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Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 81, #3, 2008
Maria Richards, Paul Palmer, Mariana Bogdanova. Irresponsible Lending? A Case Study of a U.K. Credit Industry Reform Initiative.
Xiaomin Yu. Impacts of Corporate Code of Conduct on Labor Standards: A Case Study of Reebok’s Athletic Footwear Supplier Factory in China.
Yu-Shan Chen. The Driver of Green Innovation and Green Image – Green Core Competence.
Conceição Soares. Corporate Legal Responsibility: A Levinasian Perspective.Patricia Sue Wall. Guide to the Ethics of Ex Parte Communications.
Chieh-Peng Lin, Wei-Ting Hung, Chou-Kang Chiu. Being Good Citizens: Understanding a Mediating Mechanism of Organizational Commitment and Social Network Ties in OCBs.
Mathieu Bouville. Whistle-Blowing and Morality.
Daniel Nyberg. The Morality of Everyday Activities: Not the Right, But the Good Thing To Do.
Dennis M. Patten. Does the Market Value Corporate Philanthropy? Evidence from the Response to the 2004 Tsunami Relief Effort.

Stephen Burton Sloane. Creative Rebellion and Moral Efficiency as Elements of Managerial Ideology
Johannes Brinkmann, Ann-Mari Henriksen. Vocational Ethics as a Subspecialty of Business Ethics – Structuring a Research and Teaching Field.
Kanika Tandon Bhal, Nivedita D. Leekha. Exploring Cognitive Moral Logics Using Grounded Theory: The Case of Software Piracy.
Anastasios A. Zopiatis, Maria Krambia-Kapardis. Ethical Behaviour of Tertiary Education Students in Cyprus.
Silke Machold, Pervaiz K. Ahmed, Stuart S. Farquhar. Corporate Governance and Ethics: A Feminist Perspective.
Alan J. Richardson. Due Process and Standard-setting: An Analysis of Due Process in Three Canadian Accounting and Auditing Standard-setting Bodies.
Ben Wempe. Four Design Criteria for any Future Contractarian Theory of Business Ethics.

Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 81, #4, 2008
Jane L. Hsu, Charlene W. Shiue. Consumers’ Willingness to Pay for Non-pirated Software.
Leonardo Becchetti, Benjamin Huybrechts. The Dynamics of Fair Trade as a Mixed-form Market.
Simone Colle, Patricia H. Werhane. Moral Motivation Across Ethical Theories: What Can We Learn for Designing Corporate Ethics. Programs?
Darin W. White, Emily Lean. The Impact of Perceived Leader Integrity on Subordinates in a Work Team Environment.
Anthony D. Miyazaki, Kimberly A. Taylor. Researcher Interaction Biases and Business Ethics Research: Respondent Reactions to Researcher Characteristics.
Richard A. Bernardi, Steven T. Guptill. Social Desirability Response Bias, Gender, and Factors Influencing
Organizational Commitment: An International Study.

Amy L. Kenworthy-U’Ren. A Decade of Service-learning: A Review of the Field Ten Years after JOBE’s Seminal Special Issue.
Matthias Philip Huehn. Unenlightened Economism: The Antecedents of Bad Corporate Governance and Ethical Decline.
Peter Fleming, Stelios C. Zyglidopoulos. The Escalation of Deception in Organizations.
Julian Barling, Amy Christie, Nick Turner. Pseudo-Transformational Leadership: Towards the Development and Test of a Model.
William Crampton, Dennis Patten. Social Responsiveness, Profitability and Catastrophic Events: Evidence on the Corporate Philanthropic Response to 9/11.
Wanxian Li, Xinmei Liu, Weiwu Wan. Demographic Effects of Work Values and Their Management

Anusorn Singhapakdi, Mahesh Gopinath, Janet K. Marta, Larry L. Carter. Antecedents and Consequences of Perceived Importance of Ethics in Marketing Situations: A Study of Thai Businesspeople.
Stephen J. Conroy, Tisha L. N. Emerson. Ethical Cycles and Trends: Evidence and Implications.
Business Law
Barbara Robin Mescher. The Business of Commercial Legal Advice and the Ethical Implications for Lawyers and Their Clients.
Sally Gunz, Hugh Gunz. Ethical Decision Making and the Employed Lawyer.

Social Choice and Welfare, Vol. 31, #2, 2008
John C McCabe-Dansted, Geoffrey Pritchard, Arkadii Slinko. Approximability of Dodgson's rule.
Mark Fey. Choosing from a large tournament.

Chiaki Hara, Tomoichi Shinotsuka, Kotaro Suzumura, Yongsheng Xu.Continuity and egalitarianism in the evaluation of infinite utility streams.
Patrick Hummel. Iterative elimination of weakly dominated strategies in binary voting agendas with sequential voting.
Afschin Gandjour. Mutual dependency between capabilities and functionings in Amartya Sen's capability approach.
Shin Sato. On strategy-proof social choice correspondences.
Hans Gersbach, Verena Liessem. Reelection threshold contracts in politics.
Serguei Kaniovski. The exact bias of the Banzhaf measure of power when votes are neither equiprobable nor independent.
Thibault Gajdos, Feriel Kandil. The ignorant observer.
Book Reviews
Michel Regenwetter, Bernard Grofman, A.A.J. Marley, and Ilia M. Tsetlin: Behavioral social choice. Probabilistic models, statistical inference and applications. Review by Dominique Lepelley.

Synthese, Vol. 164, #1, 2008

Peter Pagin. Indetermindacy and the analytic/synthetic deistinces: a survey.
Igor Douven. The evidential support theory of conditionals.
Daniel Guevara. Rebutting formally valid counterexamples to the Humean "is-ought" dictum.
Athanasios Raftopoulos. Perceptual systems and realism.
Michael Baumgartner, Timm Lampert. Adequate formalization.
Kenneth Hobson. Foundational Beliefs and the structure of justification.
Thomas Muller, Nuel Belnap, Kohei Kishida. Funny business in branching space-times: infinite modal correlations.

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