of the Miracle of Aggregation.
David Sosa. What is it Like to be a Group?
Andrew I. Cohen. Contractarianism and Interspecies Welfare Conflicts.
Marc Fleurbaey, Bertil Tungodden, Peter Vallentyne. On the Possibility of Nonaggregative Priority for the Worst Off.
Jonathan Riley. The Interpretation of Maximizing Utilitarianism.
Elijah Millgram. Liberty, the Higher Pleasures, and Mill’s Missing Science of Ethnic Jokes.
David McNaughton, Piers Rawling. Benefits, Holism, and the Aggregation of Value.

Teaching Philosophy, Vol. 31, # 4, 2008
Maria Cimitile. The Use of Bloom’s Taxonomy in Feminist Philosophy.
Margaret Watkins. On Teaching for Moral Imagination.
Maralee Harrell. Pencil-and-Paper Argument Mapping.
Raymond S. Pfeiffer. Detecting Spirituality and Philosophizing about it.

Theoria, Vol. 74, #4, 2008
Philosophy as Mere Rhetoric?
Lennart Aqvist. Some Logico-Semantical Thems in Karl Olivecrona’s Philosophy of Law: A Non-Exegetical Approach.
Cesare Cozzo. On the Copernican Turn in Semantics.
Jiri Benovsky. Two Concepts of Possible Worlds – or Only One?
John Cantwell. Changing the Modal Context.
Brian Leiter. Naturalizing Jurisprudence. Reviewed by Torben Spaak.
Thomas S. Peters, Jesper Ryberg. Normative Ethics: 5 Questions. Reviewed by Johan Brannmark.
David Hume. A Treatise of Human Nature (critical edition). Reviewed by Robert Callergard.

Transactions of the Charles S. Peirce Society, Vol. 44, #3, 2008
John Kaag. Chance and Creativity: The Nature of Contingency in Classical American Philosopy.
Ken McClelland. John Dewey and Richard Rorty: Qualitative Starting Points.
Daniel J. McKaughan. From Ugly Duckling to Swan: C. S. Peirce, Abduction, and the Pursuit of Scientific Theories.
Kevin S. Decker. Introduction to “The Evolution of the Psychical Element” by George Herbert Mead.
Kevin S. Decker. The Evolution of the Psychical Element by George Herbert Mead – The Baldwin Lecture Notes.
Marilyn Fischer. Mead and the International Mind.
Sara Barrena. La Razón Creativa. Crecimiento y Finaldad del Ser Humano Según C. S. Pierce. Reviewed by Fernando Zalamea.
John T. Lysaker. Emerson and Self-Culture. Reviewed by Heikki A. Kovalainen.

Jean de Groot, ed. Nature in American Philosophy. Reviewed by James Good.

Maria Helena P.T. Machado, ed. Brazil through the Eyes of William James: Letters, Diaries, and Drawings, 1865-1866. O Brasil no Olhar de William James: Cartas, Diários e Desenhos, 1865–1866. Bilingual Edition/Edição Bilíngüe, English trans. John M. Monteiro, David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies. Reviewed by Paul Jerome Croce.

James O. Pawelski. The Dynamic Individualism of William James. Reviewed by John Capps.

Minutes of the Business Meeting: Charles Sander Peirce Society 28 December 2007

- Robert Lane.

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