Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Focus: Logic

History and Philosophy of Logic, Vol. 29, #1, 2008
Sebastien Gandon. Which Arithmetization for Which Logicism? Russell on Relations and Quantities in The Principles of Mathematics.
Peter Milne. Russell's completeness of proof.
Timm Lampert. Wittgenstein on the Infinity of Primes.
Book Reviews
Modality and tense.
The Oxford dictionary of philosophy.
Kurt Godel—Das Album, The Album.
Universals, concepts and qualities: new essays on the meaning of predicates.
The genesis of Boole's logic: its history and a computer exploration.

History and Philosophy of Logic, Vol. 29, #2, 2008
Enrico Moriconi; Laura Tesconi. On Inversion Principles.
Rafal Urbaniak. Lesniewski and Russell's Paradox: Some Problems.
Theodore Hailperin. Probability Logic and Borel's Denumberable Probability.
Dale Jacquette. Object Theory Logic and Mathematics: Two Essays by Ernst Mally.
Essay Review
Book Reviews
The logical foundations of Bradley's metaphysics. Judgment, inference, and truth.
The architecture of modern mathematics: Essays in history and philosophy.
Les mathematiques, les idees et le reel physique.

Journal of Logic, Language and Information, Volume 17 Number 2, 2008
Juha Kontinen, Jakub Szymanik. A Remark on Collective Quantification.
J. Lambek. Pregroup Grammars and Chomsky’s Earliest Examples.
Gemma Robles. The Basic Constructive Logic for Negation-Consistency.
Joshua Sack. Temporal Languages for Epistemic Programs.
Hans-Jörg Tiede. Inessential Features, Ineliminable Features, and Modal Logics for Model Theoretic Syntax.
Book Reviews by Krysia Broda and Hans-Jörg Tiede

Journal of Philosophical Logic, Vol. 37, #2, 2008
Charles B. Cross. Antecedent-Relative Comparative World Similarity.
Jirí Hanika. Lévy Hierarchy In Weak Set Theories.
Giovanni Boniolo, Silvio Valentini. Vagueness, Kant And Topology: A Study Of Formal Epistemology.
Robert K. Meyer. Ai, Me And Lewis (Abelian Implication, Material Equivalence And C I Lewis 1920).
Jörgen Sjögren. On Explicating The Concept The Power Of An Arithmetical Theory.

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