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October 16-31, 2008

Faith and Philosophy, Vol. 25, # 3, 2008
The Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 105, # 5, 2008
Philosophical Studies, Vol. 141, # 2, 2008
Philosophy of Science, Vol. 75, # 2, 2008
South African Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 27, # 3, 2008
Theoria: A Swedish Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 74, # 3, 2008

Faith and Philosophy, Vol. 25, # 3, 2008
Henk G. Geertsema. Knowing Within the Context of Creation.
James B. Gould. The Grace We Are Owed: Human Rights and Divine Duties.
Douglas V. Henry. Reasonable Doubts About Reasonable Nonbelief.
John Turri. Practical and Piestemic Justification in Alston’s Perceiving God.
Thomas Talbott. Why Christians Should Not Be Determinists: Reflections on the Origin of Human Sin.
Alexander R. Pruss. Toner on Judgment and Eternalism.
Trent Dougherty, Ted Poston. Hell, Vagueness, and Justice: A Reply to Sider.
Brian Hebblethwaite. Philosophical Theology and Christian Doctrine. Reviewed by Kevin Timpe.
Paul J. Griffiths. Lying: An Augustinian Theology of Duplicity. Reviewed by Thomas L. Carson.
Douglas V. Henry, Michael D. Beaty, eds. Christianity and the Soul of the University: Faith as a Foundation for Intellectual Community. Reviewed by Michael A. Cantrell.
John F. Haught. Is Nature Enough? Meaning and Truth in the Age of Science. Reviewed by Paul C. Anders.
Julian Baggini. Atheism: A Very Short Introduction. Reviewed by Agnaldo Cuoco Portugal.
Kevin J. Corcoran. Rethinking Human Nature: A Christian Materialist Alternative to the Soul. Reviewed by David Vander Laan.
William Hasker. Providence, Evil and the Openness of God. Reviewed by Dolores G. Morris.

The Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 105, # 5, 2008
Neil Levy. Counterfactual Intervention and Agents’ Capacities.
Cheryl K. Chen. On Having a Point of View: Belief, Action, and Egocentric States.
Ron Aboodi, Adi Borer, David Enoch. Deontology, Individualism, and Uncertainty: A Reply to Jackson and Smith.
Patrick Hawley. Moral Absolutism Defended.
In Memoriam: Mary Mothersill.

Philosophical Studies, Vol. 141, # 2, 2008
Omar Mirza. A User’s Guide to the Evolutionary Argument Against Naturalism.
Anna Bjurman Pautz. Fictional coreference as a Problem for the Pretense Theory.
Maria Lasonen-Aarnio. Single Premise Deduction and Risk.
Jiri Benovsky. The Bundle Theory and the Substratum Theory: Deadly Enemies or Twin Brothers?
David Denby. Generating Possibilities.
Jeffrey C King. Complex Demonstratives as Quantifiers: Objections and Replies.
David Braun. Persisting Problems for a Quantificational Theory of Complex Demonstratives.
Nathan Salmon. That F.

Philosophy of Science, Vol. 75, # 2, 2008
Tim Lewens. In Memoriam: Peter Lipton.
Elisabeth A. Lloyd, Richard C. Lewontin, Marcus W. Feldman. The Generational Cycle of State Spaces and the Adequate Genetical Representation.
Rory Smead. The Evolution of Cooperation in the Centipeded Game with Finite Populations.
Dirk Schlimm. Two ways of Analogy: Extending the Study of Analogies to Mathematical Domains.
Jill North. Two Views on Time Reversal.
Alfred I. Tauber. The Immune System and Its Ecology.
Book Reviews
Mohan Matthen and Christopher Stephens: Handbook of the Philosophy of Science: Philosophy of Biology. Reviewed by Gregory J. Morgan
Kristin Shrader-Frechette: Taking Action, Saving Lives: Our Duties to Protect Environmental and Public Health. Reviewed by Kevin Elliott
Kyle Stanford: Exceeding Our Grasp: Science, History, and the Problem of Unconceived Alternatives. Reviewed by David Harker
Samir Okasha: Evolution and the Levels of Selection. Reviewed by Alirio Rosales
Referees for Philosophy of Science

South African Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 27, # 3, 2008

David B. Martens. In Memory of P. F. Strawson (1919-2006).
Paul Francis Snowdon. Strawson on Philosophy – Three Episodes.
Lucy Allais. Dissolving Reactive Attitudes: Forgiving and Understanding.
Gunnar Bjornsson. Strawson on ‘If’ and Molly need open left U.
Quassim Cassam. Knowledge, Perception and Analysis.
Thaddeus Metz. The Nature of Reactive Practices: Exploring Strawson’s Expressivism.
Murali Ramachandran. Descriptions and Presuppositions: Strawson vs. Russell.
Dennis Schulting. On Strawson on Kantian Apperception.
Scott Stapleford. Strawson and Schaumann on the Metaphysics of Transcendental Idealism.

Theoria: A Swedish Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 74, # 3, 2008
The Obligations of Philosophers.
Saul A. Kripke. Frege’s Theory of Sense and Reference: Some Exegetical Notes.
Fred Feldman. Whole Life Satisfaction Concepts of Happiness.
Igor Douven and Diederik Olders. Unger’s Argument for Skepticism Revisited.
Sven Ove Hansson. Swedish Theses in Philosophy.
Jonathan Kvanvig. The Knowability Paradox. Reviewed by Fredrik Stjernberg.
Lex Newman. The Cambridge Companion to Locke’s “Essay Concerning Human Understanding.” Reviewed by Benjamin Hill

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