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August 16 – August 31, 2008

Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism, Vol. 66, #3, 2008
Gerald L. Bruns. On the Conundrum of Form and Material in Adorno’s Aesthetic Theory.
Uygar Abaci.Kant’s Justified Dismissal of Artistic Sublimity.
Justin London. Third Party Uses of Music and Musical Pragmatics.
Paul A. Taylor. Sympathy and Insight in Aristotle’s Poetics.
Aaron Smuts. The Desire-Frustration theory of Suspense.2007 John Fisher Memorial Prize Essay
María José Alcaraz León. The Rational Justification of Aesthetic Judgments.
Book Reviews
James R. Hamilton. The Art of Theater. Review by Dan Vaillancourt.
Edward Winters. Aesthetics and Architecture. Review by Larry Shiner.
Arindam Dutta. The Bureaucracy of Beauty: Desing in the Age of Its Global Reproducibility. Review by David Goldblatt.
Claire Bishop, ed. Participation. Review by Clark Buckner.
James A.W. Heffernan. Cultivating Picturacy: Visual Art and Verbal Interventions. Review by Ian Verstegen.
Sally Banes. Before, Between, and beyond: Three Decades of Dance Writing. Review by Renee Conroy.
Peter Kivy. Music, Language, and Cognition: And Other Essays in the Aesthetics of Music. Review by Anthony Gritten.
Paul Crowther. Defining Art, Creating the Canon: Artistic Value in an Era of Doubt. Review by Michelle LaVigne.
Mark Turner, ed. The Artful Mind: Cognitive Science and the Riddle of Human Creativity. Review by Phil Jenkins.
Amy Dempsey. Destination Art; and John Sallis. Topographies. Reviews by Glenn Parsons.
Books Received

Mind & Language, Vol. 23,#4, 2008
Peter Langland-Hassan . Fractured Phenomenologies: Thought Insertion, Inner Speech, And The Puzzle Of Extraneity.
Janet Levin. Taking Type-B Materialism Seriously.
Alison Hall. Free Enrichment Or Hidden Indexicals?
Robert Eamon Briscoe. Vision, Action, And Make-Perceive.

Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy, Vol. 34, 2008
G.R.F. Ferrari. Socratic Irony as Pretence.
Jessica Moss. Appearances and Calculations: Plato’s Division of the Soul.
C.D.C. Reeve. Glaucon’s Challenge and Thrasymacheanism.
Fiona Leigh. The Copula and Semantic Continuity in Plato’s Sophist.
Frank A. Lewis. ‘What’s the Matter with Prime Matter?’
Margaret Scharle. Elemental Teleogy in Aristotle’s Physics 2.8.
Damian Murphy. Alteration and Aristotle’s Theory of Change in Physics 6.
M.F. Burnyeat. Kinesis vs. Energeia: A Much-Read Passage in (but not of) Aristotle’s Metaphysics.
Rachel Barney. Aristotle’s Argument for a Human Function.
Martin Picave and Jennifer Whiting. Nicomachean Ethics 7.3 on Akratic Ignorance.
James Wilberding. Automatic Action in Plotinus.
Index Locorum

Oxford Studies in Metaethics, Vol. 3, 2008
Notes on Contributors
David O. Brink. The Significance of Desire.
Chris Heathwood. Fitting Attitudes and Welfare.
Frank Jackson. The Argument from the Persistance of Moral Disagreement.
Sarah McGrath. Moral Disagreement and Moral Expertise.
Nick Zangwill. Moral Dependence.
Caj Strandberg. Particularism and Supervenience.
William J. FitzPatrick. Robust Ethical Realism, Non-Naturalism, and Normativity.
Sharon Street. Constructivism about Reasons.
Thomas Baldwin. Rawls and Moral Psychology.
Matthew Hanser. Actions, Acting, and Acting Well.
Geoffrey Sayre-McCord. Hume on Practical Morality and Inert Reason.

Philosophia, Vol. 36, #3, 2008
Aaron Ben-Ze’ev. Intellectual Autobiography.
Aaron Ben-Ze’ev. Hating the One You Love.
Series: Ethics and Literature
Steven A. Jauss. Affective Responses, Normative Requirements, and Ethical-Aesthetic Interaction.
L. Michelle Baker. Before Reproduction: The Distortion of Generation.
Albert Atkin. Peirce, Perry and the Lost History of Critical Referentialism.
Michael Baumgartner. Regularity Theories Reassessed.
Greg Janzen. Intentionalism and Change Blindness.
Darrell P. Rowbottom. Permissibility and Violable Rules.
Daniel J. Whiting. Conservatives and Racists: Inferential Role Semantics and Pejoratives.Norm Phelps. “Moderate Animal Liberationism”: Tactical Breakthrough or De

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