Monday, August 11, 2008

Web sites of interests : Human Rights, Global Health, Tibet

From the Internet Scout Project, August 8

The Carr Center for Human Rights Policy [pdf, Real Player]
The Carr Center for Human Rights Policy at Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government was founded in 1999 with a substantial gift from Kennedy School alumnus Greg Carr. The mission of the Center is "to lead public policy debate, to train human rights leaders and to partner with human rights organizations to help them respond to current and future challenges." On their homepage, visitors can read about their latest news items, look over their publications and editorial pieces, and also learn about fellowship opportunities at the Center. Scholars and others will probably wish to start at the "Research & Publications" area. Here they can browse through articles and research reports that have been conducted by Center staff and affiliates. Some of the more compelling reports here include "Children in Conflict: Eradicating the Child Soldier Doctrine" and "Religion and Secular Constitution: Human Rights and the Challenge of Saria". Moving on, visitors also have the opportunity to sign up for email updates via the "News & Events" area. [KMG]

Against the Odds: Making a Difference in Global Health [Macromedia Flash Player, pdf]
What is our responsibility to the well-being of others around the planet? This is one of the many pressing questions asked by this uniformly fine digital exhibit and interactive collection created by staff members at the National Library of Medicine. First-time visitors will want to click on over to the exhibit proper for starters. Here they will find the "Health for All" exhibit which takes users on a multimedia tour that explores how various stakeholders such as scientists, government officials, and others are working on issues like community health, disease prevention, and food security. Moving back to the site's homepage, visitors can take advantage of the "Online Activities & Resources" area which features lesson plans for educators and an interactive introduction to global health. The "Guest Column" area features interviews and discussions with community members who are working on global health issues, including Nobel Prize-winner Dr. Bernard Lown and Dr. Jack Geiger, who is one of the founders of Physicians for Social Responsibility. Finally, the "Get Involved" area gives visitors the chance to add their own perspective on such topics as disaster response strategies and access to antiretroviral drugs. [KMG]

American Geographical Society Library: Tibet
Created by the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Libraries, this nice digital archive is a collection of photographs and maps of Tibet and Lhasa from the early 1900s to the late 1930s, some of which were captured by Wisconsinite Harrison Forman. The website is divided into a number of sections for easy navigation that include photos taken by Forman, maps, and photos from early 1900 taken by two Mongolian Buddhists.
Interestingly, the Mongolian Buddhists took the first photographic images ever taken of Potala Palace and some other Tibetan monasteries, as Westerners were forbidden to enter Tibet at that time. Visitors to the site will notice that the photographs taken by the Mongolian Buddhists in the early 1900s were purely landscapes, but the photos by Forman in the 1930s were mainly of the people of Tibet. In the maps and plans section of the site, visitors should take note of the colorful "View of Lhasa" map of 1891, as well as Waddel's Plan of Lhasa from 1904. The maps and plans can be viewed in greater detail with the usual zoom feature. [KMG]

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