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Journals received in Tanner July 16-31, 2008

Aporia: Dartmouth Undergraduate Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 26, #1, 2008
Philosophical Review, Vol. 117, #3, 2008
Philosophical Topics, Vol. 34, #1-2, 2006
Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, Vol. 72, #1, 2008
Review of Symbolic Logic, Vol. 1, #1, 2008 ***** New
South African Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 27, #2, 2008
Transactions of the Charles S. Peirce Society, Vol. 44, #2, 2008

Aporia: Dartmouth Undergraduate Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 26, #1, 2008
Tatyana Liskovich. Letter from the Editor.FeaturesMax Shulman. Love is a Fallacy. (Reprint)
David Leimbach. Interview with Harry Frankfurt.
Brenda Huang. Pride and Prejudice: A Devout Science Major take his First Philosophy Class.
Essay Abstracts
First Place. Grant Rozeboom. Freedom Beyond Restraint: An Arendtian Critique of the Liberal Tradition.
Second Place. Bryan Norwood. Experiencing Complexity: The Aesthetic Argument Against Reductive Physicalism.
Third Place: Joseph Huston. Reading Derrida Against Himself.

Honorable Mention. Levno Plato. The Role of Aesthetics and Emotions in Morality.
Honorable Mention. Melissa Garland. The Price of Escaping the Vat.
The Lighter Side
Yan Shurin. All Philosophy Papers Are Wrong.
Illustrated by Adam Belanich. In their Own Words.

Philosophical Review, Vol. 117, #3, 2008

Eugene Mills. The Egg and I: Conception, Identity, and Abortion.
Michael McKenna. Saying Good-bye to the Direct Argument the Right Way.
Agustin Rayo. On Specifiying Truth-Conditions.
Book Reviews
Mark Elik Kalderon. Moral Fictionalism. Review byTristam McPherson.
Jiwei Ci. The Two Faces of Justice. Review by Simon Cabulea May.
Paul Boghossian. Fear of Knowledge. Review by Iris Einheuser.
Jonardon Ganeri. Artha: Meaning. Review by Charles Goodman.
Matthias Frisch. Inconsistency, Asymmetry, and Non-Locality: A Philosophical Investigation of Classical Electrodynamics. Review by Richard Healey
Hud Hudson. The Metaphysics of Hyperspace. Review by Graham Nerlich.
Andrew Dole and Andrew Chignell, eds. God and the Ethics of Belief: New Essays in the Philosophy of Religion. Review by Wayne Proudfoot.
Dominic Scott. Plato’s Meno. Review by Lesley Brown.
Books Received

Philosophical Topics, Vol. 34, #1-2, 2006
Analytical Kantianism
Robert Brandom. Kantian Lessons about Mind, Meaning, and Rationality.
Eli Friedlander. Meaning and Aesthetic Judgment in Kant.
Michael Friedman. Carnap and Quine: Twentieth-Century Echoes of Kant and Hume.
Hannah Ginsborg. Kant and the Problem of Experience.
Arata Hamawaki. Kant on Beauty and the Normative Force of Feeling.
Andrea Kern. Spontaneity and Receptivity in Kant’s Theory of Knowledge.
Michael Kremer. Logicist Responses to Kant: (Early) Frege and (Early) Russell.
Thomas Land. Kant’s Spontaneity Thesis.
Thomas Lockhart. Prolegomena to a Proper Treatment of Mathematics in the Critique of Pure Reason.
Beatrice Longuenesse. Self-Consciousness and Consciousness of One’s Own Body: Variations on a Kantian Theme.
John McDowell. Sensory Consciousness in Kant and Sellars.
A.W. Moore. The Bounds of Sense.
Sebastian Rodl. Logical Form as a Relation to the Object.
Clinton Tolley. Kant on the Nature of Logical Laws.

Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, Vol. 72, #1, 2008
Sigrun Svavarsdottir. The Virtue of Practical Rationality.
Jose L. Zalabardo. Internalist Foundationalism and the Problem of the Epistemic Regress.
Ann Whittle. A Functionalist Theory of Properties.
Samuel C. Rickless. Is Locke’s Theory of Knowledge Inconsistent?
Laura Schroeter. Why Be an Anti-Individualist?
Michael McKenna. A hard-line Reply to Pereboom’s Four-Case Manipulation Argument.
Derk Pereboom. A Hard-line Reply to the Multiple-Case Manipulation Argument.
Michael Strevens. Comments on Woodward, Making Things Happen.
Jim Woodward.Response to Strevens.
Book Symposium: The Evolution of Morality
Richard Joyce. Precis.
Jesse Prinz. Acquired Moral Truths.
Stephen Stich. Some Questions About the Evolution of Morality.
Peter Carruthers & Scott M. James. Evolution and the Possibility of Moral Realism.
Richard Joyce. Replies.
Review Essay

Richard Schantz. Solipsism: History, Critique, and Relevance by Sami Philstrom.
Critical Notices
Duncan Pritchard. Epistemic Luck. Review by Jonathan Kvanvig.
Bernard Reginster. The Affirmation of Life: Nietzsche On Overcoming Nihilism. Review by Robert Pippin.
Erik J. Olsson. Against Coherence: Truth, Probability, and Justification. Review by Tomoji Shogenji.
Recent Publications

Review of Symbolic Logic, Vol. 1, #1, 2008 ***** New
Review of Symbolic Logic: Introductory Remarks
Francesca Poggiolesi. A Cut-free simple sequent calculus for modal logic S5.
Penelope Maddy. How applied mathematics became pure.
Graham Priest. The closing of the mind: how the particular quantifier became existentially loaded behind our backs.
Daniel Osherson and Scott Weinstein. Recognizing strong random reals.
Benjamin Schnieder. Truth-functionality.
Matthew P. Johnson and Rohit Parikh. Probabilistic conditionals are almost monotonic.
Luca Incurvati. On adopting Kripke semantics in set theory.
Thomas Forster. The iterative conception of set.
Branden Fitelson. A decision procedure for probability calculus with applications.
P.D. Welch. Ultimate truth vis-à-vis stable truth.

South African Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 27, #2, 2008
Simon Beck. Going Narrative: Schechtman and the Russians.
Julia Clare. Sketch of a conversational society.
Brenda De Wet. Particular divine action: a challenge to intellectual integrity in a post-Christian age.
Benda Hofmeyr. The contemporary pertinence of the later Foucault. Have his strategies of resistance stood the test of time?
Michael Meadon. Being where? Andy Clark and the problem of advanced cognition.
Deepak Mistrey. The gift of law: liberty, legitimacy and autonomy in the social contract.
Veli Mitova. Why pragmatic justifications of epistemic norms don’t work.
David Spurrett. Why I am not an analytic philosopher.

Transactions of the Charles S. Peirce Society, Vol. 44, #2, 2008
James Campbell, Cornelis de Waal, and Richard Hart, eds. Teaching Peirce to Undergraduates.
Shannon Sullivan. Whiteness as Wise Provincialism: Royce and the Rehabilitation of a Racial Category.
Yvan Beaulieu. Peirce’s Contribution to American Cryptography.
Charles G. Conway. The Normative Sciences at Work and Play.
Daniel Hugo Rellstab. Peirce for Linguistic Pragmaticists.
Eric Thomas Weber. Proper Names and Persons: Peirce’s Semiotic Consideration of Proper Names.
Kevin Scharp and Robert Brandom, eds. In the space of reasons: Selected essays of Wilfrid Sellars. Review by Scott F. Aikin.
Richard P. Mullin. The soul of classical American philosophy: the ethical and spiritual insights of William James, Josiah Royce and Charles Sanders Peirce. Review by Alexander V. Stehn.
Piotr. Gutowski. Między monizmem a pluralizmem: Studium genezy i podstaw filozofii Johna Deweya. and: Agnieszka Hensoldt. Idee Peirce’owskiego pragmatyzmu i ich renesans w XX-wiecznej filozofii język. Reviews by Wojciech Malecki.
Ralph G. Beil and Kenneth L. Ketner. A triadic theory of elementary particle interactions and quantum computation. Review by Eliseo Fernandez.

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